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Lightning: Chapter 6

A half hour later Nala and the men were going over what papers to have copied to send to the cartel. “So, how can we get this all to the right people in the cartel?” Nala asked Python.

He opened his mouth to reply when a noise came from the front entrance.

The front doors opened and GTO came in with Luisa. They were both laughing and holding hands.

Python grinned. “I think the answer just walked in the door.”

Nala looked over at the couple who had just arrived.

They headed over to the table.

Lightning grinned at GTO. “Well, damn man. You look happy.”

GTO nodded. “I am brother.” He then looked around. “So, what’s going on now?”

Python answered, “We have a great deal of information.”

“You got it from the warehouse?” GTO asked.

“No, not this particular info.” Python motioned for him to sit.

Luisa nodded at the men and moved to turn away.

“Luisa,” Python called to her.

She turned around and stared at him.

“We need your knowledge for this one.” He stared at her.

She looked at him and the rest of the men who were all looking at her. “W-what do you mean?”

“Who could we send information to…” Cotton paused. “If say, we wanted the cartel to have it?”

GTO looked at his woman then moved his gaze back to them. “Explain what this is about. I don’t want her near her family.”

“Who’s her family?’ Nala asked.

GTO turned to look at her. “I don’t know you.” He looked over at Lightning who sat a little too close to Nala.

Lightning sighed and explained, “This is Nala. I found her in the woods behind the warehouse. Her little brother said she was injured…” He went on to explain to the couple about Nala and her connection to Monica. Then he explained who Monica was.

Luisa gasped at the mention of Monica.

They all looked over at her.

“This woman is…” Luisa gulped, as she looked ashen. “…worse than even the females in the Brago cartel. I saw her shoot one of our guards in the head, just because he didn’t get out of the car fast enough to guard her.” She shivered and rubbed at her arms.

Nala again, focused on Luisa as her eyes widened. “T-the Bragos? They are your family?’

Luisa nodded slowly. “I got away from them and I can’t go back. Ever.”

GTO put an arm around her shoulder protectively. “So, if that is what you all are asking. The answer is hell no.”

Python stood and tisked beneath his breath. “We would never ask that, son. We just need someone that we can send evidence to. Someone inside that cartel.”

“Santiago,” Luisa stated. “He is a bookkeeper for them.”

Cotton nodded. “He will do. Can you tell us what address to use, so he will get the files?”

Nodding, Luisa came over and spoke, “I know his email. It had been posted on the main wall in my Aunt’s office for years.”

Cotton nodded. “It will take me a bit to scan all this and get it onto a USB. But we can do it that way.”

Luisa grabbed a pen from the table and wrote the email down.

GTO stood next to her. “We are going to our room for a bit. So, if you need me. Just call.” He looked at Lightning. “Good to see ya, brother. We’ll talk later.”

Lightning smiled. “Yeah, we will.”

The couple moved down the hallway.

Lightning turned to look at Nala. “You don’t look well. Let me take you back to the infirmary.

Nala gazed around to see Jack and Paco at a table, talking. “Let me tell Paco.” She slowly rose and went over to the boy and Jack.

Lightning followed her over.

Cobra went through the papers again, and handed his brother another stack.

Cotton glanced at him and then at the papers. “This is gonna take a while.” He sighed. His phone buzzed. He sighed again, as he didn’t want interruptions. Reaching into his pocket, he took it out and swiped it. “Yeah?” he grunted. Then he listened for a minute and his eyes widened.

Cobra glanced over to stare at him.

Cotton blinked and set his phone down. Then he looked over at his brother. “Where the hell is your phone?’

Cobra frowned and reached into his vest. He looked puzzled as he then searched his jean pockets. “Fuck if I know? Maybe in my room? After the warehouse…” he paused. “Shit. I might have lost it.” He looked over at Cotton. “Why? What was that call?”

Cotton let out a long exhale. “It was Thor, he—”

“Cobra, what the hell is going on?” Python came over to where his two sons were sitting.

They looked up at him.

“What are you talking about, Dad?’ Cobra stood.

Python shook his head. “The gate just called and someone—”

A commotion sounded at the front doors.

The men all ooked over.

One of the brothers went over and opened the double doors.

In, came two of the biggest dogs any of them had ever seen.

Cobra stared at the animals as they headed over, all while seeming to sniff out the room for any danger. “Oh, shit.”

“Oh shit, is right,” Python growled. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

Cobra shook his head. “I didn’t know.”

“Well, now you do,” Cotton stated drily. “And from what Thor said, he had to hightail it to catch up with her.”

Ivy Blue stepped through the double doors.

Cobra went very still. Seeing her reminded him of the first time he ever saw her.

Her long brown hair hung over her shoulders as her eyes scanned the room. When she found him, she stormed over to him.

He took a deep breath and opened his mouth to ask her why she was here.

Holding her hand up, she cut him off, “Why haven’t you been answering your phone?”

He blinked. “I think I lost it?’

She looked livid. “You might lose a lot more if you don’t explain why you have been gone for almost two weeks and then you stopped answering your damn phone!”

Cotton cleared his throat and nudged his dad. “We should maybe clear out and—”

“No, no. This is gettin’ good,” Python replied.

“Dad!” both his sons yelled.

He shook his head. “Ok, ok.” Python moved over a bit, but stopped in front of Ivy. “You get em, girl.” He snickered then moved away with Cotton.

Cobra stepped over and took her by the arm. “Can we talk in my room?”

Ivy still looked furious. “You had a room. The one I’ve been in. Except you haven’t been there.”

Cobra knew he was in deep shit. He hadn’t realized he had been gone that long, but he had made several trips across Texas over the last couple of weeks. “Baby, why are you here? You should be with the Savaged Souls.”

She bit at her lip. “I do not belong with the Savaged Souls. I belong with you, remember?”

Just then, Thor came rushing in through the open doors at the front, then he spotted Ivy Blue with Cobra. “Damnit!”

Cobra stared at him.

Thor came over. “I tried to catch her, Boss. I was behind her all the way. She refused to stop.”

Ivy Blue looked over at Cobra’s VP with a glare. “Why would I? So, you could drag me back to Jasper?” She crossed her arms over her chest. “I think not.”

Cobra gave his VP a nod, as if to say we will talk later then grasped her arm. “Let’s go, so we can talk.”

Ivy Blue looked around for her dogs.

“They will be more than okay.” Cobra moved her down the hall.

Still looking pissed, Ivy Blue replied, “Maybe so, but I doubt you will be.”

Cobra shook his head as he motioned her down the hall.


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