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Black Ties and White Lies: Chapter 32


If I didn’t see the serious look on his face, I’d think he was kidding. Never in my life have I had to beg like this for someone to fuck me, and I especially haven’t had to crawl to them to prove how bad I need them.

But Beck isn’t like anyone else. He knows it and he wants to make sure I know it. It’s my punishment for ever even attempting to deny the connection between us.

I should probably look into why it turns me on so much. If any other man told me to crawl to them, I’d tell them to go to hell and demand they crawl to me.

Any man but Beck.

For Beck, I lean forward, my palms connecting with the scratchy shag carpet. My knees already have been rubbed raw from getting on them to beg. Or maybe it was from the way they’d slid across the carpet as I’d chased my own release. Either way, I’d gladly crawl across the room toward him if I knew what the end goal was.

His hand moves up and down his thick length, his thumb running over the tip before he repeats the moment all over again. I’ve never been one who really enjoyed giving a blow job, but I’m eager with anticipation at the thought of running my mouth over him, even though I’m terrified how I’ll even fit him in with how thick and long he is.

“Crawl to me, Margo.”

I do as he says, slowly closing the distance between us.

“You’re so fucking sexy,” he mutters, looking at me like I’m the sexiest thing he’s ever laid eyes on.

I’d be embarrassed doing this with anyone else, but it’s all different with him. Even on my knees crawling to him, I feel sexier than ever before. I come to a stop between his spread legs. My hands tentatively reach up and run over his hard thighs. There’s so much muscle, I could take my time studying every single one, committing them to memory so I could go back and draw them with immaculate precision.

“Only you could make me do that,” I tell him, taking my time running my hands up his legs. The hard floor bites into my knees, but I barely feel the discomfort. Even though I just came, I’m ready to do it again. This time with him touching me. It doesn’t even matter to me what part of him is doing it, as long as he’s the one doing it this time.

He grabs me by my hair, yanking on it to pull me toward him. My knees hover over the ground for a moment as he pulls my face close to his. “You’ve got that fucking right.” His fingers rub tentatively at the sore spots of my hair. “And don’t you dare ever forget that.”

His words make the spot between my legs ache with need, but the look in his eyes is what makes my clit absolutely throb. There’s so much possession in his gaze, like he’d burn the world down if I ever even thought of getting on my knees for any other man. Right here, right now, I wouldn’t dream of doing anything with any other man but the one sitting in front of me.

I stare into his eyes, wondering what the hell is happening here. I’d expected us to angrily fuck each other and get it out of our systems, but the fire in his eyes, the desire I’m sure he sees in mine, makes it clear that this won’t be a one-time thing. My pussy clenches at the thought—of the possibilities.

I wanted to do so much with Beckham Sinclair. Right now, I want to make him unravel by my mouth on his length. I glance down at it, running my tongue over my lip.

“If you keep staring at my cock like that, I’m going to have to shove it down your throat and see how deep you can take it.”

My lips part as I lean down to get closer. “Try me,” I whisper.

“Do you think you deserve my cock after making me wait so long to have you?”

“I’ll make it up to you.”

He swallows, his defined Adam’s apple bobbing up and down. His fingers flutter softly down the side of my face. The normal sharp look in his features softens, the desire still shining bright through them. “Just tell me if it’s too much, Violet.”

His words are all I need, fueling my desire to make him come undone in my mouth. I look away from his gaze, focusing on his massive erection. The top of it glistens, precum leaking from the tip.

“Are you just going to stare?” he asks, his voice gravelly.

I reach up, curling my fingers around it. He’s thick, my fingertips nowhere near touching as I rub up and down his length once. His cock jerks in my hand, his head falling backwards in pleasure.

“Fuck,” he growls. I watch him in fascination, observing what happens if I squeeze a little tighter as I move my hand a bit faster.

His teeth clench as I take my time committing the feel of his heavy cock in my grip. My fingertips run over the thick veins that cascade down the shaft. I lean in, my mouth hovering over his tip. I sigh, determined to fit as much of him as possible in my mouth.

Opening wide, I press my tongue against my teeth as I begin to take him. My lips stretch around him as I push as much of him in my mouth as I can take. Air hisses through his teeth as I push myself a little farther, the tip of his cock hitting the back of my throat.

Beck’s fingers tangle in my hair once again as he softly sets a rhythm. I try to open my throat, allowing even more of him inside me. Even as I take as much as I can, my eyes misting from the pressure I feel at the back of my throat, there’s still so much of him left I can’t take. I stroke up and down at the base of him, my fingers working in sync with my mouth.

“God damn.” Beck groans, applying more pressure to my scalp as he shoves himself even deeper down my throat. I almost gag, but I fight it, trying to take as much of him as physically possible. The sounds he makes, the way his stomach muscles tighten each time I take him as deep as possible, sends shivers down my spine. Everything about this is hot as fuck.

“That’s it, baby,” he breathes. “Open that throat for me. Fuck, you’re doing so good.” His fingers tighten in my hair. “I’m going to go faster now, Margo. Just tell me if it gets too much.”

His hips lift off the bed for a moment as he picks up his pace. I let him do whatever he wants, whatever he needs, while I watch his every reaction in fascination. He’s fucking my mouth, and I’m loving every filthy second of it. The knowledge that I’m the one making Beck lose control like this makes between my legs throb even more. I rub my thighs together as I continue to take as many inches of him as I can. I can feel the wetness from my arousal coating my thighs as I try to find my own friction.

With each pump of his thick cock in my mouth, the tip of him hitting the back of my throat, more tears gather in my eyelids. Eventually I can’t fight them any longer, the tears from the pressure fall down my cheeks, I don’t make any move to stop. I’m loving watching him unravel too much to do anything but let him continue to take what he needs from me.

My jaw and lips hurt from stretching to fit him, but I won’t stop. I continue to work with my mouth and hand in unison. A low moan escapes from his lips, egging me on.

I want to make Beckham Sinclair come. I think I’m close to getting my way when he frees his cock from my mouth. My eyes find his. I’m ready to complain until I see the desperate look in his eyes.

“As much as I fucking love fucking that smart mouth of yours, I need inside you.”

My bottom lip juts out. As horny as I am for him, desperate to feel him bury himself inside me, I wanted to make him fall apart just by using my mouth and hand.

It’ll have to wait. Before I can tell him I wasn’t finished, he’s lifting me off the ground and pulling me to him.

His hands roughly grab my face, pulling me closer until we’re nose to nose. At the moment, it’s not being naked that makes me feel exposed and vulnerable. It’s the way Beck seems to stare deeply into my soul, seeing things I’m not sure I want him to see, that makes this moment feel heavy. The heaviness doesn’t feel bad, it feels the opposite actually, but that realization is terrifying.

“What the hell am I going to do with you?” he asks, his voice hoarse. His eyes roam over my face, his fingers gentle as they lazily rub over my cheekbones. The gesture is sweet considering moments ago he was pounding his cock down my throat until tears streamed down my face.

“Fuck me,” I answer, the words coming out more as a plea. Lifting my legs, I climb on top of his lap until I’m straddling him. His cock brushes against my ass, causing shivers to run down my spine.

His grip on my cheeks doesn’t loosen. If anything, it gets tighter as he brushes his nose over my ear. “Oh don’t worry, baby. I plan on fucking you over and over until your body can no longer take me. And then I plan on doing it all over because you’ve completely deprived me of you for too long. I was asking what I’m going to do after.”

“After?” My hips begin to work against him. I’m so wet that I glide over him effortlessly. If I lined us up perfectly, it’d only take one movement of my hips to slide down on him.

He kisses my neck. His tongue massaging the parts his teeth nip at. It seems like this is how it’ll be with Beck. He’s hard and then soft, punishing before he pleasures. It makes my head spin with bliss. It’s like I’m high without ever touching a drug.

His breath is hot on my neck when he pulls away slightly. “Yes, after. After tonight. After we leave this hotel room. This can’t be just a tonight thing. I’ll go absolutely mad if I don’t get to fucking make a home out of your pussy—out of you—every god damn day from now until forever.”

My insides clench at his words. God, they’re so beautiful. I don’t know how his words can be so dirty yet also be so poetic.

“Beck,” I moan. I’m desperate for him. His cock presses against my entrance, just enough to have me needing more. I want him terribly. I need him desperately.

He takes one of my nipples in his mouth, rubbing the tip of himself through my wetness. The feeling against my sensitive clit has me moaning in ecstasy. When he pulls away cold air meets the wet spot left by his mouth. “Margo,” he says, his tone warning.

“Hm?” I rock my hips against him. Every time I think I’ll be able to slide myself over him, to slide him in me, he shifts his hips away from me and stops me from taking exactly what I want.

“Swear to me that you won’t deprive me again. Tell me that sweet little cunt of yours is as desperate for me as I am it. Swear to me that after we leave this hellhole it’ll still be mine. Promise me you’ll still be mine tomorrow.”

I sit down deeper, pressing the head of his cock against my clit. Swiveling my hips, I grab his face and make him look at me. “Only if you’ll beg for it,” I tease, reminiscing on how he made me beg. I won’t actually make him beg, but it’s fun to pretend.

His eyes flash with desire. He smiles widely. “You can bring me to my knees any time you want, Margo. Matter of fact, I think I’ve been on them from the moment we met.”

“Not the moment we met,” I remind him. He’d apparently lost memory of the time we met at his family’s vacation home, when I’d regrettably been on Carter’s arm instead of his.

He pulls us down, our bodies colliding with soft comforter. “From the very first fucking moment.”


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