Tirone: Chapter 52


Heat traveled down my cheeks to my very core as I sat in the master bedroom of our new house while shirtless Laius and Tirone stared at me with carnal hunger in their naked, inked muscular glory. I’d heard and read about brothers sharing girls, but a father and son…

The taboo alone soaked my panties. “We should have like a safeword if this gets too much.” I still couldn’t believe, when we were all out of the hospital and healed—physically, at least—Laius agreed to this ménage, and we were actually doing it.

“Oedipus,” Ty said.

I burst into laughter. “Fitting.”

“Can we start? The less talking the better,” Laius grumbled.

“Daddy is grumpy,” Ty taunted.

I laughed again, nerves getting the best of me.

“Ugh, for fuck’s sake.” Laius sank one knee in the mattress and claimed my lips.

I breathed him in, my hand feeling the muscles on his broad shoulders and traveling down his strong chest. The mattress sank on the other side of me, and another set of lips was tickling the side of my neck and biting softly down to the visible part of my breast.

My other hand yearned to feel Ty’s body, too. I touched his pecs and abs while he dropped down the strap of my night gown and filled his grip with the flesh of my breast.

I lay down, and they each suckled a nipple, fingers slipping inside my panties and into my wetness. My own fingers tangled in both their hair, bringing them closer, allowing them to devour me deeper.

I’d never had so many fingers in my pussy, and it felt incredible. The pleasure was heightened, and it made me feel like a complete slut.

“Ready to come like a good girl?” Ty asked playfully.

I moaned my approval, clenching.

“I’m eating you first.” Furore—I loved calling him Furore in bed—didn’t wait for me to say anything and went between my legs. Then he spat on my pussy, the sight of his doing it and the wetness of his saliva on me sending hard throbs through me, and dove in. Ty didn’t remove his fingers. He fluttered them inside while Furore ate me.

“That’s it, baby. Come for us like our good girl.”

As if Ty’s command pressed a button, my orgasm exploded in Furore’s face and drenched Ty’s fingers.

Without waiting for me to recover, Furore flipped me on my stomach, and I heard him coming out of his pants.

“Hey, you can’t just fuck her. You have to ask whom she wants first,” Ty protested. “And I’ve watched you fuck her more than I’d ever like. Roles gotta change now.”

“I won’t watch you fuck my wife, Rex.”

“I felt the same at first, but… There’s something about watching your girl with another man and then reclaiming her right after. I can’t explain it. You’ll have to experience it yourself.”

I know. It felt so fucking hot, decadent and depraved and obscene but so fucking hot.

“First of all, don’t say the shit you did to my wife behind my back, y’all. I’ll never be over it or okay with it. Second of all, the only way I’m gonna let you fuck her in front of me is me going the same time in her ass,” Furore said.

My jaw dropped. “But I’m a backdoor virgin. And with your size, you’ll impale me.”

Furore opened the nightstand drawer and brought a big bottle of…coconut oil. “Best organic lube ever existed. You have no excuse. He popped your pussy cherry. I’ll pop your ass cherry. It’s only fair.”

“Okay,” I said.

“Okay?” Ty asked in disbelief. “You freaked out every time I came near your asshole.”

“Well, it’s intimidating, and not the kind of double penetration I’ve hope to experience, but I guess it’s the only form I can ask for?”

“Fuck, yes,” Furore’s face contorted with disgust. “Don’t even think about getting two in the pussy. I ain’t gonna rub my cock with his.”

“Who wants to rub his cock with you, old man? That’s fucking incest,” Ty said.

“All right. God.” We definitely needed God in our lives. “I’ll do the anal.”

Furore opened the bottle, and Tirone took off his pants and slid under me. Furore positioned himself behind me and rimmed me with the oil, while Ty rubbed the crown of his cock between my nether lips, teasing my nipple with his pinching fingers.

The oil lubing effect helped Furore to enter the tip without causing me any pain. It was impossible to take him all or even half of him the first time, but he didn’t mind. The penetration felt overwhelming, but after a few slow thrusts, I got used to it.

“You’re stretching for me nicely, baby. Such a good girl,” he groaned.

“Show me how you can take me, too, my little faerie.” Ty guided me on his cock while thrusting up inside me. “Yeah, that’s it. Fuck, that’s it.”

I couldn’t contain my moans. Reading about being railed by two men at once was a scorching fantasy. Doing it in real life didn’t even begin to compare.

“Look at you, so dirty, so slutty, taking two cocks at the same time, fucking me and daddy at the same time, Mommy.”

“Shut the fuck up,” Furore objected.

“But Mommy likes it, don’t you, Mommy?”

I laughed and squeezed my eyes in shame. Then I bit my lips on the guttural moans. “Please don’t judge.”

“Fuck,” Furore groaned, wrapping his hand around my throat, and then biting my earlobe. “You’re so fucking dirty, Mommy.”

“Holy shit. That’s my line, old man.” Ty fucked me harder, practically bouncing me, his piercings hitting all the right places and others I didn’t even know existed.

My screams of pain and pleasure seeped out of my choking throat until I was coming with the most intense orgasm I’d ever had, and with Furore in my ass with his pierced cock, it prolonged it that it seemed to never end.

“Fuck,” Ty exploded inside of me, and a few thrust later, Furore filled my ass with his cum.

Sweating and spent and sated and shaking, I crumbled into both their arms. For the first time since I’d known the Lazzarinis, I’d seen peace among the three of us. No more hate or guilt. No more destructive jealousy or urges for revenge. Our love was violent and dark and twisted from the start in ways that seemed to be ruining our worlds instead of holding them together. Now, while the violence and the darkness, and even the sickness, still existed, we’d learned to live with it, share it, carry it together that it’d bring us closer not apart.

My name is Jocasta Lazzarini. I’m in love with two men that are tied by blood, and they love me, too. I’m no longer the curse that separates them. I’m the bond that brings them closer every day.

We are sinners. We are depraved. We are happy in our own way.

We are the Night Skulls.


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