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Chosen By A Sinner: Chapter 5


I wish Viktor would wake up. It’s unnerving keeping Luca company even if my guards are at the back of the private jet. Not that Luca would physically hurt me.

I usually get along with everybody. But not Luca Cotroni. The man rattles me like no other.

And I hate feeling anxious.

Because my parents always treat me like a princess, it’s given me a world of confidence. I have the power of the bratva behind me. I’m loved by many and never struggle with my self-esteem.

Except when it comes to the man seated across from me.

In his presence, I feel no bigger than a gnat.

I can’t stop my eyes from leaving the window and settling on Luca. Something about him draws me in like a moth to a flame. An overpowering magnetism.

Needing to break the uncomfortable silence, I ask, “Do you really like to dance?”

I hate how nervous he makes me feel. I swear it reduces me to an idiot, with no sign of the sophisticated woman my parents raised. It’s also pathetic how little I know about Luca, seeing as I’ve known him all my life.

What’s his favorite meal? Does he have hobbies?

My eyes widen slightly.

He doesn’t have a girlfriend… right?

“Yes,” Luca answers, his voice so damn calm and deep it sends a wave of goosebumps erupting over my skin.

Before I can censor my words, I ask, “No girlfriend that’s going to try and kill me for keeping you away from her this weekend?”

Damn, Mariya! Why don’t you just tell the man you want to have his babies while you’re at it?

Luca’s eyebrow raises with amusement. “No.” The corners of his mouth curve up into a sinful smile. “No girlfriend… yet.’

I deflate like a pricked balloon. ‘You have your eye on someone?”

Slowly Luca nods, the left corner of his mouth lifting higher.


“I should send her my condolences,” I mutter. My heart squeezes painfully, and I quickly turn my gaze away from him. Reaching for Viktor, I shake his shoulder hard. “Wake up.”

Viktor shoots up straight in his seat, his eyes scan the cabin area, then he scowls at me. “Are we landing?”

“Soon,” I mutter, letting out a huff.

I should’ve canceled the weekend. It’s going to suck being around Luca, knowing he has his eye on another woman. It’s probably only a matter of time before the engagement is announced.

Crossing my arms over my chest, I glare at the darkness outside the window.

“Why are you pissed off?” Viktor grumbles while shifting into a more comfortable position.

“I’m not.” I’ve never been good at hiding my feelings, especially from my family. Letting out a sigh, I say, “We can still cancel the trip and tell the pilot to turn the jet around.”

“Not happening.” Viktor tugs on my arm and pulls me into a brotherly hug. “This is your weekend. We’re going to have fun.”

I doubt that. Knowing Luca is practically off the market upsets me more than I expected it would. Of course, I always knew the time would come. He’d get married, and I’d have to stop fantasizing about him.

I just…

I didn’t expect it to happen so soon.

Viktor presses a kiss to my temple, then frees me from the hug. He signals the hostess closer. “Champagne.”

Yes, please. The sooner I get drunk, the better.

Taking a flute from the hostess, I swallow the bubbly liquid down like water and hold my glass out for a refill.

Viktor grins at me. “Careful. You know it only takes three glasses to get you drunk.”

That’s what I’m hoping for, brother.

I sip the second glass, and when my gaze touches on Luca’s, it’s to catch him watching me with narrowed eyes. He tilts his head, the corner of his mouth lifts, and holding up his flute, he says, “To the bratva princess and a weekend she’ll never forget.”



After checking in and dropping our luggage off at the suite, which overlooks the iconic fountains of Bellagio, we’re chauffeured to Hakkasan.

Adjacent to the main dance floor is the Pavilion. The VIP section has an outdoorsy feel with its oriental garden, dance floor, and private spaces. I love the dark wood and lush plants, my gaze appreciating the luxury as I sit down on a leather couch.

The VIP floor has its own DJ booth, the air pulsing with an energetic beat.

Viktor talks with my guards, Lev and Ivan, who moments later leave the VIP area.

When Luca sits down next to me and Viktor slumps down on the seat across from us, I ask, “Where did Lev and Ivan go?”

“I gave them the night off.” Viktor gives me a cocky grin as he drapes his left arm on the back of the couch. “You have Luca and me.”

True. Anyone would be stupid to attack Viktor, never mind Viktor and Luca. Plus, I can hold my own in a fight with all the training my dad’s given me.

A server brings a bottle of champagne, flutes, two tumblers of whiskey, and a cherry bomb shot.

A smile tugs at my mouth as I pick up my drink. There’s nothing I love more than cherries. Even though I’m already tipsy-ish from all the champagne, I practically down my alcoholic beverage, looking for the courage to get through this weekend at the bottom of the glass.

Viktor lets out a deep chuckle, shaking his head. “At this rate, we’ll have to carry you out of here in less than an hour.”

Ignoring Viktor’s remark, I settle my gaze on the server. “Two more.”

“One,” Viktor corrects my order. “Just one.” He gives me a look of warning. “Slow down.”

Letting out a huff, I get up and walk to the dance floor. I don’t care that I’m alone as I move to the middle of the elite crowd. Finding a space to dance, I close my eyes and let the music take me, hoping it will carry me miles away from the harsh reality that Luca will soon belong to another woman.

I lose myself in the beat, a relaxing buzz bubbling through my veins. My feet feel light, my body supple, and soon my mind clears of all the negative thoughts.

This is my happy place. Just me and the music.

I wish Violet were here.

Hands grip my hips, and I’m tugged back against a solid chest. Warm air tickles my ear. “Stop moving your ass like a fucking stripper.”

Sweet Jesus.

The low rumble of Luca’s voice, his strong hands gripping my hips, and the solid muscle pressing into my back – sends me on a rollercoaster of emotions I wasn’t prepared for.

Maddening lust. Desperate need. Hopeless dreams.

Sweet, sweet, Jesus.

Without any effort, Luca turns me around to face him. In a split second, I notice his sleeves are rolled up, exposing his porn-worthy forearms, his tie hangs loose, and the top two buttons of his dress shirt have been undone, exposing golden skin.

God have mercy on my ovaries.

Wanting to save face, I mutter, “Nice to know you’re staring at my ass.”

Luca’s hands move up my sides, the feel of them on my body so freaking seductive that I almost let out a moan. Slowly he pushes my arms up until I rest my forearms on his shoulders, my hands inches away from weaving into his thick black hair.

“I’m not blind. I appreciate beauty as much as the next man.”

In a torturously seductive motion, his body takes ownership of mine, forcing my hips to swivel with his.

My lips part, my eyes lift, and I’m instantly sucked into the intensity of his dark irises. “You think I’m beautiful?”

Promises by EMO fills the air, weaving a spell around us. It strips me bare, putting me at Luca’s mercy as he moves my body exactly how he wants it.

“Looking for a compliment from me, principessa?”

My blood heats, my breaths growing shallow and quick.

Luca’s right hand moves to my lower back, keeping me pinned to him. He lifts his free hand to the side of my neck, brushing my hair away from my damp skin. “You know you’re fucking exquisite.”


God, don’t forget to breathe, Mariya.

His fingers wrap around the back of my neck, then he leans slightly down, totally crowding me.

This moment is what wild fantasies are made of.

I have the great Luca Cotroni’s attention and hands solely focused on me.

Does he feel the magnetism between us? Is it just me? Wishful thinking?

Time falls away, and there’s only the hold this man has on me. The feel of his body pressing and brushing against mine. His eyes burning on me.

I don’t want it to end.

But it does. The intense bubble explodes in my face as Viktor places a hand on my shoulder. He leans into us. “Will the two of you be okay on your own? The music and flashing lights are giving me a headache.”

Luca’s hands fall away from me as he leans closer to Viktor. “Will you be okay on your own?”

Viktor smirks. “Do I really have to answer that dumb as fuck question?”

We move off the dance floor and head back to our table. Viktor gives me a quick hug. “Behave. Don’t drive Luca insane.”

I almost roll my eyes. I’m pretty sure it’s the other way around.

Picking up my drink, I toss the alcohol back, which has Viktor telling Luca, “Don’t let her get drunk. She’s grumpy as fuck when she has a hangover.”

Luca reassuringly pats Viktor’s back. “Get some rest.”

“I’ll make it up to you tomorrow,” Viktor promises me.

When he walks toward the stairs, I sit down on the cream leather couch and pour myself a glass of champagne.

I have zero time to squash all the emotions Luca evoked in me on the dance floor because he takes a seat next to me, rests his arm on the back of the sofa, and settles his penetrating gaze on me. “Just you and me, principessa.”

The way he calls me princess simultaneously sounds like a curse and a caress.

I love it.


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