Using Fejo: Chapter 4

A million to one. Were those the odds? Or maybe ten million to one.

No. This made perfect sense actually. Of course the mysterious merchant pirate would turn out to be the man from the market. It was just her luck.

She huffed in and out like an annoyed dragon while staring daggers at the wall of glass in the Viewing room. Weeks ago, she’d met an irritating, cocky teenager of a man and had forgotten all about him, and now she was going to have to pretend like she hadn’t. Pretend like she’d been waiting for the opportunity to pounce and sign up for marriage.

FejoFey-ho. She now knew his name. Not once had she spotted him walking around Tremanta in the weeks since they’d had their little interaction with the push-up popsicle sex toy.

“Are you sure I can’t help ease your mind?” Zikas, her assigned mentor, murmured from behind her.

She peered at his warm smile and wide-set shoulders. The lines around his eyes were deeper than most of the other Clecanians she’d met, and his short hair was peppered with gray.

It was odd to see someone who actually looked older, and she wondered why he chose not to maintain his looks with the elixir. Could it be he was so old that this is what he looked like, even with the elixir? Or was he one of the odd few who chose not to take it? If so, he and Rita were well matched because she wasn’t interested in extending her life either. She often spouted hippie talk about the beauty of death and life whenever Vanessa urged her to reconsider.

For Vanessa, it’d been a no-brainer. She’d taken the elixir and had also gotten all her vaccinations—and a birth control implant for good measure. At least if she ended up having to sleep with Fejo, she knew she’d be protected against disease and pregnancy. He’d been so confident and flirty.

Her mouth curled downward. Fejo undoubtedly slept with tons of women. How many others had he bought vibrators for? Probably had a bulk supply on his ship.

Zikas was still peering at her with an open, eager expression. Vanessa swore that if the short man was not so damn nice and so damn smitten with her friend Rita, she’d lose it right there. He’d asked her some variation of Can I help? nonstop since she’d arrived. She knew very well his concern was entirely her fault. Her mood was in the garbage right now, and pretty soon she’d have to act like a blushing bride.

Well, for now she could let her annoyance out at least. Unfortunately, Zikas was caught in the periphery of her irritable aura. “No. Thank you, though.” She put on her best fake grin and hoped he didn’t think she was upset with him.

Zikas gave her a funny look and nodded, tottering off to scrutinize her from across the room.

As she turned back to the one-way glass, Vanessa’s focus caught on a human woman a few feet away. Tall and lithe with dark brown hair, she’d been one of the women trapped in that bunker with her, but Vanessa almost hadn’t recognized her. Apart from the fact that she’d only met the woman for maybe ten minutes on their mad dash to escape the bunker, the woman also seemed to have whatever internal fire she’d had before extinguished.

She looked hollow. The same way Vanessa felt.

“Hey there, scaredy cat,” Vanessa said, stepping toward the woman in a bid to distract herself. It might be nice to talk to someone more upset than she was for a change.

The woman’s warm brown eyes locked on her and crinkled around the edges as though she hadn’t noticed anyone else was in the room at all. “Hey…you.”

Well, that was fair. They hadn’t exactly had a lot of time to exchange info after getting away from their captors. Especially not since this girl and another had decided to take their chances in the forest instead of sticking with the group. Truth be told, Vanessa had assumed they’d died in those woods. Her respect for both this woman and the other one named Lily had risen exponentially when she’d learned they’d both survived.

“Vanessa,” she provided for the other woman, smiling.

“Alex,” the woman greeted in return. She ran her gaze over Vanessa in a quick assessment, and Vanessa couldn’t help but feel self-conscious. She hadn’t exactly been taking care of herself, and she knew it showed. After a few terrifying runs-ins with her bathroom mirror, she’d stopped looking at her reflection altogether.

The light in the room dimmed as Vanessa curbed the urge to fidget with her black blouse. Large, handsome Clecanian men shuffled out behind the one-way glass. Alex stared at the men through the glass, looking just as miserable as Vanessa felt.

“You understand what you’re supposed to do, yes?” Zikas chirped from behind her.

Vanessa worked hard to make sure her voice was cheerful when she replied, “Yes, Zikas. You’re a doll.”

Dammit, she’d tried to be nice, but both Zikas and Alex gave her a funny look. Seeming to get over his confusion quickly, Zikas grinned and scurried away once more.

They stood together, silently watching carved-from-marble men walk and pause before them until, with a jolt, Alex spun toward her.

“Wait. You? You’re getting married? Voluntarily?”

Was she that transparent? Probably. Anyone who’d spent more than a half hour with her could’ve figured out she had zero interest in the temporary marriages popular on this planet. Luckily, no one in this room had spent more than a half hour with her.

She was still working through a reasonable lie to give to Alex when something glittering caught her gaze.


Jewels strewn over the chains at his chest caught the light and drew every eye toward him like moths to a flame. Vanessa’s jaw clenched despite herself. Time had dimmed the memory of how arrogant he’d acted, but now watching him smirk and pose in the glass brought it all back.

Fejo’s left boot was a more opulent article of clothing than anything she’d ever owned. His embroidered plum coat enhanced the deep tan of his broad chest and gave him a seductive air. All class and money on the outside and hard muscle underneath. An alien Casanova if she ever saw one. And she was supposed to marry him.

She realized Alex still stared at her, waiting for an answer. What was her question again? Oh yeah. Was she, of all people, really going to get married? “Yeah, to that arrogant, cocky, overdressed meathead.” Vanessa all but groaned, staring at Fejo as he puffed out his chest and twirled in place. For a few days anyway.

Alex snorted. “Sounds like you two are really in love.”

Unable to tear her gaze away from her future husband, Vanessa watched as he sauntered down the hallway. He grinned into the glass as though he knew the women were all looking at him. Vanessa glanced around and frowned. They were all looking at him. Shit. This was going to be harder than she’d thought. What if someone else picked him? What happened if more than one woman chose a guy?

He was almost out of view when he leaned back so only his head was visible through the glass and gave one last butterfly-inducing grin. Vanessa’s lady parts took notice, and she cursed them.


“Not available,” Vanessa grunted while standing guard in front of the Testing room door. After giving Zikas Fejo’s number, she’d prepared herself to fight off the ungodly amount of women who’d signed up to test him, and she’d decided that she absolutely, unequivocally, without question would not be entering the Testing room.

A pretty, short Clecanian woman with teal hair and a massive pair of tits pouted at her and eyed the door. Vanessa didn’t have the patience for this right now. Even if she had no intention of sleeping with this guy, she didn’t want all these women to get any ideas about picking him as a husband. Easiest way to accomplish her goal: make sure none of the potential wives could get to him.

“But I test him every year,” the woman whined in a voice that sounded a bit muffled, as if she were underwater. Weird.

“Then you already know how he performs,” she grated through clenched teeth.

Vanessa was trying to be civil. Really, she was. But this was the fourth woman she’d had an argument with, and her bar for caring whether she came off badly was lowering by the second.

Just as the woman’s mentor elbowed Zikas and asked him to intervene, Vanessa hissed, “Keep moving, he’s spoken for!”

The woman glared at her but did eventually walk away.

Zikas stepped toward her, his brows scrunched and his eyes creased with concern. “May I ask what you’re doing?”

She gathered her temper and smiled. “I would like to choose Fejo. But—” She gulped. “But I’m shy about…the things that go on in there. I’d prefer he not fool around with anyone else before we, you know, get married.”

Would Zikas buy that? It wasn’t entirely untrue. If it got to the point where Vanessa had to sleep with Fejo, she’d be much more comfortable knowing he hadn’t just pleasured a harem of women a few days before.

Zikas scrunched his mouth and studied her. “I can appreciate that,” he finally said, nodding. “Jade, the first human wife I mentored, was also shy about the Testing.”

Vanessa released a breath and gave him a relieved grin she didn’t have to fake.

“But that being said,” Zikas continued, causing Vanessa’s breath to catch in her throat, “even Jade went into the Testing to greet the male. I’m afraid I can’t condone you denying access to the other potential wives if you don’t at least go in for a little while. Though Testing is often used to measure sexual proficiency, it isn’t always. You can test for anything. Conversational ability. Massage. Quiz him on what products you may enjoy being stocked in your home. This is your opportunity to see if you are compatible.”

Vanessa’s vertebrae felt like they’d been welded together. I have to go in.

“He’s blindfolded, so you shouldn’t feel guilty if you ultimately don’t pick him,” Zikas urged while taking in her stiff posture.

Blindfolded? That could work. Slowly, she turned in place and faced the door. He was going to find out she’d picked him sooner or later, right? She rolled her shoulders.

What was she even worried about? He probably wouldn’t remember her. No doubt he approached dozens of women a day, offering the same thing he’d offered her. Why would he remember the one woman who hadn’t fawned over his charm?

Alright, be friendly but also distant. I want him to think I actually want to pick him, but I can’t be too nice, then ditch him in a few days. That’s just cruel. But I can’t be too mean either, or he’ll get suspicious. I just have to—


“Give me a second,” she hissed a bit too aggressively. She turned toward Zikas. “Sorry. Nerves. You won’t let anyone come in here, right?”

“No. I’ll explain that he has a through-offer and unless they are serious, they should move on.”

Vanessa nodded without understanding completely. “Okay. Okay!” She faced the door, her heart pounding against her ribs. “Okay.”

She wiped her sweaty palms on her tight black pants and tried to get herself under control. What did she have to be nervous about anyway? He was the one who needed to prove something here. Before she could talk herself out of it, she opened the door and walked through.

Her pulse soared and a lead weight landed on her chest as the door closed behind her.

The room was dark and draped with heavy eggplant-colored fabrics that shimmered in the dim light. In the center of the otherwise bare room was a long, wide black couch. And there he was. Stark naked and reclined on the couch. The deep frown on his face immediately transformed into a wide, toothy grin when he noticed someone had entered.

“Finally!” he boomed, rising from the couch and giving her a full view of his body.

Vanessa turned away. Really, it wasn’t right to look, was it? Well, it was what they expected. And it’s not like he doesn’t want me to look at his body.

The air in the room was warm and much too heavy, sultry even. It pressed against her as though trying to leech into her skin and drug her.

“Come over here, female.” That smooth, rumbling voice she remembered from before made the skin on her nape tingle.

She glanced back, making sure her eyes remained focused on his face, and found Fejo turning his head until she could’ve sworn he was looking in her direction. Even with that weird black gunk over his eyes, it was like he knew exactly where she was.

His dark brows drew together when she didn’t move, but then he grinned wide. “Do you prefer to look first?” He lifted his heavy, sculpted arms and spun in place.

Vanessa let out a weak, defeated sigh and admired him. She was only one human woman, after all, and he was…magnificent.

Broad swimmer’s shoulders and defined rigid pecs to match. His stomach was flat and his abs bulged in a way that made her want to run a finger over the dips and valleys. He was halfway through his rotation, and she couldn’t help but tilt her head in appreciation at his firm ass and long legs. All of his substantial muscle was covered in smooth, tanned skin. She’d bet if she touched him right now, he’d be nice and warm.

He took another step, and from between his thighs, she spotted something large and long. She muffled her gasp with her hand and averted her eyes again. Just because she could look didn’t mean she should. It would totally fuck with her plan if she was constantly daydreaming about how hung her temporary husband was.

He must’ve heard her gasp, though, because he finished his turn quickly and quirked a brow at her. “What can I do for you, beauty?” He placed his hands on his hips proudly and waited, but she had no idea what to say. “Maybe I could…” He took a step forward and stopped, sniffing the air between them.

Shiiiiit. No. He couldn’t be that good at smelling, could he? And he wouldn’t remember what she smelled like. That was impossible.

His chin tipped down ever so slightly, and a devilish grin split his face. If his smile before had been open and charming, this one was all confidence and hunger.

He couldn’t possibly know—

“Vanessa,” he purred, voice gone low.

She shivered. Actually shivered, and her pussy clenched. What the hell was she getting herself into?

He stalked toward her, and she backed away, heading in the direction of the door. As if sensing this, he leapt, clearing a good six feet, and barred her exit. “I have thought about you a lot.” He grinned in her direction, stepping toward her again.

“Uh. That’s nice,” she tried. He closed the distance until only a foot separated them. It was a good thing too, since from her peripheral vision she could see he was hard as a rock and likely to poke her if he got any closer.

“I suppose this means you’ve been thinking about me too.”

Her cheeks heated, and she regained some of her composure while taking in his cocky expression. This was exactly what she’d been dreading. An I told you so attitude. But unfortunately, she couldn’t deny it. She had thought about him. Mostly at night. Mostly when she dug out a carved box from a compartment in her room. But she’d die before she gave him the satisfaction of knowing that. “Yeah, a bit,” she lied in a casual tone.

His head jerked back in surprise. Had he expected her to fall all over herself or something? “Well, please allow me to leave more of an impression this time.” He reached out and wrapped his arm around her waist. On instinct, her gaze shot down to her stomach, where something was poking her, and her mouth went dry. Gorgeous, just like the rest of him. And…was that jewelry? Holy fuck, did he have a piercing?

She forgot to argue as he dragged her against his body, sandwiching his cock between them. Vanessa swallowed past the pleasurable buzz in her mind. He was warm.

Fejo’s long fingers slithered up to grip her chin and tilt her face toward his. “I’ve been very curious about human kissing, and I’ve done my research. Shall we start there?”

No! Vanessa knew this needed to stop, but she couldn’t prevent her gaze from focusing on his even, white teeth and wicked, beautifully formed mouth.

Warmth and the smell of saltwater cocooned her, and she found her hands lifting. She rested them on his thick biceps, brushing the thin, dark brown tattoos that ran in straight lines down the outsides of his arms and along the sides of his torso.

He let out a throaty moan. “Careful touching my lines, or this’ll be over before it starts.”

Vanessa’s hands leapt off his warm smooth skin and her brain seemed to snap back to reality. His lines? Those long tattoos were sensitive? The knowledge that she was being held by an actual alien and was about to let him practice the human art of kissing with her shook some sense loose. She needed to stall. Getting too wrapped up in his charm was a bad idea. Especially when her body had, without her consent, decided Fejo was exactly what the doctor had ordered.

She moved her hands to his unmarked chest and pushed back with just enough pressure to keep him in place while she thought of a good excuse.

His grin flicked away for an instant, but then his hand at her chin shot to her nape and squeezed. Heat and pleasure speared down her spine. When he used his grip on her to pull her mouth to his, only the faintest voice in the back of her mind shouted for her to stop him.

Even that voice sputtered out as his mouth met hers. His full lips moved against hers with slow, firm pressure while his palm curled possessively around her waist, his fingers digging into the flesh of her hip. Her knees went wobbly when he slid his hot tongue against the seam of her lips and coaxed his way inside, deepening the kiss.

Brain hazy, she gripped his forearm to stabilize herself, though he was holding her up. As soon as her fingers brushed the velvety, dark line traveling from his wrist to his elbow, he shuddered and gripped her tighter, slanting his head and all but melting her with the renewed intensity of his kiss.

Her core was growing more slick by the second, and the bulge pressed against her stomach caused jolts of electricity to race from her abdomen to her clit in time with the ebb and flow of his body against hers.

Light suddenly brightened the dim room, and Vanessa pulled away. Without releasing her, Fejo turned to see who’d entered, apparently forgetting he was still blindfolded.

That fucking pushy woman from before stood in the doorway.

Zikas lingered behind her, flustered and pink in the face. “I told you he has a through-offer and Vanessa had requested privacy. This is highly—”

“I don’t have time to wait for them to finish.” She directed a covetous glance at Fejo, letting her appreciation be known as she scanned his naked body. Vanessa had the oddest urge to shield him from view. Then, surprisingly, the woman shot a flirtatious look at Vanessa. “Besides, I like that this human is fiery. I figured I could just join you both.”

“Gheelia?” Fejo asked with a grin.

Suddenly, Vanessa’s flight instincts kicked in and she wriggled until Fejo finally faced her. His dark brows drew together, and though she couldn’t see his eyes, his expression was altogether inscrutable. At length, he let her go. She bolted for the door, having no interest in seeing what would happen now that the buxom alien beauty had arrived.

She peered at the woman, who was still eyeing her, and couldn’t decide whether to be angry at the intrusion or flattered. Her cheeks heated, she averted her gaze, then sped out of the room.

She was halfway down the hall, a hall that led God knew where, before her brain registered the out-of-breath shouts from Zikas. Forcing her shaky legs to stop, she spun toward him, taking a few calming inhales as she waited for him to reach her.

“I apologize, Vanessa. Gheelia wouldn’t take no for an answer.” The pink in Zikas’ cheeks had traveled to his forehead, and she saw spots of sweat beading on his brow.

Vanessa couldn’t bring herself to be angry at the man. He’d obviously tried his hardest. “I get it. It’s fine. I guess she’ll get what she wanted.” Vanessa waved her hand dismissively and forced her gaze to remain on Zikas instead of trailing down the hall to see if Gheelia had been booted from Fejo’s room or not.

She clenched her jaw. Why would she think he’d do that? It wasn’t like he had any loyalty to her. In his mind, he was fighting to prove himself enough to get a wife. He wasn’t tied to her yet, and he could do whatever he wanted with Gheelia. And in any case, she was planning on ditching him a few days after takeoff, so why should she care who he fooled around with? It shouldn’t have mattered either way to Vanessa, but it did.

Her gaze shifted down the hall to where the woman had still not exited. Each second that passed ratcheted Vanessa’s irritation. With a low cough, Zikas pulled her focus back to him.

His expression was nervous, and he rung his hands together before dropping them at his sides. “I suppose you will rescind your offer now?” The question rang with hope. Hope that she’d deny it.

She would deny it. She had to. Fejo was still her only option. And she needed to keep her distance from him anyway. He had this way of making her mind go blank and her stomach somersault. It was a good thing she’d only have to keep him at bay for a few days once she boarded his ship. She sighed and straightened her spine. “No. I’d still like to pick him.”

Excitement overrode the brief flash of surprise on Zikas’ face and he clapped his hands together. “Wonderful!”


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