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Stolen By A Sinner: Chapter 37


I’m starting to wonder if I died when I got shot, and this is heaven because it’s all too good to be true.

Staring at Gabriel, his love declaration wraps around me like steel armor. It gives me a sense of confidence I’ve never had before.

It fills my heart like it’s never been filled before.

The prince loves a maid.

Slowly my lips curve up. I lift my chin and pull my shoulders back, the love he is giving me flooding every inch of my being.

Ten years I went without hearing those words.

For ten years, I lived in absolute horror.

But that’s my past, and before me stands my future.

“You love me,” I breathe. The impact of this astonishing moment hits me so hard, tears instantly fill my eyes.

Gabriel presses a soft kiss to my trembling lips. “Yes, I love you.”

He wraps me in his arms and holds me while I process the meaning of his words.

I am his, and he is mine.

Gabriel belongs to me.

Pulling back, he tilts his head, his eyes inspecting every inch of my face. “Feeling better?”

I nod, and not sure what I should say or do because I’m still too overwhelmed, I murmur, “I need to fix my makeup before the party can continue.”

The corner of his mouth lifts. “Good girl. I’ll gather the family while you freshen up.”

I hesitate to turn my back on him, so I can walk to the door, and Gabriel immediately notices. “Go, Lara. Let me finally see that sexy ass of yours in the dress.”

A smile trembles around my mouth as I slowly walk away from him.

“Jesus, what the fuck was I thinking buying you that dress?” he mutters incredulously. “You’ll only wear it for me.”

His words boost my confidence, and I lift my chin. I even dare to wiggle my butt.

“You’re brave, Ödülüm. I have no problem fucking you right on this floor.”

I let out a chuckle as I glance over my shoulder, and blowing Gabriel a kiss, I slip out the door.

I’m instantly met with Nisa and Alya Hanim’s worried faces.

Nisa darts forward, covering me with the shawl. “My Lara, are you okay?”

Alya Hanim hooks her arm through mine, patting my hand. “Don’t worry about the party.”

They keep fussing over me, and I don’t get a word in. I’m ushered into my bedroom and only then manage to pull away.

“I’m okay.” When the women I’ve grown to love just stare at me, I repeat, “I’m really okay. The party will continue. I just need to freshen up my makeup.”

Allah Allah, if Lara says the party continues, then it continues.” Nisa shoves me down in a chair and starts to fix my makeup.

Alya Hanim sinks down in the other armchair, letting out a tired breath. “I’m getting too old for parties.”

I reach across and take hold of her hand. “I haven’t given you your gift yet.”

She pats my hand. “I can’t wait to see it.”

“Sit still,” Nisa chastises me. “I almost drew a line of mascara over your face.”

When I don’t look like a clown anymore, I finally get to stand up. I shrug the shawl off, saying, “Thank you for lending it to me, but I no longer need it.”

A proud smile spreads over Nisa’s face, then she nods and throws the fabric on my bed. “Let’s dance.” She does a little two-step as she walks to the door, making Alya Hanim and I laugh.

When we walk back into the entertainment hall, music is playing. Gabriel is standing with Emre, Murat, and the other guards. There’s no sign of Gabriel’s Aunt and cousins.

“I hope the three of you are ready to dance the night away,” Emre teases.

Before Gabriel can take a step in my direction, Emre swoops me into his arms and spins me away from everyone.

“You want to die tonight,” Gabriel calls after us.

Laughter breaks out around us, but I’m too focused on not tripping over my feet. It’s not the same as dancing with Gabriel, and I keep looking down.

Emre steers us in a wide circle, and when we’re about to pass the group, Gabriel’s arm wraps around my waist, and I’m tugged away from Emre.

“Mine,” he growls playfully before pressing a kiss beneath my ear.

Emre wags his eyebrows at Nisa. “Come on, gorgeous, let me take you for a spin.”

She mutters a string of Turkish words but happily moves into Emre’s arms.

I watch them with a huge smile, wrapping my arms over Gabriel’s as I lean back against his solid chest.

Emre wasn’t lying when he said we’d dance the night away. I take off my heels so my feet will stop aching because I’m having too much fun to stop now.

At some point, even I get a chance to dance with Nisa. We’re all stumbling feet and chuckles, but I’ve never had so much fun.

When it gets late, everyone says goodnight. Gabriel takes a firm hold of my hand and leads me to his bedroom. Once he’s shut the door behind us, he pulls me into his arms and starts to sway.

“Did you have fun?”

“Yes, it was amazing,” I murmur as I rest my cheek against his chest.

“Are you tired?”

“A little,” I admit. 

Gabriel lets go, lowering his hands to my sides.

“There’s something I want from you.”


“Your virginity.”


Instantly my stomach starts to spin with nerves.

“Unless you’re not ready. I want you to give it to me out of your own free will. Don’t feel forced.”

“I’ll give you anything you want,” I admit.

His hands move up my body until he reaches my shoulders. “It’s going to hurt, Lara, but I promise, this will be the only time I’ll hurt you.”

My heart beats faster, not because of the impending pain, but because of his words.

“I trust you.” I take a step closer to him. “My body is yours, Gabriel.”

“And your soul?”

I nod.

His voice lowers as he asks, “And your heart?”

I don’t think there are words to explain how I feel. Gabriel is literally my life. When he shot me, he could’ve left me to die, but he didn’t. He saved my life and gave me everything I could ever dream of having.

Slowly, I nod.

His body slams into mine, his mouth claiming me with a fierce kiss. He pulls the dress’ straps down my shoulders and lets the fabric fall to pool around my feet.

Within seconds the man has me naked while he’s still fully dressed.

I do my best to return the kiss while trying to loosen his tie. Suddenly I’m airborne and tossed onto the bed. I bounce once, then watch as Gabriel yanks the tie from his neck.

His features are tight with need, his eyes twin flames of unadulterated lust, making intense anticipation spin in my stomach.

My eyes are glued to his body as he undresses. I feast on the sight of his muscled chest, the lines carved into his abs, then he drops his pants.

Holy mother of God. That’s going to hurt a lot.

For the first time, I stare at that part of a man, thinking it looks angry and beautiful.

Gabriel places his knee on the mattress, and taking hold of my legs, he pushes them open. “Grab hold of the covers, baby. You’re going to need the support.”

I fist the covers in my hands and don’t know if I should feel self-conscious or turned on as he moves in between my legs and presses a kiss to the inside of my thigh.

He drags his nose through the strip of curls, then his tongue lashes at my clit.

I gasp, the pleasurable sensation of his tongue lapping at the sensitive bundle of nerves, unlike anything I’ve felt before.

My fingers tighten in the covers, and when his teeth scrape over me, my butt lifts off the bed, and I let out a moan.

Oh my God, that feels so good.

Gabriel starts to devour my clit, every couple of seconds, thrusting his tongue inside me. Within minutes my abdomen tightens, and my body begins to quiver.

“Gabriel,” I whimper, desperately waiting for his command.

Moving up my body, he pushes a finger inside me, then growls, “Come, baby.” He keeps fingering me, his palm massaging me.

Light splinters behind my eyes, my breathing stalls in my throat, and my body convulses as if I’m being electrocuted. The pleasure is intense, robbing me of all my senses.

Gabriel keeps moving in and out of me, his eyes burning on my face as he watches me orgasm.

Once I’ve come down, he doesn’t stop fingering me. “Are you ready for me?”

I nod. No matter the pain, I won’t deny him. It’s the only thing I can give Gabriel that he can’t buy with money. It’s a piece of me. “I’m ready.”

He positions his hard length between my legs and rubs it up and down my slickness before pressing against my entrance.

“Take a deep breath.”

I inhale, my eyes locked on his. As I exhale, he rocks against me until he can finally force an inch inside me.

The pain is sharp, tensing my muscles. I grip the covers tighter. Instead of going deeper, he pulls out again and only thrusts the head of his cock into me until it starts to feel good and my body relaxes.

“Was that it?”

Chuckling, he shakes his head. “You’ll know when I’ve taken your virginity and I’m fully inside you.”

Okay. Deep breaths.

Just as I think about letting go of the covers so I can touch his chest, he pushes deeper into me.

This time it feels like I’m being torn in half, and a cry escapes me.

Gabriel presses a gentle kiss to my jaw. “Are you okay?”

I nod my head, the pain still too intense to talk.

“Deep breaths, baby.”

I can’t. My breaths remain shallow.

He pulls out a little, and I wince, then a scream is torn from me as he buries himself inside me.

“I’m so fucking sorry,” he groans. Bringing his hands up, he frames my face and presses kisses to my mouth. “I wish it didn’t have to hurt.”

Letting go of the covers, I wrap my arms around his neck and cry.

Gabriel pushes his arms beneath me, holding me tightly to him as I work through the pain.

“Are you okay?” he asks, his voice tight with concern.

No. It’ hurts so badly. “Uh-huh,” I lie.

He presses a kiss to my mouth, and when I slowly start to adjust to his size, the ache lessens.

“Better?” he asks right by my ear.

“Yes. I think you can move.”

He doesn’t let go of me, but instead, his hold on me tightens as he slowly pulls out. The burn returns, and when he thrusts inside me for the second time, I smother a cry against his shoulder.

After being stolen by Gabriel, I’ve learned great pain is followed by pure happiness. I know this pain will be worth whatever follows.

He pulls his arms from beneath me, and bracing a hand next to my head, he looks down at me. “I can’t hold out much longer. On a level of one to ten, how’s the pain?”

“It’s bearable. You don’t have to worry.”

He shakes his head. “Jesus, Lara, just tell me the level.”


“I can live with that,” he grumbles, then my nails dig into his shoulders as he moves at a much faster pace.

His body rocks against mine, and soon I don’t mind the pain as I feel his hard length move inside me.

Now a piece of me will always belong to Gabriel.

Emotion wells in my chest as his features tighten and his thrusts become erratic. “Fuck, baby,” he groans. My body jerks hard from his thrusts as he empties himself inside me. “Mine.” Thrust. “All.” Thrust. “Fucking.” Thrust. “Mine.”

He slumps on top of me, his breaths racing over his lips. I love feeling all his weight pressing me into the bed.

Once he’s managed to catch his breath, he lifts his head and looks at me. “You’re so fucking tight. Christ, you’re going to hurt for the next couple of days.”

Gabriel pulls slowly out of me, and I clench my teeth, so I don’t wince from the burn.

Warmth spills beneath my butt, and my eyes widen. I dart into a sitting position and look down at the mixture of blood and Gabriel’s release.

“The blood is normal,” He assures me. “After a warm bath, you’ll feel better.”

Emotions shoot through my chest, and I try to swallow them down.

Gabriel pulls me onto his lap and holds me tightly. “It’s okay to feel emotional, Ödülüm.”

I burrow against his chest, the warmth from his body seeping into mine while he gives me all the time I need to process the intimate moment we just shared.

Gabriel owns the most precious thing I could give a man. I’m so thankful it’s him – the man I love.


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