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Chosen By A Sinner: Chapter 14


I should’ve kissed her sooner.

I got to hold Mariya, which made up for all the arguing, and having her look for comfort in my arms is a huge fucking win in my books.

I wrap my arm around her shoulders and tug her to my side as we walk to the restaurant’s entrance.

Once Mariya and I are seated at a table with Ivan and Lev sitting at another table nearby, I ask, “What are you having?”

She checks the menu. “I’m not sure. I’m not that hungry.”

“You didn’t eat much at brunch,” I comment.

She sets the menu down, then leans back in her chair. “I’ll have the same as you.”

When the waiter comes, I order two steaks with steamed vegetables and sparkling water.

I turn my attention back to Mariya. “What don’t you like to eat?”

“Fish.” She scrunches her nose. “I can’t stand the taste.”

“What’s your favorite food?”

She thinks for a moment. “Pasta. My mom makes the best Alfredo.”

The corner of my mouth lifts.

Her gaze rests on my face. “And you?”

“As long as it has meat in it, I’ll eat it,” I chuckle.

A server brings the chilled sparkling water and pours some into our glasses. When we’re alone again, I lock eyes with Mariya. “I think it’s time we talk about where to go from here.”

Mariya lets out a sigh, clearly not in the mood for this conversation. “Okay.”

“I want you to make yourself at home in the apartment,” I start with something easy which shouldn’t turn into a fight.

“It’s going to take a while before it will feel like home,” she admits. She thinks for a moment, then asks, “Can I add color to the place?”

“Sure. As long as it doesn’t look like a unicorn went to town on it.” I take a sip of my water, then relax back in the chair before I say, “We’ll share a bedroom. Even if we fight, there’s no sleeping in separate rooms.”

A nervous expression tightens her features. “What about intimacy? Where do we stand on that?”

“Were you okay with the kiss?”

Mariya stares at me until I start to worry that the kiss wasn’t such a good idea after all, but then she nods. “I’m okay with kissing.”

Thank you, Jesus!

Relieved, I smile at her. “Hugging?”

“A definite yes. I’m a hugger.” Her smile matches mine, setting me at ease.

“Good to know.” I tap my fingers on the table, then raise a more sensitive topic. “Sex?”

This time she glances away, but I can see she’s thinking, so I give her the time she needs. Finally, she locks eyes with me again. “Only if it comes naturally and actually means something. It’s not to be used as a weapon or tool to control me.”

I’m surprised by her answer. I expected a flat-out no from her. “I agree.”

Her fingers wrap around the stem of the glass. “Look at us getting along for once.”

“Miracles happen,” I tease, which makes a smile flirt with her lips.

Wanting to get to know all of her, I ask, “Do you like messages or phone calls?”

“Phone calls for conversations and messages if it’s just something quick.”

I nod, actually enjoying this moment of calm between us. “Pet peeves?”

She lets out a chuckle. “When someone bosses me around.”

Laughter escapes me. “Damn, we’re going to fight about that one.”

She keeps smiling, and it has me admitting, “You have a way of lighting up a room whenever you smile.”

Surprise flutters over her face, then she murmurs, “Thank you.” She takes a sip of her water. “What are your pet peeves?”

“Hold on,” I chuckle. “You only gave one.”

She thinks for a moment, then shakes her head. “Put down the toilet seat, always replace the toilet roll, don’t leave toothpaste in the sink, and don’t drink the last of the coffee, and we’ll be good.”

“Nothing huge.” I glance around the restaurant before looking at her again.

“Your turn,” she reminds me.

“Let me think.” A server brings our food and sets the plates in front of us. I wait for him to leave, then say, “Mind games. I can’t stand it.”

Mariya cuts a piece of her steak and pops it into her mouth. I watch as she enjoys the flavor, the looks of satisfaction on her face making my cock stir.

Shifting in my chair, I add, “Self-pity is off-putting.”

“Totally agree,” she murmurs, cutting another piece. She pauses and lifts an eyebrow at me. “Aren’t you going to eat?”

“Soon. I don’t like my food too hot.”

She smiles. “Noted.”

I enjoy watching Mariya eat. There’s something so pleasing about getting to provide for her. I pull my wallet out and place one of my credit cards next to her plate.

She frowns, then glances at me. “What’s that for?”

“Anything you need.”

“I have a credit card.”

I shake my head. “You’re my wife, which means I provide for you.”

Mariya sets down her cutlery and takes a sip of her water before saying, “I’m not sure how I feel about that.”

“It will reflect badly on me if I let your father continue to provide for you,” I explain calmly.

She worries her bottom lip between her teeth, then, to my surprise, she says, “I understand.” She gives me a look of warning. “Only for six months. And brace yourself, I love shopping.”

Chuckling, I murmur, “Noted.” Picking up my cutlery, I start to eat. When I’m almost done, I mention, “Whenever you leave the apartment, you have to notify me.”

“And we were doing so well,” she huffs. “I have Ivan and Lev.”

I shake my head. “I don’t care. I want to know when and where you’re going.”

Anger sparks in her eyes, but her tone is calm when she asks, “You don’t think that’s a little controlling?”

“No.” I capture her eyes. “I can’t do my job while worrying whether you’re safe.”

She seems to think about it, then agrees, “Okay, but then you have to keep me updated wherever you are at all times.”

I let out a chuckle. “Don’t complain when your phone blows up with messages.”

When we’re done with our meal, I settle the bill. I get up and hold my hand out to Mariya. She hesitates for a moment but then rests her palm against mine. I weave our fingers as we walk to the exit, Ivan and Lev taking the lead.

“Thank you for dinner,” Mariya murmurs once we’re seated in the G-Wagon.

Wanting to test the waters, I lean closer. “You can thank me with a kiss.”

Her eyebrow pops up, then she gives me an incredulous look. “Wow.”

“It better be wow,” I tease her.

She leans closer and presses a quick kiss to my cheek. “That’s all you get.”

Before she can pull back, I grab her by the back of her neck, hold her in place and claim her mouth.

Just like earlier, Mariya’s stunned for a moment. Feeling a tremble move through her, satisfaction fills my chest. She’s so affected by me, it gives me complete control as I devour her mouth.

Only when my cock strains against the zipper of my pants do I slow the kiss down. I savor her hurried breaths and the dazed look in her eyes, then brush my mouth over hers again before pulling back.

“Safety belt,” I order, my voice hoarse from the need pulsing through my veins.

Silence falls between us, and only when we’re halfway home does Mariya comment, “At least you’re a good kisser. Lucky me.”

Chuckling, I shake my head.

No, mia regina. Lucky me.


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