Captured By A Sinner: Chapter 37


With Rosalie’s body spread out beneath me, my cock is aching so much, it feels as if it’s going to tear off to get to her soaked pussy.

Even though she’s trembling, she doesn’t move a muscle and manages to keep her breaths even.

And fuck, if it’s not making my balls contract from how erotic this fantasy is – her unconscious for me to do whatever I want.

Christ, it’s downright kinky, feeding my depraved side and making me greedy for more.

I trail my knuckles over her toned stomach as I kneel between her legs. My eyes feast on the steady rise and fall over her breasts, the hickeys I gave her, tainting her skin pink. Her nipples are stiff peaks, her pussy glistening as her arousal trickles down her ass, dampening the sheets.

So fucking beautiful.

For some relief, I fist my left hand around my aching cock while I drag my other hand’s fingers over her abdomen. I swipe my thumb over her clit and circle it in her wetness.

Precum beads on the head of my cock, and capturing it, I smear it around her entrance.

Rosalie’s thighs tighten for a second before she forces herself to relax again.

Good girl, moya Malen’kaya Roza.

Pushing my finger inside her, her inner walls clamp desperately around me. I pump my cock before positioning myself at her opening.

Wanting to see how long she’ll keep up the act, I only push the head inside before pulling out and rubbing my cock over her clit. I keep repeating the action, my eyes roving greedily over her unresponsive body.

Christ. This is so fucking erotic I’m going to lose my mind.

Bracing my hands on either side of her waist, I spread my knees wide, forcing her legs to open even more until the crack of her ass is pressed against my balls.

With the perfect view of her dripping arousal, I slowly enter her, relishing every inch I stretch her entrance with my thick girth.

Watching her greedy pussy take every inch of me in a painstakingly slowly thrust has every muscle in my body wound so fucking tight it feels like I’m going to snap.

I pull out just as slowly, my hard-on jerking with intense desperation to pound into her. When I push back inside her, I grind my pelvis against her sensitive bundle of nerves, and my tight as fuck balls against her ass.

Blyadʹ,” I hiss, my body shaking from the effort it’s taking to hold back.

Rosalie’s breaths sped up while I was focused on torturing myself. Her body is trembling so badly, her fingers gripping the sheets until her knuckles turn white.

“Don’t move,” I remind her.

Torturously slowly, I thrust back inside her and keep myself buried as I grind against her.

This time a whimper escapes her, her inner muscles strangling the fuck out of my cock.

My sight blurs as my breath explodes from me, and then all is lost as my hips start to pound my aching cock into her.

Rosalie’s hands fist the covers tighter, her back arching and her lips parting on a silent scream.

I slam so fucking hard into her, my pace relentless until she finally loses the fight. Her orgasm tears through her, making her convulse as whimpers spill from her.

Rosalie’s pleasure is so intense that she blacks out, her body slumping against the mattress.

Christ. Fuck. Shit.

Grabbing hold of her hips to keep her limp body in place, I pound into her. With it no longer role-playing but the real deal, the most intense orgasm rips the air from my lungs. Again, my vision blurs as the muscles in my body strain. My balls tighten painfully, then I jerk inside her with short hard thrusts, my release exploding through me and filling her.

Rosalie regains consciousness as I keep thrusting, my pleasure so fucking intense, it rips a roar from me.

The orgasm lasts so long that I can’t handle all the pleasure. I fall over Rosalie, and jerking against her body, I struggle to breathe through the ecstasy.

She wraps her arms and legs around me, locking my body to hers.

I manage to push my arms beneath her and hold her as tight as I can with the little strength I have left.

We lie still for close to thirty minutes before I lift my head to look at her. A smile spreads over my face, and satisfaction pours through my veins when I see she’s fallen asleep.

With me still buried deep inside her.

Not giving a fuck about cleaning up, I relax on top of her and close my eyes. With our naked bodies one, I let sleep take me.



After the intense afternoon we had, Rosalie and I have zero strength to do anything.

I feed Luna and fix us grilled cheese sandwiches. Sitting on the couch, we watch reruns of CSI.

When we’re done eating, I place the plates on the coffee table, and lying down on the couch, I position Rosalie, so she’s lying on top of me.

“I’ll probably fall asleep again,” she mumbles against my chest. “There might be drool.”

“Go for it, moya Malen’kaya Roza.” I brush my fingers up and down her back as I watch some dumb fuck trying to cover up a murder.

“Viktor,” Rosalie whispers.


“Thank you for today.”

I tilt my head, so I can glance down at her. “I enjoyed it too.”

A fuck ton. We’ll definitely do that again.

She turns her head and rests her chin on my chest. “Is it weird that I loved it after what I’ve been through?”

“No.” I move my hand to her cheek, caressing her soft skin. “Not at all. I showed you that even if you’re unconscious, you’re safe with me. I think that helped in some way. Right?”

She nods, then stretches her body to press a kiss to my jaw. “It was healing.”

“Good.” Taking hold of her chin, I bring her mouth to mine and kiss her tenderly. When I let her go, I add, “What fantasies do you have?”

“Hell,” she murmurs as she thinks. “You’re a living, breathing fantasy for me.”

“You don’t mind that mine are twisted?”

She shakes her head, a smile curving her lips. “I love it.” Curiosity creeps into her eyes. “What else are you into?”

“Bondage.” I continue to brush my fingers up and down her back. “I’d like to tie you up and do whatever I want to you.”

“Okay.” There’s zero fear in her eyes. “What else?”

“Role-play does it for me. Living out a depraved fantasy where I have all the power, and you’re at my mercy or the other way around. You can pretend to take advantage of me.”

“So you’ll like it if we pretended you’re asleep while I have my wicked way with you?”

“Definitely,” I answer. “Fucking you while you’re unconscious is a top favorite. I didn’t even think of that one until the opportunity arose.”

She lets out a chuckle. “You have no idea how hard it was to keep still.”

“You did a good job, moya Malen’kaya Roza,” I praise her. With my eyes locked on hers, I ask, “Which fantasies are a no-go for you?”

“I can’t think of any.”


She scrunches her nose, then she chuckles. “As long as you’re the one doing the kidnapping.”

I push harder with my next suggestion. “Sexual harassment by your captor?”

“Again, as long as you’re the one harassing me, I’m good with it.”

With a serious expression on my face, I ask, “Rape?”

A frown forms on her forehead, making my heart stop in my chest, then she says, “But it’s not rape if it’s with you.”

“Role-play, baby,” I remind her. “Acting out the fantasy that you don’t know me and I’m just a depraved fucker taking what he wants. How would you feel about that scenario?”

Rosalie pushes herself up into a sitting position and really thinks about my question.

I sit up as well, and taking hold of her hand, I say, “Of course, I won’t hurt you. Keep that in mind.”

“So we’ll just pretend not to know each other?” she asks.

“I’ll catch you off guard when you least expect it,” I add, so she knows what will happen. “It will be dark, and I’ll restrain you.”

Heat flares in her eyes. “So far, I like it.”

Letting go of her hand, I wrap my fingers around her throat. “I’d like to reenact our first meeting, only this time I’ll take what I want instead of waiting three years.” Leaning closer, my lips brush against her parted ones. “I want to hear you scream no. I want you to beg me to stop.”

Her voice quivers with need as she whispers, “I can do that. It will be hot if you threaten me with what you plan to do to me.”

Jesus, she’s really into it.

I lick at her lips. “I’ll tell you, if you don’t keep quiet, I’ll choke you with my cock.”

“Yes,” she breathes, her eyes lighting up from the desire building between us.

“I’ll tear your clothes off.”

Rosalie’s tongue darts out, swiping over my jaw.

Christ, we’re going to fuck each other to death today.

“I’ll pinch your tits and force myself into your tight wet heat.”

She climbs onto my lap and grinds down on me, breathlessly murmuring, “What then?”

“You’ll struggle beneath me, screaming for me to stop.”

Her hips begin to swivel as she rubs herself against my hard cock.

“Rip my panties off,” she orders me, her tone bossy as fuck.

Gripping hold of the lace, I tear them from her body.

“Are you taking over, baby?” I ask, loving the idea.

“Yes.” Rosalie shoves my sweatpants out of the way, and locking her seductive gaze with mine, she says, “I’m going to fuck you, Mr. Vetrov, and you’re going to keep telling me filthy things.”

When she sinks down on my cock, we both groan.

“I’ll force you onto your stomach,” I growl. She starts to ride me slowly. “And I’ll fuck your tight ass.”

Rosalie leans forward and wraps her arms around my neck. “Spank me every time I take you deep.”

Christ. This is turning out to be a day straight out of my wet dreams.

While I tell her in detail how I’ll take her against her will, she bounces faster and faster on my lap, my palm tanning her sexy ass red until we end up in a boneless heap of ragged breaths.


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