Stolen By A Sinner: Chapter 38


 After forcing Lara to relax in a warm bath, I watch as she drinks the tea I made.

Now that I have time to look at her naked body, I’m noticing more scars. Some are faint, whereas others are clearly visible.

“How did you get the scar on your right arm?”

She glances down at the mark beneath her elbow. “I broke my arm.”

“How?” I demand.

“Tymon stomped on it until it broke.”

Intense rage flares in my chest. I close my eyes and count to ten, so I don’t lose my shit.

That fucking bastard.

Once I have control over the merciless emotion, I look at her again. “And the scar on your hip?”

This time she shrugs. “I don’t remember when I got it.”

I look at the marks the bullets left, and getting up, I move closer and kneel before her. Lara sets the glass down on the table, watching me as I lean forward. I press a kiss to both of the scars.

“Those are the only ones I like,” she murmurs. Lifting a hand, she brushes her fingers through my hair. She tilts her head, affection shining in her eyes. “They brought me to you.”

My heart.

As I climb to my feet, I lean over her and press a kiss to her mouth. “Ready to learn something new?”

Her lips instantly curve up. “What?”

Wrapping my fingers around my hardening cock, I stroke myself. “I want to feel the heat of your mouth.”

Lara’s eyes lower to my manhood, then she fucking licks her lips as she moves off the chair and onto her knees. Tilting her head back, her mouth opens, and her eyes find mine.

Holy fuck. Perfection.

I stroke myself once more before stepping closer. Placing a hand behind her head, I nudge her to take me into her mouth. I watch as her lips stretch around my girth, unadulterated satisfaction coursing through my veins. “That’s it, baby, take me as deep as you can.”

Claiming her virginity, I had to be careful, but now I can fuck her mouth the way I wanted to fuck her pussy. My fingers tighten in her hair to keep her head in place as I start to thrust into her.


I move my other hand to her jaw, my thumb brushing against her bottom lip as I pull out.

Fuck, this is the most erotic thing I’ve ever seen.

“Bring your hands to my ass, and hold on tight,” I order.

Lara’s fingers dig into my asscheeks, and with my eyes locked on her, I thrust all the way in, the head of my cock hitting the back of her throat.

“Fuck,” I groan with intense pleasure.

Losing control, I pump into her, the sounds of her gagging music to my fucking ears. I watch as tears spiral from her eyes and her saliva coats my cock.

My lips pull back from my teeth as I growl, the perfection at my feet sending me over the edge. I come so fucking hard, my legs go numb. Dropping to my knees, I wrap my fist around my cock, and jerk the last of the pleasure from my body.

I’m gasping for air as I lift my head, only to see my cum on Lara’s lips. Her tongue darts out, and she licks it up as if I’ve just served her ice cream.

“So fucking hot.” Grabbing her, I slam my mouth against hers, and when I’m able to taste myself on her tongue, I fucking devour her until we’re both gasping for air.

Helping Lara to her feet, I mutter, “You better get in bed and sleep before I find another hole to fuck.”

As if she’s trying to tempt the hell out of me, she crawls onto the mattress, ass in the air. I grab hold of her hips, and bite her right asscheek, earning myself a shriek from her. I follow it up with a slap, which has her laughing.

“Under the sheets. Now.”

She climbs beneath them and lies down, looking up at me with happiness.

Crawling in beside her, I pat my chest. “This will be your pillow.”

Lara scoots closer and rests her head over my heart. “Good girl,” I praise her. “You exceeded my expectations tonight.”

“I aim to please,” she teases me for the first time, making a smile stretch over my face. She’s growing into her own person, and it’s awe-inspiring to witness.

“It makes me want to dominate you,” I admit.

She turns onto her stomach and rests her chin on her palm. “I want you to dominate me.”

“Then we’ll make a good couple.”

“But…” her teeth tug at her bottom lip, “you told me to stand up for myself. What if you do something I don’t like?”

“Then you tell me, so I don’t do it again. Just because I want to dominate you doesn’t mean you don’t have any say in our relationship.”

She nods, then says, “As you know, this is my first relationship.” She nods toward the discarded covers with her blood on them. “Are there rules?”

“Yes.” I fluff the pillows behind me and lean back against them. Lifting my hand, I brush my fingers through her silky hair. “I’m very jealous and possessive. You’re not allowed to be alone with another man unless I’ve given my permission. It’s not because I don’t trust you, it’s because I don’t trust them.”

“Okay. Who do you approve of?”

“Emre. Murat, Daniel, and Mirac. Those are the only four.”

“What else?” Her full attention is on me, and I love every second of it.

“No revealing clothes. I don’t want other men drooling over what’s mine.”

“You weren’t joking when you said you’re jealous,” she chuckles.

“You’ll learn that I’m an asshole,” I’m not ashamed to admit.

“Can I make rules as well?”

“You don’t want me alone with a man?” I tease her.

Smiling widely, she shakes her head. “You’re not allowed to remove your shirt in front of other women.”

It’s something I’d never feel comfortable doing anyway, but still, I nod to please her.

She moves up, and resting her cheek on my chest again, she snuggles into my side. “What was your childhood like?”

“I was actually quite blessed. My grandmother raised Emre and me after my parents were killed. She worked so hard to provide for us, and I could only repay the favor when I was twenty-three.”

Glancing up at me again, she asks, “How were your parents killed?”

Placing my hand on her back, I follow the marks with my fingers. “We moved to Seattle when I was a baby, and they opened a bakery. My earliest memories of them were always seeing them work.” After clearing my throat, I take a deep breath.

“I started helping them at the age of six, mostly packing the shelves.” A nostalgic smile tugs at my lips. “I loved watching my mom bake. The way her hands moved would mesmerize me for hours.”

Lara’s eyes are locked on my face.

“It was a hot day. I remember my shirt clung to my body from all the sweat. Mazur had been threatening my parents for weeks, and on that day, he sent men to shoot and kill them. First my father, then my mother. I watched them fall and their blood seeped onto the floor. I watched the life drain from my father’s eyes, and I promised to make Mazur pay.”

When I look down at Lara again, a tear spirals down her cheek. I catch the drop, and bringing it to my lips, I taste the saltiness of her compassion for me.

“I’m sorry,” she whispers as she moves onto her knees and wraps her arms around my neck. “You’ve suffered much longer than me because of Mazur.”

Holding her, I take a deep breath of her scent. “Even though I did my best to corrupt you, you still smell like innocence.”

“Then you’ll just have to corrupt me some more,” she teases as she pulls back.

“I’ll have to find creative ways seeing as you’ll be sore for at least a day.”

We spend the entire night talking and teasing, getting to know each other on a deeper level. It’s only when the sun starts rising that we finally give in to sleep, and with Lara in my arms, it feels as if I’ve found the other half of me.


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