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Merciless Saints: Chapter 18


I must be sick because it’s one hell of a turn-on to fight Damien in bed.

The corner of my mouth lifts as I push against him, trying to get him onto his back. The man is a mountain, though, and I quickly give up.

It makes him chuckle into my mouth before his tongue sweeps over mine. Feeling his naked body pressing against mine makes me tremble for more.

The kiss grows rough until my lips are tingling from the friction. I move my hands to Damien’s chest and slowly brush my palms over his skin as I drink in the feel of every rippling muscle.

His body. God, his body. Just looking at him in all his naked glory was enough to make my ovaries go up in flames, and now I get to touch him.

By the time I reach his abs, I’m almost drunk on the feel of him. I keep going lower, my fingers dancing over the chiseled curves of his hips. My temperature spikes, and I’m in danger of overheating as I flatten my hands over his ass.

Damien reaches down, and grabbing hold of my thighs, he yanks my legs open. Instantly his hard length settles against my pulsing core.

My mind clouds over with lust, and I whimper into his mouth. In return, his teeth tugs at my bottom lip, and he presses his cock hard against my sensitive flesh.

The trembling in my body grows as I pass the point of fighting for control. I just want Damien inside me.

God, fuck me already.

Instead of getting what I want, Damien breaks the kiss, and locking his burning gaze with mine, he slowly begins to rub his cock against me.

I need more. So much more.

I widen my legs as much as I can, giving Damien full access.

Still, he doesn’t thrust inside me but instead sets my body alight with need as he keeps slowly rubbing his thick length against me.

I dig my nails into his ass, and it only makes his lips curve up.

“Submit,” he growls, the sound of his low voice making my abdomen clench.

For a moment, the head of his cock flirts with my opening, but then he goes back to stroking my clit.

When I tilt my hips up for more friction, Damien pulls away. His lips brush over the side of my neck until he reaches the scar, and then he sucks hard. I gasp as my fingers move up the wide expanse of his back.

Damien moves lower, placing soft bites over my collar bone and down to my breasts. When his mouth finds my nipple, he sucks it hard into his mouth. There’s a sharp twinge before he soothes my pebbled flesh with his tongue and lips. He keeps repeating the action until I’m breathlessly arching myself, shoving my breasts shamelessly into his face.

It makes a low growl build in Damien’s throat, and when the sound ripples over his lips, he moves down to my stomach. His tongue lashes at my skin, his teeth nipping as he works his way down to my clit.

My entire body tightens, and my hips bow off the bed as I once again press myself into his face. I grab hold of the back of his head with the full intention of keeping him imprisoned between my thighs so I can ride his mouth until I orgasm. But my strength is nothing compared to Damien’s. He only bites me softly before easily pulling free of my hold and crawling back up my body.

I let out a frustrated groan, making the corner of his mouth lift in a ravenous smirk.

“Submit, Princess,” he growls as he braces his body over mine.

I almost give in but manage to shake my head as my eyes drift down his muscled body until settling on his hard length.

I begin to reach for him, but he grabs hold of my hand and pins it down above my head. Shaking his head, he settles himself between my legs and rests his full weight on me.

It feels glorious.

“You want my cock,” he murmurs as he nips at my mouth. “Admit it, Princess. You need me to fuck you.”

Again I manage to shake my head. Just barely, though.

As punishment, his hips rock forward, his erection rubbing my clit into a frenzy.

With my free hand, I grab hold of his ass again, but Damien takes that hand too and effortlessly pins it next to the other above my head. With one hand, he keeps hold of my wrists, and with a wolfish grin spreading over his face, he keeps the torment up by rubbing himself against me.

Another frustrated groan escapes my lips, and then my mind loses the battle, and my body takes over.

Lifting my head, I press a kiss to Damien’s jaw. “Please.” My teeth scrape over his jaw. “Please.” I move down his throat and then sink my teeth into the skin over his pulse. I suck hard before lifting my eyes to his. “Please, Damien.”

He looks possessed, and I’m ready to beg some more, but before the words can form on my tongue, Damien positions himself at my entrance. He’s big, though, and I try to relax my muscles as he rocks against my opening. The moment his head breaks through, he slams into me so hard it shifts my body up the bed.

I can only gasp from the sharp pain, which I didn’t expect.

Damien’s eyes rake over my face, looking like the demon I feared when I first met him. But now, the fearsome expression makes me want him more.

I want all of him.

It was my intention to make him obsessed with me, but I fear that’s no longer the case.

Damien pulls out and lowering his head, his mouth claims mine in a possessive kiss as he drives back inside me. His hold on my wrists tightens until it becomes bruising as his other hand grips my hip.

He pulls out one more time, and then he begins to move like a destructive force. His hard length filling me completely and mercilessly. His body possesses mine. His mouth ravishes my lips. His touch bites into my skin.

Damien claims the debt I owe him.

As he takes my body, my heart, and my soul, there’s nothing I can do to stop him.

I begin to whimper into his mouth as his thrusts grow rougher, hitting me so deep. Each time he fills me, pleasure strikes like a lightning bolt.

His body owns mine, and when he growls, “Come, Princess,” it listens. I explode beneath him, into an unrecognizable mess only he can put back together.

A cry tears from me as the intense orgasm seizes me, my body convulsing beneath Damien’s. His eyes are locked on mine as he takes in the sight of me coming apart because of him.

As the intense pleasure strips me bare, Damien’s features tighten, a possessive expression permanently carved into his face.

“Mine,” he growls, and then he finds his own release, his body jerking as he fills me.

Pleasure washes over Damien’s face, and never has he looked more brutal and more beautiful.

A merciless Russian God, and I belong to him.

“Yours,” I manage to gasp, and it has Damien losing his mind all over again.





I slowly thrust inside Winter, riding the last ripples of pleasure. Being only with whores before Winter, I’ve never orgasmed more than once. But with Winter, I’m still semi-hard even after three orgasms. My desire for her is unrelenting and inexhaustible. I’ll never be able to get enough of her.

As my body stills against Winter’s and we stare at each other, one realization stands out above all others – she’s mine. The Blood Princess belongs to me and only me.

When she finally submitted, it shifted something inside me. Not only did I claim her, but it feels as if she claimed me as well.

My eyes search hers, and when I see the warmth blossoming in her emerald irises, my lips curve up.

“My little fighter,” I murmur, with no intention of getting up.

Winter tugs at my hold on her wrists, and I let go. She brings her hands down, and cupping my jaw, she lifts her head and presses a tender kiss to my mouth. Resting her head back on the bed, her eyes drift over my face as her fingertips brush over my jaw.

A vulnerable expression flits over her features, and it has me asking, “What’s that look for?”

She shakes her head, her fingertips moving down to my neck.

“Tell me,” I demand.

She resists for a couple of seconds longer, then she whispers, “I’ve lost everyone that matters to me.”

I rest my forearms on either side of her head, and with my eyes locked with hers, I say, “You have me.”

She searches my face for the truth in my words, then she murmurs, “Don’t die.”

The corner of my mouth lifts. “I won’t.”

With our soft words, our bodies still joined, and our eyes locked, the dynamics between us gradually begin to evolve into something more profound.

This time when our mouths meet, it’s not out of desire or my wanting to claim her. The kiss is tender, filled with unspoken promises as we dedicate ourselves to each other.

By the time our lips part, Winter owns more than just my loyalty.

I pull out, and it draws a gasp from her.

“Don’t worry, I’m not done with you yet,” I murmur.

It earns me a chuckle from Winter. Sitting up, she says, “First, I need food.”

I pull her off the bed as I get up, and when I open the closet and Winter sees my clothes, she asks, “You moved in?”

“Of course,” I mutter.


“During the ceremony.” I pull a pair of black sweatpants on and turn to Winter. “Get dressed so I can feed my wife.”

My words make her smile before she disappears into the bathroom. When she comes back out, she puts on a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt, sans any underwear.

I hold out my hand to her, and when she lies her palm against mine, my fingers close tightly around hers. We leave the room, and I’m glad when we don’t run into Alexei or Demitri on our way to the kitchen.

I take hold of Winter’s hips and lift her to sit on the table. Then I open the fridge and take the chicken leftovers out. I set the plate down next to her, and picking up a piece, I bring it to her mouth. “Open.” Winter’s lips part, and having her eat from my hand makes heat begin to slither through my body again.

While she chews the bite, I pour us each a glass of water. I set the glasses down next to the plate, then nudge her legs open and move in between them.

“We’re heading out on an errand,” Demitri suddenly says from the doorway.

Glancing at my brother and Alexei, I ask, “How long?”

“We’ll be back tomorrow,” Demitri answers. His eyes move between Winter and me, then he mutters, “Enjoy your wedding night.”

I watch them leave, then turn my attention back to Winter.

“We have the house to ourselves tonight,” she mentions the obvious.

I pick up another piece of chicken, and holding it to her mouth, I say, “You better eat. You’re going to need the strength.”

Her lips curve in a daring smirk as she takes the bite. Our eyes remain on each other as I feed her until she says, “Thank you. I’ve had enough.”

Taking hold of one of the glasses, I press the rim to her lips, and as she drinks, some spills down her chin and neck. I lean forward, and starting at the curve of her neck, I lick the wet trail to her mouth.

Setting the glass down, I move my hands to Winter’s hips and yank her against me. As her lips part, my tongue sweeps inside.

Our first time together was getting her to submit to me. Now, it’s purely about pleasure. I want to enjoy her body.

I begin to thrust against her, the fabric stopping me from taking her too fast.

Brushing my hands up her sides, I pull her shirt over her head and drop it to the floor. My gaze lowers to her chest, and I drink in the sight of her perfect breasts, pebbled hard for me.

I brush my knuckle over her nipple, and the corner of my mouth lifts as she responds with a sharp breath.

Lifting my eyes to hers, I say, “You like having my hands on your body.”

“Yes,” she breathes.

I palm her breast and watch as her lashes lower over her eyes before I murmur, “Good.”

I begin to knead her flesh until her breaths are rushing over her lips.

Closing the last of the distance between us, I press my forehead to hers. “Do you want me to fuck you, my Princess?”

She nods as her hands find my hips.


Winter’s eyes burn on mine, and as an incentive, I rub my cock against her again.

Finally, she relents. “Please fuck me, Damien.”

Hearing her say the words makes a possessive growl build in my chest as I thrust harder against her. I push her to lie back on the table and strip the sweatpants from her body.

Keeping my own on, for now, I take hold of my cock through the fabric and press against her opening. Her need for me soaks through the material as I push hard to enter her with the head of my cock only, the fabric stopping me from going any deeper.

Winter lets out a throaty groan, and when she tries to reach for me, I grab hold of her hands again, pinning them down on either side of her head. With my upper body braced over her, my eyes drink in the need tightening her features as I begin to thrust with short strokes.

Her breaths begin to explode over her parted lips as I keep stretching her opening.

“Damien,” she gasps, and when I only grin at her, she tries to free her hands from mine.

That’s right, Princess. Fight me.

I grow impossibly hard, my balls aching as she squirms beneath me.

Her body begins to quiver, and knowing she’s close to finding the release she so badly wants, I pull away from her.

This time she lets out a frustrated growl as she glares at me. “Fuck me!”

I free my cock from my pants and position it at her entrance. “Who do you belong to?”

“You,” she grinds the word out, her breasts swelling and falling with every breath she takes.

“Who do you belong to?” I ask again as I tease her opening with the head of my cock.

“Damien Vetrov,” she gasps.

I slam into her as hard as I can, and it rips a cry from her as her body bucks up. I don’t give her time to adjust and set a relentless pace as I fuck her until she’s a quivering, whimpering mess beneath me.

I feel my own pleasure creep closer, and bite the command out, “Come, Winter.”

She shatters with a scream, her body convulsing helplessly as the orgasm provided by my cock ravishes her.

It makes me reach my own climax, and with hard thrusts, I empty myself inside her.

I slip an arm beneath her and pull her up until we’re chest to chest and breathing the same air. When her eyes focus on mine, I growl, “You belong to me, Winter Vetrov. Try and leave me, and I’ll kill you because death is the only way you’ll get away from me.”

Instead of looking at me with fear, she gives me a daring look as she lifts her chin. “Same goes for you.”


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