Silent Lies: Chapter 24


Two months later


“Seat belt first, Sienna.”

Trying my best to keep my face serious, I strap myself in and place my hands on the wheel.

“You turn on the ignition here.” Drago points to the button on the right side of the dash, then moves his hand to the shift lever. “We’re in park now. You need to press the brake and gear into drive.”

My resolve slips, and I feel my lips tilt upward. While I’m not a super proficient driver, I know very well how to start a car.

When I asked Drago to teach me to drive all those months ago, we weren’t on speaking terms, and I was just looking for a way to spend some time alone with him. After everything that happened since then, it completely slipped my mind, until today.

Drago has been so stressed lately, going around with a scowl on his face, trying to catch up on all the work after spending weeks recuperating from being shot. So, after lunch, I decided it was time to do something fun and asked him to finally give me that driving lesson. And I conveniently withheld the fact that Arturo taught both me and Asya to drive when we were sixteen.

“Make sure you check the rearview and side mirrors before you pull out,” he continues.

“Oh, I already checked my makeup. I’m good.”

Drago narrows his eyes at me. “To make sure no one is behind or beside you, Sienna. Not to reapply your lipstick.”

“Oh, sure.” I chuckle. “How about we wash the windshield first? Where’s that thingy that sprays water?”

“The windshield is fine as it is. Put your right foot on the gas ped—” He looks down at my feet. “Jesus Christ, Sienna.”

“What?” I ask when his eyes meet mine, an incredulous look on his face. “You told me to put on comfy footwear.”

“You’re not learning to drive in four-inch heels.”

“Why? These are my favorite boots. Super comfy. See?” I turn on the ignition, shift, and step hard on the gas. The car lurches forward.

Jebote!” Drago roars and grabs the steering wheel. “Stop! Now!”

I ease off the gas and apply the brake, stopping just a foot from Beli’s flower bed. “That went well, didn’t it?”

Drago’s eyes wrinkle at the corners as he watches me. His lips are pressed tightly together, as though he’s barely containing a burst of laughter.

“Yes, it was fine, baby. Shift in reverse and back up a bit.” He lays his hand over mine on the shifter and guides it into gear, then moves his palm to my leg. “Press the gas lightly.”

“Okay.” I drive to the starting point, but, on purpose, stop later than I should. The back of the car ends up inside a juniper shrub.

Drago cringes. “That’s good.” Quietly, he mumbles in Serbian, “Keva ce glavu da mi otkine.”

“Why would Keva rip your head off?”

“The car is hers.”

“Why are we using Keva’s car?”

“All the other cars are manual. Automatic transmission is easier for beginners,” he says in a serious tone. “Let’s try again, but slowly this time.”

“How slow?”

He takes my chin between his fingers and brushes his lips on mine. “Slow enough so we don’t kill anyone.”

“All right.” I smile and press the gas pedal just a tiny bit.

The car moves forward at a snail’s pace, and Drago nods his approval. “Good. Now, just a little faster and try turning around at the end of the driveway.”

We’re moving at not even ten miles per hour, and he keeps his left hand on the wheel, surveying the driveway as if expecting me to swerve to the side at any moment and crash into the hedge of evergreens. I find it really hard to keep my composure, seeing him so focused on the task.

“It’s okay, Drago.” I smile and glide my hand over his on the steering wheel. “You can let go. I know how to drive.”

“Of course you do.” He nods toward the windshield. “Eyes on the road.”

Sighing, I step on the gas.

“Sienna. Slow down, baby.”

I keep a moderate speed for the next fifty yards, then circle the landscaped island in the driveway at the front of the house, twice, and then proceed to neatly park the car beside the garage.

“How was that?” I smirk. “Looks like I’m a fast learner.”

Drago watches me through narrowed eyes, then grabs my chin again. “Who taught you to drive? Was it one of my men? I want a name.”

“My brother taught me. Years ago.” I tilt my head down and nip his thumb. “You needed to relax a bit. You work too much.”

“And this is your idea of relaxation?” The tone of his voice is serious, but his lips curl upward.

I lean forward and nudge his nose with mine. “You had fun. Admit it.”

“I quite enjoy your antics.” He brushes the back of his hand down my cheek. “But I have a better idea for ‘fun’ and ‘relaxation,’ Sienna.”

“Does it include riding with me?”

“It definitely includes riding.” He pushes his seat back, then grabs my waist, helping me scramble over the center console and into his lap.

I’m reaching for Drago’s zipper when I notice Filip coming up behind the car. “Crap. Filip is on his way.”

“Just ignore him and he’ll go away.” Drago caresses my thigh, pulling my skirt up while nibbling on my lower lip.

Filip walks up to the passenger door and knocks on the window, then looks in and snaps his head to the side.

“Drago?” I pant as his hand slides between my legs, his fingers brushing my pussy over my wet panties, “I don’t think he’s leaving.”

“Jesus fuck,” Drago lowers the window and gives Filip a menacing glare. “What is it now?”

“You told me to let you know the moment I heard anything about the situation in Boston,” the second-in-command mumbles. “Maybe I should come back later. You two seem . . . busy.”

The warmth of a blush creeps into my cheeks, and I bury my face in Drago’s neck.




“Your skills of deduction are top-notch,” I snap. Can’t I get twenty damn minutes with my wife? “What happened in Boston?”

“Don Leone passed away,” Filip says, his gaze pointedly focused on the roof of the car. I think we’re making him uncomfortable. Good.

“He’s been sick for years, so it was expected. Who’s taking over the Family?” I pull Sienna’s panties to the side and stroke her soaked pussy with the tip of my finger.

“Nera Leone.”

“A woman officially running a Cosa Nostra Family?” My eyebrows draw together. “That’ll be a first.”

Sienna’s warm breath fans my neck, and she shudders when I slide my finger inside her.

“Well, she won’t be for long,” Filip continues. “One of our informants just sent word. Someone put a hit out on her.”

Figures. I would bet it’s someone from her own Family. “What’s the bounty?”

“Two million. And the Sicilians already took the job.”

“Shit. When?”

“Yesterday.” He shifts his weight from one foot to the other while his eyes wander everywhere except inside the car. “Should we let Nera know? So she can increase her security or whatever?”

“The Sicilians have a twenty-four-hour turnaround time. If they took the job yesterday, she’s already dead.” I slip another finger into my wife’s pussy, enjoying the way her body trembles. “And if that’s all you had to tell me, you better get lost, or you’ll be dead, too.”

“Got it.” Filip turns on his heel and strides back to the house.

Repositioning my hold, I pinch Sienna’s clit, then press on it with my thumb. Her grip on me tightens, her teeth sinking into the skin on my neck as she comes all over my hand.

“That was fast.” I bury my nose in her hair to inhale her scent, nearly getting my eye poked with the decorative flower haircomb set at the top of her head. “Will you please stop buying hazardous hair accessories?”

Sienna giggles into my neck and wriggles her butt, grinding over my aching cock. I glide my palms over her sweet ass and grab the edge of her panties, tearing them up.

“Yellow?” I ask as I pull the lacy fabric from under her.

“Yes,” she says while fumbling with the zipper on my jeans. “Your favorite color.”

The moment my cock is free, I grab her ass cheeks and slam her down onto my throbbing dick. Sienna sucks in a breath and, cupping my face with her palms, touches her forehead to mine.

Most of the soft sounds she makes are lost to me, and I hate being robbed of the opportunity to hear her little moans and gasps as she rides me. But I can still feel her breath mixing with mine. The tips of her fingers as they stroke my face. The shivers that pass through her body. Every single thing she does makes my soul glow.

“Yellow isn’t my favorite color,” I mumble into her lips as I assault them with vigor. “You are, mila moya.”



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