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Silent Lies: Chapter 23


I fucking hate hospitals.

The smell alone brings up the worst of my memories.

Glancing down at my side, my eyes fall on Sienna’s sleeping form. When I woke up, she was in the bed next to me, her face snuggled into my neck while she held my upper arm in a viselike grip. She didn’t even stir when the doctor came in earlier, rambling about my wounds. I cut the woman off the minute she started speaking and told her to return when my wife was awake. I don’t care if she’s Ajello’s mother, no one gets to wake up my Sienna.

I reach across and brush back the few tangled strands falling over Sienna’s face. I was a hundred percent sure I wasn’t going to make it, but the idea of leaving her was unacceptable. So I clung to life by sheer will alone. If she hadn’t been in that car with me, imploring me with her eyes to keep fighting, I probably would have been a goner before we arrived at the hospital.

The door to the room opens, and Adam steps inside. I press my finger to my lips, signaling for him to be quiet.

“Everyone pulled through,” he says, but since I can’t hear anything, he’s likely mouthing the words. “Relja has a nicked artery, but he’s going to be fine.”

I nod and switch my focus to the clear imprint of teeth on his forearm. “Did Bogdan’s men resort to biting when they ran out of bullets?” I whisper.

“Um, that was your wife.” He shifts his weight from one leg to another. “I tried to keep her back while the guys were loading you into the car.”

Raising an eyebrow, I glance down at the angelic face tucked into my side. Little hellion.

“Bogdan?” I ask.

“Dead. Sienna shot him in the eye. I swear, if I hadn’t seen it myself, I wouldn’t have believed it.”

Yes, my sparkling wife is capable of so much, we’ve just scratched the surface. I can’t wait to spend a lifetime getting to know each of her graces.

“Tara and Keva are outside. Can I tell them to come in?” he asks.

“Nope. Tell them I’m fine and to drop by in an hour or so.”

When Adam leaves the room, I look back at my sleeping wife. She’s starting to stir awake.

“I heard you started biting my men.” I lift my hand and stroke the line of her tiny nose. “Do I need to limit your playing time with my dogs, Sienna? They may be a bad influence on you.”

Her lips quiver, and she squeezes her eyes shut. When she opens them again, tears are brimming her dark-brown depths.

“Watch my mouth very closely, Drago,” she chokes out. “So you don’t miss anything.”

“All right.”

“I had to keep my hands pressed over your maimed chest so you wouldn’t bleed out. Can you imagine how it feels to watch the love of your life dying in front of your eyes? Monitoring your every breath, wondering if it’s going to be your last? If you weren’t connected to a damn machine tracking your heartbeat right now, I would punch you in the face,” she bites out while tears stream down her cheeks. “If you ever dare to pull this kind of shit again, I’m going to kill you.”

I smile and tilt her chin up to place a kiss on her lips. “I must say, when I imagined the moment you’ll finally confess that you love me, it didn’t include death threats.”

“It most certainly does.” Her fingers stroke my hair. “I love you. But you already knew that.”

I lean forward and nibble her lower lip. “Yes. I see you, my Sienna. I always have. Why was it so hard for you to say it?”

A small sigh escapes her, and when her eyes meet mine, they seem so sad.

“I’ve had this silly conviction that if I never acknowledge my feelings for you, you would be safe from harm,” she says. “People I love often get hurt because of me.”

‘What are you talking about?’

‘My parents. Asya.’

‘Your parents died when you were a child. There’s no way you could have been responsible for their deaths. I know because I’ve been dealing with your brother for many years and looked into his background. Mila, your parents got caught in the crossfire and fell victim to the ambitions of a greedy man. The old Don of New York did shit all to protect his people. What happened to your parents and to your sister is not your fault. We already talked about that, baby.”

A tear rolls down her cheek. “You almost died for me. You put yourself between me and—”

“No.” I press my finger over her mouth. “That was my doing. I started this whole mess with Bogdan, and I’m responsible for the consequences of it all. You had nothing to do with that. Do you understand?”

“Then, can you please stop provoking people? I don’t think I can go through this again, because every time I close my eyes, I see you covered in blood.” Her lips quiver. “I was so scared, Drago. I’ve never been so terrified in my entire life.”

“I’ll try my best.” I trail my hand down her front and hook my finger on the waistband of her lime-green leggings. “But first, we need to wipe those images from your mind and replace them with something else.”

Sienna’s eyes flare. “You can’t be serious.”

“Do you want me in pain? Because from the moment I woke up with you snuggled into my side, my cock has been as hard as a fucking steel rod.”

Her eyes travel down my exposed chest, past the bandages wrapped around my upper torso and my abs, and stop on the massive bulge in my boxer briefs.

“You’ll have to be on top this time,” I add.

Sienna pulls her bottom lip between her teeth, and the sight almost makes me snap. “I don’t think it’s a good idea, Drago.”

“I said”—I take her chin between my thumb and finger and tilt her head to face me—“get. On. My cock.” I put a bit more pressure into my hold. “Now, Sienna.”

Her eyes never leave mine as she slides off her leggings and the orange panties that match her bow, then pulls my boxer briefs over my hips and thighs, exposing my throbbing cock. She throws one leg over my hips and, bracing her hands on the edges of the bed on either side of me, poises her core right over my hard length.

“This is beyond reckless,” she mumbles. “What if you tear your stitches?”

Moving my hand to her pussy, I press my thumb over her clit, massaging it in slow, tiny circles. I don’t fucking care about the damn stitches. I don’t care about anything other than having my dick inside my wife. After everything that happened, the need to be joined in the most carnal way is impossible to ignore. Wetness coats my fingers, but I keep teasing her, watching her suck in a shaky breath.

“Say my name,” I urge and pinch her clit.

“Drago,” she moans, but I don’t catch the full sound of it.


Her hair is falling over her face as she glares down at me. “We’re at a hospital!”

“I said”—I pinch her clit again, harder this time—“louder.”


I let the sound wash over me, then slip my finger from her pussy and grab her waist, pulling her down. The mix of pain and pleasure hits me as she welcomes my length inside her inner walls. I feel the strain in my muscles and the pull of stitches on my skin, but I ignore the ache and sting and focus on the sight of my wife panting above me. So beautiful. And mine.

My cock isn’t even halfway in her, and already her pussy spasms around it. She supports most of her slight weight on her arms. The little sparkly minx is being careful, trying to make it easier for me. Not happening.

Holding her waist, I lift her and then slam her down, impaling her. A groan rumbles inside my chest once I’m fully sheathed inside her sweet warmth.

“Drago!” Sienna gasps and tries to rise, but I keep her in place, marveling at the feel of being within her.

“Don’t you dare get off my cock,” I bark. “Now ride me, or I swear to God, I’ll rip out these fucking tubes and pin you under me.”

Sienna shakes her head and leans forward, leveling her face with mine. “You’re a masochist, my love.”

“I guess I am.” I slam into her from below and one of the stitches gives away.

My name leaves Sienna’s lips, a scream, probably, since I catch a part of it. I watch her as she rolls her hips, each move bringing me closer to the brink.

The door to the room suddenly flies open, and a nurse rushes inside. Yeah, it was definitely a scream. The woman’s eyes bulge at the sight of us, her hand flying to her mouth in shock.

“Out!” I snarl. “Now!”

The nurse crosses herself and, turning on her heel, hightails it out of the room.

“Drago,” Sienna pants as she rides my cock. “Did someone just walk in on us?”

“Of course not, mila moya.” I move my hand to her pussy and press my thumb on her clit. “Now, come for me, my sparkling star.”

Sienna throws her head back, her body shaking as her muscles spasm.

“That’s my girl,” I groan and explode into her, all the while feeling a few more stitches break.



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