Merciless Saints: Chapter 17


Damien keeps giving me penetrating stares as if he’s trying to see into my mind. Every time his eyes lock on me, it makes a shiver rush over my body.

I feel a little anxious about us consummating the marriage. I’m used to being in control, and I don’t think it’s something Damien will stand for in the bedroom.

“A toast,” Alexei says as he raises his flute filled with champagne. We do the same, and then he says, “To alliances, family, and loyalty.”

Demitri and Damien repeat the words, and then Alexei looks at me, and it has me saying, “Oh, yes. Alliances and loyalty.”

“And family,” Alexei murmurs darkly, his eyes locking with mine.


The word creates a sharp ache in my chest, but still, I force it over my lips, “Family.”

I take a sip of the champagne, and as the conversation turns to the grounds, how many guards there are, and when the other men will arrive, I set the flute down on a table and walk out of the room.

If we’re going to talk business, I’m not doing it in a wedding dress. I take the stairs up, and as I enter my bedroom, I wonder if Damien will move into this room now that we’re married or if he’ll want separate bedrooms.

Stopping in front of the dressing table, I take out the earrings and pull the veil off. I remove all the pins from my hair and let out a tired sigh as I pull my fingers through the strands. All this dressing up and effort for one hour.

I walk to my closet and kick off my shoes, and then I freeze. I feel Damien, but listening closely, there’s not a sound from him. Then his fingertips brush over my bare shoulder blades, and it instantly makes goosebumps burst over my skin.

Just a touch. That’s all it takes from Damien to make me tremble.

“You’re not staying to talk business?” I ask, keeping my voice soft.

“That’s what tomorrow is for,” he murmurs.

My stomach begins to tighten with nerves, and my breathing speeds up.

Damien’s hand moves down, and I feel him fiddle with the back of the dress.

“Thank you for looking beautiful today.” His voice is a soft caress that makes my heartbeat speeds up until it feels as if it’s fluttering in my throat.

Damien tugs at the dress’s strings, and I feel as the pressure of the fabric begins to give way. Not wearing a bra, I’m left standing in my panties as the wedding dress drops to the floor.

Deep breaths, Winter. You can do this.

Remember, he already wants you. Half the battle is won.

I swallow and then step out of the dress and turn to face Damien.

His eyes sweep slowly over my body, then back up every inch before settling on my face. His brown irises darken to midnight black, and he clenches his jaw as if it’s taking all his self-control to not just fuck me.

Ravenous. That’s how he looks. Like a predator that’s about to devour its prey.


I close the distance between us and then lift my hands to his belt. Damien tilts his head when I begin to unfasten it, and when he doesn’t stop me, I unbutton his pants and pull down the zip. When my knuckles brush over the hard outline of his cock, I almost freeze.

I take a slow breath, and keeping my eyes locked with his, I lower myself to my knees.

My pride takes a blow as I tilt my head back, and I see the corner of his mouth lifting.

“Kneeling before me, princess? So soon?” he murmurs, his voice laced with warning.

It’s a bitter pill to swallow as I go against what I told him yesterday, that I’ll never bow before him.

Look at me now.

I shove the thoughts aside.


“You’re my husband,” I explain as I begin to pull the fabric open, exposing black boxers to me.

“Get up,” he grumbles as I take hold of his boxers, my knuckles brushing over the hard muscles of his abdomen.

I shoot a glare up at him, then snap, “This is where you want me, is it not?”

This time his lips curve higher as he replies, “I’m curious to see how far you’re willing to go with this façade.”

All the way, if it means I’ll have you kneeling at my feet by the time I’m done blowing your mind.

I pull the fabric down, and Damien does nothing to stop me as I expose his cock to me. Unable to stop myself, I lower my eyes until I come face to face with his thick hard length. Velvet skin stretches firmly over his large cock, the veins snaking from the base to the crown, making it look like a merciless weapon.

I let out a breath, and when the hot air hits his erection, Damien lets out a hiss. “Enough. Get up.”

Ignoring his order, my lips part, and I lean forward. As I suck him into my mouth, Damien’s body stiffens, and he twitches against my tongue.

Up until now, I’ve been too anxious to feel anything else, but as I begin to suck him deeper, my abdomen tightens, and my core flushes with heat.

“Princess,” Damien growls, and hearing the tight restraint in his voice makes me smile around his thick length.

I pull back and slowly brush my lips over the crown before swirling my tongue around his girth.

“Blyad.” The word is nothing more than a whisper, and I notice how he fists his hands at his sides.

I suck him back into my mouth, and wanting to weaken him, I begin a relentless pace, my head bobbing forward. I only manage to take half of him and wrap my fingers around his base, squeezing hard.

“Fuck.” Damien’s hands shoot to my head, and for a moment, I think he’s going to push me away, but instead, his fingers fist in my hair, and he yanks me against him until the crown hits the back of my throat. I almost gag, and it makes my eyes instantly tear up.

I keep sucking hard, hollowing my cheeks, and it doesn’t take much longer before warm liquid spurts down my throat. Damien’s hips jerk, and his hands tighten their grip on my hair as low grunts escape him.

I swallow it all and slowly pull him from my mouth. Licking my swollen lips, I climb to my feet and meet Damien’s burning gaze with a defiant stare.





I struggle to bring my breathing under control from the intense orgasm I just had. I’ve had blowjobs before, but nothing like that. Maybe it meant so much more because it was Winter, the princess who refused to bow before anyone… until today.

I don’t like that she took control. Not one bit.

Pinning her with a murderous glare, we stare at each other, neither of us willing to back down.

She might be used to being in charge in her own life, but I won’t tolerate it in the bedroom.

Seeing the defiance in her emerald gaze only makes me more determined to tame her. Grabbing hold of Winter, I shove her back onto the bed. I begin to yank the tuxedo from my body as my eyes rake over every inch of her exposed skin.

She’s a fucking goddess.

I rip my shirt off and make quick work of my pants and underwear while kicking my shoes off. When I’m finally naked, Winter’s eyes roam over my body, and her breathing begins to speed up as her green irises darken with a hungry look.

Placing a knee on the bed, I take hold of the white lace panties and drag them down her legs. When she’s totally naked, my eyes lower to the neat strip of ginger curls.

Winter begins to move, trying to sit up, and it makes me grab hold of her shoulders, pinning her down to the mattress. “Keep still,” I growl the instruction as I keep myself braced over her.

The expression on her face turns to a glare. “I’m not going to lie still like a docile submissive.”

Her fight makes my lips curve up, and then my mouth crashes against her.

“You will submit,” I growl against her lips before I bite her bottom lip and suck on it.

She tries to turn her face away from me, and it has me wrapping my fingers around her throat.

Winter grabs hold of my biceps, her nails digging into my skin, and then she pushes her body up against mine. Unlike before when we were in training, and I subdued her, feeling her bare breasts pressing against my chest makes me lose control.

I begin to ravish her mouth, my tongue brushing hard strokes against hers. Winter doesn’t submit one bit but matches my strokes with her own.

Wanting to gain the upper hand, I slip my other hand between her legs as I partially lie down over her. When I spread her open and my middle finger presses against her clit, her body jerks, and she gasps into my mouth.

Not giving her a moment to grow accustomed to my touch, I begin to rub hard circles around the sensitive bud. Winter’s breaths start to rush against my lips, and lifting my head, I capture her eyes, filled with an inferno of heat.

My voice is low as I say, “Submit.”

“No,” she gasps, every muscle in her body tightening beneath me.

I increase the pressure on her clit, and without any warning, I thrust a finger inside her. Her inner walls instantly clench around me, trying to suck me deeper. I pull my finger out and return to punishing her clit until her features begin to tighten.

“Come, Princess,” I murmur, my voice deep with the need to see her lose control.

Her grip on my biceps tightens, and then her body begins to shudder as a whimper escapes her lips.

She doesn’t look away as her orgasm hits. Instead, Winter keeps her eyes locked on mine. Her lips part with a moan, and then her body bows against mine.

Pleasure strips the defiance from her face, and I’m rewarded with soft moans as she rides out her orgasm against my hand.

When her body slumps back against the bed, my lips curve up into a victorious smile.

“Two can play this game,” I murmur as I lean forward to claim Winter’s mouth so I can feel her breaths rush over mine. “You can’t win, Princess. Not against me.”



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