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Stolen By A Sinner: Chapter 39


After showering, I stand in my bathroom, looking at my reflection in the mirror.

I’m struggling to see the maid I used to be. My hair is healthier, and with the weight I’ve picked up, my curves have filled out, making me look like a woman and not a starving child.

Last night I had sex for the first time. Even though it was my choice to give myself to Gabriel, it amazes me that he chose me.

He could have anyone, but still, he was buried deep inside me.

He came inside me.

My skin heats as I remember the intimate moments we shared. How hot he looked when he orgasmed. How brutally attractive and powerful he looked while he came in my mouth.

My stomach explodes with butterflies at the memories.

I’m tender between my legs, and it makes my lips curve up because I can still feel him inside me.

Gabriel loves me.

My eyes drift over my face, and I wonder what he sees when he looks at me.

I know I’m not beautiful, but Gabriel’s called me that several times.

I take in my nose, my cheekbones, and the curve of my lips.

“What are you doing?” Gabriel suddenly asks.

My eyes snap to him, my cheeks flushing because I was caught staring at myself. “Ah… nothing.”

Dressed in a pair of black cargo pants and long sleeve shirt, he looks devastatingly handsome. Moving closer to me, his eyes slowly drift over my naked body.

“It didn’t look like nothing.” Locking eyes with me, he gives me a pointed look. “I hate it when you keep things from me.”

My shoulders slump, and exhaling, I admit, “I wondered what you see when you look at me.”

He lifts a hand to my face and brushes his finger over the bridge of my nose to the tip. “A cute nose.” He continues to trail his finger over my jaw and bottom lip, then he cups my cheek and leans down, so we’re eye to eye. “I see intoxicating innocence and mesmerizingly blue eyes that have imprisoned me.”

My chest fills with confidence as his hand lowers to my breast, his palm following the swell before brushing over my ribs and waist. “Your body is perfect, Lara. Your breasts. Your curves.” His hand slips between my legs, the pad of his middle finger gently stroking me.

A breath bursts over my lips, and my body instinctively leans closer to his. Lifting my arms, I place my hands on his shoulders, loving how broad they are.

He keeps massaging me, then takes a step closer, so his body presses against mine. His features tighten with a predatory look, his eyes starting to burn with desire.

“One touch is all it takes to turn me on. I want to fuck you, Lara. Until we pass out from pure exhaustion.”

My breaths speed up as pleasure unfurls deep inside me.

“How sore are you?” he asks.

“Not much,” I lie, knowing he’ll stop if I tell him I feel tender down there.

Slowly he pushes a finger inside me. I lift onto my tiptoes and feel his breaths fan over my forehead. Tilting my head, I wrap my arm around the back of his neck and pull him closer until I can feel his breaths on my lips.

There’s a weird mixture of pain and pleasure. It only makes me want Gabriel more. With a pleading expression, I whisper, “Please fuck me.”

“Jesus, Lara.” The words rumble from deep in his chest.

“Please,” I beg. “Without holding back this time. I want to experience how you prefer to have sex.”

With his eyes burning on mine, he tests me by thrusting his finger hard inside me before keeping still. The pinch is sharp, but all the beatings and whippings have taught me how to keep the pain from showing on my face.

“Please,” I whisper again, this time brushing my mouth against his. My tongue darts out, touching his bottom lip, and when he opens, I slip inside. I mimic how Gabriel kissed me in the past, hoping I’m doing it right.

Lowering my right hand, I move my palm down his chest and abs until I reach the bulge in his pants. I start to rub his manhood, that’s already hard. My body feels like it’s going to combust, and I need him to continue fingering me.

My teeth tug at his bottom lip, and I squeeze his hard length, which seems to tip him over the edge.

Gabriel starts to unfasten his belt, and when he pulls his zipper down, goosebumps spread over my skin. He allows me to pull his cock out, and I start stroking him as my mouth searches for his.

He lifts a hand to the back of my head and takes over the kiss, pouring desire and dominance into my mouth.

My fingers tighten around his thick girth, my thumb brushing over the beading drop spilling from him.

With a growl, Gabriel grabs hold of my hips and lifts me against his body. He sets me down on the bathroom counter and steps between my legs. Raising a hand to my face, his thumb tugs at my bottom lip, his eyes filled with so much hunger it makes him look brutal.

And so, so sinful.

“Are you sure you can handle me?”

I don’t care if it hurts the same as last night, I want to be connected to him. “Yes.”

This kind of pain is good, and nothing like I’ve experienced in the past.

Gabriel’s strong fingers wrap around his cock, and as he strokes himself, my mouth starts to water from the sight.

Dear God, I’m really going to go up in flames if he doesn’t do something soon.

Pressing the head of his cock to my clit, he starts to rub me. Pleasure tightens my core, only creating a need for more.

He keeps teasing me until my abdomen is nothing more than a tight ball, and my hips are gyrating as I try to create more friction.

“Beg me to fuck you, Ödülüm,” he demands, his voice strained as if it’s taking all his self-control to not slam into me.

With my eyes locked on his, I submissively murmur, “Please fuck me, Gabriel.”

He positions himself at my entrance, and with a powerful and painful thrust, he fills me. I grab hold of his shoulders and clench my teeth to keep the cry from escaping. 

Like a beast, a satisfied groan rumbles from his chest. I watch as his features tighten with pleasure, and it fills me with pride.

Yanking at my hips until our pelvises are flush together, he forces his way even deeper inside me. The pain is sharp, the burning making me feel how he’s stretching me. I’ve never felt so full before.

I look down and seeing where we’re joined, heat flushes through my body from the erotic sight.

“Jesus, don’t do that. You’re tight as it is. If you clamp around me, I will come within seconds.”

A smile curves my lips, pleased that I’m able to pleasure him. I use my inner muscles to squeeze around him again, and as reward, his mouth claims mine in a filthy kiss.

 Gabriel begins to move, hard and fast. His pace is relentless.

“Lean back,” he orders.

Bracing my hands behind me on the counter, I obey him, and it gives me a view of his body as he increases his pace until he’s pounding into me.

The burning sensation starts to lessen, and slowly each stroke of his cock creates pleasure deep inside me. My senses are inundated by the forceful way Gabriel is fucking me.

The muscles in his neck strain, his lips pulling back to bare his teeth, and just like last night, he looks powerful.

The pleasure becomes so intense, cries and moans start to spill over my lips. When I see the satisfaction on Gabriel’s face, I don’t try to stop them.

“Louder, baby. I want to hear you scream,” he encourages me.

My body begins to tremble out of control, and my hands search for something to grab hold of. Gabriel braces an arm against the mirror behind me. With him closer, I grab hold of his shirt, my fingers twisting in the fabric.

I’m repeatedly shoved back by Gabriel pounding into me, whimpers of intense pleasure escaping me. Something coils deep in my abdomen, my breaths rushing faster, my heart thundering.

“Oh, God,” I whimper when it becomes too much.

Gabriel swivels his hips, slamming so hard into me that my butt shifts back. His fingers clamp around my hip to keep me in place, then he continues to hammer into me.

There’s intense heat between us, making sweat bead on my skin.

When the pleasure builds to a breaking point, I close my eyes.

“Open your fucking eyes, Lara. You’ll look at me when you come,” he orders, his voice hoarse and so low it almost sends me over the edge.

“Please,” I beg, my face contorting from the intense need to orgasm.

His cock fills every inch of me, stroking me hard, then he says, “Come, Ödülüm.”

I can’t tear my eyes away from his as I begin to convulse, overpowering ecstasy seizing every part of me.

I can’t think. I can’t move. I can’t breathe.

I can only feel Gabriel as the orgasm rips through me.

“Jesus,” he hisses through clenched teeth. His body begins to jerk, and he drives deeper inside me, sending more paralyzing waves of ecstasy through my body.

I feel his cock swell inside me, and it makes sobs of rapture fall over my lips.

Desperately I gasp to fill my lungs with air, tremors rippling through me from the intense orgasm.

Gabriel’s hands frame my face as he thrusts once… twice…, then his body tightens as he empties himself inside me. His eyes never leave mine, his breaths rushing over his parted lips.

He’s pure perfection as he finds his release.


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