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Lyrical: Chapter 32


“Motherfucker!” I roar load enough that the whole fucking club turns to stare.

Even Xeno and Zayn stop arguing like a couple of bitches.

Fuck this bullshit.

Fuck them all.




Twisting on my feet, I storm off to the bar and demand a triple shot of bourbon. The barman doesn’t even ask for payment, must be the look of sheer fucking murder in my eyes.

I’m going to strangle that motherfucking cunt, York.

Then I’m going to tan Pen’s backside until she’s fucking raw.

This is not how shit’s going down.

I will not be provoked. Not by my fucking best mates.

Not fucking happening.

“Another,” I roar at the barman, who is already waiting with the bottle. I knock that back, relishing the burn. When my heart rate has dropped to a more reasonable level, I stalk back the way I came. Only the motherfuckers have gone.

All of them, including Xeno.


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