Black Ties and White Lies: Chapter 33


I don’t give her time to ask any questions. The words slipped from my mouth before I could think better of them.

With her on top of me, I grab her hips, no longer letting her take the lead. She’d had her fun when she’d rubbed her wetness up and down my straining cock. It’d taken everything in me not to push inside and slam into her. I’ve never wanted to get lost in someone else as much as I want to lose myself in her.

Her pussy had squeezed my finger when I’d been licking her. She’d clenched around me, showing how tight she was. I could feel how wet she is against the tip of my cock, but I want to make sure she’s nice and prepared for me. When I slide in her, I won’t be able to restrain myself. When I finally enter her, I need to know that pussy is as ready for me as it ever will be.

I grab her by the hips, pulling her entire body up my own.

Her hands fall to my chest. “What are you doing?”

“I want to get you nice and primed for my cock.”

She squirms, rubbing her arousal up and down me. I love how much the words I use affect her. It’s hot as fuck how I don’t even need to touch her and she’s hot and needy for me. “I am ready. I need you, Beck.”

I growl. I don’t know how the fuck I’m supposed to do anything else but memorize every god dam perfect inch of her. I could spend eternity inside her, making sure to remind her while she may have been with men before me, there’s no fucking chance there’ll be another man after me.

“I need you too. More than I’ve ever needed anything. But I want to make you ready so you can take all of me.”

Her hips buck at the same moment she moans loudly. “I can take it. Please, Beck.”

“Fuck, Margo, I love it when you beg.”

“Then fuck me.”

The push and pull between us is almost as hot as the moans that fall from her lips. Our verbal sparring just as much foreplay as my tongue against her clit or my cock buried in her mouth.

“I have every intention of fucking you, baby. You can count on that. But first, you’re going to fuck my face until I can’t breathe anything in except you.”

My words make her pause, her hips no longer rocking back and forth. Her lips part. “What?”

My hands fall the small of her waist, lifting and pulling her at the same time. “I want you to sit on my face,” I say slowly.

She shakes her head, her eyes wide. “I can’t. I mean I’ve never—”

I lick my lips, looking down at her pussy that’s getting closer to where I want it. “Even more of a reason to bring it to me. I’ll prove to you just how much it’s fucking mine.”

She watches me hesitantly. “Are you sure?”

“That’s a terrible question. Of course I’m fucking sure.”

I yank her up my body, lining my mouth with her swollen, wet pussy. My tongue runs over my bottom lip. It hasn’t been long since I last tasted her, yet I still feel fucking starved.

She clutches the headboard to have something to hold onto. Her pussy hovers just above my tongue, I try to pull her all the way down before I circle her clit with my tongue, but she keeps a good grip on the bed, not allowing her body down anymore.

“Fuck my face, baby,” I demand, pulling on her again. I swipe my tongue across her, hoping that’ll convince her to get totally comfortable.

She moans but doesn’t let her body fully relax. I hook my arms over the tops of her thighs, pulling her down.

“Beck,” she moans as I stick my tongue in her. “I’m going to suffocate you.”

I spread her thighs even wider for me, opening up even more of her for me to ravish. “That’s the point. I want to suffocate in your dripping wet pussy, knowing it’s me who made it that way. When you come, I want to feel it against me, Violet. I want to feel every squirm, spasm, and everything else in between. And once I’ve done that, I’m going to know that sweet little cunt of yours is ready to take every inch of me.”

Finally, her body goes lax, my face becoming buried in her wetness. “Such a good girl.”

I lick and lap at her, my fingers running up and down the seam of her ass. Her moans get loud, her hips bucking up and down. My tongue is relentless against the most sensitive spots of her until I’m confident she has to be close. I love that she’s no longer holding back. All her weight comes down onto my face, and I ravish in every second of it.

A loud moan erupts from her chest as she does just what I asked of her—she fucks my face beautifully—her hips moving in a chaotic motion as she chooses the pace that feels the best.

“Oh Beck, I’m coming,” she screams. Her fingers clutch onto the headboard as she rides my face.

I don’t stop licking until she moves her hips from me. She crawls off, sliding down my body until I come face-to-face with her once again.

“I didn’t know that could feel so…”

Quickly, I come out from underneath her and spin our bodies. With her now lying underneath me, I take a moment to appreciate the woman who has brought me to my knees. She looks exquisite with her hair wildly outstretched in every direction, some of the pieces framing her cheeks that are hot with desire. Margo looks like she’s been properly fucked and my cock hasn’t even been inside her yet.

I can’t fucking wait to see what she looks like once I’m done with her. I can already tell it’ll be burned in my mind forever. The image of her watching me curiously as she wonders what I’ll do next. I remember a similar look on her face that night at my parents. That time we weren’t naked, our bodies barely touching, but I wanted her as desperately then as I do now.

Her eyes roam over my face. She reaches up, swiping her finger over my lip. “I’m all over your face.”

She doesn’t look embarrassed by it, or unsure about it at all. In fact, she squirms her hips against my straining cock as she looks hungrily at my lips. “Does it turn you on to see your cum on my face?”

Her eyes roll back in her head, her body trembling at my words.

I lean in close, brushing my lips against hers. “If it turns you on to see yourself on my lips, I wonder how much it’ll drive you wild to taste yourself on my tongue?” I stick my tongue in her mouth, licking the seam of her lips like a man who’s been starved.

She rocks against me, almost perfectly lining up my erection with her entrance. If I just applied pressure, I’d be stretching her wide for me.

I look at her pussy. “God, Margo, you’re dripping wet for me, baby.”

Her back arches off the bed. “Beck, if you don’t fuck me already I’m going to lose it.”

I smirk, running the head of my cock through her puffy lips. Fuck, she’s so ready for me. This is the most patience I’ve ever shown in my life. I’ve fought the urge to plummet inside of her since the moment I saw her lingerie in the shower. Yet by some miracle, I’ve taken my time.

But the time has finally come.

I’m going to fuck Margo Moretti. The woman who has haunted so many of my dreams. The woman who has been in every fucking fantasy I’ve had for the past year.

I click my tongue, sticking just the tip inside her. I’m in only an inch, but she moans so loudly I’m dying to know what sounds I can pull from her when I sheath myself all the way inside her. “I won’t make you wait any longer for me.”

“Thank god,’ she replies, total ecstasy in her features as she wiggles her hips to try and take me deeper.

I pull out of her, circling her clit with my head. “Remember, Margo, god isn’t the one making you feel this way. If you say any other name but mine, I’m going to have to find ways to remind you just who makes you feel this way. And I promise you, if that’s what it takes, you won’t be able to walk for days.”

She moans in frustration—or maybe it’s pleasure. Truly, I don’t know with her. We seem to be in a constant stream of both when it comes to us. I wouldn’t want it any other way. “Is that really a threat?” she fires back at mine.

This woman. She’ll be my undoing. My ruin. And I’m going to savor every fucking second of it.


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