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Nanny for the Neighbors: Chapter 53


I stand back and look at Beth laid out on the bed, her wild hair spread out over the pillows. Even though she sucked me off a few hours ago, my blood is already pumping through me. My balls feel like they’re about to burst. There’s nothing I want more than to pull her legs apart and plunge myself inside her wet heat. It’s been over a week since I fucked her properly, and I’m aching all over.

But I’m not going to do that. We’re going to take our time with her. This is Beth’s first time ever sleeping with all three of us. Her first ever foursome. And we’re going to make it special.

Cyrus catches my gaze and raises an eyebrow. I nod.

We’re going to tease her.

I sit on the edge of the mattress, pulling Beth into my lap with her back against my chest. I’d much rather have her soft, full breasts pressed against me—but I’m sure the other two will want easy access to them. She stiffens, twisting and reaching for my face.

“Who are you?” She whispers, stroking my cheeks, but I don’t answer, kissing her softly. Her pink lips quiver as she kisses me back.

Cyrus and Seb both kneel on the floor, sitting on her right and left respectively. Her shoulders tense as she feels their hands on her thighs. We’ve done this before, with our ex Chloe; she used to love when we’d blindfold her and share her between us. She liked it best when we didn’t speak, during. It drove her crazy, not knowing which one of us was touching her. I wonder if Beth will enjoy it just as much.

I deepen the kiss, pulling her body closer to mine, as Cy and Seb both lean in, pressing their lips to each of her breasts. She groans, twitching with need as they start to suck on her. I slide a hand between her sticky thighs, tickling my fingers lightly around her entrance. She immediately starts jerking over me, trying to grind down on my fingers, but I pull back until I’m just out of reach. She sobs, flopping against my chest. I bring my fingers back again and start stroking them between her folds, tracing them around her twitching bud. Her muscles wind tighter and tighter. She starts to moan, over and over again, arching her back and trying desperately to rub her tits further into Seb and Cy’s mouths.

We wait until she’s right on the brink, trembling and gasping against us all—then Seb taps my shoulder and I reluctantly pull back, switching positions. Cyrus takes her mouth, pulling her into a fiery kiss, while I sit on the mattress at her feet and pull her legs into my lap for a massage. She melts under our touches.

We repeat the cycle over and over, kissing her and playing with her until she’s right on the edge of climax, and then swapping places, ignoring Beth’s disappointed little cries. By the time half an hour has passed, we’re all rock-hard and leaking, and Beth is losing her mind.

She’s sitting propped against the headboard, squirming and writhing, her soft body drenched in sweat. Wetness is dripping from her flushed, sopping core, sticking to her legs. Cyrus and I are both sitting on the bed next to her, kissing either side of her neck. Seb is currently kneeling on the floor, his head pillowed against her stomach. As I watch, he presses a kiss to her thigh, and she twists painfully, bucking up, trying to guide his head between her legs. He just pulls back.

She makes a sound like she’s crying. “Please,” she chokes. “Please, oh God, I’m not kidding, I need—” she trails off, dropping her hand between her legs, desperate to touch herself. Cyrus grabs both of her wrists and pulls them behind her back as he kisses her fiercely. She slumps, her chest heaving for air.

I start nibbling on her nipples, sucking them slowly into my mouth, and her whole body jolts. “I can’t,” she says quietly, mashing her legs together, rubbing her ass helplessly into the damp sheets. “Please, please, please.”

Cyrus meets my eye and nods between her legs, and I stifle a grin, standing. Cyrus gently lays her down on her back, and I take position between her crooked knees, first touching her calf, so she knows that I’m there. She jumps a bit, and I smooth my hands up her soft legs, tugging them open to reveal her pink, glistening sex.

She looks beautiful. Absolutely stunning. I reach forward and lightly brush my fingers between her wet, shining lips, parting them. Beth makes a noise like she’s dying. I watch, my cheeks flushing, as a droplet of moisture builds by her entrance, dribbling down onto her leg.

Seb gives me a harsh look from his spot on the floor, urging me to get on with it, but I can’t fight the urge to drop to my knees and have a taste, slipping my tongue through her slick folds. She gasps, more wetness pooling against my lips as I drink from her, and I have to close my eyes. I want to stay down here forever, teasing out more of her juices, drinking up her arousal—but I don’t have time to drag this out, as much as I want to. I give her a few quick licks, rolling her taste around in my mouth, then straighten, nudging my dick between her legs.

Beth moans loudly as I start to slide into her, tossing her head to the side, her face scrunched in pleasure. She feels incredible: hot and tight around me, but so slick with arousal that my thrust is smooth and frictionless. Cyrus kneels by her pillow, slowly making out with her, and I watch them both as I push inside, drinking in the sight of her sighing and melting against him. It’s mind-blowing.

I’ll never get why more people don’t do this. It’s like fucking a girl, and watching her star in a porno at the same time. It’s a goddamn dream.

As I watch, Seb starts plucking at her breasts. She clenches around me, her inner muscles gripping me like she never wants me to pull out. Heat burns through me. I squeeze her hip, a little warning, then speed up my gentle, rolling rhythm to a fast, punishing pace. I fuck her so hard our bodies jolt with every pump, drilling deep into her hot depths. She meets me thrust for thrust, grinding her hips up into me desperately, fluttering and clutching around me. God knows how long I spend inside her. It could be thirty seconds, or five minutes. My head is spinning with arousal. I can feel my balls tightening and pulling. My eyes fall shut. I have to come. I have to come. I grip her thighs hard, my fingernails digging into her skin, and groan, feeling it rise up in me.

Don’t.” Sebastian barks at me, standing up. His dark eyes are molten as he glares at me. “Move.”


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