Choosing Theo: Chapter 17

What. The. Fuck!

Who the hell did he think he was? Now that he’d left, Jade had time to replay their conversation in her mind. She’d been so taken aback and confused when he’d accused her of being a spy that she hadn’t defended herself. Now that she had her wits about her, she was livid.

She scoffed, recalling Zikas’ earlier comment. “There are very few better males than Theo,” my ass! He’s a paranoid psychopath!

When he’d grabbed her and pulled her close on the counter, the logical part of her mind had rebelled. He was an alien, and she didn’t know him at all. She’d also been incredibly embarrassed that he’d understood what she’d said.

Jade’s body, however, had responded to him in a way she’d never responded to a man before. At first, he’d been seductive. Aggressive, but seductive. Calling her pet and whispering in her ear. When he’d rubbed himself against her like he had, she’d grown wet and had almost given up fighting him.

Then he’d changed. She’d seen it in his eyes. Whatever she’d said had made him drop his act and lash out.

In what world could I ever be a spy? she thought, fuming. Jade had always been a terrible liar. Hotheaded too. Many times, she’d said things in the heat of the moment that she’d later regretted.

She couldn’t even fake an orgasm properly. One boyfriend she’d had on Earth had dumped her because of her lack of “enthusiasm” in the bedroom.

The idea of her as some femme fatale, plotting against the fire-breathing giant next door, was laughable.

There was no lock on her bedroom door, so Jade angled a chair under the knob and flopped down on the bed. She thought back through their fight in the kitchen. The markings…Those are the scars everyone was talking about? Everyone hates them? Why?

Jade recalled the doctor’s odd look when Jade had asked to keep her tattoo.

How could they be scars? The designs were so intricate and deliberate. Many of the other aliens she’d met had markings, but theirs were white or light gold. Was the color of Theo’s what made them unappealing to others?

“Stupid sexy asshole alien!” she muttered angrily. This was going to be a difficult three months.

And what did he mean when he’d said he would play along?


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