Captured By A Sinner: Chapter 38


Startled, I’m ripped from sleep when I’m hauled off the bed and thrown over Viktor’s shoulder.

It takes a moment for my mind to clear as he stalks out of the bedroom.

“It’s too early,” I complain, my body slumping. I hang like a ragdoll, not bothering to put up a fight.

“Come, Luna. We’re kidnapping your mother,” Viktor says, patting his thigh so she’ll follow.

Luna tries to lick my face as she comes after us, making laughter burst from me. “Stop. Your breath stinks.”

I’m carried out of the house and tossed into the passenger side of the SUV. Luna jumps into the back, her tongue hanging out with excitement.

When Viktor slides behind the steering wheel, I scowl at him. “I didn’t even have coffee.”

“You can have some on the private jet.” He winks at me, a playful glint in his eyes.

Hearing we’re flying somewhere, I sit up straight and pull on my safety belt. “Where are we going?”

“You’ll see.”

“And Luna’s coming with?”

“Yes. We’ll be gone two weeks.”

I let out an excited shriek, practically bouncing in the seat. “We’re going to Bali!”

A wide smile spreads over Viktor’s face as he steers the SUV through the gates, with Joseph and his team following behind us.

So much excitement fills my chest, I’m unable to sit still, my smile so wide, I swear if I didn’t have ears, it would wrap right around my head.

“I can’t believe you kept this from me,” I exclaim. “Every time I brought up Bali, you changed the subject. I thought you didn’t want to go.”

“I let you believe I didn’t want to go so I could surprise you,” he chuckles.

“It worked.”

Oh my God. I’m going to one of my dream destinations.

With my dog and the man I love.

Life can’t get any better. I’m so happy, I don’t know what to do with the overwhelming emotion.

Suddenly tears burst from me, and I cover my face.

“What the fuck, baby?” Viktor quickly steers the car to the side of the road. “Why are you crying?”

He pulls me into his arms, peppering my hair with kisses.

“B-because I’m so h-happy,” I sob.

“Oh,” he sighs with relief. Pushing me back, he tilts his head to capture my eyes. “Then you can cry all you want.”

I let out a burst of laughter, but it quickly fades away when Viktor licks a tear from my cheek.

My eyes lock on his. “I can’t believe how much everything has changed.”

“For the better, I hope.” He leans in to steal a kiss, then looks at me again.

“So much better. I’ve never been this happy before. It feels like I’m going to burst.”

With a dark chuckle, he settles into his seat again and steers the SUV back onto the road. “As long as you’re bursting on my tongue, we’re good.”

I playfully swat his shoulder. “Such a dirty talker.”

“You love it,” he teases me, not attempting to hide his arrogance.

“Yeah, I do.”



The flight to Bali takes so freaking long that I’m tired eight hours into it. We spend the time watching movies and stuffing our faces while Luna destroys a toy Viktor brought along for her.

When there are only two hours left, I climb out of bed and shower before changing into the light blue dress Viktor loves so much.

Walking back into the bedroom, Viktor’s eyes drift over me. “I love you in that dress.”

“I know.”

He scoots up until his back is resting against the headboard. “I transferred money to your account. For the next two weeks, I want you to pay for everything.”


“So you’ll get accustomed to spending the money I give you.”

Shaking my head, I let out a chuckle. “Why?”

He moves closer and wraps his arms around me. “Because I want to spoil you, moya Malen’kaya Roza. I know you’re making your own money with the work you do for my mother and Aunt Bella, but I still want to take care of you.”

“How much did you transfer?” I ask, bracing myself for a ridiculous amount.

“Only two-hundred-and-fifty.”

“Oh, that’s much better than the fifty million,” I say.

“Two-hundred-and-fifty million,” he corrects me.

My jaw drops. “Why would you transfer so much?!”

“Because you have to pay the hotel fees, the food, and everything else. A first-class vacation adds up quite fast.”


I blink at Viktor, trying to process that kind of money. Sure, I grew up wealthy, but I never had access to such a large amount.

“What if there’s fraud on my account, and someone steals it?”

Viktor gives me a you-must-be-kidding look. “Then I’ll find the person and kill them.”


I keep forgetting who he is because, to me, he’s just the man I love.

Climbing off the bed, he pulls me to my feet. “Tell the flight attendant we’re ready for breakfast while I shower.”

“Okay.” I pat my leg for Luna to follow and first feed her and fill up her water bowl. I was worried she would freak out on the plane, but she’s been so good.

Stepping into the lounge cabin, I take a seat and press the button for the flight attendant. When she comes out of the kitchen area with a friendly smile, I say, “Morning. Can you please prepare breakfast and a lot of coffee?”

“Of course, Miss Manno.”

I pat on the seat next to me for Luna to jump up, and rubbing her head, I stare out of the small window. It’s still dark outside, so I can’t see anything.

Viktor takes the seat across from me, then pulls out his phone.

I stare at him as he types something, taking in his attractive features.

The man has pushed my boundaries and taught me so many things. With the training, I’m actually able to flip someone twice my size. Viktor was so proud the first time I slammed him down on the sparring mat.

His eyes flick to mine, then he asks, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“I’m just thinking how much stronger you’ve made me.”

The corner of his mouth lifts. “Next, I’m teaching you how to shoot.”

My eyebrows lift. “Really? That will be awesome.”

Viktor leans forward and pulls one of his guns from behind his back. He ejects the clip and checks the barrel, then hands it to me. “Just hold it and get used to the feel of the weapon.”

Damn, it’s heavier than it looks.

When the flight attendant comes out with a tray, I shove the gun beneath my butt, which makes Viktor laugh.

I wait for her to set everything down and go back to the kitchen before I pull the weapon out of its hiding place and set it down on my lap. “I don’t want to scare her.”

“She knows who I am,” he mutters as he picks up his coffee.


While we enjoy our breakfast, I keep glancing at the gun, knowing Viktor has fired it many times.

He’s killed with it.

My fingers brush over the dark metal, and no matter how deep I dig, there’s no fear to be found.



When the pilot announces we’re landing, the excitement is back in full force.

Viktor’s eyes are glued to my face, a loving smile around his mouth. “I love how excited you get.”

“I’ve wanted to go to Bali for years,” I admit.

“I know. I have the list you made.”

My lips part in a gasp, my eyes widening. “You do?”

“I had Sacha clear out your bedroom remember?”

“I haven’t seen Sacha again.”

“He’s mostly in Russia, helping me run things that side,” Viktor explains. “But about the list, where would you like to go next?”

“After Bali?” I ask.

He nods as the plane starts its descent.

“Hell, I can’t think about that now. I first want to experience Bali. Can we go look at the waterfalls?”

“Yes, I already have trips planned for you to see all five.”

Surprised, I ask, “Is there anything about me you don’t know?”

Slowly, he shakes his head.

To test him, I ask, “Who was my first boyfriend?”

“Some fucker named Matt.”

Laughter escapes me. “Okay, I believe you.”

When the plane touches down on the tarmac, my stomach explodes in a kaleidoscope of butterflies.

My heart is beating out of my chest as we get up and take the steps down to where a Mercedes and chauffeur wait to drive us to our hotel.

The air smells different and it’s humid. During the drive, I stare at the beautiful scenery, emotions whirling in my chest because I’m getting to experience one of my dreams.

Turning in my seat, I throw my arms around Viktor’s neck and hug him as tightly as possible. “Thank you so much.”

“You’re welcome, moya Malen’kaya Roza.”

“I love you,” I whisper with all of my heart.

Ya lyublyu tebya,” he murmurs before claiming my mouth in a toe-curling kiss.

When we reach the hotel, Viktor leads me through the luxurious building and out onto a stretch of white sand.

Seeing his family sitting beneath gazebos covered in white satin curtains, I wave excitedly.

“It’s so beautiful here.” My eyes drift over the vast ocean that’s the perfect shade of blue.

When we reach his family, we take a moment to greet everyone.

I give Ariana and Bella playful scowls. “You knew we were coming and didn’t tell me.”

“Viktor swore us to secrecy,” his mom explains.

They don’t invite us to sit with them, and I’m surprised when Viktor takes my hand, pulling me further down the beach until there’s no one in sight except for Luna, who keeps running in and out of the water.

Viktor lets go of my hand and falls back until he’s behind me, stepping in every footprint I leave. Chuckling, I glance over my shoulder. “What are you doing?”

His eyes lock on mine as he comes to a standstill. “I’ll always be behind you, moya Malen’kaya Roza. To protect you at all costs.”

My heart.

Turning around to face him, my lips part as he kneels before me. Tears instantly jump to my eyes when he reaches into his pocket, removing a small black velvet box. He flips it open, exposing a gorgeous diamond ring.

“Rosalie, since the moment I saw you, you’ve held my heart in the palm of your hand. You’re the only person I’ll kneel before, and right now, I’m begging you on my knees, please marry me.”

Sinking to my knees in the soft sand, I nod like a crazy person. “A million times, yes.”

An emotional expression tightens his features until it looks like he’s going to cry. “Ya lyublyu tebya, moya Malen’kaya Roza.”

When he slips the diamond onto my ring finger, my chin starts to quiver. “I love you too.”

“Never take the ring off,” he orders, his voice hoarse.

“I promise I won’t.”

Viktor frames my face, and looking at me with all the love in the world, while we’re both kneeling on a white beach in Bali, he says, “It will always be me and you, moya Malen’kaya Roza. Forever.”

“Forever,” I whisper against his lips right before he claims my mouth.


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