Hunter: Chapter 12

Hunter looked down at her face. “Sabrina? Baby?”

Her eyes remained closed.

“Shit!” He panicked a bit and shook her shoulders.

Her eyes slowly opened.

He let out a long breath. “Fuck, woman. You scared me!”

She gave him a slow smile. “Why?”

“You passed out, I think?”

Giggling, she said, “I-I think I did. I never knew it could be like that.”

“That’s another thing. Damnit, why didn’t you warn me?’

“About what?”

He lifted off of her a little and looked down to see the scarlet color on her thighs. “You were a damned virgin.”

She stilled. “I-I never thought about it. I mean I never liked a guy enough before, I guess?”

He sighed and grabbed her up to hold her to his chest. “I would have never just rutted into you like that. Fuck…Did it hurt?’

She shook her head. “For a minute maybe. But after…” She smiled. “…wow!”

He shook his head. “You are one strange woman.”

“And you aren’t a strange man?” she teased.

Hunter grinned at this, but he still couldn’t believe she hadn’t said anything. His phone buzzed again. Sighing, he rose up and grabbed it. “Yeah.” He listened as Thunder told him to be in the main room, pronto. “Okay Prez, give me ten.” He set the phone down. “I have to go. But you are going to go with me. I won’t leave you alone right now.”

“Promise?” she asked with a giggle.

He grinned again. “I promise.”

They got up and he took her into the shower. He then turned it on.

“I thought you said ten minutes?” Sabrina asked. “We don’t have time for—”

Hunter grabbed her up and set her into the stall.

Sabrina shivered as she stared at his long hard body and she saw other ink and scars. She wondered at the scars and wanted to ask about them, but she waited for him to join her. She opened her mouth to speak, but his hands began touching her body and it felt so good. She forgot everything she’d been thinking before. Damn, he had such a powerful effect on her.

He soaped her up gently then rinsed her off. He lathered her hair with shampoo and massaged her scalp. It felt so good too, that her knees gave way.

Hunter caught her up and chuckled a bit, then rinsed her hair. “You should be good and awake now.” When he traded places under the water, she moved in and tried to return the favor as her hands soaped his body. She felt bold enough to grab his cock. She never felt one before but feeling it with her hand just made her muscles tighten between her legs.

He growled and turned, he flipped her around up against the tiles. His lips nibbled on the back of her neck and he even nipped her with his teeth. It sent waves of tiny pings through her body. He did get aggressive but damn, she liked it too much.

As his hands came around and cupped her breasts, he whispered to her ear, “Why is it I want you again when I just had you?”

“I don’t know.” She closed her eyes against his assault. “But I want you too.”

Hunter moved her up against the shower wall and his feet moved her legs apart. Then without a word or any warning, he plunged up inside her from behind, deep and hard. He didn’t stop and each thrust went deeper and harder.

Sabrina gasped at the first thrust then moaned as her body quickly went from warm to hot. When he pushed inside her, her core was wet and slippery. Each plunge of him went deep and she loved it.

She felt herself tighten as she drew closer and she couldn’t help but push back against him, like the greedy thing he’d turned her into. He ground into her and she felt her body explode. Closing her eyes against the feeling, she saw white dots melding into brilliant colors as she came hard.

Hunter groaned as she clamped down on his cock, his hot cum flooding her.

Looking back at him, her breath caught in her throat. The man was like a beast when he came. His face expressive as he gritted his teeth. Her body shivered as they came together.

With her body limp afterward, she tried to catch her breath. “A girl could get used to this kind of care,” she panted the words out.

He held her for a long moment. “Well, you’d better get used to it then.”

Happy for the first time in her memory, Sabrina smiled.

Finally, he tugged her out and toweled her down.

Her body glowed now, she could see in the mirror, though she had pink spots from his nibbling and rubbing. She smiled at the proof of his aggressive side he spoke of. She found it not scary, but hot and she looked forward to the next time. Her body was tired but she had at least another hour until she could sleep.

He tucked his towel over his hips. “I’m heading next door to move your bags over. Then you can get dressed.”

Secretly, she cheered as he headed out of the bathroom. I’m moving into his room!

Thunder stood in the main room and shook his head. “I don’t know who you are but you need to start talking and NOW.”

The woman sat at the table.

Sinner sat beside her. Since he’d caught her, she’d barely said a word. He thought maybe when he brought her in here to face Thunder and the brothers, that maybe she would crack.


Thunder glared at her. “Look, we need to know why you were spying on the MC.”

The dark haired woman bit at her lip.

Thunder stomped over, all 6 foot 5, 300 pounds of him and lifted her from her seat.

Gasping, she fought his hold.

“You are gonna tell us who you are, little girl!”

“Put her down, Thunder!” a shout came from the front doors.

Sinner turned to see Snowman looking like he might kill the prez.

Thunder looked over. “What the hell?”

Snowman marched over as he repeated, “Put. Her. Down.”

Thunder stared at him for a long minute then set the girl back in her seat.

Snowman gazed down at the woman. “Star, is that really you?”

The girl was shaking as she looked up at Snowman. “Uncle Mitch?” She burst into tears as he grabbed her up to hold her.

Sinner blinked. “Uncle Mitch?”

Snowman patted her back, then turned to Thunder. “What the hell were you thinking Prez?”

Thunder tossed his arms up in the air. “Sinner caught her in her car a block from here, old man! Then she refused to tell us anything.”

Snowman looked down at her. “Why are you here, Star?”

She then started to cry. “T-they killed her…”

The room went silent.

Snowman looked pale. “Who?” He looked as if he knew already but was afraid of the answer. He seemed to calm himself and asked gently, “What are you talking about baby girl?”

“That—that Odin and h-his brother…” She swiped at her tears. “They— t-took mom and they killed her.”

Snowman stared at her as his face paled completely. “The fuck?”


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