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Lightning: Chapter 7

Cobra opened the door for Ivy Blue.

She marched in and turned around to face him.

Shutting the door, he stared at her. “What in the ever lovin’ hell is going on with you?”

“With me?” she asked. “Look—if you…” She sighed. “…are already tired of me and wanted to end it. Couldn’t you at least tell me to my face?”

He blinked at her while looking entirely lost. “What?”

“You just took off. Yes, I get it that you have this fight against the cartel. But…”

“But?” He stared at her. “You think that I left you?”

Tears formed in her eyes. “It felt like that, yes.”

He stepped closer. “Baby, I called you a few days back and what did I say?”

Ivy Blue bit at her lip.

“What did I say?” he repeated.

“T-that you would come back.”

“No, not that part.”

She shook her head. “That you loved me?”

He raised his hands. “Yes! That part. You think I’m the kind of man to just toss those kinds of words around?”

She slowly turned her back on him. “I-I just got scared is all. I mean—you’ve been gone so long…”

Cobra spun her around. “We are forever, little girl. Where would you get the idea that I left you?” He looked furious.

“I-I…” She closed her mouth.

Cobra tugged her close. “God damnit, baby. You can’t take chances by just driving all that way by your damn self! Something could have happened to you.”

Ivy stared into his violet eyes. “I had Athena and Zeus with me.”

He paused. “Yeah, I get that and they can protect you but… I just felt better knowing that you were safe there.”

She glared at him. “Fine. You don’t want me here. So, I will leave!” She stepped away from him and marched back to the door.

Cobra grabbed her up and carried her over to the bed. “No way, little Ivy.” He bounced her onto the bed. “You are going to tell me what the fuck is going on!”

Ivy Blue sat up and placed her arms over her chest. He could take a flying leap. She refused to speak.

Cobra cocked his head to the side. “So, you’re going to be like that, huh?”

She winced at his tone and slowly gazed up at him.

He gave her that slow grin.

Her eyes rounded. “Now, Lucian. You need to play fair here.”

He shook his head as he took off his cut then laid it on the chair. “Nope. There’s more than one way to get you to talk.”

Gasping, she looked around the room as if searching for a way out of this.

Now, Cobra tugged his shirt off.

Her gaze paused at his wide chest. God, he was magnificent. The sight of him still took her breath away.

He stepped over and grabbed her t-shirt, tugging it up and over her head.

Ivy blue shivered as the cool air hit her skin.

He chuckled. Then scooped her up and unsnapped her jeans.

She did not fight him. As if… she thought. She would never fight this. She had missed him so much. But she was afraid too, wondering if he had changed his mind about them being together.

He rested her almost nude body against his hard frame, then kissed her neck with that hot mouth of his.

Taking in that familiar, almost addictive scent of his, she felt herself get wet instantly. This man was her whole world and she had thought he felt the same way. Until, he left.

He unsnapped her bra. “You are going to tell me.” He raised her body up as her bra fell away and then he latched onto a nipple with his hot mouth. He then turned to her other nipple and sucked on that for a minute.

Her body nearly convulsed as he suckled her and she gushed juices between her thighs.

He then set her on the bed and ripped her underwear from her hips.

Gasping at the tearing sound, she still did not say a word.

He laid her back then unsnapped his jeans and took them down, briefs and all.

Staring, she knew she was a goner. He was so huge and so beautiful. She remembered how good it felt when he would pump into her. Shivering, she licked at her lips to see he was hard.

“See?” He motioned to his cock as he took it in his hand to give it a stroke. “I still want you. Always will, baby.”

His sexy action and his low voice sent chills along her skin as she swallowed heavily.

Suddenly, he tugged her to the side of the bed, knelt down, grasped her thighs with his large hands, and opened her legs wide.

She struggled a bit knowing she would lose this battle if he—

Then he reached up, and eased a finger into her wetness as he licked her clit with his warm tongue.

“Ohhhh,” she moaned out, as now her hips betrayed her by automatically pushing toward him to get more.

He then pushed another finger in, pumping them in and out of her as he latched onto her with his mouth, licking, and sucking on her while keeping up with the oral pleasuring to her clit button.

“Nooo,” she panted out.

“Mhmm yes….” he groaned the words to her clit.

The vibration of his voice hummed through her body. She felt her stomach tighten and her body suddenly wasn’t under her own control…it was under his. It made her feel like her insides were burning while her outsides shook like jelly. The feeling grew and spiraled out of control, as she couldn’t even seem to catch her breath.

Just at that moment, he stuck a third finger in and she felt filled up to the hilt. “Ohhh…” Her body arched into his fingers.

Then suddenly and unexpectedly, he pulled from her and sat back.

Gasping, her body shuddered. She had been so close. So this was how he would torture her, huh?

Cobra stood and tugged her up, then without warning, he entered her, slamming home as he whispered, “Talk to me, baby girl…”

She climaxed instantly as he throbbed deep inside her and she felt her juices flow around his cock.

“God damnit, you feel so good. I missed this…” He pounded into her stroke after stroke.

She hung onto his neck and knew she was going to come again. Tears flowed down her cheeks. “I-I love you. So much.”

He kissed her hard then pulled his hips back and went deep.

They came together.

Ivy Blue couldn’t stay quiet anymore as she whispered to his ear, “I’m going to have your baby, Lucian.”

His body went still as he sucked in a breath. He slowly laid her down on the bed, easing down with her. “What did you just say?” He glared at her.

She swallowed and breathlessly replied, “I am going to have your baby.”

He stared at her, the violet of his eyes darkening.

“I-I wanted to tell you to your face. Not over the phone.” She cried. “I didn’t know how you would feel about it.”

Cobra remained silent as he gazed into her eyes.

“A-are you mad?” she asked quietly.

He blinked at her. “Mad?” He shook his head. “I’m in shock.”

She looked away.

He grabbed her chin and turned her face back to him.” I am going to say this again. I want you always and I do want this baby. You hear me? Don’t ever think like this again. I am with you until I take my last breath. You got it?”

Nodding, she could feel her tears rolling down her face.

Cobra then grinned. “Well, hot fucking damn!” He laughed and gathered her up, almost crushing her to him.

Ivy Blue held him tight too. He was happy. That was all she had wanted to know.


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