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Ruthless Saints: Chapter 29


(3 Months later…)

After seeing everything I wanted to see in Croatia, I’m back in Saint Luc.

MJ drives the SUV Carson provided for us past the cabin I used to stay in, and I point toward it. “That’s where I lived when I met Carson.”

“It’s cute,” she says, her eyes scanning over the house. “I can see why you loved it here. It’s pretty.” When she steers the car around the bend and Carson’s home comes into view, her eyebrows pop up. “Nice.”

I haven’t seen it in five months, and the sight makes me feel a little emotional.

The front door opens before we’re even at the driveway, and Carson steps outside. My heartbeat increases as my eyes drift over him. I haven’t seen him in two weeks because he had a contract to take care of.

I missed him.

Carson walks toward us as MJ brings the vehicle to a stop, and then he opens my door. With a wide smile, I rush to get out and throw my arms around his neck. He wraps me up in a tight embrace, pressing kisses along the side of my face. Turning my mouth to his, we fuse together and pour our love into a deep and searing kiss.

By the time we pull apart, MJ’s already taken all the bags into the house.

“I missed you, baby,” Carson says as he wraps his arm around my shoulders.

Walking toward the house, I tease him, “Not half as much as I missed you.”

“Have you thought about what I asked?”

Carson wants MJ and me to move in with him. He said we can use the private jet whenever we want to travel.

I’ve thought about it long and hard, weighing all the pros and cons like I always do.

I nod as we walk into the house.

Carson pulls me to a stop, and his eyes lock on my face. “And?”

I take a step closer to him and take hold of the lapel of his jacket. Staring up into his eyes, I nod. “Yes.”

His lips instantly curve up, and then I’m swept up in his arms, and he spins me in a circle. He chuckles, and the sound I don’t hear often warms every part of my heart.

When my feet touch the floor again, Carson’s mouth crashes down on mine. I taste his happiness, and as the kiss grows hot and heavy, I push my body against his.

Carson grabs hold of my butt and lifts me up. I quickly wrap my arms and legs around him and let out a chuckle as he begins to walk us to his room.

“That’s my queue to make myself scarce. I’ll check if there’s enough food in the cupboards. Maybe go for a walk,” MJ says as she zips past us. “A super long one.”

I let out a burst of laughter, and then it’s smothered by Carson’s mouth. He kicks his bedroom door shut behind us, and dropping me on the bed, he crawls over my body, looking predatory.

I press a hand to his chest. “Sorry to burst your bubble, but it’s that time of the month.”

“Fuck,” he mutters as he lowers his head to my shoulder. 

“Just two more days.” I rub my hand over his broad shoulders. “Besides, I want to see Lars.”

Carson nods, and letting out a groan, he pulls himself up.

“I’ll make it up to you tonight,” I say, giving him my best seductive smile.

The corner of his mouth lifts again. “Oh, yeah?”

I nod as I get up from the bed. “Come, if we hurry, we can catch up with MJ.”

Leaving the house, there’s no sight of MJ until we come around the bend.

“MJ,” I call out.

She swings around, and as we get close, she mutters, “That was quick.”

Carson takes hold of the back of her neck, giving her a playful shake. “You’re getting brave.”

She lets out a chuckle. “Yeah, Hailey loves me, so you can’t kill me.”

“Hmm… don’t be so sure,” he grumbles as he nudges her my way.

MJ falls in on my right, and hearing them being more relaxed with each other makes me smile.

I point out little things to MJ while we walk toward the bar. When we get close, my stomach tightens a little, remembering the last time I was here. I shove the thoughts away and walking into the bar, relief washes over me when I see Lars behind the counter.

“Hey, stranger,” I say to get his attention.

Lars’ head snaps up, and then a broad smile spreads over his face. “Hailey!” He hurries from behind the counter and comes to give me a hug.

Carson doesn’t let go of my hand as I greet my friend. Pulling back, I smile at Lars. “How have you been?”

“Good.” His eyes scan over my face. “And you? I was worried. Carson said you’re in Croatia, but…”

I pat Lars’ shoulder. “Yes, I was there, but I’m back now.”

He gestures at the counter. “I didn’t get anyone to take your place, so if you want, you can come back.”

“Really?” Surprise flutters over my face. “Yeah, that would be great.”

“Want a drink? On the house.”

“Sure.” We all take a seat at the counter, Carson taking the stool he always sits on.

Remembering when we met, nostalgia ripples through me.

Carson Koslov. Badass assassin. Yes, I’ve made my peace with the term. And the recluse who’s become the love of my life.

Carson leans over until his mouth brushes against my ear, and then he whispers, “Ya lyublyu tebya.”

Just like the first time he said, ‘I love you’ in Russian, goosebumps spread over my skin.





(Another 3 months later…)

My phone vibrates, and opening the text from Lekgari, I smile when I see the photo of Dimpo. It’s an action shot of her getting ready to shoot the ball into a hoop.

Lekgari: She made the team. She’s doing well.

Koslov, Carson: Thank you.

Walking to where Hailey’s making a cup of coffee, I place my hand on her hip and show her the photo.

“Aww…” Hailey smiles widely as her eyes drift over Dimpo. “She looks so happy.”

“She made the netball team. It’s similar to basketball,” I say, proud of Dimpo’s achievement. They’ve settled well into their new home.

I tuck the phone into my pocket and then beeping sounds up from one of the sensors being triggered.

“Shit, they’re here.” I rush down to the armory, my heart rate kicking into overdrive. Silencing the alarm, my eyes fly to the screen, and I watch as the car I sent for Hailey’s parents comes up the driveway.

Christ, here we go.

I’ve faced over a hundred ruthless men without feeling a glimmer of fear, but as I make my way to the front door, it slithers down my spine.

Haley gives me a reassuring smile. “You’re going to be fine. They’ll love you.”

I open the front door and take a deep breath as we walk toward the car. MJ sprints past us, screeching, “You’re here! Finally!”

Mrs. Welsh gets out of the car and gives MJ a hug. “Oh my gosh, you’re even smaller than I thought.” Letting go of MJ, she turns toward Hailey, and then her face crumbles as she rushes to her daughter. “Oh, sweetheart!”

Hailey and her mom fall into each other’s arms, and they hug for a long time before pulling back. Mrs. Welsh’s eyes scan over Hailey. “You look so good, sweetheart.”

“Ahhh… I missed you.” Hailey hugs her mom again before she darts to her father.

Then Mrs. Welsh looks at me, and my stomach tightens. She comes at me and then opens her arms wide. “Carson, finally we meet.”

Automatically, I hug her. “Nice to meet you, Mrs. Welsh.”

She pulls back. “Pft, call me Adele.”

Mr. Welsh joins us, and shaking his hand, I say, “Welcome, sir.”

“Kevin,” he mutters, then he stands back, and we lock eyes. I can feel him sizing me up.

Hailey moves to my side, placing her arm around my waist. “Let’s go inside.”

Kevin glances over the house, and as we begin to walk, he says, “Nice place, Carson.”

“Thank you.” As MJ carries a bag into the house, I call out. “The first guest room, MJ.”


“She’s so cute,” Adele gushes. “I’m glad you made a friend here.”

When we step into the house, Kevin lets out a soft whistle. “Not bad at all.”

For the first time, I feel out of place in my home as I follow them to the living room.

Sitting down, Adele comments, “I love how you made the surrounding nature a part of the house. It’s beautiful, Carson.”

“Thank you,” I murmur. Then I ask, “Was the flight okay?”

“It was perfect. Thank you for sending your private jet,” Adele replies.

“You’re welcome.” I sit down next to Hailey, and she places her hand on my thigh.

Hailey catches up with her parents while I watch them. MJ comes to join us, and she quickly jumps into the conversation.

After an hour, Adele smiles at me. “When Hailey said you were quiet, she wasn’t joking.”

“Just listening and enjoying the company,” I say, forcing the corner of my mouth up and hoping it looks like a smile.

“Hailey said you were born in Russia?” Kevin says.

“Yes, I moved to Switzerland after my father passed away so I could be closer to my brother.”

Kevin nods, then says, “Family is important. Your brother lives in LA, right?”


“So, I’ve planned a lot for us to do while you’re here,” Hailey jumps in.

I let out a slow breath, the nervous grip on my stomach loosening as the conversation turns to their travel plans. When I get up, they all stop talking and stare at me. “Ah… I’m going to prepare lunch.”

“You’re in for a treat,” Hailey says.

When I walk to the kitchen, my muscles begin to relax. Hailey asked me to make beef stroganoff, and while I’m cutting the mushrooms, everyone gravitates in my direction.

MJ watches me closely because she’s trying to learn how to cook.

“So, Carson, you’re in construction?” Kevin asks.

I almost cut myself, and my eyes dart to Hailey. She jumps in. “No, I misunderstood. Carson is in the private security sector. It’s classified, so he can’t really talk about it.”

I guess that’s the safer way of putting it. I don’t think her parents will handle me being an assassin nearly as well as Hailey did.

Kevin’s eyebrow pops up. “I wasn’t aware it paid so well.”

Adele gives me a concerned look. “It isn’t dangerous, is it?”

I shake my head. “I’m trained.”

“And Hailey is safe?” Kevin asks.

I nod and gesture at MJ. “MJ’s trained as well. She’s actually Hailey’s protection. Just in case. But Hailey has nothing to do with my work.”

Kevin glances at Hailey, then back to me. “That’s good to hear.”

Hailey grins at her parents. “Let me show you the rest of the house.”

When they walk away, MJ lets out a loud sigh of relief. “Never thought I’d see you sweat, Carson.”

“Shut up,” I grumble at her as I continue to cut the mushrooms.

MJ chuckles, then says, “I’ll make the rice.”

When the food is ready, and we all sit down with a plate, I listen to the banter between Hailey and her parents, my eyes glued to Hailey’s face.

Suddenly Adele pats Kevin on the leg. “You used to look at me like that.”

“Like what?” Kevin asks.

“Like I’m your whole world.” Adele smiles at me.

“She’s more than that to me,” I say, my gaze drifting back to Hailey. “She’s my sun.”

“Aww…” Adele gushes, then she looks at Hailey. “You got yourself a good one, sweetheart.”

Hailey leans over, pressing a kiss to my jaw, and then she snuggles into my side. “I got myself the best.”


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