Stolen By A Sinner: Chapter 44


After greeting the men, Viktor pulls his laptop from a bag and makes himself at home at my desk.

“Is Liam coming?” Luca asks.

I shake my head. “I need him as a backup plan should something go wrong. He’s on standby to get my family out of Seattle if I die.”

Luca locks eyes with me. “Do you have so little faith in us?”

“Clearly,” Viktor mutters.

“I’m insulted,” Nikolas adds.

“We’re not just going up against Mazur. There’s someone else involved, and I have no idea what kind of firepower he has.”

“Jan Grabowksi,” Viktor says. “He’s Mazur’s business partner.”

“Since when did you have that information?” I ask.

“Two minutes.”

“Jesus, Viktor,” I mutter, moving to stand next to him so I can see the laptop’s screen. There are so many programs open, I wouldn’t know where to start. “Is there anything you don’t know?”

He gives me a cocky grin. “Just one thing.”


“How to get rid of little Rose’s thorns.”

“You still have the girl?”

“Woman,” he corrects me. “She’s officially eighteen and of fuckable age.”

I shake my head, wondering how he’s getting away with this, seeing as his family is against any form of abuse against women. Curious, I ask, “How do Demitri and Alexei feel about this?”

Viktor shrugs. “They know I won’t hurt her.” Then he frowns at me. “I’m not a fucking rapist.”

“Didn’t say you were one.”

“Guys,” Luca mutters drily, “hate to break up the bromance, especially since Gabriel is actually in a talking mood for once, but we kinda have an attack to plan.”

Suddenly, Emre rushes into the office. “We’re under attack. They’re coming in from the front and back.”

“Fuck,” I snap.

“Looks like the party came to us.” Viktor shuts his laptop, puts it back in the bag, and pulls out two identical Glocks, then he grins. “Let’s have some fun.”

Luca arms himself with his Heckler and Koch, while Nikolas sighs as he gets up from the chair he was occupying.

Walking to the vault in my office, I key in the code. When the door opens, Viktor comes to stand next to me, letting out a low whistle. “This is why we’re friends,” he smiles as he helps himself to a couple of incendiary grenades.

“Try not to destroy my club,” I mutter.

“You heard what I said, right?” Emre asks incredulously.

“Yes. Attack happening. We’ll be there shortly,” Nikolas answers.

Letting out a chuckle, I shake my head as I arm myself with an IMI Uzi submachine gun, my Glock safely tucked behind my back.

“Let me see what you have in there,” Nikolas says. I step aside so he can take what he wants.

“Hey,” Luca grins, “I sold you those grenades.”

Allah Allah,” my cousin mutters as he stands by the door. “Have they breached?” he shouts at someone.

“Not yet,” Elif shouts back.

“Okay, let’s welcome them,” I say as I walk to the door. I head to Elif’s office, where we’ll be able to see all the security cameras.

“It’s an army,” Elif says, concern etched over her face.

I check the monitors, and noticing there are easily thirty men in the docking bay, I wonder how many men are left at the mansion to guard Agnieska.

“Pull up footage of Mazur’s house,” I instruct Elif. Viktor comes to stand by us, then he leans over and shoves Elif’s hands out of the way.

He brings up a completely different screen and seconds later says, “I’d guess a handful. Not much happening there.”

Looking at Emre, I say, “Take men and go to Mazur’s house. With the attack happening here, you might be able to get Lara’s mother without any resistance.”

“How do you propose I leave the club?” my cousin asks.

Viktor points to the ceiling. “The roof, unless you’re afraid of heights.”

Emre shakes his head, then glares at me. “You owe me for this.”

I nod and watch as he leaves, then turn my attention back to the security monitors. “They’re going to blow the back door. Let’s move.” I place a hand on Elif’s shoulder. “Stay here until you have no other choice.”


We file out of the office, and I shut it behind us. “Docking bays are to the right. It will take them a while to breach from the upper floors.”

“Docking bay it is,” Luca says.

While they move down the hallway, taking cover in doorways, I instruct Mirac on what to do with the rest of my soldiers.

When everyone’s in position, you can hear a pin drop on the thick carpet.

I hope to God Mazur is here and not hiding like a fucking coward.

Taking out my phone, I quickly send Emre a text.

If you find Mazur hiding there, bring him to the club. Have a man watch that damn tunnel so he doesn’t escape again.

Seconds later, he replies.

I know what to do. You just focus on not dying.

Little shit.

I tuck the device away, then glance at the men who are willing to fight for me, while I impatiently wait for the action to start.

“Fuck this,” Viktor grumbles. “I’m going to open the door for them.”

The moment he moves, we all follow after him.

“That door can blow at any moment,” Nikolas warns him.

“I doubt it. The fuckers have no idea what they’re doing.” Viktor pulls the heavy deadbolt securing the metal door, and yanking it open, he says, “Surprise motherfuckers.”

I watch as he opens fire on the surprised men, spraying bullets everywhere.

“I could’ve stayed home and fucked my wife,” Nikolas mutters as he leans against the wall, totally relaxed.

Suddenly, Viktor shouts, “Incoming! Run!”

We all fucking barrel down the hallway, then the building shudders as a grenade is launched against it. The explosion makes the ground vibrate beneath my feet and ducking into an office, I take cover from any flying debris.

Viktor lets out a bark of laughter, and I swear the man is just as insane as his uncle.

The enemy pours in over the debris of what used to be my backdoor, and all hell breaks loose. We open fire, my focus on Mazur’s men as I take out one after the other.

We manage to push them back, and stepping over the rubble, the night air hits my face.

I move to the left, where I’ll be able to take cover behind a concrete pillar. The floodlights come on, and I silently thank Elif, who must’ve turned them on so we can actually fucking see what we’re shooting at.

When I take aim, a Bentley catches my eye where it’s parked on the other side of the bay. “Anyone with a scope! Who’s in that Bentley?”

“Mazur!” Bulut, one of my men, yells.

Not giving it a second thought, I run, jumping from the docking bay that’s a good couple of feet high, my legs shudder with pain as I hit the ground in a crouching position. I’m up and dropping the Uzi, I fucking run as fast as I can.

The Bentley’s lights turn on, and I hear the engine start. Pulling my Glock from behind my back, I fucking put every bit of strength I have into my legs.

Just as the car starts to drive through the exit, I launch myself into the air, plant a foot against the gate’s pillar, and fucking fly onto the roof of the Bentley. I slide down the front and push myself to my knees, opening fire on the driver through the windscreen. The car serves, throwing me to the side, and I hit the ground fucking hard.

Pushing up, I watch as the car crashes into a telephone pole.

“Got you, fucker,” I growl as I struggle to my feet, my entire left side banged up.

Luca comes running toward me. “Are you okay?”

“Yes.” I walk to the car, yank open the back door and train my weapon on a semi-conscious Mazur. “Finally, we meet in person.”

He lets out a groan, turning his head to look at me.

Switching my gun to my left hand, I reach into the car with my right, grab hold of the back of his coat, and drag his ass out onto the road.

“Need help?” Luca asks.

“No. I’ve got it,” I mutter as I start to drag Mazur back toward the docking bays.

Luca lets out a sharp whistle. “Some help over here.”

A couple of my men run toward us, and only when they’re surrounding Mazur, do I let go so they can pick him up.

He groans something ineligible, as they carry him toward the club.

Luca throws his arm around my shoulders. “That was some badass moves.”

“Yeah, but I’m getting too old for this shit,” I mutter. Glancing down at my ripped shirt, my left arm grazed and oozing blood, I let out a sigh. 

“Age is just a number,” Luca chuckles.

My phone starts vibrating, and I wince as I pull it from my pocket. Seeing Emre’s name, relief floods my chest.

“Give me good news,” I answer.

“I’ve got the woman. Sort of. She’s like a damn wildcat.

“Call Lara so she can talk to her mother and calm her down,” I order.

“I also have a man named Jan Grabowski who’s willing to pay a shit ton, so I don’t kill him.”

“Bring him to the club.”

“How are things there?”

“Hold on.” I tuck the device in my pocket, and jumping, I grab hold of the ledge of a docking bay and pull myself up. Once I’m standing again, I take hold of the phone. “Everything’s pretty much taken care of. Some damage to the back of the club. Bodies. Blood. The usual.”

“And Mazur.”

“On his way to the freezer.”

I hear Emre suck in a deep breath. “Finally.”

“Get your ass back here for the grand finale.”

“On my way.”

I end the call and follow my men as they carry Mazur to the freezer, where he will spend his last hours.


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