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Warlords MC: Book 3 – Jack : Chapter 12

The sound was the loudest thing Jade ever heard. As everything went black. The whole place rumbled and the booming sound seemed to go on and on.

Jack sat on the couch with her as he held her and Belle. “It will be okay,” he whispered,

Then suddenly, all the noise went away.

“Everyone all right?” Ace called out.

Then like someone flipped some magic switch…The lights popped on.

Pappy stood up. “A generator.”

“Yep,” Ace replied. “The place should be equipped with everything any good fallout shelter needs.”

“Thank fuck for crazy ranchers,” Deuce commented.

“Amen to that!” Reaper called out as they all agreed and some of them even chuckled.

“How long do you think we’ll be down here?” Viper asked.

Ace looked around. “I really don’t know.”

“I have help on the way,” Trudy spoke up as she sat on the floor petting her two protective dogs. “They’re a couple of hours away and they are rounding up friends with equipment too, most likely as I told them we would be buried under rubble.”

“The fuck they tried to take us out like this,” Ace grumbled, as he looked angry.

“You brothers, the Spades were the target, I hate to say,” Pappy replied. “Seems these Guns knew that Gauntlet was an idiot and they might have even been willing to sacrifice him to get to all of you.” He nodded his head at Ace.

“It’s because you were my team,” Shay agreed. “They needed you out of the way and especially, after you busted up their operations in Braaken.”

“Dammit,” King swore. “I cannot wait to get my hands on these bastards.”

“Well, you may never be able to do that,” Shay told them. “I have the ones who were leaving those buildings under federal arrest.”

“I hope there will be evidence to nail their asses,” Viper added.

“Okay, so we just wait it out then,” Dewey spoke up as he looked over at Trudy. ‘You called the Crimson, didn’t you?”

She grinned. “And they called for help from someone else we all know.”

“Who are these guys?” King asked.

“They call themselves the Crimson Tide but in reality, they are vets and soldiers just like you all,” Trudy explained. “They have fought in wars no one wanted and came home to a government that let them down but they all still believe in this country. They, like you, fight alongside Pappy and his Hell’s Fire Riders.” She looked over at Dewey. “They are the best men in the world.”

Dewey leaned in and kissed her cheek.

Jade nodded at Trudy. “You have some wonderful friends is all I can say.”

Doc came over and stated that before they could leave, he needed to take the tracker out of her neck.

Jade nodded even as Jack looked concerned.

“It will hurt,” Doc told her. “I’m not gonna lie to ya.”

Jade let out a sigh “It’s okay. I want it out, but…” She looked over at Annabelle who was petting the large white dog. “I don’t want her to see this.”

Doc nodded. “There a screen over there and it hides yet another bed.” He shook his head. “That rancher must have had a huge family.” He motioned for her to go over. “I got my bag as always and we will get some antibiotic cream on it after I get it out and get the wound cleaned up.”

Jack took her hand and walked over with her. “I will be holding this hand the entire time.”

She nodded. “Really though, I’m a grown woman, Jack.”

He nodded as he sat her down. “Yeah,” He smirked and looked her up then down flirtatiously. “I already noticed that. I also noticed how freakin’ tough you are. I mean full grown men might have fallen apart in your shoes. But you just took it all on. Let me at least help you right now.”

Jade stared at him. Words just wouldn’t come. She’d never known a man like him. She was astonished into silence really. She’d always taken care of her sister, herself and now, Belle. She’d never thought of anyone taking care of her.

Doc sat down and rifled through his bag. When he was ready, he had her lay down on her stomach.

Jack, true to his word, held her hand.

She just shut her eyes and bit her lip as he dug it out. Yeah, it did hurt a little but it wasn’t as bad as she’d thought it would be.

“There we go,” Doc stated after about ten minutes. He then bandaged her wound.

Jack leaned close and whispered, “You okay?”

She nodded. “Yeah, it was a piece of cake.” Jade smiled at him to ease his worry.

He shook his head. “Damn woman, you are just amazing.”

Jade wrinkled her brow at this. “Amazing? Why?”

He just laughed. “It figures that you don’t even know why.” He kissed her forehead and helped her up.

They went back out to the main area where everyone was. Jack sat her down and went to get her a bottle of water. Bringing it back, he handed it to her.

She opened it and drank some down. “Ahh that is just what I needed.”

Jack then sat down next to her and wrapped his arm carefully around her so as not to scrape her bandage.

After a while, everyone simply set in for the wait they knew was coming. Different conversations were going on.

Pappy, Shay and Ace were looking over the deciphered pages that Reaper had given to them as he’d grabbed them before they all came down.

The others all sat and watched the large screen TV. Apparently, it was hooked up to a DVD player and a Disney movie was playing.

Annabelle sat on the carpeted floor with the two huge dogs and ate cookies as she laughed at the movie and used one dog as a headrest and the other for her tiny stockinged feet.

Others were simply resting and actually watching the movie Shrek along with her. They all would laugh at different things, as did Annabelle.

Jade shook her head as a smile played on her lips. All these huge men in biker cuts, looking like they did. Tough, tatted, wide shoulders, muscles rippling beneath their t- shirts. Wearing biker boots on their feet and most had weapons tucked into their waistbands too.

Yet, here they were eating popcorn and cookies while sipping sodas and watching Disney of all things.

To Jade, after all that had happened in the last few days, she knew it was indeed surreal to say the least. At one point, she thought she wouldn’t be here on this earth for more than one more day. Gauntlet had even told her this a few times. ‘Make your peace as I will be chopping you into pieces.’ Then he would laugh.

Jade got a chill as she even heard this line in her head just now. She also could seem to erase that nasty sound of his snickering and laughing.

Jack wrapped an arm around her as if he knew she had just gotten spooked. He said nothing but he gave her a sweet kiss on the cheek and turned to watch the movie.

Jade felt a sudden peace and calm. Like none of what she’d been feeling just now, had ever been there. She had her degree in Psychology and lots of schooling. Along with three years in her practice, but she just now learned one thing she never knew before. Love. Love was the antidote to what ails you. Warmth, a strong arm, a sweet kiss on the cheek. That was it! She marveled at how simple it really was. If you were ever lucky enough to have it.

She settled into Jack’s embrace and watched Shrek and Donkey yelling funny things at each other.

A little over two movies later, the whole group was startled to hear the sounds of machinery coming from above them. The room filled with many different sounds of what they assumed were machines as the men dug their way to the shelter.

The booming and scraping went on for another two hours as everyone snacked and waited for freedom.

Annabelle played with the dogs and seemed to be having the time of her life.

Jade watched her with a smile.

“She’s a great kid,” Jack spoke from next to her as he took her hand.

“She is and children are a lot stronger than we realize. I and maybe an associate of mine will help her to deal with what she saw and endured when we get out of this.” She looked over at him. Something had been bothering her ever since earlier, although with nearly getting killed by a damn missile, she had put it aside. “About what you said earlier. Umm… about me being yours?”

He looked seriously suddenly as his smile slipped away. “What about it?”

“Well…” Jade didn’t know how to approach the subject really but she decided the truth was best. “We come as a package.” She nodded at Annabelle who was playing tug of war with Ebony and a sock.

Jack nodded. “Yes, I know that.”

“So, you would sort of be like…” She looked down at their joined hands. “Her dad? Eventually.”

Jack looked startled for a long moment.

Jade went to tug her hand from his. “See? That is a huge responsibility and it isn’t your problem.”

He grasped her hand tighter. “It isn’t a problem. I just…I never thought about being a like… a dad.”

She swallowed heavily as her chest got tight. “So, if you want to take it back… you know—”

Jack suddenly grabbed her up and looked into her eyes. “No taking anything back. We are a family, we will be a family” He then kissed her hard.

Jade felt the world tilt. It actually tilted as he literally took her breath away. He delved his tongue in and dueled with hers as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

Finally, after a long moment, he pulled his mouth from hers and they were both panting. “You got the picture now?” he asked her.

Dumbly, Jade slowly nodded.

“Well, halifuckinlueyah!”

Jack blinked and looked over at Deuce.

“I knew it!” He laughed. “I fucking told you, brother.”

Jade felt her cheeks heat up and she knew she was blushing fiercely.

“Yeah, yeah.” Jack nodded. “Don’t pee your little panties, there Deuce.”

Ace and King stared at him and then busted out laughing.

“Welcome to the club, little brother.” King raised his hand and flashed his wedding ring.

Jade stared at it and felt stunned as she reached up to feel her hot cheeks. “Oh, no. No, we aren’t ready for that!”

Jack grinned. “Who says?”

She looked over at him as her mouth popped open.

Still grinning, Jack reached over and gently shut it with his fingers.

The men all laughed, as the metal scraping got intensely loud from above and muffled their laughter.


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