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Ruthless Saints: Epilogue


Waiting by my private jet, I look up when I hear an approaching car. The limo I sent stops in front of me, and I walk to the back door. Opening it, Hailey steps out, a surprised smile on her face.

“You’re back,” she breathes with relief, coating her words.

I’ve been away from home for the past two weeks and wanted to surprise Hailey because it’s our first anniversary since we met, and I want it to be special.

I nod, and leaning down, I press a kiss to her cheek. “I missed you.”

MJ helped me arrange everything. She made sure Hailey wore the dress I picked out.

MJ gets out, and I frown when I see the suit she’s wearing.

Hailey picks up on it and, rolling her eyes, says, “She said she wanted to look the part for ‘our’ date. I freaking fell for it.”

MJ grins at Hailey. “Gotcha good.”

Shaking my head at the two of them, I stand back and let my eyes drift over Hailey. She looks beautiful in the gray dress which flows around her body.

“You look breathtaking, baby,” I say, and taking her hand, I lead her up the steps. When we sit down in our seats, I lean into Hailey and strap the seat belt over her lap.

MJ settles into a seat across from us.

“Where are we going?”

“You’ll see,” I murmur as I pick up her hand and press a kiss to the back of it.

“How was your trip? Did everything go as you planned?”

I nod. “Would’ve liked for it to go quicker.”

Hailey smiles lovingly at me. “You’re home. It’s all that matters.”

Throughout the hour and a half flight, my eyes stay glued to Hailey. I don’t think there will ever come a time that I’ll stop wanting to look at her.

When the plane touches down in an airfield, Hailey leans closer and presses a tender kiss to my mouth. “Thank you.”

“The date’s only starting,” I say, the corner of my mouth lifting.

“Thank you for choosing me.”

I shake my head. “You’re the one who chose me.”

Hailey’s eyes soften with love. “You could have anyone, Carson. Out of all the women on this planet, you saw me and thought, yep, I want that one.”

I let out a chuckle. “I told you it was your smile.”

Her lips curve up. “I’ll always smile for you.”

The plane comes to a stop, and MJ’s up and out of her seat before we have our seat belts off.

I help Hailey out of the plane and into the waiting limousine. When we get close to our destination, she glances out the window at all the trees lining the road and the open fields.

“Where are we?”

“Germany,” I answer.

When we get to our stop, I help Hailey out of the car. She glances at the gift shops and frowns. Taking her hand, I lead her to where the horses are.

“Oh my God, Carson. I’ve never been on a horse. I’m wearing a dress.”

“I’ve got you,” I say as I take hold of her hips and lift her onto the back of the black horse.

MJ stays with the car as I lift myself onto the horse, sitting behind Hailey. “You ready?”

“Yeeaah… why not?” she mutters, and when I nudge the horse, and he starts walking, she lets out a burst of laughter.

I lead our horse up the pathway, our bodies pressed close together. When Neuschwanstein Castle comes into view, Hailey breathes, “Holy shit. Carson… it’s beautiful.”

Not half as beautiful as you.

I bring the horse to a stop and climb off. Hailey reaches for my shoulders as I lift her off and presses a kiss to my mouth.

Holding her hand, we walk into the castle, taking in the art and décor as we make our way to the throne room. A table waits for us, the bottle of champagne chilling, and our early dinner ready.

“It looks like something from a storybook,” Hailey says, her smile bright enough to light up the world.

I pull her chair out for her and then take my own seat. Even though there’s so much in the room to admire, Hailey’s eyes are locked on me.

I pour us each a glass of champagne and holding mine up, I say, “To the sun who fell in love with the moon and gave him some of her light. Without her, there’s only darkness.”

Emotion washes over Hailey’s face, and her chin starts to tremble, her eyes sparkling. “I love you. More than anything.” 

We take a sip of our champagne, and when Hailey lifts the silver lid off her plate of lobster tails, she smiles at me. “I’ve never had lobster before.”

“I hope you enjoy it,” I murmur as I pull the box out of my jacket. Reaching across the table, I set it down in front of Hailey.

Her eyes dart to me before she picks it up. Opening the box, she looks down at the two bracelets. She picks up the one with the silver bar that says, ‘Her Moon.’

“That’s the one I’ll wear,” I say.

Hailey’s eyes dart to me with tears shimmering in them. She reaches across the table and puts it around my right wrist.

Then she takes hold of the one with the golden bar that says, ‘His Sun.’ She pulls it onto her left wrist and grins at me.

“I love it,” she murmurs. As we begin to eat, Hailey glances around the hall then she smiles at me.

The smile that’s changed my life.

The smile I live for.



(5 Years later…)

Standing on the airfield, I watch as the plane makes its descent.

Hailey’s grip on my hand tightens, and she practically bounces with excitement.

MJ stands by the car, her eyes scanning our surroundings. I’ve continued to train her during my off time, and she’s become a little fighting machine.

When the plane comes to a stop and the door opens, my heart begins to beat faster. Lekgari is the first to step out, then Thandi… and then a smile tugs around my lips.

The moment Dimpo’s feet touch the ground, I begin to walk toward her.

A wide smile explodes over her face, and then she runs to me. “Mr. Carson!” She slams into me with the same innocence I remember from when we last saw each other.

I hold the girl who’s become the closest thing I have to a daughter, happy to finally see her again after all these years.

Pulling back, I glance over the beautiful woman she’s become. “Damn, you’ve grown. You’re almost as tall as me.”

“You look the same as I remember,” she says, the happy smile not leaving her face.

I turn to Hailey. “This is my girlfriend, Hailey.”

Hailey and Dimpo hug, and I watch as the two rays of sun in my life come together for the first time.

Thandi moves toward me, and when we hug, she says, “Thank you.” The word carries her gratefulness for all I’ve done for them.

“You’re welcome,” I murmur as we pull apart.

I shake Lekgari’s hand, who’s permanently on my payroll to watch over Dimpo and Thandi, then turning back to Dimpo, I ask, “Are you ready to look at the universities?”

After talking with her over the phone, we’ve decided she should study abroad. I wouldn’t let her come to Switzerland, so we settled on Germany. She’ll be close by, but not too close.

“Yes,” she replies, excitement shining from her face.

And for the first time in my life, I admit to myself I’ve done something good. I’ve made a difference in this girl’s life, the same way Hailey’s done in mine.


The End.


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