Captured By A Sinner: Chapter 16


She lied.

She fucking lied about having sex, and that’s why it hurt so much for her.

Knowing I’m the first man inside Rosalie and that her virginity belongs to me and her blood coats my cock fill my chest with relief. At least I’ll always keep a part of her with me, and she’ll never be able to forget me.

It takes all my strength not to fuck her the way I planned. The slower thrusts allow me to feel every tight inch of her wet heat, making the moment a million times more intense.

I have two days to worship this beautiful creature, and I plan on spending most of the time with her in my bed.

I relish the feel of her skin brushing against mine, and lowering my hand from her cheek, I squeeze her breast hard, loving how tight her nipple pebbles.

Breaking the kiss, I press my forehead to Rosalie’s, and watch her face as I keep filling her. Her cheeks are flushed, and the golden flecks in her brown irises look like tiny fires. Emotion is etched onto her features, and no matter what lies she continues to tell me, I know without a doubt this woman loves me.

I’ll never love another woman the way I love you, baby.

Tears start to shimmer in her eyes, and not wanting her to cry, I kiss the fuck out of her.

I move faster, filling her with hard thrusts until she gasps against my lips, and I feel her body tensing. Pushing my hand between us, I flick my middle finger against her clit, and Rosalie starts to move with me.

She rides me faster and faster, her gasps turning to moans and whimpers. I rub the fuck out of her clit, and my cock keeps hitting her deep until she shatters. Her arms tighten around me, and she cries right by my ear, making pleasure sizzle down my spine.

My balls tighten, and shoving Rosalie onto her back, I relentlessly pound into her until my body arches as my orgasm hits.

I keep hammering into her while I come, my jaw clenching from the intense ecstasy exploding through me.

Only when we’re both coming down from our orgasms, do I slow my pace. I don’t pull out immediately, enjoying the last couple of thrusts as residual spasms keep making her pussy clamp around me.

My eyes drink in her flushed face, and the possessiveness I feel for her fills every inch of my chest. “You’re mine,” I say with determination. “I might let you go the day after tomorrow, but you’re mine, Rosalie. I’ll give you all the time you need, and when you’re ready, you’ll come back to me.”

I bury myself deep inside her and press her body into the bed with my full weight. My hands frame the sides of her head, and with her eyes locked on mine, I say, “If I ever catch you with another man, I will kill him.”

Her chin starts to quiver, and instead of arguing with me, she nods.

I fuse my mouth with hers, and we spend minutes just kissing before I pull out of her. I walk to the bathroom and dispose of the condom. After I’ve cleaned myself, I wash my hands and splash water over my face.

When I look up, my eyes connect with my reflection in the mirror.

Rosalie Manno belongs to me.

I hear footsteps, and when I walk back into the bedroom, Rosalie and her clothes are gone. There’s only the blood stain on my sheets.

She better not think she’s going to hide in her room. She promised me two days, and I want every second.

I pull on a clean pair of sweatpants, and when I check her bedroom and find it empty, I feel relieved.

I take the stairs down and head to the side door. Resting my shoulder against the doorjamb, I cross my arms over my chest and watch Rosalie as she waits for Luna to finish peeing.

When she glances at me, her eyes only touch mine for a second before she quickly looks away. Her neck and cheeks flush, making a smile curve my lips.

Luna notices me, and I have to brace myself as she runs and jumps up. I rub her soft fur. “Did you miss me, sweet girl?”

“She did,” Rosalie answers.

Hearing the double meaning in her words, my eyes snap to hers. “I missed her too. Staying away was one of the hardest things I ever had to do.”

Once Luna is done saying hello to me, I walk to Rosalie and take hold of her hand. I tug her closer, and tilting my head, I stare into her eyes. “You okay?”

She nods quickly, then looks away.

“Are we going to lie to each other these last two days?”

She nods again, her voice hoarse as she whispers, “I can’t face the truth.”

I lift a hand and brush my knuckles over her cheek. “Then we’ll lie, moya Malen’kaya Roza.”

It feels more intimate when I call her my Little Rose in Russian.

Needing to ease the tension in her, I say, “Let’s make something to eat and watch a movie. I just want to relax with you.”

I tug Rosalie into the house and force her to sit on a stool.

When I open the fridge, she asks, “Do the tattoos on your shoulders and chest mean anything?”

“The stars mean authority,” I explain.

“Because you’re the head of the bratva?”

“Yes.” My eyes flick to hers, and seeing the curiosity on her face, I relax.

“Can I ask something else?”

“You can ask anything.” I take chicken and vegetables out so I can make stir-fry.

“How did it feel the first time you killed someone?”

Jesus, that’s long ago.

I actually have to think for a moment while I rinse the vegetables. “I was thirteen when my dad and Uncle Alexei took me with them to an arms deal. Things went sideways, and I had to kill one of the fuckers. It was either him or me.” Opening the pack of chicken breasts, I cut them into strips. “Watching the life drain from a human being had me puking my guts out. I couldn’t eat for a week.”

Compassion laces her words as she asks, “Then why do you do it?”

I lock eyes with her. “To protect what’s mine, moya malen’kaya roza. In our world, it’s kill or be killed.”

She’s trying to understand me, but I can see she’s struggling.

Setting the knife down, I walk to her and take hold of her chin. “You love Luna, right?”


“What would you do to protect her?”

Her eyebrows draw together, the conflicted emotions returning to her face.

I lean down and press a kiss to her lips and say, “You promised me two days. Don’t think about the mafia and bratva. Don’t think about anything but me.”

When she nods, I kiss her again until she’s breathless. Pulling back, I brush the pad of my thumb over her swollen bottom lip. “I want you to do something for me.”

Confusion flutters over her face. “What?”

“Let Luna go outside. I need you all to myself for what I have planned.”

Rosalie opens the side door, so Luna can go play, then shuts it. She looks nervous as she walks back to me.

When she’s in reaching distance, I pull her behind the island. “Get down on your knees.”


“You’re going to suck my cock, moya Malen’kaya Roza.”

Instantly her face flushes, and she looks self-conscious, then she admits, “I don’t know how.”

The corner of my mouth lifts. “I’ll teach you.”

Rosalie places her hand on the island and carefully lowers herself onto her knees. When she looks up at me, an inferno of possessiveness burns through my veins, and I harden in a split second.

My fingers brush along her jaw, and reaching her chin, I tug at her bottom lip with my thumb. “You’re so fucking beautiful.” I nod to my clothes. “Take them off.”

Rosalie grips hold of the waistband and pulls the fabric down my legs, then she stares at my cock.

“Wrap your fingers around the base,” I instruct her.

The instant her fingers brush my sensitive skin, my cock jerks with need.

I watch as wonder fill her eyes. “Your skin is like velvet.” She moves her fist up and down, exploring more. “I didn’t expect it to feel this way.”

“Every inch is yours, moya Malen’kaya Roza. Part your lips and suck me into your hot, little mouth.”

The blood practically buzzes in my veins as I watch her mouth open. When she takes the head of my cock into her warmth, and I feel her tongue brush against me, I grab hold of the back of her head and almost sway on my feet from how good it feels.

After years of jerking off, this is heaven.

“That’s it, moya Malen’kaya Roza. Now take me as deep as you can,” I order.

I watch as my cock is sucked into her mouth, the view of Rosalie on her knees and her eyes staring up at me for approval more erotic than anything I’ve seen.

I’m not going to hold out much longer. My voice is hoarse as I instruct, “Take a deep breath and relax your tongue.”

When she’s ready, I grip a fistful of her hair and thrust as deep as she’ll let me. The head of my cock hits the back of her throat, making her gag.

The sound strips me of all control, and I start to move faster and harder, needing to come down her throat.

Her eyes start to shimmer as she gags on every thrust. I brush my thumb around her lips as I pull out, reveling in the feel of them stretched around my wide girth. “So fucking perfect.”

Rosalie takes every thrust until pleasure shoots down my spine and my cum fills her mouth. I breathe hard from the intense orgasm, the word rumbling from me, “Swallow.”

I watch her drink every drop before I slowly pull out. Grabbing hold of her shoulders, I yank her to her feet and crush my mouth to hers. I taste myself on her tongue just like she tasted herself earlier after I ate her pussy.

When I break the kiss, I stare into her dazed eyes. “Good girl.”

This time she doesn’t bite my head off but smiles, looking proud that she was able to give me a blow job.

Christ. It’s going to kill me to let her go.


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