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Chosen By A Sinner: Chapter 4


Fuck, Mariya looks breathtaking tonight.

As always, her demeanor is standoffish, as if she’s only tolerating my presence because of our families. But after the interest I saw in her eyes yesterday, I’m starting to think it’s all an act.

This weekend in Vegas is just what I need. Time alone with Mariya. Viktor hates clubs, and I know he’ll trust me with the woman he considers his little sister.

Feeling a hand on my shoulder, I tear my eyes away from the beautiful vision that’s the Koslov princess and glance at my father.

His eyes flick from Mariya to me. “Just say the word, and I’ll talk to Alexei.”

Dad’s the only one who knows about my feelings for Mariya.

I shake my head. “We both know it won’t do any good. He’ll never force her, and that’s the last thing I want.” Changing the subject, I ask, “When are you heading back to Italy?”

Dad and Mom are visiting the Koslovs during their vacation. Since before I was born, Dad and Uncle Alexei have been close friends and allies. Uncle Alexei has saved Dad’s life on more than one occasion, making their bond unbreakable. Much like the friendship I have with Viktor.

I’m the spitting image of my father and have been named after my grandfather, who was a great man before he was assassinated.

“In a week,” Dad answers. “Will you be joining us on the flight?”

I shrug. “I have a couple of things to take care of in LA. We’ll see.”

“Can I have everyone’s attention?” Uncle Alexei’s voice comes over the speakers. We turn our attention to where he’s standing on the stage. “Thank you for celebrating my baby girl’s birthday with us.”

Thank God the man doesn’t know about the filthy things I want to do to his baby girl. He’d probably kill me with his bare hands.

Taking another sip of whiskey, I swallow down a chuckle.

Uncle Alexei’s eyes rest on Mariya with absolute adoration.

Where all the other fuckers don’t stand a chance of getting past him, I know it will be the least of my problems. My gaze settles on Mariya. I just have to convince her we belong together, and everything else will fall in place. I know it will be a virtually impossible task because she’s stubborn as fuck and a proud woman.

“I can’t believe she’s twenty-six already. Time has gone by way too quickly.”

I glance back to Uncle Alexei, and when our eyes lock, my lips curve into a smile. He watches me for a moment too long, telling me he caught me staring at his precious daughter.

Slowly, the corner of his mouth curves with a knowing grin, then he continues with the toast. “I’d give all my earthly possessions to turn back time to the day our Mariya was born so I can have the honor of being her father all over again.”

I watch as Mariya beams in the spotlight of her father’s attention.

Would I give everything for Mariya Koslov?

I inhale deeply, my eyes burning over her creamy skin, the elegant curve of her neck, her stunning-as-fuck body, and her silky black hair.

Yes. I would.

It’s time to make the bratva princess mine.

No matter what it takes.

No matter what I have to do.



During the short flight to Vegas, I check in with Lorenzo and Diego, who are part of the la Famiglia. They keep an eye over our European territory whenever I’m in the US.

Lorenzo’s father, Leo, was my mother’s personal guard, and Diego’s father, Franco, was Dad’s second in charge before Dad gave the two families each a seat of power in the mafia. Needless to say, I trust the men with my life, having grown up with them.

Mariya spends the time updating her social media accounts while Viktor takes a quick nap.

Tucking my phone into the breast pocket of my jacket, I relax in the luxurious leather seat, my eyes settling on the beauty across from me.

She changed into a tight pair of jeans, a silk blouse, and fuck-me heels.

The perfect princess as always.

Love and the desire to possess Mariya in every way possible stir beneath my skin like a predator stalking its prey.

She glances up from her phone, her eyes touching on Viktor before locking with mine. Her gaze narrows slightly, then she tilts her head. “Already regretting coming along?”

“No.” A smirk curves my lips. “I’m actually looking forward to this weekend.”

So. Fucking. Much.

Her tongue darts out, swiping over her bottom lip, making her look like the goddess of seduction.

Jesus, she oozes sex appeal by the bucket loads.

Mariya lets out a sigh and glances out of the window. “It’s so damn hard to read you.”

The corner of my mouth curves up higher. “That frustrates you?”

“Of course.” She brings her gaze back to mine. “I like to know what people are thinking.”

Seems she didn’t inherit the skill from her father. Uncle Alexei has an uncanny way of knowing exactly what someone’s thinking. There’s no fooling the man.

Wanting to keep her attention on me, I ask, “Which club are we going to?”

Mariya thinks for a moment. “Hakkasan.”

Of course. Only the best for the princess.

Her lips curve up, drawing my eyes to them. “I’ve booked two Grand Lakeview suites at Bellagio, so there will be enough space so we won’t get in each other’s way.”

I don’t like the idea of two suites, even if Mariya will have her guards with her.

“That’s not happening. We’ll stay in one suite.”

“Don’t give me orders.”

I narrow my gaze on her. “It’s not negotiable, principessa.”

She lifts a manicured eyebrow at me. “There are only two bedrooms in a suite. Are you planning on sharing a bed with Viktor?”

I fully intend on sharing a bed with you, mia regina.

I’m already thinking of her as ‘my queen.’

Instead of answering Mariya, I offer her a taunting smile which pisses her off even more.

Brace yourself, principessa. You have no idea what’s coming for you.


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