Black Ties and White Lies: Chapter 44


My brother watches me closely through narrowed eyes. It takes all of my restraint to not clench my teeth, to show a reaction to the way Margo expertly takes me in her mouth. She blows me with such enthusiasm, it’s a damn miracle I’ve been able to keep my cool with my brother standing a few feet away from me. I’m shocked she isn’t making gagging noises with how far down her throat she’s taking me.

“You’ll tell her I stopped by?” he asks steadily, looking out to the city behind me.

“I don’t see the reason for it. From the way she’s spoken, the two of you are over, Carter. It doesn’t seem like she wants to speak to you.”

As if Margo is nodding in agreement, she twirls her tongue around my head as her small hand works up and down my length. It’s like she’s egging me on, confirming my words without saying a thing.

“You’re lying,” he seethes. He runs a hand through the stubble on his chin. I fight the urge to tell him how terrible the new look is. His dark hair is unforgiving, the patches obvious on his cheeks where he can’t grow a full beard. Even if I was kind enough to tell him, he wouldn’t believe me. He’s too full of himself.

My teeth dig into my lip as Margo picks the pace up underneath the desk. The moment my brother leaves, I’m going to pull her up and fuck her senseless. It’s incredibly risky for her to be taking my cock so well while I talk with my brother, and I fucking love her for doing it. She’s always surprising me, and the eagerness in which she shoves all of me down her throat has me ravenous to plow into her.

“Are we done here?” I ask through gritted teeth, my balls tightening.

I swallow, not wanting to come. Not yet. Not with Carter here, not before I fuck her up against the windows of this office, letting her look on to the city she loves so much.

Carter runs a finger over the leaf of a tree that Polly works so hard at taking care of. “Yes. Tell Margo I stopped by.”

He begins walking back toward the door, thank fuck.

I’m about to pull Margo up the hair and bury myself in her when he turns around to face me once again. “Better yet, maybe I’ll hang out for a bit. She’s bound to show up eventually, isn’t she?”

“Goodbye, Carter,” I clip, hating the fact that he’s here to begin with. He hates Manhattan. Says it’s too dirty and busy for his taste.

Carter opens the door, his eyes scanning the room one last time before walking out. He’s almost scanned the entire room when his eyes land on Margo’s discarded sweater.


He zeroes on it, looking from the sweater, to me, and back again.

Margo continues to suck me perfectly while I see the gears in my brother’s head turn. “Remember what we’ve talked about Beckham,” he warns, pulling the door shut behind him. “Remember who had her first.”

Oh, I remember. I just don’t give a fuck.

Margo was never truly his. She was always meant to be mine.

The moment I hear the door seal shut, I’m pushing my chair back and pulling my cock from her warm mouth. It’s a sight to see, seeing her crammed underneath my desk, her lipstick smudged all around her mouth. God, she’s fucking hot. My brother made the mistake of his life by letting her go. I don’t intend to make the same one.

I hold my hand out, pulling her from underneath the desk. Her knees are red from rubbing against the floor, her eyes watery from how well she took me. “That was unexpected,” she says, smiling at me.

“He’s a fucking bother.”

Both of us stand up, her back resting against the corner of the desk. “Well, he didn’t bother too much,” she muses. “Although, I was kind of hoping I’d get you to finish.”

“Oh I’ll come,” I assure her, spreading her thighs open so I can step between them. “It’s just going to be after I’ve felt you come on my cock a time or two.”

Her bottom lip juts out in a pout. “This was supposed to be my turn to do you. To swallow…”

I take her next words away, needing to feel her lips against mine. Needing to taste her and feel her come undone underneath my touch. The kiss isn’t gentle or loving, it’s filled with feral need and longing. I’ve never wished to be back home in my life, at a place where I could take her as long and as loudly as I want.

After seeing Carter, seeing the look in his eyes that assures me he thinks he isn’t done with Margo, I need to feel close to her. I need the reassurance that she’s mine just as much as I’m hers.

Margo doesn’t hold back by kissing me back. She puts everything into it, more than reassuring me it isn’t Carter she wants anymore. I can’t fight the jealousy that still rages in my chest, despite the reverence she kisses me with.

I pick her up by the hips, walking us to the floor to ceiling window of the office space. It isn’t the same view as the one offered in the one I gave her, but it still works. “Is it bad I wouldn’t have cared if my brother caught you underneath there?” My hips keep her pinned against the glass, her legs wrapping around my middle to secure her position.

She moans as she sticks her hands underneath my jacket. Her hands fist in the dress shirt I wear underneath as she attempts to untuck it. “No.” She tilts her head back as I kiss down her throat. “I didn’t care either.”

I laugh against her sensitive skin, marveling at the goosebumps that raise all over her skin. “I know you didn’t care. You were taking my cock so greedily down your mouth I could barely think straight. I was so close to letting my brother watch you gag yourself on me, just to prove to him how little you want to speak with him.”

I pop her breast from the cup of her bra, sucking her nipple into my mouth. “Would you have done it?”

I lift her skirt until it bunches around her waist. While the panties she slipped on this morning after I had her for breakfast are sexy as fuck, I rip each thin side and stuff them in my pocket. They’re in the way and I don’t want to lose connection with her even for a second for her to take them off properly.

“I liked those.”

“So did I.” Her thighs tighten around me as her heels dig into my back. She’s trying to line herself up with my erection, but she’s just out of reach to accomplish it.

“You didn’t answer my question,” I continue, reaching between us to feel her absolutely soaked. Her breath hitches as my fingers slide over her.

“Remind me what it was.”

I inch my finger inside her, going as far as I can. Her eyes roll back in pleasure. “Would you have continued to greedily take my cock if your ex-boyfriend looked on? Would you be as determined to fit every inch of me down that throat of yours if you knew my brother was watching you do it?”

Her head nods up and down enthusiastically. “Yes,” she mewls, grinding against me.

“Good answer.” Taking a step back, I let her feet fall to the ground. Instantly, I spin her body around, pressing her cheek into the cold glass. I allow myself a moment to take in the view. Her dark hair spills down her slightly arched back. Her skirt bunches around her waist, allowing me the perfect view of her round ass.

I place my foot between her legs, forcing her to open her legs wider for me. If the glass is too cold against her skin, she doesn’t say anything about it. In fact, she presses even deeper into it when I run my fingertip down her spine. “You did so good sucking my cock, baby,” I praise. “But I can’t resist taking the chance to fuck you right here in this office.” I run my head over the seam of her asscheeks, loving how loud she moans from the motion.

“I want to fuck you while you look down at the city you love so much.” I slide into her from behind. “Now you won’t be able to look at the busy street below without thinking of the time I fucked you so good while everyone below went about their day.”

I set a punishing pace for the both of us, slamming my hips against her ass. Her moans come louder and quicker. Reaching around her, I cover her mouth with my hand. “As much as I love to hear you scream, baby, I’m going to need you to be quiet this time. Soon everyone in this office will know we’re together, but not just yet.”

Her body slackens, melting to the window as I pump in and out of her. She feels so fucking good in this position. She’d already worked hard at getting me close to coming while blowing me, now with her pussy clenching around me, I know it won’t be long before her efforts will pay off.

I pump into her quick and hard at a pace I’ve learned drives her wild. The moans vibrating against my hand are a clear indicator that it feels just as good for her as it does for me. She surprises me by staying quiet, at least quiet enough for no one else to hear. It might be because my fingers push into her mouth, gagging her to keep her quiet as I keep the punishing pace between us.

While I relish in the thought of every last man in this office knowing she’s off limits, I should probably have a conversation with HR first. They probably wouldn’t love to find out about us by hearing us fucking in my office, especially if they were to know I left an important meeting to do so.

Her eyes stare down at the city below her. We’re so high up there’s no way anyone on the ground could see us, but that doesn’t mean someone in the building next to ours isn’t looking out their office window right now and seeing way more than they’d expected.

“Does it turn you on to think that someone could be staring at us right now through the window? That they’d see your tits bouncing as I bury myself in you? That they could see you greedily take every inch of me? That they’d think you were my dirty little slut?”

She mumbles something against my fingers, but it’s muffled and unintelligible. My fingers sneak deeper into her mouth, her lips closing around them the same way they did around my cock. Her tongue against them as I push deeper into her, making her feel me everywhere. Even with her mouth full, she moans loudly, her eyes fluttering open and shut with pleasure.

“You’re so full of me right now.” I thrust harder into her. There will be a time and a place where I can gently push in and out of her, taking my time with plucking an orgasm from her. That time is not now. This is hurried, raw and full of ravenous passion. “Do you enjoy sucking on my fingers the same way you do my cock? Knowing that you’re feeling me everywhere?”

She clenches around me, her back arching as a moan ricochets around my fingers. I cover her mouth once again, knowing I’m about to fall over the edge with her. A few more thrusts and I fall against her as cum spills from me.

We stay pressed together, her body against the window and my body against her for a few moments. Our chests heave in perfect unison. My hand slips from her mouth, falling to her hips as I lean in and kiss the back of her neck.

She sighs, letting her head fall to the back of my shoulder. She tilts her head to face me with a satisfied smile on her lips. “That was the most perfect view of New York.”

I laugh, slowly freeing my cock from her. There are still red spots on the base of it from her lipstick, now completely coated in both of our cum.

When I look between her thighs, I find my cum dripping down between them. I smile in satisfaction, leaning down to kiss the top of her nose before I find something to help get both of us cleaned up.

Returning with some tissues, I help her clean between her thighs and straighten her skirt back out. Before she can leave the window and retrieve her shirt, I pin her against the cold glass one more time.

My fingers skirt against the bare skin of her inner thigh. I run my nose over her chin, leaning in close until my lips press to her ear. My fingertips dig into her smooth skin with my next words. “When my brother finds you and tries to win you back, remember that it’s my cum that’s leaking out of you.”


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