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The Pucking Wrong Guy: Chapter 18


Ari was holding his Lost Children Organization Gala the night before the Dallas game, and I found myself standing in front of the mirror in Ari’s Dallas house, anxiety bubbling up within me. He had bought me a stunning dress for the occasion, a beautiful gesture that only added to the pressure I felt. My reflection stared back at me, and I couldn’t help but scrutinize every detail.

The dress was an elegant, floor-length gown in a deep shade of midnight blue. Its delicate lace overlay created intricate patterns that danced across my skin, and it clung to my body in all the right places. Yet, despite the dress’s undeniable beauty, I couldn’t shake the feeling of unease.

In fact, the very idea of attending one of these was sparking panic like I hadn’t felt in awhile. Gala nights were obviously not unfamiliar to me; I had been forced to attend countless similar gatherings with the Shepfields.

And the last gala I’d attended hadn’t ended well.

“I’m sorry. I can’t marry you…”

That night was on replay in my head right then…as well as all the other times I’d been dolled up in an expensive, uncomfortable dress, my every move scrutinized. As I mingled with people who barely acknowledged my existence or who whispered behind their champagne glasses, I had felt like nothing more than a pretty accessory for the Shepfields or Clark to show off.

The memory of those gala nights, filled with insincere smiles and hushed conversations, had left a lasting scar on my psyche. It was a stark reminder of my outsider status within that family and my years of feeling like a mere decoration in their opulent world.

Now, as tonight’s event approached, all those old anxieties had resurfaced. The prospect of navigating another glamorous event, even with Ari’s unwavering support, made my skin feel tight. Would I once again be reduced to a mere spectacle, judged by the same shallow standards that had been imposed on me before?

I bit my lip, staring over at my bag where I knew I had a razor blade hidden. Maybe just a little cut to get through tonight…

Ari entered the bedroom then, and caught my eye in the mirror. He approached me with that calming presence of his. ‘Wow,” he murmured, laying his chin on my shoulder, his eyes locked on mine. “You look incredible.”

I gave him a weak smile, my fingers nervously adjusting a loose strand of hair. ‘You think so? It’s been awhile since I’ve dressed up like this. I don’t want to embarrass you or anything.’

“What’s really going on in that perfect head of yours?”

I held in the laugh. I was so far from perfect. He didn’t even know…

“Sunshine,” he murmured, pressing a kiss to my bare shoulder. “You obviously don’t understand that when I say you’re perfect…I mean you’re absolutely perfect for me. There isn’t anything I don’t like about you. There’s nothing I wish was different. Every morning I wake up and I can’t believe my fucking luck, because I get to wake up to you. I consider it a privilege to know you.”

My insides warmed, and I felt like the Grinch because I swore my heart grew at least three sizes from his sweet words.

I was still nervous though. I didn’t want my old life to become connected to Ari.

“I’ve had what seems like a million bad nights at these sorts of things. Maura was the queen of them.”

“Mmmh,” he said, like he understood exactly what I meant. And maybe he did. Ari seemed to have a magical way of understanding me when no one else did.

“I hope that tonight will be different for you. I wouldn’t ask you to go…but LCO is my organization.”

My eyes widened in surprise because the articles I’d read hadn’t mentioned that.

“If I can save one kid from what I went through, I’ll do it. And the best way I’ve found is throwing a huge party, getting people drunk, and then showing them sad pictures of kids so they empty their pocketbooks. I’m supporting group homes in fifteen states right now, and most of what keeps them going comes from tonight. I’ll understand if you don’t come…but it would mean the world to me if you would.”

How did he make me fall in love with him more everyday? Did he have some kind of magic in his DNA that made him biologically compatible with me in every way?

Or maybe he really was my soulmate, like he’d been saying all along.

‘Okay, Ari Lancaster,’ I said, my voice steadier. ‘Let’s do this.’

Ari grinned, that charming, lopsided smile that never failed to make my heart flutter. ‘That’s my girl.”

Then he winked.

“I promise to make it worth your while on the way over there…”

With that pronouncement, his arm wrapped around my waist, and he led me out of the room and down to the awaiting limousine.

A few minutes into the ride… he slid down to his knees.

“Ari, you don’t have to do this,” I said, wide-eyed.

“I don’t have to do this? Don’t you mean I get to do this?” he growled as he pushed up my dress to my waist and gave a surprised inhale at the lacy white garters I had on underneath.

“You’re trying to fucking kill me,” he groaned as his nose dragged through the fabric of my underwear along my slit.

My head fell back against the leather seat. He licked his fingers and then dipped them underneath my panties, sliding through my folds until he found my swollen clit. He teased it, circling it slowly as a soft sigh fell from my lips.

“You’ve got to keep quiet, sweetheart. The driver better not hear what you sound like when you come.”

I bit down on my bottom lip as his other hand slid down the front of my dress so he was palming my bare breast. He plucked and tugged at my nipple with one hand while his fingers continued to trail lackadaisically through my folds.

I whimpered and he stopped moving. “What did I say about being quiet, sunshine?” he purred.

I needed to come.

“Please Ari. Please make me come. I’m so wet for you, baby. I need it.”

His eyes glinted and went a bit feral, and then his fingers were finally sliding into me, fucking in and out. Somehow he brushed against that sweet spot inside of me with every pass, and I bucked against him.

Ari’s fingers abruptly left my core and I cried out. He roughly forced those same fingers into my mouth so I could taste myself.

“Keep that pretty mouth busy…and quiet, and suck on my fingers until you come,” he growled before the hand that had been torturing my nipple slid back into me. He worked me hard, his thumb massaging my clit for a moment before he replaced it with his mouth. He sucked hard on my clit while his thumb went down to my ass and he rubbed the sensitive nerves around my asshole.

“Suck harder, Blake,” he teased me in between licks and sucks. My breath was coming out in gasps, as I sucked on his fingers frantically while he worked every sensual trigger I possessed.

I would get close, and then he’d slow down his rhythm. He did it over and over again until I was about to go insane. I bit down on his fingers and he laughed wickedly. “Are you close, baby? Do you want some relief?”

I shot him a glare that was annoyingly half-hearted because I was so close to the edge.

“I think before you come…I want to hear it, sunshine. I want to hear you tell yourself you’re perfect.”

He slid his fingers from my mouth, his thumb hovering around my bottom lip as he softly rubbed it.

At this rate, I was going to orgasm every time I heard the word “perfect” because he made me say it so often when I was about to come.

Ari languidly licked through my folds, his thumb popping into my ass and slowly sliding in and out while I writhed on the seat. “Say it, baby.”

“I’m perfect,” I murmured through gritted teeth, reaching out to rub his huge, hard cock.

He pulled away from me because he was the worst. “Nope…right now’s about you. I’ll fuck you for the rest of the night after the gala.”

“Please,” I whimpered, and his fingers and mouth finally gave me the rhythm I needed to come.

“Such a perfect, good girl,” he murmured after I exploded on his tongue. He pulled out his fingers and licked at them, his gaze sparkling in delight and his mouth shiny with my essence.

I stayed slumped against the seat, feeling ridiculously relaxed.

Ari leaned forward, staring out the window. “Oh good, we’re here. Ready to go?” he asked innocently.

I stared at him for a second before I frantically pulled down my dress. I couldn’t even imagine what I looked like. My panties were soaked, my cheeks were a hundred degrees, and my insides were a puddle of lust.

Not a good recipe for a gala for a CHILDREN’S EVENT!

“Sexiest thing I’ve ever seen,” he rasped, adjusting himself with a pained look on his face.

I glanced down at his erection. “We can’t go out there with that monster in the building!”

Ari stared up at the ceiling, and started his usual “grandpa balls” chant as I watched the driver approach our door.

“Hurry!” I whisper-yelled, glancing down at his dick again.

“Don’t yell at Maximus 5000! He doesn’t like to be pressured,” Ari hissed back.

I burst out laughing. “Maximus 5000?”

“It’s a pet name. All the great ones have it.”

The driver opened the door, and not even the flashes of cameras outside could make me stress.

Not with Maximus 5000 poking me in the back as we walked the red carpet that led to the gala, Ari trying to hide his “problem” the entire time.

I had to admit…it was the perfect distraction.

Ari’s team from the LCO had outdone themselves, creating an event that even Maura Shepfield would have been hard pressed to give criticism. The gala was being held at the exclusive Rosewood Mansion, and everything was dripping with excellence. Crystal chandeliers hung from the high ceilings, casting a warm and ethereal glow over the entire space. The rich scent of fresh flowers permeated the air, their vibrant colors a stark contrast to the ivory and gold décor that adorned the room. Enormous, gilded mirrors lined the walls, reflecting the scene like a never-ending dream.

Guests, dressed in their most elegant attire, mingled and laughed, their voices carrying in a harmonious symphony of joy and celebration. Men in sharp tuxedos and women in flowing gowns of silk and satin moved gracefully across the marble floor, their laughter and chatter adding to the atmosphere of merriment.

The tables were adorned with intricate centerpieces of roses and lilies, their petals soft and delicate against the fine china and crystal glassware. Waitstaff in crisp uniforms weaved through the crowd, offering trays of champagne and hors d’oeuvres to the guests, their movements almost choreographed in their precision.

A live band, dressed in classic black and white, played a soft melody that danced through the air, creating a sense of enchantment that wrapped around every guest. The dance floor was a gleaming expanse of polished wood, promising enchanting moments later on in the night.

“It’s fucking awesome, isn’t it?” Ari said happily, and I realized he had been staring at me, waiting for my reaction.

“It really is,” I said softly as he wrapped an arm around my waist and laid his head on mine as we took everything in.

Suddenly there was commotion behind me and we turned to see Lincoln and Monroe coming in behind us. Lincoln had a pissed off look on his face and his arm was wrapped tightly around Monroe’s waist.

“Bestie!” Ari called as he dragged me towards them. I thought he was going in for a hug with Lincoln, but at the last second, he did a weird little dip and dive, and then he was squeezing Monroe in a big bear hug.

“Ari!” Lincoln hissed. “For the billionth time. Get your fucking hands off her!”

“I’m just showing my appreciation for my BFF,” Ari said innocently.


Monroe and I were hysterically laughing, me so hard that tears were gathering in my eyes. Ari finally let Monroe go and shot me a wink before ambling back to my side.

“You’re right. My bestie’s right here,” he said, before dipping me backwards and sliding a Hollywood worthy kiss on my lips.

The world was slightly spinning when he stood me back up.

“Hey Blake!” Lincoln said with a bemused smirk as Monroe gave me an excited side hug, oohing and awwing over my dress.

“You look stunning, Blake. Absolutely incredible,” she squealed, and I blushed…because I definitely had a new girl crush.

I stammered out a response, not sure how to act normally around her. She was so nice. I’d never had a nice friend in my life. Someone who meant it when they complimented you.

“Hi,” said Walker as he strode up to us. He looked dashing in his tux, and I could definitely see where Ari’s whole “Disney” schtick had come from. The guy really was Prince Charming come to life.

The three of them standing this close to me was overwhelming.

I glanced at Monroe and she mouthed “HOT” to me. I giggled and nodded emphatically. Suddenly she was smashed against Lincoln’s chest.

“Who’s hot?” he asked, lifting an eyebrow at her.

Lincoln was intense. Like scary sexy intense. And he and Monroe together…I felt pregnant just watching them.

“Who’s hot?” Ari said in a deep voice as he pulled me close and mocked Lincoln. Lincoln rolled his eyes, but a smirk graced his lips.

Walker was staring at all of us, really looking like a kid at Disneyland.

“Walker, my little simp. I’m glad you could make it,” Ari said, releasing a hand to give him one of those manly fist bumps.

Walker sighed, rubbing a hand down his face. “Ari, for the last time—”

“Ari said you’d made it into the “circle of trust,” Lincoln cut in, and Walker’s harried expression immediately changed to blissful excitement.

He really was a simp. An adorable one though.

I glanced at Ari, looking like every woman’s wet dream as he stood there in a tux that had been molded to his body.

I didn’t blame Walker. Ari was worship worthy.

“So there really is one?” Walker asked eagerly.

Lincoln and Ari started to lead us away towards the tables.

“Nope,” Lincoln called over his shoulder. “But you can be in it if we ever make one.”

Ari and Lincoln both snickered as Walker followed us to our table.

We sat down, and a minute later, a pretty redhead with half her boobs out popped up next to Walker, making him jump.

“I’ve been looking all over for you!” she cried in what was clearly a fake falsetto voice.

I’d been wondering why Walker didn’t have a date, but I guess this answered it; he’d been trying to hide from her.

She sat down next to him and Walker didn’t bother to introduce her. I would have felt sorry for her if she hadn’t pulled out her phone and started making duck faces at herself while she snapped selfies.

Ari lifted an eyebrow at Walker and nodded his head at the woman in a clear “what the fuck are you doing” gesture.

Walker just gave him a miserable look in return.

The evening passed quickly, even with the woman—Iris—giving us her best Marilyn Monroe impressions. Dinner tasted amazing and the alcohol was flowing. Evidently he had not been kidding when he said he got everyone drunk so they would open up their wallets.

The guest list at the event was impressive. There were more Hollywood stars here than in most events in L.A., and all of them wanted to talk to Ari and Lincoln. They would give me appraising looks, but it was hard to be self-conscious with Ari’s hands all over me and the way he proudly introduced me as “the love of his life” to every person that came by. I met a lot of his old teammates too, and it was obvious they were still big fans of his, even with his abrupt departure.

Finally, it was time for the guests to hear from Ari.

As he took the stage, the room fell silent, all eyes fixed on my man. He cleared his throat, and a warm smile graced his lips as he began his speech. ‘Ladies and gentlemen, thank you all for being here tonight. It’s truly an honor to stand before you and represent the Lost Children’s Organization—a cause that means everything to me.’

‘You know, when I was a kid, I was one of those lost children. I would have given anything to have someone who cared about finding me. I got lucky, and I survived those years. But there are lots of children that don’t.’

“Our goal here,” Ari continued, ‘is to give those kids hope, to give them a family…give them a chance. You can help me do that.’ He stared around the room, silently challenging each one of them.

“May you all get drunk enough to give us the amount of money we need,” he said, lifting up his glass and toasting them all.

There was a brief pause while everyone lifted up their champagne flutes…confused, and then the room filled with laughter. Ari bowed and stepped off the stage while the whole room applauded.

He made his way through the room, getting stopped every couple of steps by someone else who wanted to talk. His gaze went to me every few seconds though, the look in them…

“Ari’s so in love with you,” murmured Monroe from next to me.

I blushed and nodded. “I’m definitely in love with him too.”

“Good,” she said, softly patting my hand. “I have a great feeling about the two of you.”

I smiled gratefully at her and turned to watch him again. Ari Lancaster was a light that shined so bright, you couldn’t help but want him.

I only hoped I could hold on to him without getting burned.

“You know what I could really use?” Ari mused later as the evening wound down.

“I’m not sure how I could ever guess,” Lincoln responded sarcastically. Ari gave him a wink and patted his cheek, completely unaffected.

“Tacos, baby. I could use some tacos.”

Lincoln glanced at Monroe. “I could actually use some tacos, too.”

She grinned.”Let’s do it.”

I stared at them all like they’d gone mad since we’d just gotten done with dinner a little while ago, but I quickly changed my tune when the four of us—plus Walker, who had managed to ditch his date—found ourselves at Maria’s.

It was obvious with one bite why Ari was obsessed with this place. It was the best thing I’d ever eaten. He munched on his five tacos happily as Maria herself continued to bring things to the table for the entire meal.

I would normally never eat like this, but I did my best to stay in the moment. I would worry about the scale’s retribution when I got back.

For now…I was having the perfect taco.

With the perfect man.

And our perfect friends.

Life seemed pretty perfect.


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