The Pucking Wrong Guy: Chapter 19


Game night against Dallas, and I was a bundle of nerves, pacing the locker room like a caged animal. My stomach was doing somersaults, and my mind raced thinking about what was going to happen when I went out on the ice. Were they going to boo? Throw things? Hold up signs calling me names?

Just when I thought I couldn’t handle the tension anymore, Walker swaggered into the room, a massive boombox perched on his shoulder like he thought he’d gone from Disney to an 80’s rom com lead. He winked at me and the speakers blared Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake it Off’ at full blast. I raised an eyebrow, getting pretty fucking excited.

Then, one by one, the rest of the team paraded in, and what happened next was nothing short of a glorious catastrophe. Their moves ranged from hilarious to downright ridiculous, and I felt like I’d died and gone to heaven. It was like a scene from a comedy show, and for a moment, the weight of the upcoming game lifted.

I jumped into the impromptu dance party, doing my best running man move. We all looked utterly absurd, but right that second…it was priceless.

It was a moment of pure, unadulterated silliness, and it was exactly what I needed to break the tension.

As the music faded out and we caught our breath, I turned to Walker, who was grinning like a maniac. ‘You, my friend, have officially made it into the circle of trust.’

Walker’s eyes widened in mock surprise. ‘I’m in the circle of trust?’

I nodded with a grin. ‘Yeah, you’re in.’

He let out a whoop of triumph, and the rest of the team cheered…like the “circle of trust” actually existed.


It was a strange feeling though, realizing that despite it all…despite all the time I’d spent this season not wanting to be here…somewhere along the way, I genuinely started liking these guys.

With newfound confidence and a lighter heart, I headed down the hallway towards the ice. Ready for whatever was to come.

As I walked though, the nerves started to creep up again. I was hoping at the very most to get the usual pre-game atmosphere, the buzz of the crowd, the excitement of another match…but as I emerged into the open arena, the sound that hit me was a thunderous roar, the entire arena on its feet, showering me with… applause.

I blinked in astonishment. Signs bearing messages like ‘Ari, we miss you’ and ‘Come home’ filled my vision.

I was stunned, my heart pounding as the deafening applause surrounded me. It felt like a dream, like some elaborate prank orchestrated by Lincoln. I turned to my friend, an incredulous grin on my face.

‘Did you put them up to this, Linc?’ I asked, only half joking, as I tried to mask the sudden wave of emotion threatening to overcome me.

Lincoln just gave me a knowing look and playfully hit my shoulder. ‘Welcome home, buddy,’ he said as he skated back to his team, his words simple but carrying a depth of sentiment that I couldn’t ignore.

Tears pricked at the corners of my eyes as I waved to the crowd, my laughter and disbelief mingling with the overwhelming feeling of being embraced by the place I’d once called home.

The game started, and the familiar rush of adrenaline surged through me as I hit the ice. I was back where I belonged, even if on the wrong side, and nothing was going to hold me back. The puck danced around the back of our net and Lincoln and I both went after it. I slammed into Lincoln, sending him crashing against the boards, and he shot me a half-hearted curse, the grin on his face telling me he was as thrilled about playing on the same ice again as I was.

When Lincoln took a shot on goal, I couldn’t help but whoop as Walker stopped it with finesse.

“That’s my goalie!” I yelled at Walker as Lincoln flipped us both off dramatically as he skated by.

Later in the game, I was skating towards the bench during a break to get some water…when I noticed a sign, held up by two girls in the front row. It read:


Lincoln’s face was puzzled and faintly amused as he stared at the sign. But me…I was pissed off.

I skated over to him. “I can’t believe that sign!”

“Yeah. It’s a new one,” said Lincoln with a grin.

“No! I can’t believe it’s your fucking name on the sign. That girl right there sucked my dick!” I growled, pointing to the girl I definitely recognized—even if I had no clue what her name was. “She did not suck your dick. What the fuck!”

Lincoln stared at me incredulously for a long moment before he burst into hysterical laughter.

“What are you laughing about? THIS IS SERIOUS! How is my dick that unmemorable?”

Lincoln was now wiping motherfucking tears from his eyes.

“Fuck. This is too good. You’ve got to stop. I don’t think I can skate.”

I growled. And pushed him before skating away to the continued sound of his cackling.

“Fucking dick,” I muttered to Walker, who was wide-eyed, staring back and forth between Lincoln and me. Like his mom and dad were fighting or something.

“You’re a year fucking younger than us, Prince Charming,” I yelled at him nonsensically.

And now he seemed even more confused.

“Get your fucking head in the game, Lancaster,” Coach screamed, and I nodded, turning my attention back to the ice. These people needed to understand my dick was not forgettable.

Blake could tell them all about it!

As the game raged on, things escalated between Lincoln and Soto. Lincoln had always hated him…just like me, but after what he’d done to Blake…Soto was just asking for it.

Lincoln slammed Soto against the boards, and the entire arena seemed to hold its breath, eagerly awaiting the fireworks.

Predictably, Soto threw off his gloves and shoved Lincoln with all the finesse of a charging rhino. The gloves hit the ice with a dull thud, and the crowd erupted into a raucous mix of cheers and jeers. It was go time.

The two of them squared off, circling each other. Soto swung wildly, but Lincoln’s reflexes were so superior, it was ridiculous. He dodged Soto’s punches with the grace of a seasoned fighter, and when he retaliated, it was like watching a professional boxer in action.

Lincoln landed a series of devastating blows, the first one catching Soto square in the jaw, sending a spray of spittle and blood into the frigid air. The sight of crimson droplets splattering across the ice only seemed to stoke the crowd’s excitement.

Soto, now bleeding from his nose and sporting a rapidly swelling eye, tried desperately to regain his composure. But it was too late. Lincoln continued his assault, a relentless barrage of fists that left Soto stumbling and off-balance.

I couldn’t help the malicious grin that crept across my face as it became abundantly clear that this was no contest. Lincoln was delivering a thorough beat down, and the crowd reveled in the spectacle.

But what made the moment even sweeter was the conspicuous absence of our Cobras teammates. None of them made a move to intervene and break up the fight. It was as if they, too, had gotten sick of Soto’s shit and were relishing the opportunity to watch Soto get what was coming to him.

The moment of triumph came when Lincoln landed a powerful uppercut, connecting squarely with Soto’s chin. It was the knockout blow, and Soto crumpled to the ice in a heap of defeat. Blood oozed from his nose and mouth…it was glorious.

I was pretty sure Soto had lost even more teeth.

I gave Lincoln an exuberant high-five as he skated back to the penalty box. Soto had to be scraped off the ice…

Just another reason why golden boy was my bestie.

This had already been one of the more…eventful games of my life. And then I glanced at Blake, like I did constantly every time she was in the vicinity…and I tripped over my skates. She and Monroe were talking to one of the WAGs behind them, so I could clearly see that at some point since we’d arrived at the arena, she’d put on a motherfucking Daniels jersey.

“I’m going to murder you,” I hissed at Lincoln during a break. “I’m going to have Blake’s dog bite your dick off! And then I’m going to let him use as it a fucking chew toy!”

“Have that fantasy a lot? Because that was weirdly detailed,” Lincoln mused as I banged on the glass in front of Blake, motioning for her to take that fucking jersey off.

She put her hand to her ear, mouthing she couldn’t hear me, trying to act like she was fucking confused! Monroe was hysterically laughing next to her. “I’m disowning you!” I yelled to Monroe, who was fucking crying now from laughing so hard.

“Payback is a bitch, Ari darling,” Lincoln sing-songed as he skated by.

I flipped him off and then banged him into the boards when play resumed, harder than necessary just for good measure.

As soon as I got back to the bench, I ordered the same Cobras employee who had helped me in the past—Dan—to take a new jersey to Blake. And instruct her to put it on, or I was going to stop play and embarrass her in front of the whole arena. Dan’s eyes were wide, and he looked a little scared of me as he scurried off to do my bidding.

I kept my gaze locked on Blake as he went up to her with the new jersey, not looking away until she put it on.

Damn fucking right.

I got back on the ice, gritting my teeth. We were tied 1-1 with the clock ticking down. I may have loved my old team, but I didn’t want to fucking lose to them tonight.

“We’ve got this, Disney,” I barked at Walker as he stopped yet another of Lincoln’s shots. Lincoln had only scored once tonight, which was a testament to how fucking good Walker was.

Lincoln and I battled along the boards, vying for control of the puck. Our sticks clashed, the sound echoing around us.

With a surge of adrenaline, I managed to gain the upper hand, my body leveraging against Lincoln’s to send the puck skidding toward the other side of the rink.

“Have to do better than that, Daniels!” I called to him.

The puck sailed through the air, a blur against the icy backdrop, and there, waiting, was Tommy.

Tommy stopped the puck and didn’t miss a beat, swiftly taking control and racing towards the goal. Cas Peters tried to stop him…but he…wasn’t me.

Tommy’s shot was swift and true. Dalton, caught off guard, made a desperate dive, but it was a futile effort. The puck found its mark, slipping past his outstretched glove and into the net with a satisfying thud.

Right as the buzzer sounded.

Dallas was stunned as we dogpiled Tommy for the game winning score. 9 out of 10 times we would lose to them, but not tonight. Not fucking tonight.

A few minutes later, Lincoln gave me a hug and I was high-fiving my old teammates, feeling like I was on top of the world.

I’d played my brains out. Cas Peters had sucked. And everything in me said I’d be back here with Blake next year.

Life was fucking good.


The Dallas club pulsed with life, vibrant lights and music that enveloped us as soon as we stepped inside. The air was thick with anticipation and the unmistakable energy of a Saturday night out in the city. It had been a whirlwind of emotions at the game, but now it was time to celebrate with Lincoln, Monroe, and, of course, Ari.

Ari’s hand was warm against mine as he led me through the crowd, our fingers laced together, the feel of him possessive and reassuring. The music reverberated in my chest, setting a rhythm that matched the pounding of my heart. He leaned in close, his lips brushing against my ear as he shouted over the music.

‘Ready to have some fun, sunshine?’

‘Absolutely,’ I replied, getting overwhelmed with how freaking gorgeous he looked, his dark hair falling into his face.

The club was a sensory overload, neon lights, swirling patterns, and the intoxicating scent of perfumes and colognes mingling in the air. The DJ held court at the center of it all, his booth a shrine to the pulsating beats controlling everyone on the floor. The crowd gyrated and swayed to the music, a sea of bodies lost in the rhythm.

We were on the dance floor hours later, and Ari’s gaze was intense, his green eyes locked onto mine as if nothing else in the world mattered. I was molded against him, and somehow I wasn’t close enough.

The thumping bass reverberated through our bodies, a heartbeat that echoed our own.

Ari’s hands were everywhere, trailing along the curves of my body, igniting sparks of desire that flared with each touch.

The music had shifted as the hours passed, transitioning to a slower, sultrier melody. Ari pulled me closer, our bodies pressed together as we swayed in time to the sensual rhythm. I moaned as his knee rubbed against my clit through the leather leggings I had on.

“Is my baby feeling needy?” he purred, starlight dancing in his green gaze.

“Yes,” I whispered as he pressed his leg against my aching core once more.

Ari looked around the club as his hands continued to torture me with sensual strokes.

‘Let’s fix that,’ Ari finally said as he grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the edge of the dance floor, leading me down a dark hallway. He pressed me against the wall, his hand fisted in my hair as his body curled around me. My entire body relaxed, melting into him.

‘I’ll always take care of you, baby. You only have to ask.’ He moved a hand down my leather pants, covering my core. I wasn’t wearing underwear because they would have given me bad lines, and judging by the growl he gave me, he clearly liked that I didn’t have any panties on..

He gently massaged my clit and my hips thrust forward.

‘Yes, Ari, please,’ I whimpered.

He chuckled darkly and his finger slipped inside me as his mouth closed over mine. Ari’s hot tongue slid into my mouth, tasting me in aggressive, deep, long licks that sparked along my veins. I sucked on his tongue as his finger found that perfect spot, fucking in and out of me.

My hips were moving in time with his hand. But it wasn’t enough. I needed more. My fists tightened in his hair as I pulled him closer, my body driving frantically against him, small pleas falling from my mouth.

‘Do you need more, sweetheart? Do you need my big dick to get you there?’ he cajoled.

‘Yes, please,’ I begged, whimpering as he pulled his fingers from my core, bringing them up to my mouth and sliding them between my lips so I could taste myself. He pulled his fingers out and his tongue was in my mouth again, chasing the taste.

‘Fuck, sunshine. I’ll never get enough. You taste so fucking good.’ He pulled my leggings down to my knees so I was bared to him, and two fingers plunged back inside me, his thumb caressing my clit.

I glanced down the hallway, we were just feet away from the crowded dance floor. Anyone could turn the corner and see us at any second.

‘You just gushed on my fingers…what are you thinking about, sunshine?”

I blushed and he chuckled knowingly. “You like that anyone could see us? That anyone could walk by and see me fucking your perfect, wet cunt? Does my girl like to be watched?”

I squirmed and his grin turned wicked.

“Let’s see if that greedy pussy’s ready for me.’

He shocked me by falling to his knees, his hands pulling apart my folds as his tongue feverishly pushed into my core, and he ate me like a man possessed. It only took me seconds to come, my whole body shaking, the orgasm so intense tears gathered in my eyes.

‘Good girl,’ he muttered as he stood up and his mouth returned to mine, the taste of me once again filling my senses. He hiked me up against the wall and pushed my pants lower, before he undid his zipper so his gigantic, pierced cock was free. The head was gleaming with white milky pre-cum and I licked my lips, unsure of whether I wanted it in my mouth or in my aching cunt.

He wasted no time pushing through my wet folds until he was sheathed inside me, my pussy squeezing and stretching to accommodate him. His fingers dipped between us, rubbing my clit so I relaxed and adjusted to his size.

Ari slowly withdrew before he slammed back into me, forcing a harsh cry to escape my lips.

He buried his face in my neck, his body shuddering. ‘You’re perfect, baby. Taking all of my big cock. What a good girl.’ He fucked in and out of me, the ridges of his piercing stimulating every nerve as he slid it in and out. Ari’s hands slid through my hair, gripping my head and forcing me to watch him as his pace picked up.

‘I love you, sunshine. You’re mine,’ he growled as he stared into my eyes.

Loud cries were falling from my mouth as he lost control pounding into me. I was sure someone down the hallway could hear me.

I fell over the edge, my core clenching and sucking him in. ‘Fucking choking my cock,” he groaned.

Abruptly he pulled out and pushed me to my knees. Ari gripped my jaw and forced my mouth open before sliding his dick between my lips and pushing down my throat.

Yes, this is what I wanted.

One arm went to the wall above me as his other hand gripped my hair, holding me in place while he feverishly fucked my mouth.

‘I’m gonna cum,’ he groaned as his entire body trembled. And then his hot cum was filling up my mouth. I gulped it down, but there was too much. It spilled from my lips, getting all over my chin. He surged in one last time, going so deep tears fell down my cheeks. His thumb gently flicked them away as he stared down at me in awe.

‘Fuck. I don’t know how it gets better every time,’ he muttered, almost to himself. Ari pulled out and tucked himself back in as I pulled myself off the ground.

‘I love this,’ he said as he massaged his cum into my skin, licking at my lips and face aggressively…definitely getting a taste of himself. ‘I want you wearing my cum. I want it all over your skin. Fuck,’ he groaned as if he were in pain.

I’d had a few drinks, and that sounded wonderful…But I also was cognizant enough that I didn’t want to go back out on the dance floor with dried white stuff all over my face.

He was a little growly as he followed me into the employee bathroom a little further down the hallway, and watched me wipe off my face.

‘As soon as we get back into the house, I’m going to cover you with it again,’ he promised.

And I winked at him, all for it.

‘Fuck this,’ he said, and all of a sudden I was picked up and thrown over his shoulder. Ari stomped out of the bathroom and down the hall, returning to the crowded dance floor. People were staring at us as he marched around the edges. Lincoln and Monroe were at the bar, watching us, amused, as Ari held up a peace sign to them and headed towards the door without a word.

The night air greeted us, and before I knew it, a car had pulled up to the curb and we were getting in the back. Ari rattled off the address before his lips attacked mine—I didn’t get a lot of air for the whole ride back to his place.

And just like he promised, as soon as we stepped into the house, he did indeed go about covering me with his cum.

And I loved it.


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