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Stolen By A Sinner: Chapter 43


Nisa forced me to drink two cups of tea, and she hasn’t left my side. Neither has Alya Hanim.

Now that there are no bullets flying around us, I sit and stare at the table, trying to process what happened.

Mom’s alive.

Tymon lied to me. For years. Why?

Alya Hanim takes hold of my hand, giving it a squeeze.

My eyes lift to her face, and seeing how exhausted she looks, I murmur, “You should get some rest, Alya Hanim.”

She shakes her head. “No more Alya Hanim. Call me Babaanne or Grandma, and I’m not leaving your side.”

I turn my hand over and wrap my fingers around hers. “Thank you.”

She looks visibly upset as her eyes meet mine. “That man must die. Gabriel will kill him.”

“He will.”

Nisa lets out a heavy sigh, and when Daniel walks into the kitchen, she asks, “Any news of Yusuf and Murat?”

“Murat should be here any moment now, and Yusuf’s still in surgery.”

Allah Allah,” she whispers, lowering her head.

I pat her shoulder, and getting up, I pour some tea for Daniel.

When he takes it from me, our eyes meet, and I say, “Thank you for protecting us.”

“You’re welcome.” I watch as he leaves, then say a silent prayer for Yusuf and any other man that got hurt while keeping us safe.

I glance at Nisa and Babaanne, and needing some time alone, I leave to go to Gabriel’s bedroom. Once I shut the door behind me, I walk to his closet and pull my box from the top shelf. Setting it down on the bed, I take off the lid and pull out the storybook. I open it and stare at the photo of Mom.

She wasn’t much older than me when it was taken.

Remembering the video, I pull out my phone and figure out how to send a text to Gabriel. It takes me a couple of seconds, then I sit and wait. The device vibrates, and I quickly open the chat.

Why do you want the video?

I want to look at my mother. Please.

Suddenly the video pops up along with another message.

How are you coping with everything that’s happened?

I type out a reply.

I just feel emotional. I’ll be okay.

I love you, Lara. I don’t think you fully understand how much.

I stare at the words that soothes the ache in my chest a little.

My fingers hover over the keypad, then I close the chat and press dial on Gabriel’s number.

“Hi, baby.” His tone is gentle.

“I love you,” I say the words for the first time in ten years. “I love you, Gabriel.”

“Love you too, Ödülüm.”

My teeth worry on my bottom lip, then I ask, “Are you attacking tonight?”

“As soon as we’re ready.”

Worry for him strangles my heart. “Please don’t get hurt.”

“I’ll do my best.” I hear him take a deep breath. “If something goes wrong and I can’t get back to you, I need you to call Liam Byrne. I’ll send you his phone number. He’s a friend who will be able to help you.”

“I want you to come back to me,” I argue, unwilling to settle for anything less.

“Just promise me you’ll call Liam if you don’t hear from me in twenty-four hours.”

“Gabriel.” My chin starts to tremble, and for the first time, I deny him something. “No. You will come back.”

“Lara,” his voice is filled with warning.

“No,” I say with determination. “If I don’t make this promise, it will guarantee your safety because there’s no way you’ll leave us here alone. As long as you know we’re not safe, you’ll keep fighting.”

“Jesus,” he mutters. “Only you can make me want to spank you and praise you at the same time.”

“You can spank me all you want once you’re home.”

“Now that’s what I call incentive,” he chuckles, then he grows serious again. “Go to the closet and move my suits out of the way.”

I do as Gabriel instructs and find myself staring at a floor-to-ceiling vault door. “What’s the code?”

“Nine. Two. Nine. Eight.”

I key it in, and when the door opens, I peek inside. There are piles of money and weapons.

“Take the guns out. They’re all loaded. I’ve checked them myself. I want you to hide them all over the house where you can get to them should there be an attack. Keep one on you.”

“Can I ask Daniel to help me?”

“Yes.” He lets out a tired breath. “Stay safe, baby. I’ll see you soon.”

“Promise,” I demand.

He lets out a sexy chuckle. “I promise.”

When the call ends, I immediately go back to the chat and press play on the video. I turn down the volume so I can focus on my mother.

I stare at her blue eyes for the longest time, before taking in the fine lines and bruises on her face.

“Gabriel will save you,” I whisper to her. “I can’t wait to hug you.” Slumping to my knees, I turn up the volume so I can hear her say my name.


I press rewind and play again.


“Lara?” I hear Murat call.

“In the closet,” I call out as I scramble to my feet. I dart around the corner, and seeing Murat is alive and as well as can be expected, I throw my arms around him. “I’m so glad you’re okay!”

“That makes two of us,” he mutters.

Letting go of him, I point to the closet. “There are guns in there. Gabriel wants us to hide them all over the house in case of an attack.”

He nods and walks to the vault. “God, I love my boss,” he mutters with a grin as he takes a shotgun out. “Let’s get to work.”

For the next hour, Murat, Daniel, and I hide guns in potted plants, beneath chairs, in drawers, and just about anywhere we can find a spot.

When I pick a gun for myself, Daniel mutters, “A Heckler & Koch. Good choice.”

A smile curves around my mouth as I tuck it behind me in the waistband of my jeans, covering the weapon with my shirt.

I shut the vault door and make sure it locks, then ask, “What now?”

“It would be easier for me if everyone was together and not spread throughout the house,” Daniel says.

“The kitchen?”

He nods. “Thanks, Lara.”

I leave the room with the men, and finding Nisa and Babaanne still sitting at the table, I say, “I’m preparing dinner. Any requests?”

“I can’t eat,” Babaanne murmurs.

“You need to keep up your strength,” I argue as I start to take ingredients out for a Turkish pizza. “Nisa, can you please go get Babaanne’s knitting basket so she can knit a pair of baby booties?”

All eyes turn to me. “Oh no, I’m not pregnant. Not yet, anyway.”

Allah Allah.” Nisa throws her hands in the air. “Don’t get our hopes up like that for nothing.”

A smile starts to curve around Babaanne’s lips, then she asks, “Soon?”

Nodding, I promise, “As soon as Gabriel agrees.”

She waves a hand, making a disgruntled sound in her throat. “Then I’ll die long before I have great-grandchildren.”

“I’ll ask him nicely.”

She chuckles, then Nisa says, “Just seduce him. The man will do anything for you.”

The tension lessens, and some color returns to Babaanne’s face, making me feel better.


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