Tirone: Epilogue


“You must be ashamed of me,” I said, face down.

Michele lifted my chin with his index finger and didn’t say anything until I brought myself to look at him. “Never. Whatever makes you happy makes me happy, topolina.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t go back to Chicago with you.”

“Me, too, but the heart wants what it wants. At least, I know you’re safe here now.”

Declan Larvin and his wife were no longer a threat. They’d spent days in the Boiler, chained, starving. Then to end their suffering, I kindly offered them the same choice their men offered me and my mom fifteen years ago. Declan was faster with the gun. He didn’t blink. I was glad he missed a vital organ, though. The bitch bled to death for hours. Then Michele and Furore took care of Declan in front of me.

I heard I had a half-brother that was still in New York, and several uncles and cousins in Boston. I wasn’t afraid of their revenge, though, not with the Night Skulls protecting me. Besides, the Bellomos, our new allies, confirmed they’d love to take care of that.

I no longer wore wigs or scorched my eyes with contacts. I was finally free to be myself. I still taught at Westfield, and Tirone remained my student. My very naughty student. The things we did at the school…

We lived together, the three of us, at the new house, but we visited the compound almost daily. Tirone—Rex—was proving himself to the MC every day, and his old issues with the brothers were almost nonexistent, even with Molar.

Sammy had finally been released from the hospital. I was so curious to know about her story with Molar, but she wouldn’t tell me just yet. Something to look forward to in the future.

As for our taboo triangle, I was well aware not everybody could accept or approve of it. That was why we kept it our little secret, but I was sure people weren’t stupid. Sometimes I heard them whisper, but who cared? I was getting ravished by two hotter than Hades men that owned my body and my heart. Whoever didn’t like it secretly wished they could have a similar arrangement or was just plain jealous.

Did I tell you I got a new property tattoo? I bet you knew that already. Tirone wouldn’t just let that one go. He had to put his name on my ass, too. I insisted he used his beautiful real name, though. I wasn’t going to be the property of Rex. No. Nope.

We had yet so many things to try in bed as a trio. So far I had each of them fuck me while the other came on my face. I gave head while being eaten. I gave head while being fucked. I had fingers and a cock inside me simultaneously, and a toy and a cock in my vagina together. Sometimes, I just used the toy and watched them jerk off to me. But the possibilities are endless, and one day, I hoped Furore would agree to the double penetration I thirsted for.

Yes, I was the luckiest, naughtiest bitch on earth, and I loved my life.





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