Lyrical: Chapter 31


“Girl, you look fucking HOT!” Clancy grins as I slide into the cab beside her and River. She’s wearing a skin tight, hot pink PVC mini-dress and platform heels in deep orange to match her hair. Around her neck is a studded dog collar, and her eyes are lined with neon pink liner. Beside her, River is wearing black hot pants that leave nothing to the imagination and a white tank that’s see through and shows off his nipple bar. It takes everything in me not to stare at it. Who knew?

“You two went all out,” I reply, feeling woefully underdressed.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for people exploring their sexuality and dressing to impress, but I’ve never been comfortable in anything more than jeans and t-shirts. This outfit I’m wearing is well out of my comfort zone as it is.

“And you look understatedly beautiful. Seriously, Pen, if York and Zayn don’t drag you into one of those side rooms tonight to fuck your brains out, then there’s something seriously fucking wrong with them.”

My cheeks flame and the cab driver coughs. River and Clancy just laugh. Pulling at the hem of my mid-thigh satin shorts, and wrapping my denim jacket tighter around my body I settle in for the ride. I can’t believe I let Clancy persuade me to wear black stockings and a suspender belt over the top of my shorts. That paired with a fitted and boned black bustier and killer heels, I’m feeling about as comfortable as a pig at a slaughterhouse.

Twenty minutes later we’re inside the club, and I’ve just downed a second glass of champagne courtesy of Clancy’s liberal dad and wishing I’d kept my denim jacket on.

“Girlllll, this place is full of hotties. I don’t even know where to look first,” Clancy says, grinning widely. She’s in her element, and honestly her vivaciousness is a joy to watch. She’s a girl who knows what she wants and doesn’t give a fuck about what anyone else thinks. She epitomises female sexual freedom and girl power. I love her for it.

“I don’t know either.” I laugh nervously, side-eying the beautiful black woman dancing in a cage hanging over the dance floor. She’s naked bar a tiny pair of G-string knickers. Not only is she stunning, she also has some sick dance moves that I file away to try out myself when I get back to the Academy.

“Look at River go!” Clancy points to our friend who is currently sandwiched between a beautiful beefcake of a man with arm muscles bigger than my thighs and a woman that looks like a bloody catwalk model with her willowy figure. When the woman starts kissing River’s neck, I snap my gaze away. Clancy, however, is salivating, unable to take her eyes off the trio.

“River did not tell me he swung both ways, the secretive fuck.”

“You like him?” I ask, noticing the flare of jealousy across her features.

She flicks her gaze to meet mine. “Yeah. I do.”

“Then, go get him, tiger.” I wink.

She doesn’t need to be told twice.

I watch as she strides onto the dancefloor, her hips swaying provocatively. The sensual lighting and the sultry music all adding to her sex appeal. Clancy is hot with a capital H.

When she reaches the trio, she taps the woman on the shoulder and whispers something in her ear. The woman smiles and steps away, allowing Clancy to take her place. River is currently tongue-fucking the man, but when Clancy grips his hips and hooks her leg over his waist, grinding against his arse, River pulls back, and turns his head to the side. There’s a moment of surprise when he looks down at her, but then he smiles and grasps her thigh, before flipping around to face her.

When they start to kiss, I drag my gaze away and look about the club. Apart from the half-naked dancers and hidden rooms to the side of the dancefloor, this is like any other exclusive club and not nearly as shocking as I was expecting it to be. If there is a lot of sex going on, it’s not in your face, that’s for sure.

Lifting my hand, I motion for the barman and request another glass of champagne. He passes me the delicious drink and I knock it back in one long gulp, then I start to sway my hips to the beat of the song that starts to play. It’s Dance With A Stranger by Sam Smith.

“I love this song,” I say to no one in particular.

With alcohol running through my veins and music flooding my senses, I stride into the centre of the dance floor and dance like no one’s watching. Heat from the crowd permeates my skin, which is soon flushing with warmth. Around me people are dancing closely, grinding their hips into one another. There’s a lot of kissing going on, but rather than feel embarrassed to be dancing on my own, I embrace it. Across the dancefloor I notice River, Clancy, and the couple he was dancing with enter a side room. Clancy hesitates on the threshold of the door and turns looking through the crowd. When she spots me she gives me a small smile and a wave. I nod.

“I’m okay. Go!” I mouth.

She winks then closes the door behind her.

Pulling out my mobile I fire off a quick message.

Me: Have fun. I’ll make my own way home.

She sends back a smiling emoji with several hearts.

Throwing my arms up in the air, I close my eyes and sway my hips from side to side, feeling tipsy and carefree. When hands wrap around my waist, and a warm kiss drops to my naked shoulder, I stiffen momentarily.

“Relax, Titch. It’s just me,” York says, his voice gravelly and filled with undeniable lust.

I twist my head to the side, arching my neck back to look up at him. He grins, his ice-blue eyes pop even more than they usually do.

“Hey, are you wearing eyeliner?” I whisper, biting on my lip. Fuck, that’s sexy.

“Nail polish too. I’m funnelling my inner metrosexual self. Like it?” He lowers his lips to meet mine, pressing a sultry kiss against my mouth. His white blond hair is luminous in the UV light and his eyes sparkle with promises.

“I love it,” I smile.

York licks his lips, then grinds his hips against my back, moving at a slow tempo as his hands slide up over my thighs and hips. He takes in a sharp breath when he feels my suspender belt.

“Fuck me, is that what I think it is?”

I smile, biting my lip at his groan. “Yes.” Reaching behind me, my fingertips brush against his hips. “Is that leather?”

“Sure is, Titch. Feels fucking good, doesn’t it?” His fingers curl into my hips as he brushes his teeth over the shell of my ear. I can feel his thickening cock digging into my lower back, the soft material of his leather trousers rubbing against the space between my bustier and silky shorts.

“Where’s Zayn?” I whisper.

“He’ll be here in a minute, Titch,” York responds before spinning me in his arms.

Holding onto me, he drops me backwards in a dip. The beat of the music thumps in time to my heart and clit as York bends over me and slides his hand down my neck between my breasts, then smooths over my stomach before lifting me back up. We grind against one another, dry humping to the beat of the music. He grows harder, and I grow wetter. Somewhere between the entrance and the dancefloor, I left behind my inhibitions and it feels so fucking good.

“Fuck, Titch. This is dangerous,” he mutters before lowering his mouth to mine and licking the seam of my lips. When he grasps my chin, pushes my head to the side and runs an open-mouthed kiss down my throat, my heartrate kicks up a notch.

“What are you doing?” I pant breathlessly.

“Tonight, I’m fulfilling all your fantasies.”

Then he bites me. I nearly come in my knickers.

With my core throbbing and the skin on my neck stinging from his bruising bite, York spins me back around, one large palm cupping my throat, the other resting over my pubic bone, his middle finger tantalisingly close to my clit.

“Looks like we’ve got an audience,” York mutters, the tenor of his voice dropping with a growl. I follow his gaze and can see Xeno standing on the other side of the dance floor, he’s talking to Dax who alternates between staring at us both like he wants to commit murder and then looking back at Xeno with a scowl.

“What are they doing here?” I ask, perplexed.

“Zayn might’ve dropped a hint that you’d be here tonight.”

“And they came?”

“Looks that way.”


“This is a sex club, Titch, and you’re in it.”

“I’m not even sure what that’s supposed to mean…”

York smiles into my neck, running his lips over the bare skin of my shoulder as my chest heaves under his ministrations. “Sometimes all anyone needs is a little push…”

Across the dancefloor, Zayn joins Xeno and Dax. He glances at me and smiles. Xeno notices and grasps hold of Zayn’s arm and whispers into his ear all the while looking directly at me. Even from over the other side of the club I can feel his hate. It burns as hot as York’s kisses against my skin. Well, fuck him. He didn’t have to come here tonight.

I hold his stare until he looks away. Zayn snatches his arm back and says something back to Xeno. If I were a betting woman I would guess he’s telling him to fuck right off. I feel momentarily guilty for getting between them before I give myself a stern talking to. They’re grown men, they can handle their own shit.

My eyes flick to Dax who is, once again, staring at me, and I know he’s fighting with himself. I can see his indecision and the need in his eyes. God, I miss him.

Fuck it, in for a penny, in for a pound, right?

York must be able to read my thoughts because he lowers his mouth to my ear and says, “Let’s give him something to think about, shall we?”

York’s hand slides lower and his finger settles over the top of my silky shorts, rubbing against my clit. I allow my head to fall back against York’s chest, and my eyelids to fall to half-mast as I let out a low moan. From where he’s standing, Dax won’t be able to hear me over the music, but there’s no mistaking what’s happening. He’d have to be blind not to notice.

“I’m going to slide my finger between your pussy lips now, Titch. Let’s see how your Dark Angel deals with that…”

“You know about—?” My question is cut off as York shifts my silk shorts to the side and does exactly what he said he would do. I draw in a shocked breath, my body shuddering at the blissful intrusion. Fuck. I’m so turned on.

“So fucking wet,” York murmurs, running his lips over my bare skin.

Across the other side of the club, Dax visibly shakes, his hands curling into fists. “Motherfucker!” he roars so loudly that most of the clubbers surrounding us turn to look at them, which is just as well because York is finger-fucking me in full view and I’m moaning and flushed and turned on as all fuck. I might be a dancer, but I’m not an exhibitionist, not usually anyway. Tonight, however, I seem to have left all fucks at the door of this establishment.

Dax storms off, successfully interrupting Xeno and Zayn’s argument with his hissy fit. They both turn their attention back to us, and like a heat-seeking missile, Xeno’s gaze drops to York’s hand between my legs. I swear to fuck, any minute now he’s going to burst that very angry-looking vein on his forehead. Zayn lifts his lips in a slow smile, then raises his gaze to York above me and cants his head to the side.

“We’ll finish this later, Titch,” York promises, removing his finger and lifting it to his lips, sucking my juices free.

Fuck, that’s sexy.

Turning me in his arms, York jerks me against his body and cups the back of my head. He slides his hand over my arse cheek and hitches up my leg so he can grind against me. “Look at you, Titch. I don’t know how the fuck they can keep away,” he says, watching me intently before lowering his head again and kissing me until I’m a breathless, molten mess.


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