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Chosen By A Sinner: Chapter 44


After I checked in with my men here at home and showed Mariya some of my favorite sights, we took our private jet to the Netherlands.

The past couple of days has been pure bliss. Although I’m constantly on guard and worried about when Pavlović will make his move, I’m doing my best to hide the worry from Mariya.

Lying in bed with my wife, safely in my arms, my thoughts revolve around the Serbian man, who’s as elusive as fuck.

Mariya presses a kiss to my throat, then to my jaw, groaning, “I want to feel you deep inside me again.”

The worry vanishes like mist before the sun as she moves over me, straddling my hips.

“What my woman wants, my woman gets,” I chuckle, loving how sexual she is. Even if we argue, she doesn’t withhold sex. She allows me to fuck her while she gives me a piece of her mind.

Her eyes are dark with need as she rubs herself on my cock that’s ready to please her. I love that we can’t get enough of each other. We’ve spent the entire night naked in bed, and this probably won’t be the last time before sunrise.

Our desire for each other is insatiable.

“So good,” she moans, tilting her head back. Her firm breasts and toned stomach are on full display, my hands burning over her skin.

I’ll never get enough of her body.

She takes hold of my cock and positions me at her entrance. Our eyes are locked on each other as she sinks down an inch, only allowing the head to push inside her.

“Christ, are you trying to kill me?” I growl, my hands gripping hold of her curvy hips.

“Do you need me to move?” she teases, her eyes sparkling.

“Fuck yes,” I groan as I thrust up, sheathing myself to the hilt inside her exquisite heat. “Fuck.” I sit up and wrap my arms around her, holding her tightly to me, chest to chest.


Mariya wraps her arms around my neck, then purrs, “Fuck me hard, Luca.”

My mouth slams down on hers, and I begin to move while she swivels her hips, meeting me thrust for thrust. We set a punishing pace, her nails clawing at my shoulder blades.

I claim her mouth while pounding harder into her, wanting to devour her cries and moans.

She whimpers, and it has me framing her face, our bodies moving as one.

Her nails dig deeper as she whimpers again, and it only makes me increase my pace until sweat beads on the back of my neck.

I feel her clench around my cock, her pussy greedy for every inch of me. I push my hand down between us and start to rub the ever-loving shit out of clit.

“Oh God,” she whimpers. “Luca. Yes.”

Mariya cries into my mouth, and I swallow the sound as I force her to the edge where she explodes, her body convulsing and her inner walls clenching the fuck out of my cock.

She starts to sob against my lips from the intense orgasm tearing through her, and it fills my entire being with satisfaction and pride.

Only I can make Mariya orgasm. Only I will hear her cries and whimpers as I make her fall apart.

Pulling my hand from between us, I lock eyes with my wife while I fill her with deep and slow thrusts, relishing in the intimacy we’re sharing.

Ti amo,” I breathe as I lose myself in every thrust. “So. Fucking. Much.”

Her eyes are filled with everything she feels for me as she breathes, “It’s always been you. Only you. My heart has never and will never belong to another.”

My orgasm sizzles down my spine before taking control of my body and rendering me powerless.

Mariya watches as I ride the wave out, a look of awe on her face. “You’re so hot when you come for me.”

With one last thrust, I bury myself all the way inside her, keeping her body imprisoned against mine until the last of the pleasure fades.



With Mariya’s fingers weaved through mine, we walk from stall to stall in a market where various foods and items are on display.

We sample pastries, cheeses, and meats, and Mariya purchases the weirdest shit we’ll probably never use. But I let her be, knowing she’s happiest when shopping. I’ll get a storage facility to keep everything if I have to.

One of my guards drops to the left of us, and I react, grabbing Mariya and shoving her behind a table. Marco is right behind me, pushing at my back so we’ll move faster.

“What the hell?” Mariya gasps. She takes one look at me, then her face pales. “Oh, Jesus.”

I pull the two Heckler & Kochs from my back and mutter, “Stay down, baby.”

Only then does my heart explode into a wild beat while the shock of the attack shudders through me.

People start to scream, and a shopper is shot in the head while he tries to run for cover, falling face down on the ground. The other shoppers run, some stepping on the lifeless body in their panic.

“Is it a random shooting, like back home, or do you think we’re under attack?” Mariya asks.

“He’s after us,” I breathe as I quickly glance around the table, looking for any possible positions Pavlović could be shooting from. Just as I pull back, a bullet tears through the table cloth near the spot where I was.

“Luca!” Mariya shouts as she yanks me closer to her. “Don’t do that again! Jesus Christ!”

I pull free and, keeping my voice calm, I say, “I’ve got this, baby. You need to trust me and let me do my job.”

Mariya takes deep breaths, calming down as much as she can under the dire circumstances.

“Don’t yank me, and just stay next to me,” I order, my voice firmer so the words will register with her.

“Okay. Just be careful.”

Locking eyes with one of my soldiers, where he’s taken cover by a table opposite from ours, I shout, “Find out where the fucker is.” Turning my attention to Marco, I order, “No matter what happens, you stay with Mariya.”

“Yes, boss,” he agrees, taking a position behind my wife.

“Give me a gun,” Mariya says, her voice tight with tension.

I nod at Marco to hand her one of his guns, then ask her, “When were you last at the shooting range?”

“Last week. It’s a weekly date I have with Dad.”

Dad. No longer Uncle Alexei.

I almost grin, but then another body drops near us.

I can’t let more innocent people die. “Mariya, get ready to move.”


I stay behind the table as I move toward the other corner, then glance up at the buildings surrounding the market.

I see a glimmer of light reflect from a municipality building, then yank back just as a bullet slams into the table.

Remembering the escape routes I subconsciously planned out the second I brought Mariya to the market, my eyes lock on the busy street where cars are still moving, oblivious to what’s happening.

“We’re going to make a run for the street.” Mariya presses closer to me. “Don’t look back and run for the mall.”

“Okay,” she murmurs, looking much calmer now that some of the shock has faded.

Fuck, her leg’s still healing.

“Duck and run zig-zag,” I say as I shove my guns back into the waistband of my pants.


I take a deep breath, then ask, “Are you ready, baby?”


“Now!” I shout. Mariya’s up like a deer, sprinting as fast as she can. I’m right behind her, mirroring every step she takes while keeping my body between her and Pavlović’s scope.

When we reach the street, cars swerve to avoid us, horns blare, and glass shatters as Pavlović takes shots at us.

I hear a grunt behind me, and knowing Marco was just hit, I grab hold of Mariya and drag her down behind a large trashcan.

So fucking close. Just a couple more feet.

I quickly glance around the trashcan, my arms locking my wife to my chest. Seeing Marco’s body on the pavement, anger floods my veins.

Get Mariya to safety, then you can avenge your friend.

“One last sprint, baby,” I say. “Straight ahead. Just make it into the mall.”

“Okay,” she breathes, her face showing signs of pain from the extreme strain on her leg.

“You can do this,” I encourage her.

Mariya nods, her tongue darts out to wet her dry lips, then she trains her eyes on the entrance to the shopping mall.

Pushing to my feet, I yank her up and shove her forward. I stay behind her to take any bullets flying our way while we sprint as fast as Mariya can.

Fire spreads down my arm.

Almost there.

Another bullet hits my lower left side, and knowing the fucker is only playing with us, makes rage explode in me.

I shove Mariya inside the mall, glass shatters, and I hear her scream.


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