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Black Ties and White Lies: Chapter 43



I’d be upset by how sweet my coffee tastes this morning but I don’t know if it’s from you adding a bit of the west coast to it or if it’s because the taste of your sweet pussy still coats my tongue from this morning. Either way, I don’t hate it.


The man who is dying to bend you over his desk and take you again after watching you walk around in that skirt all damn day

I stare at my computer screen, reading his message three more times while pressing my thighs together to try and stifle the wave of arousal from reading his email. My fingers tap the keys of my keyboard as I think of a good response. I look out the open door of my office. From my spot, I can see Beck sitting at the head of the conference table, somehow managing to fire off a filthy email while the board members sitting around the table seem to be locked in a heated conversation. And not the same kind of heated I feel. They look angry, I feel hot with lust and need.

I shouldn’t find it so hot, yet here I am, soaked for him by a freaking email.


What a shame you’re in a meeting. I’m still ready for my own taste.

With regret,

The woman who was desperate to return the favor before she was denied 🙁

I watch him from my desk. It takes a minute or two for him to read the email, but I can tell the moment he does when his back straightens. I stare at his profile, appreciating the view. It was surreal to go about a normal morning routine with him this morning for the first time. I’d watched him shave the blond stubble that’d grown overnight. When he stepped out of his closet, he’d held up two ties and told me to choose one for him to wear.

It felt so normal, yet perfect. I know already I could get a little too used to waking up and getting ready with him only for us to still be late meeting Ezra in the gallery because Beck insists on me starting the morning with an orgasm.

An email chimes from my desktop in front of me.

I don’t know what I was thinking. I’m going to end this meeting within five minutes. Your throat better be ready for me, baby.

My eyes pop open as I take in the words he wrote. When I look back at him, I find him leaning forward, his laptop already shut. He hadn’t even wasted time with a closing statement in the email.


I don’t think he’s kidding. My ass flies out of my office chair as I scurry through the door that connects our two offices. I close it behind me. Now that we’ve switched offices, he has one that’s a bit more private, whereas mine is more like a fish bowl with windows. With the door shut that connects our offices, we’ll be relatively secluded from the prying eyes of our coworkers.

It’s probably a terrible idea to hook up at work, but I’m not thinking clearly right now. The two of us probably have a mile long list of things that HR would lose their minds over if they knew, what’s one more to add to it?

Taking a seat on the corner of his desk, I begin to unbutton my sweater. Once the last button is undone, my shirt hangs open, my bra on full display. In two minutes time, Beck comes rushing through the door, his footsteps heavy as he slams the door behind him. I yelp at the sound, knowing a lot of the office probably heard it as well.

They’ll probably just assume he’s pissed about something. He’s known to be cold and have a temper, it isn’t too far-fetched of an excuse. Plus, we were waiting until we told his family tonight to announce that we’re engaged. Once the world knows we’re engaged, we’ll have to restructure my position working for him a bit since he’s technically my superior. It’s all a bunch of serious stuff I don’t quite understand, and don’t really care to.

He’ll handle it and I’ll follow, too engrossed in what’s going on between us behind closed doors to truly care about my job title. In the end, I’m still after that meeting with Camden.

Now alone with me in this office, Beck’s footsteps slow and then stop all together as he comes to a halt in the middle of the space. “You have me acting very unprofessional by walking out of that meeting.”

I lick my lips, probably ruining my freshly applied lipstick. “Do you want me to say sorry?” I counter, spreading my legs slightly on top of his desk.

His gaze zeroes in on my panties underneath my skirt. They’re my second pair of the day. The first got soaked before he gave me an orgasm over our morning yogurt parfaits.

The veins on his hand ripple as he reaches up and loosens the tie I’d picked out for him. “No. I want you to do as you’re told and suck this cock like you’d promised. You wanted my attention? You’ve got it, Margo. I just left a very important meeting with my cock hard as a rock. It’s time you do something about it.”

He circles his desk and takes a seat in his oversized, leather office chair. I look at him over my shoulder, incredibly turned on by the brashness of his words. I slide off his desk, pushing my sweater off my shoulders and tossing it on a chair reserved for when he has one on one meetings.

“I wouldn’t have had to ruin your meeting if you’d just let me taste you this morning,” I point out, taking my time making my way to him.

He looks sexy as sin, his silhouette framed by the New York City skyline behind him. “We only had time for you, baby. I had that important meeting to get to.”

I shrug, coming to a stop in front of him. “Apparently it wasn’t too important considering you left early.”

His lip twitches as he fights a smile. “I’d told them I had a very important phone call to get to.”

Even through the black of his slacks, I can see he wasn’t lying. The thick outline of his cock is obvious. I’m eager to feel the weight of him against my tongue. To trace the thick line of his vein with my tongue, to feel him come apart because of me.

Grabbing him by the tie, I step between his legs. I yank on it, pulling his shoulders from the back of the chair so his lips are close to mine. “A very, very important call.” I lean in to kiss him, missing the feeling of his full lips against mine since I last felt them before we got out of the car this morning.

Once I’m satisfied by the taste of his lips, I move on to his neck, kissing the same spots he kisses me that drives me wild. My red lips accidentally hit the collar of his stark white dress shirt. “Oops.” I laugh, trying to rub the red stain off. “I didn’t mean to.”

He hums in disapproval. “Sure you didn’t, Violet. You like the idea of seeing it there, that you’ve marked your territory.”

I drop to my knees, looking up at him through my lashes. It doesn’t take me long to undo the fly of his zipper and free his cock from his boxers. I lean down, taking all of him down my throat once before pulling away. My eyes look from him to his cock, focusing on the red lipstick stain that runs down his shaft. “Now I’ve marked my territory,” I answer proudly.

With a wild desire in his eyes, he throws his head back against his chair. “Fuck, Margo. It’s yours. I’m yours, baby. Now take me in your mouth like a good girl and remind me why I’d drop every fucking important meeting I’d ever have for you.”

He doesn’t have to ask me twice. I run my tongue down his length before taking him in my mouth. Opening the back of my throat, I slide him in as far as I can take him. It takes everything in me not to gag. He stretches my mouth, my throat, but I relish in the feeling of it. Of the knowledge how good it must feel for him.

His fingers tangle in my hair as he pushes me down a little further. “You suck my cock so fucking good, baby,” he says through clenched teeth. “That’s it.” He swallows loudly as his head falls to the back of the chair. “Gag on me, baby.”

I moan, the sound loud as I happily attempt to take every inch of him. I’m running my tongue over his head when a loud knock sounds at his door.

I jump at the same moment he curses. “Busy!” he barks, applying pressure to my scalp so I can’t go anywhere.

“Like I give a shit,” a familiar voice says from the other side.

I look up at Beck, eyes wide as we both realize who’s standing on the other side of his office door. At this point, Carter should know I work for Beck, but my shirt is halfway across the room and I’m not sure I have time to grab it before he pushes through the door. I don’t have time to hide the evidence of what we’d been up to.

Scooting backward, I climb underneath Beck’s desk. Beck catches onto my plan, inching his chair forward until he sits as close to the desk as it allows with my body stuffed underneath. I’m able to get hidden just in time for the door to bust open.

“Carter, I told you I’m busy,” Beck growls. The anger in his voice is clear as day. A lot of it probably stemming from the fact that his cock is still out and wet from my saliva, still hard as a rock because I didn’t have time to make him come yet.

“You’re never too busy for family,” Carter responds, his voice a bit closer.

Beck grunts a response, his cock jerking with motion. His hand reaches underneath the desk, palming his length for some sort of relief.

“We’ll talk later,” Beck all but barks. “I’m on an important call.”

“Doesn’t look like it,” Carter fires back.

Knowing Carter, he won’t leave until he gets whatever he came here for. Beck must come to the same realization as me because he lets out a resigned sigh. “What the fuck do you want?”

When Beck runs his hand over his cock once again, I get an idea. A wild one, one that makes liquid form between my legs.

Leaning forward, making sure to stay underneath the desk, I wrap my hand around the base of him. His hips jerk underneath the desk as he places his hand on top of mine.

“I was hoping to catch Margo,” Carter explains, his voice still somewhat of a distance away.

“She’s also busy,” Beck quips at the same time my hand starts to move up and down his shaft. He keeps his hand on top of mine, not stopping me from touching him while his brother—my ex-boyfriend—stands on the other side of his office.

Technically, Beck isn’t lying. I am busy. I’ve been given a work task of utmost importance. Just not in the way Carter would ever expect.

I slowly lean all the way forward until my mouth is inches away from the tip of Beck’s cock. It’s still wet from being in my mouth just minutes ago, a red stain coating the tip. I lick my lips, ready to take all of him again, no matter who else we have in here.

“When will she be back?” Carter presses.

I shove Beck all the way down my throat. When he sits forward slightly, forcing more of him into my mouth, I have to fight the urge to gag. Tears prick my eyes as I fight back the urge to make any noise. It’s intoxicating, knowing how taboo the situation is.

“It shouldn’t matter to you,” Beck’s deep voice responds. I have to hand it to him; he’s managing his composure better than I’d be able to if the roles were reversed.

Part of me wants to push the limits, to make him break his resolve with Carter here with us. How far will he let me go while we have an audience? Never in my life did I imagine myself sucking Beck’s cock while his brother was in the room. But it might be one of the hottest experiences of my life and Beck’s not even touching me.

I push his hand away, making sure it’s known that right now it’s me that’s in control, not him. He lets me, pulling his hand out from underneath the desk, doing something with it I can’t see.

“She was my girlfriend before she was ever your employee, you know. You better remember that.”

I smile, wrapping my fingers around the base of him as I greedily take every inch of him I can manage. I may have once been Carter’s girlfriend, but I want to remind Beck that’s no longer the case. It’s him I want, him that I’m so desperate for I’d do something as risky as this, loving every filthy second of it.

“She doesn’t belong to you. You better remember that,” Beck jabs. I prove his point by slowly bobbing up and down his length.

He’s right. I don’t belong to Carter. I belong to him. Whether he wants me to or not.


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