Choosing Theo: Chapter 16

Jade’s eyes widened in shock, and color flooded her cheeks. “W-what— Y-you—”

“I’m curious to know what a ‘ma-so-kist’ is. That word didn’t translate.”

“You can understand me?” she squeaked.

“I updated my translator while you were changing.” Theo eyed her long, pale legs again.

The whole ride to his house had been torturous. Her scent had overwhelmed his senses in the small space. In order to keep himself from pouncing on her and burying himself deep within her soft body, he’d had to concentrate on his anger.

She had to be a spy. Sent to him for some nefarious reason. He wasn’t going to let this female get the best of him. But then…she’d given him a heated look.

He hadn’t understood anything she’d said and yet she’d kept talking, taunting him. Her voice had become sultry when she’d stared at him. If the cruiser hadn’t arrived at his home and if she hadn’t dashed out of the cab so quickly…Well he wasn’t sure what he would’ve done.

He vowed that as soon as he had a moment alone, he’d update his translator, without her knowledge, and learn everything he could from her.

Theo didn’t enjoy failing, and yet he’d failed himself. Not even ten minutes after updating his translator had he revealed himself. He’d found it odd when she’d requested his clothing, but hadn’t seen the harm in placating her.

Glancing down at his bloodied hand, he noted he needed to remember not to underestimate her again. The minute she’d walked out wearing his shirt, his mind had reeled. Her intoxicating scent had mixed with his own, made him wonder if she would smell that way after a good fucking.

When he’d seen her bare legs and thought about how easy it would be to slip his hand under his loose shirt, he’d completely lost it and shattered his glass.

Whoever had hired her had chosen well. Her mannerism and reactions looked genuine.

“Why didn’t you speak before?” she snapped, regaining her composure.

“You did enough talking for the both of us,” he lied. “And I was intrigued by what you were saying.” He grabbed her backside and scooted her forward on the counter so quickly that her legs were forced apart. Swiftly, he positioned himself between them.

She sputtered and tried to move away. He pulled her closer, grinding his hips against her. He was sad to say that she wasn’t completely nude under his shirt.

“What’s the matter, pet?” he crooned in her ear. “Isn’t this what you wanted?”

Her voiced faltered when she said, “I, uh, didn’t say I… Um, no, I don’t.”

His shaft was aching now as he rubbed against her more fervently. A divine smell was coming from her, but he couldn’t identify the cause. Was this the smell of her fear again?

She squirmed harder, trying to get away. He shot her a wicked grin. “If you wiggle any harder, I’m going to come right here.”

She froze at that. “You can’t do this. Not if I say no.”

He told himself he was continuing to hold her in order to rattle her and hear her confession of guilt. He didn’t want to admit this weakness to himself but, in truth, moving away from her after feeling her this way wasn’t something he felt entirely sure he could do.

“A minute ago, you were wishing you could lick my scars,” he said scowling at her. “What’s changed?”

“Your scars? You mean your tattoos?” Again, she tried to pull away, and this time he allowed it. “I didn’t know you could understand me!” she squeaked. She hopped off the counter and moved away from him. “I was just blabbering. I do that when I’m nervous.”

“I think,” he began as he stalked toward her, “that you knew I could understand you and wanted me to think you were attracted to me.”

“What? Why would I do that?” Jade continued to back away.

“Part of whatever game you’re playing, I’m sure.” Rage boiled in him, knowing that this persona she’d donned worked on him like a charm. “Who sent you?” he barked, making her jump. A bittersweet scent radiated from her, confusing him further. Was this what her fear smelled like?

“Sent me?” she asked, reaching her hand in front of her protectively.

“What are you trying to do here? Kill me? Steal something from me?”

Jade was backing herself into a corner without realizing it. “No one sent me. I was abducted from my planet, you psycho!”

“Lie!” he roared as he lunged at her.

She tried to sidestep him, but he boxed her in. She attempted to scratch his face with those little nails, but he easily caught her hands and placed them above her head. Holding her wrists steady with one palm, he pressed her into the wall.

“Whoever sent you must be stupid, and you along with them.” She glared at him as he spoke. “I’d never, for one instant, believe you just happened to pick me because you thought I was sexy.” He said the word with a snarl.

She let out an exasperated breath, her eyes growing glassy. Was she going to cry? His gut clenched, and he had to squash the urge to release her and console her. “Well, I did! I regret my decision now. I should’ve trusted the other women. They all looked terrified of you, and now I know why!”

“Just tell me who you’re working for, and I’ll let you go.”

“No one sent me!” Her voice broke, and she wrenched her wrists downward forcefully. If she didn’t stop, she’d hurt herself.

Theo released a frustrated bellow then threw Jade over his shoulder and bounded down the hall to her room. Once inside, he flung her on the bed.

She scrambled away.

In a tone dripping with venom, he said, “Fine. I’ll play your game. Treat you like a wife. We’ll see how long you last.” He stalked toward the door and before leaving, added, “I own miles of land in every direction. If you run, I’ll chase you. I like a good hunt, but you won’t like what happens if I catch you.”

He slammed the door as he left.


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