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Warlords MC: Book 5 – Joker : Chapter 13

Jared paced in the foyer of the mansion. His new phone rang. He was hoping to hear from his lawyer. Even at this time of night. He swiped it and put it to his ear.

“You ready to die?” the voice asked him with an audible sneer.

All the air left his lungs as Jared asked, “How did you get this number?”

Grinder snickered through the phone. “Oh, I got your number all right. I am going to give you one last chance asshole.”

“Oh?” Jared retorted.” For what?”

“To live, you slimy prick. Pay me my million and we will spare your life.”

“B-but I haven’t gotten that yet!” Jared panicked. “It is all still wrapped up in that probate.”

“No!” Grinder cut his excuses off. I know you got access to money. I want my million by midnight.”

Stunned by this outrageous threat, Jared blinked hard. “The banks aren’t even open!”

“Do some online, you fool. I just lost my entire compound.”

“What?” Jared was confused.

“It’s gone you fucker! Gone,” Grinder shouted.

“Well, that wasn’t my—”

“No,” Grinder cut him off. “But I know who it was. It was those damn Ghost Riders. They have been butting into our skin biz. Telling us, we can’t sell in their territory. But it was someone else who led them here and when I find him, he’s dead.”

“S-so what does that have to do with me?” Jared asked.

“You were supposed to pay me by now. And I want it now.”

Jared was sweating profusely as he paced in panic. “I-I can’t get it yet.”

“Then you lost your chance now, didn’t you?” Grinder hung up.

The click in his ear made Jared almost piss his pants.

He dropped the phone to the floor and it cracked. As he stared down at it, he could not figure out how it had all gotten so fucked up. The Eagle’s Talons were going to come after him. He’d hired some mean looking goons to protect the place. He only hoped it would be good enough for long enough.

Then what Stafford had pulled back in court? It had screwed him. Yeah, he’d known for a long time that he wasn’t Austin’s biological kid. His mom had fessed up on her deathbed. That’s why he hated Rowen so much. She would get it all because of DNA? She did not deserve this fortune. He did! He wanted to kill her himself. If he got the chance now, he would. He had a PI on it. But what good did that do for the money?


Jared picked up a vase that he hadn’t sold yet and tossed it to the wall. “Ffffuuuuccckkkk!”

Glass rained down along the marble floor.

His two in house body guards came in running.

He scoffed at them. “It’s all right. Just letting off steam.”

The two huge gorillas then turned and wandered back into the living room.

Jared rolled his eyes in disgust. There was no loyalty with these guys. It was all about the cash. Then again, the Eagles’ weren’t any better. All about the cash. That’s what made the world go around right?

He stopped and bit at his fingernails. He had enough cash for now, but that would run out fast. The will had as of yet to go through probate and he couldn’t even access his own inheritance. If he could, he would have been on a plane and out of this state so fast. He had a backup plan in place but only if—


The mansion literally rocked under his feet.

His two goons came running in, their weapons out while looking upset.

Crossing the foyer, Jared looked at the monitors that surveilled the property.

His bodyguards followed him as if flanking him as was their intended jobs.

Jared’s eyes widened as he took in the gatehouse on the screen. Or what used to be the gatehouse. It had been blown apart. He gasped as he saw his security team under fire. Then his gaze moved to the horde of bikers at least thirty of them, rushing over the guard’s dead bodies on their way over the large expanse of green lawn. Heading right at him.

Turning to give his goons orders, he found they had disappeared. “SHIT!” he shouted as he rushed down the hallway.

After her grandfather left, Rowen left Joker in the living room as he had a meeting with his brothers and Shay.

She felt tired but happy. Her grandfather was still alive. She should have felt angry that he had hidden himself while she had mourned his loss so profoundly that even when she had been in that cell, she hadn’t cared if she lived or died. That had been the reason Grinder couldn’t get to her, mentally. She had already ceased to care about everything. Especially after she’d learned that Jared had her taken to be sold. The last family she had and he had turned on her. But she could not raise the anger for her grandpa hiding the truth that he had been alive all this time, she could not muster that up. She only cared that she still had him in her life.

Now, she found out why Jared wasn’t like her grandfather or her. He’d maybe inherited genes from his father’s side. And it had made him into someone she did not care to know.

Rowen sighed as she changed her clothes into a large t shirt belonging to Joker.

She wondered how all this would end? Could she stay here, with Joker? She hoped so. Damn, he was the best looking man she had ever seen and those eyes. Green and blue, so mesmerizing and they deepened in color whenever they had sex. She laid down on the bed. And the sex… wow. She had never known it could be like that. Well, she thought it was probably him. She instinctively knew other men weren’t like him. He was passionate but gentle and he made sure she took that trip to heaven before he even finished for himself.

Finally, she looked at the clock. It was late and she still hadn’t gotten much rest. Her body was healing but with healing, came pain too. She looked in his nightstand drawer and found some aspirin. Taking two, she turned the nightstand light off and got under the covers. She inhaled and could smell his scent on the sheets and the pillows. Leather, woodsy. All Joker. Could she really be his woman? Like he’d told her grandfather? God, she hoped he meant it.

Closing her eyes, Rowen hoped she could sleep without any nightmares or fears. Now, that her world had been righted, she had to believe it would stay that way.

Fingers caressed him as Joker slept. Light feathery touches ran along his skin. It woke him, but just barely. He’d come into the room a while ago and saw Rowan had fallen asleep, so he had quietly slipped into bed, to be sure she would get some good rest, like she needed.

Now, Rowen was exploring his body with her soft hands and Joker lay there while allowing her to make herself happy.

“You are so beautiful, Joker. So powerful all over and your skin is like steel, yet satiny,” she whispered to him. Her lips then trailed kisses where her fingers had been before. Rowan licked him along his chest then moved lower to his belly, her mouth leaving a warm, wet trail.

Finally, as she licked the tip of his cock, Joker growled. Reaching up, he cradled the back of her head and leaning up, he crushed her lips with his. He felt the surge of heat rush to his cock and groaned with hunger, as he tasted her.

Climbing on top of him, she set her wet folds down onto him. He felt the heat from her core soaking his cock and he almost dry fucked her.

He felt her wetness and he knew he couldn’t wait. Slipping down along her jaw, he spread kisses down along her neck and chest. When he licked and nibbled down to her nipples, it was her turn to groan as he bit down gently on her nipple.

His hands slipped down to her core and he could feel her heat then flipped her onto her back and guided his cock into her slit. Plunging his hips forward, he buried himself deep inside her. He filled her up in one stroke as he warned her, “This will be a little wilder than before, sweet girl. I hope you’re ready.”

She grunted helplessly as he filled her to the hilt.

Rolling his hips, he filled her up again and again.

Rowen panted and thrust her hips up to meet his. “Oh…you were so right, it does fit me so well. I feel so full…don’t stop!”

Joker grinned at her response. He flipped her onto her hands and knees. “Now I will show you the many ways it fits.” He then pounded into her from behind. She felt so good, almost caressing as his cock filled her warm wet depths. Again, he began to lose his control and he couldn’t get it back. But at this moment he didn’t care. She felt too good wrapped around him to stop.

He felt the adrenaline rush through his body and he knew he would be climaxing soon but he didn’t want to until she did. He moved his hand down and found her button and the moment he touched it, she climaxed while screaming his name. He felt her walls tighten on his cock and it pushed him over the edge.

He roared her name and flooded her pussy. He felt high almost as if they were at the top of heaven on the edge of bliss. She wrapped her arms around his neck and held him to her. When she finally allowed him to slide down next to her, Joker gathered her close.

Rowen snuggled down close to him and whispered, “Home…”

Joker grinned. She was right…home.

Soon, they were both sleeping again, wrapped in each other’s arms.


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