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Resisting Mr. Rich: Chapter 39


moonlight as soft sand fills the gaps between my toes, and Logan’s warm fingers fill the spaces between mine. I tilt my face up to the night sky and breathe deeply.

“Hurry up.” Logan grins, tugging on my arm.

He pulls me toward the house, where the outdoor lights have been left on for us. His fingers grip mine tightly. I smile at the urgency communicated with his touch.

We’ve both waited a long time for this.

The sound of Sterling’s helicopter taking off from the clearing fills the air, and I wave up at the two pilots. We could have waited until the morning. But the moment Logan and Sterling finished discussing Vex, Sterling insisted that we come here. He told us not to waste precious time.

We run the final meters to the house and spill into the open-air marble lobby, excitement swirling in the air around us. Logan drops our shoes on the floor and turns to me.

“No bruises this time.” He plants a kiss to my lips and lets go of my hand, striding over to a cupboard and pulling out an armful of blankets. He spreads them on the floor and then stands to his full height.

“Come here, baby.”

I slip my fingers back inside his outstretched hand and let him pull me flush to his chest. His lips seal over mine, kissing away my voice and turning it into a whimper as I sink into him.

“You’re so beautiful.” He kisses me again, sending warm shivers up my spine. “You and your smile, Mads. It’s the only dream I’ll ever need.”

“Me too,” I whisper, placing my fingertips to his smiling lips.

He pulls me down onto the soft blankets, and I hike my skirt up and straddle his thighs as he sits. His hands drop to grasp my hips.

“I love your curves. They’re—”

“Sexy?” I smile as I remember the dressing room in his Rome house.

“Yeah.” He groans as I rub myself over his erection. I roll my hips, the thin silk of my panties doing nothing to hide the heat between my legs. “Sexy and perfect,” he adds huskily.

He traces his fingers up my sides beneath my top, making me shiver in anticipation as he pulls it off, then unclasps my bra and peels it away from my skin.

“You know what I saw when the cab was taking me to the marina?” I ask as Logan grabs the neck of his own T-shirt and drags it off, throwing it to the side.

“What?” His arms snake around my back, and he groans as my breasts press against his bare chest.

His skin is as hot as mine as he clasps my hips again and circles them, grinding me down onto his cock.

“A…” I swallow as he repeats the move, and my pulse flutters wildly between my legs.

“You want bare skin there too, baby?” He sucks my bottom lip, then chuckles as I’m rendered unable to let out anything other than a breathy moan of agreement.

I place my hands on his shoulders and push to my feet. I slide my skirt and panties down over my hips. His eyes are glued to each uncovered inch of my body as I step out of them and kick them away.

He pushes his own underwear down in a rush, then warm hands grasp my waist again, and he presses a scorching kiss between my legs before positioning me back to straddle him. A deep groan leaves his chest as my bare thighs meet his.

“I’ve missed you.” I look at his thick cock, glistening with precum beneath me as I rest my hands on his shoulders.

Logan laughs. “Missed me or my cock?”

“Both,” I reply, quivering, as he bends, sucking my nipple into his mouth.

“God, your tits, Mads. Fucking incredible,” he moans as he switches to taste the other one.

He draws back and slides a hand between my legs, placing his thumb over my clit. I drag in a shuddery breath as his eyes glint.

“Tell me what you saw going to the marina.”

“Another wedding,” I moan as he circles my clit, spreading the slick arousal over my skin.

“Yeah?” His voice deepens. “What about it?” His tongue darts out, moistening his lips as he stares at my mouth, and I draw in a small gasp as he slides two fingers inside me.

“There were kids dressed up. A little boy and girl.”

“Uh-huh,” Logan murmurs, still staring at my lips as he curls his fingers inside me and rubs my G-spot.

“Yes,” I breathe, my eyelashes fluttering as liquid heat surrounds his fingers. “It made me think…”

“What about?” His eyes stay fixed on my mouth as he takes his fingers from inside me and brings them to my lips. I part them and then wrap them around him, sucking my taste off.

“Fuck, baby.”

He slides his fingers out.

“It made me think about you,” I say.

“It did?” he murmurs in a gravelly voice as his hand returns to the space between my legs.

“I was thinking—” The air is pushed from my lungs in a deep moan as Logan positions his cock and then pulls me down onto it.

“You were thinking?” He grasps one hip, his other hand coming up and curling around the back of my neck as his thumb ghosts over my throbbing pulse.

“I was…” My lips part, and I whimper as he moves his hips, fucking me slowly from beneath.

Images flood my memory of our last night on the island. The way we’d stayed up all night in bed. Like this. Him sitting, and me wrapped inside his arms, straddling him. But this is different. That night I was fighting everything inside me that wanted to give in and cling to him. I was fighting against us with all I had.

Tonight, I’m finally welcoming it all.

And nothing’s ever felt better.

“I was thinking about what your children would look like.” I slide my hands from his shoulders and up to cup his face. “Whether they’d have your green eyes.” He lifts me and pulls me back down onto him slowly and every cell in my body vibrates with desire as I clench around him. “I was thinking about whether they’d have your passion for work, your drive… your humor.”

Logan chuckles, his perfect teeth flashing sinfully between his lips. “Yeah?”

“Or whether they’d be more like their mother,” I whisper, blinking back the burning in my eyes. “The thought of it broke me. It’s what I told you I wanted for you. But it’s not what I wanted at all.” The tremor in my voice matches the shake in my fingertips against his cheeks.

“Mads.” Logan holds himself deep inside me. His hand on my neck burns against my skin as he smooths his thumb over my pulse point. “You know what I think?”

“What?” My thumbs ghost over his perfect high cheekbones in wonder.

“I hope they have their mother’s fire, her spirit.” He looks over my face, his eyes darkening with an intensity I’ve never seen in them before. “Her dark curls,” he rasps, his lips hovering inches from mine.


“Mads, you’re the only one I want that all with. Fuck, we can start now if you want?” His cock flexes inside me. “The thought of our baby inside you is…”

He looks down to where he’s grasping my hip, and I follow his gaze. “It fucking does something to me. Seeing you again, finding you.”

“It does something to me too.” I blink furiously as warmth fills my lower lids.

I roll my hips, encouraging Logan to start moving again. He picks up the pace, maneuvering my body up and down and encouraging me to ride him.

“I’ve always hated the thought of anyone else touching you,” he groans as we move together. My arousal coats him, enabling me to sink up and down his thick length easily. “Always. Even though I couldn’t have you. I never wanted anyone else to touch you.” He grips my hip harder as his thrusts deepen, stretching me around him. “Does that make me selfish?”

I press a kiss to his mouth. “It makes you honest. Something I’ve not been.”

He looks into my eyes as we fuck, completely wrapped up in one another. Our pants begin to mingle in the warm night air. I tip my head back and look at the stars scattering the sky above us.

Logan peppers kisses over the column of my throat. “Be honest with me now. Tell me I’ve got you. All of you.”

I take a deep breath as goosebumps cover my skin, and my body pulses around his.

“You’ve got me.” I bring my face down and screw it up against his as tears roll down my cheeks. “You’ve got me.” I kiss him, and he tightens his hold on me. “You’ve got me forever. I want you. I want us. I wouldn’t know how to stop. I could never stop.”

“Neither could I.” He searches my eyes. “It’s you and me now, Smiles.” His fingers flex on my hips. “I love you, Maddy.”

“Maddy?” It’s the first time he’s ever called me it.

He slides his thumb from my neck to my lips. To the smile that’s on them. “Yeah. You don’t look mad now,” he breathes.

“How do I look?” I whisper.

He swipes his thumb over my smile, his eyes shining.

“You look happy. You look like mine.”

I pull him in for a kiss. “I’m both, a million times over… Both.”

I fight to keep my eyes on his. But they roll back as he changes the angle he’s thrusting at and places both of his hands on my breasts and tugs on my nipples.

“God, Logan.” I tremble as my core coils tightly.

“You need it, baby?”

“Please…” I can’t deny it. He knows me now. He’s got all of me.

“Deep inside you?” he murmurs as his hands continue to play with my breasts.

“Yes. Please.” I’m practically crying with need as my body teeters on the edge around him.

He kisses me back with a thick growl. “For you, baby. It’s all for you.”

Then he lets go and curses with a thick grunt as he comes inside me.

“Oh my god.” I come apart around him, gripping onto him, digging my nails into his flesh as I’m consumed by waves of blinding pleasure.

“There it is.”

He fists my hair in one hand and drops the other back to my hip so he can pull me down onto him harder, burying himself deep inside me as he comes.

He thrusts over and over, not letting up until I cry out and come again. He kisses me through it, never slowing down as he rides it out with me until our combined release is coating my inner thighs. I shudder as with each deep contraction more is pushed from me, sliding over where our skin meets.

“You’re so fucking pretty when you come, Smiles.”

I pant through the final waves of my orgasm before I collapse, all the muscles in my body softening as I fall forward. He catches me, and I sink against his chest, snaking my arms around his neck as I rest my cheek over his thundering heart.

I clutch him, and a sob rises in my throat, catching me off guard.

“I love you.”

He stops breathing.


I lift my head and meet his eyes. They shine back at me, searching for truth.

I’ve never been so honest in my life.

“I love you,” I choke out. “I love you.” I sob again as he cups my face in his hands.

The confession pours from my lips as though my heart has opened and the words are falling straight out of it.

“I’m in love with you, Logan Rich.”

I sniff and hiccup through every declaration, my smile growing as tears course down my cheeks.

Logan smooths my damp hair back from my forehead, tilting my face up so he can kiss me.

His warm lips dust over mine with a smile as he says, “There it fucking is.”


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