Captured By A Sinner: Chapter 15


I’m worried out of my mind, which only makes my guilt so much worse.

Viktor hasn’t been home in five days, and I’m contemplating walking to his parents’ house to ask if he’s okay.

These people are nothing to you. They belong to the bratva, Rosalie.

Just two more days, then you’ll finally get to leave.

If you show you care, Viktor won’t let you go.

Stay strong.

For Grandpa.

For Uncle Ricco.

You don’t feel anything for Viktor. These emotions are nothing more than Stockholm syndrome.

Instead of thinking about Viktor, I should worry about my future. I’ll need to find a place to stay and a job.

Luna licks my hand to get my attention, and I ruffle the fur on her head. “Hey, girl. Do you want to go inside and take a nap?”

She sits up straight and tilts her head as if to say yes.

“Yeah, it’s hot today.”

I walk back into the house and shut the door so none of the cool air from the AC will escape.

When we enter the bedroom, Luna jumps onto the bed and lies down on her side. I kick off my shoes, then take a pair of shorts from my closet.

It’s way too hot to sleep in jeans.

After dragging on the shorts, I crawl onto the bed and lie down. I stare at Luna as my thoughts turn to the incident between Viktor and me.

It was the first time he kissed me.

God, it was hard to pull away.

When his lips slammed into mine, I almost dissolved into a puddle of hormones.

It was also the first time I saw the desperation in Viktor’s eyes. He’s always been calm and collected, never losing control.

It makes me worry how we’ll get through the last two days. I’m not sure I can keep pushing him away.

I’m not that strong. Especially not when I see the heartache in his eyes.

Life is so unfair.

If it weren’t for the fact that he’s the head of the bratva and part of the Priesthood, we could be together.

He’d just be an ordinary guy I could fall in love with.

It would be as easy as breathing to love him. He’s shown me so much kindness during my stay here and has done everything possible to make me feel at home.

The times I fought back, he never lost his temper.

Not once did he abuse me.

But Viktor is far from ordinary. He’s a trained killer, a ruthless bratva boss, and my kidnapper.

Just two more days.

My chaotic thoughts and emotions chase me from the bed. Unable to stop myself, I walk to Viktor’s bedroom so I can smell his scent.

I open the door and glance over the dark furniture and bedspread. I step inside and brush my fingers along the wall as if I can steal some of the memories this room might hold.

Looking at the bed, I realize I’ve never seen Viktor asleep.

Does he look peaceful or ruthless when he’s lying in this bed?

Suddenly, I feel the air shift, and spinning around, I see Viktor watching me with an enraged look.


We stare at each other, and three years’ worth of emotions tense the air until my breaths speed up.

Only two more days.

But I don’t want to say goodbye.

I want to run into his arms and beg him to keep me forever.

I want to be free from my guilt to love him.

Viktor moves so fast that I don’t have any time to avoid him. His arms wrap around me, and his mouth slams into mine with so much force I whimper.

His tongue thrusts past my lips, and the way he loses control should scare me.

Maybe it does, but I don’t get a chance to examine it because Viktor kisses me with so much desperation and need, it clouds my mind.

All the emotions I’ve worked so hard to bottle up explode like fireworks through me. I lift my arms and wrap them around his neck.

When my tongue brushes against his, a growl rumbles deep from his chest, and the last of his control is obliterated.

My hands move to the sides of his neck, and I kiss him with every emotion he’s made me feel.

I lose his mouth as he peppers my jaw and neck with hot kisses. “Just give me these last two days. Please.”

I’m too weak to stand my ground, and instead of pushing Viktor away, I shove the memory of my family into the darkest corner of my heart. “Okay.”

His hands frame my face, and his eyes bore into mine. “You’ll be mine to do with what I want?”


Anticipation and desire spin wildly in my stomach. “Yes.”

“Promise,” he demands.

“I promise.”

“I kept my word, Little Rose. I didn’t force myself on you for three years. You better not break your promise,” he orders.

 He looks at me with so much relief I can taste it on my lips right before his mouth claims mine in a searing kiss.

Viktor’s hands grip my hips, then they feverishly explore my body as if he can’t touch me enough. His lips knead mine until they tingle, his teeth tugging and nipping with such experience, it makes me lightheaded.

My fingers tangle in the short strands of hair at his nape, my skin starting to buzz with the need for more while my heart pounds in my chest.

I’m so enamored with him that every touch and kiss from him pulls me into a world where my darkest fantasies beg to be released.

Drunk on passion, I want this ruthless man who lives by a code of violence to own me in every way.

“Viktor.” I have no idea what I’m begging for against his lips, I only know I need him to do more. To touch me harder. To kiss me until I can’t breathe. To make me feel things I’ve never felt before. “More,” whimper.

“Jesus Christ,” he grumbles, then I’m shoved onto the mattress. He grabs hold of my thighs and yanks me down until my butt is at the foot of the bed.

When he unbuttons my shorts and drags the zipper down, his knuckles brush against me. My abdomen tightens, and heat floods the valley between my legs.

Self-consciousness threatens to pop the bubble of lust I’m caught in as he drags my shorts and panties down my legs.

I’ve never been naked in front of a man, and as I try to close my legs, he shoves them open and lowers his head as he kneels on the floor.

My eyebrows fly up, and my mouth drops open when the velvety feel of his tongue laps at my most private part.

Oh. My. God.

The pleasure is instant and so intense, my hips buck off the bed. Viktor grabs hold of my sides and forces me down on the mattress as he starts to lick and bite at the sensitive bundle of nerves.

“Oh, God.” The words rush from me, and my hands find his hair, my fingers gripping fistfuls. “Viktor,” I cry when the sensations threaten to overwhelm me.

I feel his hand move, then the pad of his finger rubs around my opening, making the sensations spike and stealing my ability to breathe. I can only manage moans and whimpers, my back arching and every muscle in my body tightening.

Viktor pushes his finger inside me and sucks so hard on my clit, my entire world splinters into paralyzing ecstasy. Cries are torn from me, and my abdomen clenches hard, my body convulsing.

He crawls up my body while pleasure keeps hitting me in waves. His finger moves in and out of me, making the orgasm last longer, and he stares at me with so much awe and emotion I can almost believe he loves me.

“You’re so fucking beautiful,” his voice rumbles like a thundercloud. “You taste exquisite, moya Malen’kaya Roza.”

My hands frame his face, and I pull him to me so I can kiss him. I need him to keep my mind clouded, or I’ll start to think, which would be a disaster.

Viktor allows me to kiss him, and tender love spills from me.

 I’ll never be able to admit how I feel about him, but I’ll at least get this one chance to show him.

“Rosalie,” he breathes against my lips. He wraps an arm around me and shifts me up the bed before lying down on top of me. His weight presses me into the mattress, making me feel safe and adored.

My hands slip beneath his shirt, and trailing my fingers over his muscled back, I relish in the feel of the power rippling beneath his skin.

Viktor takes hold of my shirt and pulls it off. There’s a moment I feel self-conscious as he unclips my bra and throws it on the floor, but then his mouth closes over a nipple, and my back arches. He massages my breasts and feasts on my nipples until they’re hard and sensitive.

I manage to pull his shirt over his head, finally ridding him of a piece of clothing. My hands explore the prominent ridges of his abs and chest, and I trail a finger over the star on his left shoulder.

Viktor moves off the bed, and I watch as he takes his sweatpants off.

Shit, he doesn’t wear boxers.

I’m lying naked on his bed, but still, I’m not prepared as I stare at his hard length. Having never seen that part of a man, I’m not sure if it’s normal or whether all men are so long and thick.

Viktor opens the bedside drawer, and my eyes grow bigger when I see him take a condom from a box that says Durex XXL.

This is really happening. I’m about to have sex for the first time.

Viktor rolls the condom over his cock, and the sight of him touching himself makes heat flood my body all over again.

He crawls over me, and when he lies down, he pulls my left leg over his hip and settles down on top of me. Feeling his hardness pressing against me is both overwhelming and scary.

Viktor kisses my jaw, then asks, “Have you had sex before?”


I nod, afraid he will stop if I answer the truth.

“Do you masturbate?”

Hell no.

I nod again, my cheeks going up in flames.

A sexy grin tugs at his mouth. “Have you fantasized about me?”

Not the way he thinks. There were days I was weak, and I dreamt things were different so we could be together.

“Yes,” I lie.

“Good, I don’t have to torture myself by taking it slow.”

Oh shit.

Viktor’s mouth captures mine, and the kiss quickly turns wild and possessive. His hand slips between my legs, and he thrusts two fingers inside me. It stings, and I quickly have to swallow back the squeak.

It doesn’t take long before the discomfort morphs into pleasure, and soon my hips are moving to meet his hand thrust for thrust.

Moans and sighs spill from me, and I’m swept into a world of passion where it’s only Viktor and me.

Viktor’s kisses grow with urgency until he’s devouring me, and he pulls his hand from between my legs. I feel the head of his cock pressing against my opening, then my mouth rips from his, and my body arches from the intense pain as he slams into me.

“Motherfucking Christ,” Viktor hisses. “You’re fucking tight.” He presses his forehead to mine, his features strained and breathtakingly attractive from the effort it’s taking not to move.

When the sharp ache deep inside me lessens, I finally manage to suck in a breath of air.

Viktor’s eyes burn into mine. “How badly does it hurt?”

My freaking butt is numb from the pain.

I quickly shake my head. “Not much.” I force a smile to my lips and wrap my arms around his neck so he can’t pull back. “I’m fine.”

He presses a gentle kiss to the tip of my nose and grips hold of my left thigh. When he pulls out, it burns, and I try to brace myself, but the second he thrusts back into me, the pain is back.

I tighten my hold around him and bury my face against the side of his neck so he can’t see my face.

“You still good, moya Malen’kaya Roza?” he asks hoarsely.

I don’t know Russian, but I can guess he’s calling me his little rose. I love hearing it in his language.


Only when Viktor thrusts into me for the third time does it sink in that I gave him my virginity.

I cling to him until the pain finally starts to fade, and the moment my body relaxes beneath him, Viktor loses control.

His fingers dig into my buttcheeks, and he holds me in place as he starts to hammer into me.

I feel him everywhere – his skin rubbing against mine, his cock stroking and hitting against my inner walls, and his breaths on my lips.

Not once does he break eye contact as he claims my body, the expression on his face tense and ruthless as if he’s conquering the world.

Suddenly, he pulls out, and my body is yanked up. Viktor forces me to straddle him, my shins resting on either side of his powerful thighs. The position pushes my legs as wide open as they’ll go.

I wrap my arms around him, squashing my breasts against his solid chest.

With his left arm wrapped tightly around my lower back, he surges inside me, stretching me to the max.

A whimper escapes my parted lips.

“Christ, your pussy takes me so well, moya Malen’kaya Roza.” His dirty words make my abdomen clench hard. He groans with satisfaction, “You’re so fucking tight. It feels incredible to be inside you.”

Viktor looks down between us as he pulls out, but then he frowns, and his intense eyes dart back to mine. I glance down, and seeing the blood, I gasp.

Shit. I didn’t think about that. There’s so much blood you’d think he murdered my vagina.

Instead of calling me out, Viktor cups my cheek with his right hand, and taking my mouth in a tender kiss that makes my toes curl, he pushes back inside me.


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