Resisting Mr. Rich: Chapter 40


Epilogue – 3 months later

I dip my head and kiss her neck.

“I can’t help it, baby. You. That dress. Knowing you’re full of my cum right now? Makes me fucking feral around you,” I growl in her ear as I slide my arm around her and grasp her hip through the silky green fabric.

She snorts into another giggle. “Behave, Mr. Rich.”

“Never.” I grin, leading us across the ballroom to the dancefloor. “Now dance with me so I can use your body to hide what happens to my dick when you wear this dress.”

Maddy smiles, and it lights up her entire face as I pull her into my arms. I’ll never get tired of seeing her like this. Happy. Smiling.

“You’ve seen me wear it loads.” She rolls her eyes as she snakes her arms around my neck and lets me pull her close.

“And I love you more in it each time. It reminds me of the night at the opera. And how much has changed since.”

Maddy lets out a contented sigh as we dance. “Yeah. So much has changed.” She casts her eyes around the packed ballroom, then brings them back to mine. “You’ve worked so hard to get here. You’re incredible.”

“I’ve had a pretty great cheerleader with me the entire way.” I squeeze her hips, and she bites her bottom lip.

“Take the compliment, Rich.” She smiles. “This was you.” She looks around the room again. “This was all you,” she whispers.

It’s the official launch for Vex tonight. A huge, glamorous affair with more champagne than anyone can drink, and canapes made from ingredients that had to be specially flown in from around the world. Spencer insisted on it. He wanted to pull in not only Vex’s investors, but also London’s elite with deep pockets. The charity auction we’re holding later is to raise money for victims of natural disasters. A cause that has been close to his heart ever since he first learned about Matias. Spencer’s now a proud and doting grandpa, telling Dad at every opportunity how it’s the best thing that’s happened to him.

I don’t take my eyes off Maddy as we dance to another song. When it ends, we move toward the bar. Dad catches my eye from where he’s standing with Mum. He no longer looks exhausted, like the weight of the world is on his shoulders. He’s made cutbacks, and since I gave him the money from selling the island and the patent, his business is getting back on track. Dad’s always loved a challenge. I think he’s secretly in his element. He grins and tips his glass toward me as Mum says something in his ear. I know what they’re discussing. Spencer’s constant grandpa talk is giving them ideas.

“What’s so funny?” Maddy narrows her eyes playfully.

“Mum and Dad, mentally listing baby names in their heads.”

Maddy follows my gaze to my parents, who fluster and then smile before averting their attention away.

She laughs. “They’re just happy. Business is good. Your dad’s back in his own bed. And they’re insanely proud of their talented son. Just like I am.” She grins and I press a kiss to her lips.

“Maybe so,” I murmur, smiling against her mouth before drawing back. “But they still want me to get you pregnant.”

“A fact I don’t want to fucking think about,” a voice grumbles.

Maddy laughs as she spots Drew and Tanner standing next to one another in dinner jackets.

Drew tips his chin at me, and Tanner rolls his shoulders until they click, groaning as he takes a sip from his glass. “Don’t do it. Parenting is a trap.”

Drew looks at Tanner with a smirk. “You’ve been a grumpy bastard ever since Ruby was born.”

“I had three hours sleep last night. Broken into eight parts. Newborns,” Tanner mutters into his glass.

“You say that now, but you’ll have another on the way soon,” Drew says.

“No fucking chance.” But his tired eyes twinkle.

“Fucker.” Drew smiles in envy before he lifts his glass to his lips, his gaze moving to someone across the room.

I follow his attention. Dax has his arm around Rose, and they’re talking to two women. One I don’t recognize, but the other is Sophie, the lawyer.

“How long ago did she turn you down? And you’re still not over it. A decade?” I ask.

Tanner snorts into his glass as Drew’s jaw tightens. “Fuck off,” he snaps without taking his eyes off Sophie.

“Almost four years,” Maddy says, her voice soft as she looks at her brother.

Drew’s eyes flit to hers and then back to Sophie, and his gaze dials up a notch in its dark intensity. I’ve never seen him like this with anyone else. But the night he met Sophie, he got this look of pure fixation in his eyes. The same one that’s in them now. I thought he’d let the idea go. But ever since Dax needed a lawyer last year and Sophie helped him because she’d moved to London, we suspected their paths were bound to cross again.

Tonight, it seems, is that night.

“Why don’t you go and talk to her?” Maddy asks.

“Rose said she’s dating someone,” Drew replies flatly before draining the rest of his whiskey.

He holds his empty glass up and gestures to the bar.

I shake my head. “We need to speak to some people,” I say to Maddy as I spot Sterling.

Drew nods and him and Tanner move off in the direction of the bar.

“I worry about him.” She chews on her bottom lip. “He’s so intense and grouchy recently. He used to laugh more.”

Drew leans an elbow on the bar top, but his eyes immediately move back to Sophie. As if she can feel his gaze, she looks over at him, and then away again just as fast.

“He’ll be fine,” I assure her. “He’s made of tough stuff.”

“Because he was turned tough.” Maddy sighs.

I pull her into my side, pressing a kiss to her hair. “That’s all in the past now, baby.”

“I know.” She settles into me, melding her body against mine as she presses her palm over my heart. “But he’ll never have the kind of relationship with Dad that he deserved.”

“That’s your dad’s fault. Not Drew’s.”

I hold her closer. I know it still pains her to talk about what happened. She hasn’t been able to confront her dad over it yet. Drew would rather she leave it altogether. But I know her. She’s carried this hurt around for years from that time in her life. She needs to let it go completely. And she will… when she’s ready.

Maddy’s brow creases as she looks down at the floor. “I can’t believe Mum’s acting like everything’s fine. If this wasn’t going to hurt her more, then I’d have talked to Dad already. But…” She lets out a deep sigh.

I bite back the choice of words I’d like to use to describe her father. It won’t help her to hear them. No words will help Maddy feel better about the fact that her mum has been confronted with further evidence about her dad having an affair but has ignored it. And the fact that his actions are holding Maddy back from healing make me despise him more.

“I want her to be happy. She deserves it.” Maddy’s shoulders drop. “Maybe Dad didn’t do anything.” There’s a tiny shred of hope in her voice. She adores her father. Or at least, she did. If I could, then I’d put him back on that pedestal she had him on, just to see her look happy again when she talks about him.

But I can’t.

“Let’s go talk to Sterling.” Maddy’s voice brightens as she sees him.

“You going to make me jealous again, Smiles?”

“What?” She laughs.

“That first meeting? He couldn’t hide the fact he thought you were hot.”

“Shut up.” She giggles.

“You know it’s true,” I murmur as we close the distance to him. “It’s why he invested more.”

“He invested more because you were a moody dick and kept increasing the buy-in.”

A smirk forms on my lips. “You’re good for business, baby.”

“Whatever.” Maddy pouts.

“And you’re an incredible negotiator,” I add, earning myself a flattered curl of her lips.


“I love you,” I whisper.

She shakes her head, her smile spreading. “I love you too.”

I tighten my grip on her waist as I steer us to where Sterling is standing talking to Magnus Grant, owner of Atlantic Airways. The two men slap each other on the backs like old buddies and part before we get there.

“Sterling?” I grasp his hand.

“Logan.” He shakes it. “Maddox.” He takes hers too. “Impressive turnout.”

“Thank you,” I reply, assessing the crowded ballroom. “All made possible by our investors.”

Sterling’s eyes crinkle at the corners. “Nothing to invest in if it weren’t for your idea.”

I nod, unable to say anything else. This wouldn’t have happened without his huge investment, and he knows it. But he maintains that his involvement is nothing compared to my vision. I haven’t figured him out. I know he values originality and determination highly. All the members of his exclusive clubs he owns are high performers in their chosen fields. But there’s something about him he doesn’t let you see. Something deeper. Painful.

“Are you staying in London long?” Maddy asks Sterling.

The smile he gives her back is a warm one. She impressed him going back to negotiate with him in Italy. My hand on her hip flexes involuntarily even though I know he isn’t flirting with her.

Maddy’s eyes flick up to mine, and she narrows them knowingly, then leans into my side.

“No,” Sterling replies. “I’m flying back to New York in the morning. But before I go.” He looks between me and Maddy. “Tell me, the name of the first Vex prototype. Who came up with it?”

“Logan did.” Maddy beams at me.

Sorriso,” Sterling says. “Interesting, and it means—”

“Smile,” I say, looking down at Maddy, my heart swelling. “It’s Italian for smile.”


I step out of my heels as we walk into the hallway. The cool marble floor is like heaven to my feet after a long evening spent at the launch party.

“Why don’t you go and run a bath?” Logan murmurs against my skin as he envelops me in his arms from behind and presses his lips beneath my ear.

I sink back into him. “How about I just stay here, or you carry me there?” I sigh happily.

“You get a rocket engine named after you, and suddenly you think you should be carried everywhere?” He chuckles against my neck as I elbow him lightly in the ribs.

“I could move out if I’m not valued here,” I counter.

Logan stiffens behind me, his voice deepening until a small growl rolls out. “No fucking way. You live with me now. This is your home. Our home.”

I wiggle around in his arms until I’m facing him, then reach up to trace my fingers along his jaw as I toy with him. “Yeah?” I pout.

“Yeah.” He kisses me deeply, causing the breath to stall in my throat. “These are here, so this must be your home.” He smirks as he lifts me around the waist and then lowers me down so my feet are over my monogrammed slippers from Rome. I slide my feet inside them, humming contentedly.

“I guess living with you has one perk. My feet are happy.”

He cocks a brow and then my stomach lurches as he lifts me, throwing me over his shoulder. A firm slap lands on my ass before he strides off, carrying me up the stairs.

“I think someone needs teaching a lesson.”

My slippers fall off my feet and are left behind us on the stairs. “I think someone needs to put me down. Don’t you, Princepe?” I bite back my giggle as my ‘prince’ groans deep in his chest and reaches up, cupping my ass with one giant hand.

He carries us into the master bedroom and kicks open the bathroom door before placing me down inside.

He reaches up to slide my dress from my shoulders. It falls to the floor in a puddle around my feet. I lean back, one hand either side of my waist against the counter as Logan’s eyes drop over my body.

“Fuck, where are your panties, baby?” he groans, his thick neck contracting as he swallows.

“Oh, those?” I look down innocently at my lingerie from Italy. I’m wearing the bra and garter, but nothing else. “They got ripped.”

I look up at him through my lashes as he takes his bowtie off, his eyes intent on mine.

“So they did,” he grunts. “A pussy as pretty as yours shouldn’t be covered up anyway. Not when you’re with me.”

He steps closer, and I suck in a breath as my heartrate picks up and hot desire fires between my legs.

“I got you something,” he says, his eyes dark as he unbuttons his shirt and pulls it off.

I narrow my eyes at him as he commands the voice activated speaker system to play. I swallow down my confusion as the voice talks.

“You’re every fantasy I’ve ever had. And I’m never letting you go.”


He silences me with a kiss, pulling me against his bare chest as he flicks off my bra.

“You. Me. These incredible tits.” He groans, his teeth pressing into his lower lip as he kneads them. “We’re having a fucking happy ever after.”

I arch into his touch as his voice continues playing through the speaker.

“These words?”

“The end of your book,” he confirms. His thumbs roll over my nipples as his hands cup my breasts greedily. “I read it. They get their happy ending, Mads. And so do we.”

“You read it?” I gasp as he bends to suck one nipple.

“Yep.” His growl vibrates his lips against my skin as he closes his mouth around me again, pleasure seeping into every contour of his beautiful face as he worships my body.

I try to concentrate on the words flowing around the room as he turns me inside out with desire.

“You recorded it in your voice?” I say breathlessly as he stands tall and slides two fingers inside me.

“Yep.” His moan is long and gravelly as my arousal coats his fingers easily, making them slide effortlessly as he finger-fucks me leisurely.

“I never want you getting turned on listening to a man’s voice again. Not unless it’s mine.” He grunts, watching my eyes roll in my head as he strokes my G-spot.

I shudder as he pins me in place against the counter with his hand. The muscles in his shoulder contract as he brings me closer and closer to orgasm.

“So you recorded it?” I pant as my core coils tighter.

He smirks. “Keep listening.”

I struggle to concentrate as he drops to his knees, keeping his fingers buried inside me as he rolls his hot tongue over my clit.

“Keep listening, baby,” he says.

I pant again, sinking the fingers of one hand into his hair and holding tight as he eats me out like he’s been starved of me for years.

We’ve both been starved of each other.

“Logan,” I whimper, my toes dancing against the floor as his efforts increase and he pushes his face further into me.

“Listen,” he growls.

I ignore the blood rushing in my ears as I fight to take in each word. Each syllable. He’s no longer narrating the closing lines from the book where Cameron is telling Frederica how much she means to him. He’s speaking words I’ve never heard from that book, or any other book before.

His words.

“I told you that if this is what hate feels like, then I never need to fall in love. Do you remember?”

“Yes,” I whimper.

He stands, his lips shining with my wetness as he kisses me.

“You hating me has been the best thing that’s ever happened to me,” the recorded voice continues.

Tears prick at my eyes, and I cling to his shoulders as he lifts me onto the edge of the counter.

“Me too,” I breathe.

His green eyes burn as he pushes forward slowly, his hands encasing my hips as he pulls me onto his cock. He sucks in a breath, holding himself still deep inside me. I quiver around him, on the edge of exploding, but not quite there.

“Logan,” I whimper.

He holds my eyes as he begins to move, his thrusts slow, but achingly deep. Deep enough that my breath is pushed from my lungs in a gasp each time he buries himself inside me.

“I love you,” I cry as a new wave of wetness floods him. I part my legs wider and smirk at him.

I’m not shy about it. He knows what he does to me. How hot for him I am. I always have been, ever since that first time he fucked me in this position. Even though I thought I hated him back then. Even though I couldn’t see him for what he is.

The true prince of my story.

Even when I thought I hated him, I couldn’t deny the effect he had on me.

“You going to show me how hard you can come on my cock, baby?” He grasps my thigh with his other hand, sliding it beneath the garter belt as he digs his fingers into my flesh. “You going to scream my name?”

“Yes,” I cry as his thrusts force me back along the top of the counter with their strength. He drags me back sharply each time, pulling me back down onto his cock with a deep grunt, like he has every right to, like he did that first time.

Owning me. Controlling my pleasure. Knowing I need him.

He stares into my eyes, his jaw thickening with tension as the audio continues.

“You are all I’ll ever need, Maddox Harper.”

“And you’re all I’ll ever need too.” I squeeze my eyes shut as I kiss him.

“Look at me,” he urges.

I peel my eyes open and am enveloped in dazzling emerald green fire as he holds my gaze, his cock throbbing inside me with a heat so great it thrums through my entire body.

“You ready?” he rasps.

“Yes.” I sink my nails into his shoulders, pretty sure I feel blood, warm against my fingertips.

Logan’s pupils blow wide and his eyes flash as he groans, the sting only seeming to enhance his pleasure.

“Then get these legs wider. I want you to feel every drop going deep inside you.”

I throw my legs wider so fast it makes Logan chuckle. “That’s my good girl.” He thrusts hard, and I scream his name. “My fucking good girl,” he hisses, as his skin slaps against mine, echoing around the room, louder than the audio was before it ended.

“You ready?” he growls again.

I nod, clawing at him as I’m overcome with a need so great that I might pass out any second if he doesn’t give me what I want.

“Please,” I cry.

“Okay, baby.” He curses under his breath. “I’m going to ruin this sweet little pussy with the amount of cum I have for it. And you’re going to take it all like a good girl, aren’t you?”

Nothing else exists for a moment as the two of us stare at each other.

No words needed.

He tips his chin as he explodes with a low groan.

The first drop sears me inside as it spills from him. His sinful lips curl into his signature smirk as it sets my own orgasm off and I come apart in his arms, whimpering, panting, and crying his name.

Just like the first time.

“Here it is, baby.”

I struggle to breathe through the intense waves my body is clamping down onto his with. His eyes never leave mine as he growls out his own release deep inside me, sending my orgasm hurtling into another, as strong.

Just like the first time.

His smirk turns into a delicious smile as his pleasure falls over its peak.

I gaze back at him, unable to take my eyes from his.

Just like the first time.

Only this time I’m not fighting him, and I won’t be pushing away the second it’s done.

This time, I kiss him until we have to break apart to breathe.

This time, I give him everything as he groans out those final words, “Here it fucking is, baby.”

I give him everything.

Except hate. Not hate. Never hate.

And as I do…

I smile.

The End.


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