Hunter: Chapter 11

Sinner had spotted the small car while they all had been flying down the road, racing after the truck. After they got the cleanup done and the bloody body taken out to a spot in the trees to bury, he got back onto his bike and headed back. He called Bearcat and told him he would meet up later.

When he reached the spot where he saw the little white car, he slowed his bike a bit. There it was. Still there. He saw a dark head duck down below the steering wheel. This, he did not like. Someone was watching this road and it was only like 2 blocks from the compound. Too close for his comfort.

He rode on and when he caught the side dirt road he remembered being there, he turned on it and headed around back the way he’d come, but from the other side of the trees. He slowed down and parked his bike. Dismounting, he grabbed his weapon. Time to find out who the fuck was watching the MC.

He made his way through the thick bushes and trees.

Spotting the car, he could now see the person’s head. Crouching down, he scooted around the car to see the window was open. He then moved quietly and raised his gun up to push it to their head.

A gasp came out and it sounded female. He rose up higher to see long raven hair and the fact this was a woman. “Who the fuck are you?”

She trembled in the seat but gave no answer.

He opened the door. “Get the hell out.”

The woman did so and she looked terrified as her gaze rose up to his. Midnight blue eyes wide and terrified.

Sinner blinked as he was caught off guard for a moment.

“P-Please don’t kill me?” she pleaded in a soft but shaky voice.

Hunter had scooted over in the bed to share her pillows.

Sabrina tried to relax but the heat from his body was making that hard to do. And his scent, it was a combination of woodsy but with the smell of his bike and another citrusy scent. God, whatever it was had been driving her crazy for the last half hour.

When he announced that he intended to be with her, take her… she had gotten wet in her panties. The thought of it was more exciting than anything she’d ever felt. This man was well muscled, with that dark hair with the dreamiest dark eyes she had ever seen and she never noticed all this until he had smiled at her. It opened her eyes to what a hot man he really was. Then when she got to know him a little better that stone cold façade fell away and she saw the real man behind this Hunter image.

Nicco. She said it in her head and wanted to sigh. She wanted to kiss him for hours to forget herself and her upside down world.

Yet, he did as he said he would. He watched the movie with her.

She found herself not paying attention to the old movie, instead she wondered what it would really be like to have his hands all over her body to have him licking her nipples too…A buzzing sound vibrated in the room and it startled her from her not too clean thoughts.

Hunter sat up and grabbed his phone from the night stand. “Yeah.” He listened for a minute. “Well, shit. Tell Sinner to be careful.” He again, fell silent. “Oh…” Hunter smiled a little. “Well, still, he should be careful.” He swiped his phone and set it back.

“What happened?” she asked.

“Don’t know enough about it yet, but it seems we are going to have more company at the MC.”

Sabrina waited for more then she asked, “Like who?”

“Don’t know yet,” he repeated, as his expression remained blank.

Sabrina sat up higher on the pillows. “Are you being Hunter again?’

He slowly looked over at her. “What?”

“You seem to be two people…” At the puzzled expression on his face, her voice fell away.

“Two?” He chuckled. “No, I’m not…” He shook his head. “What do you mean by that?”

“Well, when I first met you… You were mean, grumpy, stone faced and acted like I wasn’t worth the trouble. In fact, you acted like a dick, now that I think about it.”

From beside her, Hunter snickered.

She shrugged. “Then…” She paused and looked him in the eyes. “You smiled at me and I saw someone else. The guy who is now taking such good care of me, the guy who came to save me in that truck.” She bit at her lip. “Now, you’re acting all cold again?”

Hunter stared at her for a long moment. “Baby, since you will be with me for a long time, I will explain this once. I am an enforcer. And I see that you really don’t know what that is.”

She shook her head. “I guess I don’t?”

“Well, I have killed men.” He watched her face as he went on, “I break laws when I have to. I’m a bad man, Sabrina.”

Swallowing heavily she whispered, “Well, I don’t see that. I see Nicco. A guy who helped me. A guy I…” She lowered her head.

He reached across and tipped her head up with his finger under her chin. “You what?’

“A guy I want so badly that I think I can still taste you even an hour after you kiss me.”

His eyes turned darker as he leaned close, meeting her gaze. “Are you sure you want to stay with me? I wasn’t lying. I am that man when I have to be. It’s my job. Also, when … Well, I get a little rough… at times.”

Blinking her eyes, her heart was racing. “Rough?”

“I don’t mean like pushing you around as I would never hit a woman. I don’t mean that…” He slipped a hand up under her shirt to pinch her nipple through her bra. “…This is what I mean.”

Gasping at the pinch, her body arched up in quick response as she moaned.

Leaning in, Hunter grabbed her up and had her beneath him before she could blink.

“Yes,” she whispered. “God, I want you Nicco.”

He stared at her lips then crushed them with his own.

Her body was on fire as his hands now roamed along her breasts and grasped her nipples again.

Hunter then tugged her shirt off and raising her up, he unclasped her lace bra, tossing it somewhere. Then he lowered his hot mouth to her breast.

Mindless with heat, she grabbed his head urging him on. His tongue swept over her nipples and he also tweaked them with his fingers. It was driving her insane. She never felt a storm like this before.

Hunter then tugged her pants down and off.

Embarrassed, she knew he would find how wet her panties were and she lowered her hands.

Grasping them, he raised her arms up with one hand and lowered his other to her panties. He stroked over the material and looked into her eyes. “Soaking wet…”

Her body shivered as she met that hot gaze. “Y-yes… I told you I—”

He covered her mouth again and dipped that velvety tongue inside.

Lost now, she writhed on the bed as he kissed her and slipped his hand into her panties. Lowering a finger, he pushed it inside her.

Her body again arched in response as she panted through her nose.

Hunter broke the breathless kiss. “Do you want this?” he whispered in that deep voice. “Are you sure?”

Nodding, she gasped out her answer, “Please? Yes, yes…”

He rose up away from her.

Attempting to hang onto him, she tried to stop him from moving away.

“Baby, let go.” He smiled.

She did and felt sort of dumb and clingy.

He stood and tore his t-shirt off.

Staring at all that skin, wide chest and a tattoo that looked like a star or round with pattern red and black, she held her breath.

He then tugged his jeans down.

Staring wide eyed, she watched as his cock rose straight out, large and hard. “Oh…my…God.” She gulped. He was so big, she had no idea.

Hunter paused and looked down at himself. “Yeah, been hard for hours since I’ve been around you.” He climbed back on the bed. “There will be no going back Sabrina. You will be mine after this.”

Nodding, she looked up at him as her heart hammered in her chest. “Make me your woman, Nicco.”

His eyes looked intense. “I will try to be gentle, but I can’t guarantee it.”

She smiled. “I don’t careful. I want all you have to give.”

He opened her thighs and delved his finger into her again. Then his mouth latched on to an erect nipple.

Heaving for air, she laid back and lost herself in the feeling. He thumbed her clit and she squirmed. She never knew passion like this. It made her mindless.

He then placed his body between her thighs and lined himself up.

When the tip of him entered her, she gasped.

Suddenly, he shoved all the way in and up.

She screamed out.

He smothered her cry with his hot mouth as he broke through her barrier. Tears fell from her eyes as he suddenly stilled above her. He removed his mouth from hers. Gazing into her eyes, he whispered, “This is your first time?”

Nodding, she gasped out. “Please keep going…”

He stared at her face for a moment then did as she asked, he moved slowly and delved deeper in slow strokes.

“No, no. Give me more Nicco, more!”

Hunter stared into her eyes. “Baby—”

“More!” she ordered.

He gave her that grin at her ordering him around then began to plunge into her. His pace slow at first then as his breathing grew heavier he braced her hands above her head while plunging hard and deep, stroke after stroke.

Mindless now, Sabrina repeated his name over and over in long moans. The feeling of him filling her. The way he held her while he took her. Then she felt like her body was ramping up to a peak. Climbing higher and higher as her breaths came out in pants and she felt fire burn along her skin as she exploded and went over the edge.

Hunter covered her scream with his mouth and swallowed it up as he hit deep and he joined her.

Sabrina felt the warmth of his coming inside her and her eyes rolled back. As the room went dark suddenly


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