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Captured By A Sinner: Chapter 36


Dressed in a pair of tight shorts and a tank top, I’m standing in my old bedroom, that has been converted into a gym for training.

For the past two weeks, I’ve been doing weights and cardio to build some muscle. But facing off with Viktor, I feel weaker than a bug. No amount of training will help me take down a man like him.

“Why does it look like you’ve given up before you’ve even tried,” Viktor asks.

I scrunch my nose. “Because you’re so much stronger than me. I’ll never be able to fight you off.”

An arrogant smile curves his mouth into a hot grin. “That’s a given, moya Malen’kaya Roza. The point is to train you so you can fight other fuckers off.”

“Yeah, I don’t see that happening, either. I’m too freaking short and skinny.”

Viktor comes to stand right in front of me, and for a moment, I drool at the sight of his bare chest and carved abs. The ‘V’ disappearing into his sweatpants quickly wins my attention.

Lifting a hand, I trail my finger along his waistband and follow the prominent line from his hip, dipping my finger beneath the fabric.

Glancing up at Viktor, I try to be seductive so I can get out of the training session. I lower my voice as I admit, “This V erases all brain activity for me.”

I slip my hand beneath his sweatpants, and when I feel how hard he is, my mouth starts to water. Wrapping my fingers around him, I slowly massage his cock from the base to the head. “I can think of better things to do.”

“Can you,” he murmurs, his tone dark and low, making my core clench with hunger for him.

I lift myself on my tiptoes and wrap my other arm around his neck. Brushing my lips along his jaw, I breathe, “Yeah.”

When I move my hand faster over his hardness, Viktor places his hand over mine to stop me. “Not yet, baby.”

Pouting, I let go and step back, then Viktor’s arm wraps around my neck, and my feet are swept from under me. I let out a squeak as I drop to the sparring mat, and the moment he’s on top of me, his fingers wrap around my throat.

“Remember that first day in your bedroom when I had you in a similar position?”

“Yeah. I didn’t appreciate the gun to my head, though,” I mutter, my hands grabbing hold of his wrist.

Viktor leans closer, then his tongue swipes over my bottom lip. “I wanted to fuck you. You looked so hot, dressed in your tight as fuck shorts. Just like you do now.”

His hand moves over my bare stomach until he cups me between the legs.

My eyes lock on his, and I admit, “I thought you were the most attractive man I ever laid eyes on.”

“Yeah,” he murmurs with a seductive tone. He begins to massage me through my shorts until my hips swivel with need. “And now?”

Letting go of his wrist, I drag my hands over his muscled chest. “I know you’re the most attractive.”

His teeth tug at my bottom lip, then he orders, “Fight me, moya Malen’kaya Roza.”

That’s the last thing I want to do. I’d much rather push him onto his back and sink down on his cock.

The thought has my eyebrow lifting, then I buck my hips up, trying to use my body to overturn him, but he’s too heavy.

When he pulls his hand away from the needy valley between my legs, I let out a frustrated groan.

Climbing to his feet, he easily pulls me up. “Come on, baby. Fight me.”

“I don’t know how,” I mutter, scowling at him.

“A man has a few vulnerable spots. The balls, the throat, eyes, and ears.” He comes to wrap his fingers around my neck again. “When someone grabs hold of you like this, take hold of his thumb and bend it back until you hear it crack, but he’ll probably let go before that.”


Viktor raises his other hand as if he’s going to hit me. “Prepare for a punch. The fucker will want to teach you a lesson for hurting him.”

“How do I stop that from happening?” I ask, getting into the training.

Viktor lets go of me and steps back. “Punch me.”

I let out a burst of laughter. “Be serious.”

“I am.” He holds his arms open on either side of him. “Punch me, Rosalie.”

The only thing I’ve punched is my pillow. Here goes nothing. I dart forward and throw a punch, but Viktor blocks it with his forearm before swatting my fist away. “That’s how you block. Now you do it.”

“Okay.” When he throws a punch that won’t even hurt a fly, I easily block it. “It doesn’t help you take it easy on me,” I complain.

“I’m not going to take an actual swing at you, knowing I’ll hurt you,” he replies. “Just get used to blocking the action of punching.”

I nod, and when he repeats the action, I bring my arm up. We keep practicing, and slowly the motions grow faster until I’m sweating and breathless.

“Drink some water, moya Malen’kaya Roza,” Viktor instructs.

While I’m swallowing the cool liquid down, he says, “Because you’re smaller, you have to be faster. That will be your weapon, so work on your speed.”


I’ve just put the water down when Viktor lunges for me. His chest slams into my back, and his arm wraps around my waist, lifting me off my feet.

“Elbow me,” he instructs. I don’t hesitate, slamming my elbow into his side. “Good girl.”


He doesn’t let go but pushes me forward until I’m shoved against the wall.

“Remember when you stomped on my foot?” he asks.

“Yes,” I breathe against the plaster.

“That was a good move. You caught me off guard,” he praises me, making heat flush through my core and dampening my shorts.

I brace my hands on the wall and rub my butt against his hardness. “Viktor,” I moan.

His breaths skim over my ear. “You wet for me, moya Malen’kaya Roza?”

I nod quickly. “Drenched.”

Viktor lets go of me, then orders, “Get naked, baby.”

I turn around as I pull my tank top over my head. When I push my shorts down, Viktor kicks his sweatpants to the side.

Instead of grabbing me so we can fuck, he gives me a mischievous grin as he steps back onto the sparring mat.

“Training isn’t over.”

“I’m not going to learn shit with you all naked and hard,” I mutter as I walk closer.

“Do you know what’s a turn-on for me?” he asks. When I shake my head, he says, “When you struggle against me.”

Considering what I’ve been through, I never thought it would be a fantasy I’d like, but I know I’m safe with Viktor. He’ll never do anything to hurt me.

And it might be cathartic because I know the outcome will leave me boneless from pleasure and not broken and defeated.

Viktor watches me while I process what he said, then asks, “Will you be okay with it?”

My eyes lower to his impressive length. “Yes, as long as it ends with you fucking me.”

His eyes fill with dark heat, and he slowly stalks around me in a circle.

Waiting for him to make his move, my eyes follow his every step.

“Give me a safe word.”


“When you reach your limit and need to stop,” he explains.

“Ah…” I try to think of a word I won’t accidentally use. “Mercy?”

“Works for me,” he murmurs, his voice low and deep as he keeps prowling around me.

My eyes rake over his body, drinking in the sight of his hard cock and the veins snaking beneath his skin.

There’s no way I’m going to take this seriously. All I want to do is jump him and ride him until I’m screaming with pleasure.

Suddenly, Viktor lunges at me. His arm wraps around my neck, and my feet are swept from under me. I’m taken down to the sparring mat, then his body presses hard against mine.

Knowing it will be a turn-on for Viktor, I strain against his hold. It’s useless, but I feel his cock jerk against my butt, which means he likes it. It encourages me to fight harder, and I even manage to squirm out from under him.

Just as I push up on my hands and knees, he grabs hold of my hips, and I’m yanked back against his body. Our skin meets with a hard slap, our breaths rushing over our lips.

“God, this is hot,” I groan, unable to stay in my role of damsel in distress.

Then Viktor’s hand connects with my buttcheek. “Focus.”

Holy shit.

Intense heat floods me, coating the insides of my thighs. My abdomen tightens so hard, a moan escapes me.

Viktor shoves his hand between my legs, then he groans, “Christ, moya Malen’kaya Roza loves being spanked.”

“If I had known sooner, I would’ve disobeyed you whenever you threatened to spank me,” I admit.

His palm connects with my skin, sending another tsunami of heat through me. I push my butt out, my back arching. “Viktor,” I groan, desperate for release. “Fuck me.”

I’m spanked again, then his fingers slide through my wet heat, sinking inside me. “Christ, you’re soaked for me, baby.”

“I need you,” I whimper as he starts to thrust his fingers inside me. “So, sooo badly.”

“Spread your knees,” he orders, the role-play a thing of the past as our burning desire for each other scorches the air.

I obey, the air on my clit only driving me wilder for friction.

Viktor grips my hips, and holding me in place, he fills me with a brutal thrust. If it weren’t for his hands on me, I’d face plant from the force.

Not giving me time to adjust to his large girth, Viktor pounds into me as if he’s trying to tear me in two.

Gasps and whimpers spill from me, mixing with the sound of our slapping skin.

My nails claw at the mat, and every time he fills me, his palm connects with the side of my butt cheek.

“Shit, Viktor,” I pant. “Yes. Please.” Random words fall over my lips as he fucks me so hard, it’s impossible to catch my breath.

With another slap to my butt, the orgasm hits me so hard, my arms buckle, and my cheek slams against the carpet. With my butt in the air and Viktor hammering into me, intense pleasure seizes my body. It keeps hitting me in relentless waves, making one orgasm blend into another, and another until it feels as if I might pass out.

My vision goes spotty as Viktor makes my body jerk with a final hard thrust before he buries himself deep, letting out a throaty groan from his own orgasm.

He empties himself inside me with three short thrusts, grinding his pelvis against my butt, then he releases my hips.

I slump to my side, desperately gasping for air, my body so numb, I don’t think I’ll be able to move for a while.

Viktor drops onto his back next to me, sucking in deep breaths of air. “Jesus Christ, Rosalie.”

“You paralyzed me,” I mutter.

He turns onto his side and caresses my butt. “Fuck, I left a handprint on your ass. Are you okay?”

His touch makes residual pleasure spasm through me. “So good,” I mumble. “Don’t stop.

His fingers keep kneading my heated skin, and before I know it, I drift off to sleep.

I’m pulled out of my nap when Viktor picks me up. He carries me to our bed and gently lays me down. I hear water running, then feel a warm cloth between my legs as he cleans me. His lips brush over the curls between my legs while sleep flirts around the edges of my mind.

Viktor presses a kiss to my hip, then to my abdomen. He sucks a nipple into his mouth, his teeth nipping it into a hard bud.

When he licks and kisses his way up to my neck, my mouth curves into a smile. “Sleepy,” I groan.

“Do you have a problem with me fucking you while you’re asleep?” he asks, his voice hoarse with the passion he feels for me.

“Not at all,” I mumble sleepily. “Have at it.”

“Then sleep, moya Malen’kaya Roza, while I have my wicked way with your tight pussy.”

Jesus. So much for a nap.

I stretch out beneath him, opening my legs wide. “Enjoy yourself.” I pretend to sleep as Viktor’s hands knead my breasts, his teeth feasting on my nipples.

God, this is actually one hell of a turn-on.

I keep my body limp and my breaths as even as possible.

“Fuck,” Viktor’s voice grumbles. “I love this role-play a hell of a lot more than the struggling one. You unconscious and at my complete mercy is hot as fuck, moya Malen’kaya Roza.”

I keep quiet, my abdomen buzzing with need as his hands rove over my body, his touch growing harder and harder with desperation.

My heart is beating out of my chest, the entrance between my legs dripping with arousal.

There’s not an inch of my skin Viktor doesn’t touch. His mouth latches onto the swells of my breasts, and he groans with satisfaction as he sucks my skin hard.

He moves down to my stomach, and when he reaches the stretch of skin above my curls, he bites my flesh as more groans spill from him.

His hands massage their way up and down my thighs, and I almost lift my hips in desperation but catch myself in time.

My body trembles from the intense attention and unbearable need building in my core.

“Don’t fucking move,” he orders. “Keep pretending you’re asleep.”

God, it’s hard, but I obey.

Viktor shoves my legs open as wide as they’ll go. I feel his breath on my clit and anticipate his tongue, but instead, he bites the inside of my thighs.

I’m going to die.

It feels as if my entire body is fluttering like a hummingbird’s wings.

Finally, he pushes his fingers inside me, only to pull them out. A moment later, he coats my lips with my arousal, and when he starts to lick and suck at my mouth, it’s especially hard not to kiss him back. He forces his tongue inside, and it takes all my strength to swallow the moan as he brushes hard strokes over mine.

He frees my mouth, then his breaths skim over my ear. “I’m going to fuck you, and if you make a sound or move, I’ll keep fucking you until you’re really unconscious.”

Yes. Please.


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