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Chosen By A Sinner: Chapter 43


We arrived at Luca’s family home early this morning. We spent our wedding night sleeping on the private jet. Sure we could’ve delayed the departure by a couple of hours, but we were both in a hurry to start our honeymoon.

I stare out the window at the vast lawn that ends on a cliff. The Mediterranean sea is a stunning shade of blue this morning.

God, I love Italy.

Hearing a splash down below, my gaze lowers to the pool. I watch as Luca swims a couple of laps before he lifts his powerful body out of the water.

A smile spreads over my face.

Yeah, it was definitely the abs that made me fall head over heels for the man.

With Luca’s parents visiting mine in LA, we have the villa to ourselves. I strip out of my shorts and tanktop, then leave the room butt naked.

When I walk through the wide-open glass doors and take the steps down to the lawn, Luca’s eyes land on me. He stops patting the waterdrops from his chest and drops the towel.

“Christ, now that’s one hell of a sight to see first thing in the morning,” he grins.

“Morning, my husband,” I say as I reach him. I wrap my arms around his neck and stare up into his darkening eyes.

Mio marito.” He tilts his head. “Italian for my husband.”

Mio marito,” I repeat after him.

Luca wraps an arm around my lower back, lifts my feet from the ground, then falls into the water with me.

The moment my head breaks through the surface, I laugh, “Shit, it’s cold.”

“I’ll warm you up soon enough,” he growls, his hand slipping between my legs.

“Let’s make the water sizzle,” I moan before slamming my mouth to his.

I savor his lips kneading and tasting mine as he slowly slips his middle finger in and out of me.

I brush a hand down his chest until my palm lays flat over his abs, drinking in the feel of the muscles rippling as he moves us to the side of the pool where it’s not so deep.

Luca shoves his swimming trunks down, and freeing his deliciously hard length, he enters me hard, the water splashing over the edging.

I hold on tight as my husband fills me with his love, and we connect on the intimate level I need more than the physical touch.

His pace is relentless, his lips parted, and the drops trailing over his face, making him look hot as sin.

The things this man does to me. No one would understand even if I tried to explain.

Only he can make my heart thunder in my chest. Only he can make me gasp for air. Only he can give my body pleasure.

It’s always been Luca. From the very start, he captured my heart.

My soul chose this man long before my heart knew he would be the love of my life.

With Luca filling me with punishing thrusts, the tension in his features making him look like an Italian God, my orgasm sweeps through my body.

I hold eye contact with him as I moan and whimper, relishing in our special connection.

“Thank you for making my dreams come true,” I gasp, my lips brushing against his.

Luca comes hard, his arms locking around me like steel bands. I feel his groans on my mouth, his cock jerking deep inside me, his body pressed hard against mine.

Once the pleasure fades, he tenderly nips at my lips. “I’m so fucking glad you fell in love with me.”

I smile against his mouth, our breaths one. “Have you seen your abs?”

Luca lets out a chuckle as he pulls out of me. “Christ, I better not let myself go.”

We move through the water that now feels warm, caressing our bodies with soft fingers. “Don’t be silly. I don’t just love you for your abs.”

He raises an eyebrow at me. “Yeah?”

Slowly I shake my head, then I start to pepper his face with kisses. “I love your arms and hands.” Kiss. “I love your cock. A lot.” Luca laughs, then I continue, “I love your brilliant mind.” I lock eyes with him. “I love how ruthless you are when it comes to our enemies and how gentle and loving you are with me.” Kiss. “I love that I’m the only woman you look at.” Kiss. “How possessive you are of me.” Kiss. “But above all, I love the way your intensity wraps around me until you’re all I can think about.” Kiss. “Having your attention on me makes it feel like a spotlight shining on me.”

His eyes are filled with satisfaction as he stares at me. “You fill me with so much awe, Mariya.”

I hug him, just floating with him in the water as the sun rises higher in the sky.

“You know what my dad said before the wedding?”

“Tell me.”

“That I chose well,” I murmur. “I always get what I want, and for years I thought you’d be the one thing I couldn’t have, but my soul chose you, and I just couldn’t let go.”

“I’m glad you never gave up on your love for me,” he says as he brushes wet strands from my face. “If I had known how you felt, I would’ve married you the day you turned eighteen.”

I scrunch my nose. “And miss out on all the fun of pining after each other?”

“Fuck yes,” he chuckles.


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