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Using Fejo: Chapter 24

The air outside was hot enough to melt the flesh off his bones, but Fejo felt as if he were walking on air. His body and all his muscles were pleasantly sore, his mind was light, and his worries seemed to register but not weigh him down in the way they normally did. The sick feeling that brewed in his gut the farther away from Vanessa he moved wasn’t even enough to sour his mood. It only reminded him he was mated.

He recognized there was still a threat he needed to be cognizant of. There were still things he had to do before he could truly enjoy the rest of his life with Vanessa, but his mind couldn’t remain focused on the negative for too long.

So much of his life had been spent trying to force people to see his worth, but Vanessa seemed to see it on her own. She was fierce and fearless and tender, though he doubted she ever let anyone see that side of her. Heat coursed up his nape. Anyone except him, that is.

There was still an old, injured part of him that whispered it was too good to be true and she must just be using him until he took her to Earth, but he forced himself to push that voice down. If Vanessa was anything, she was loyal, and he believed he now had her loyalty.

As Fejo, Uja, and Capra walked to their destination, their bioshifting suits swished back and forth with their long strides. He forced his mind to focus on what was important right now—getting his guidance system working so he could take his ship back to Earth and then on to Klinara’s pickup point. He could only hope it wasn’t too far away.

Now that they were at a port, he had the ability to contact both Klinara and the Queen, but he chose not to. He didn’t feel either female would take kindly to the fact that he was making an unscheduled stop to a highly restricted planet. He had enough to worry about when it came to keeping Vanessa safe and keeping his crew from deciding to sneak onto Earth to find a human of their own. How he’d prevent them from doing just that now that they’d seen his marks was a problem he still didn’t have a solution for.

And he couldn’t blame them. He’d never felt so right in his life. It was as if his soul had always been just slightly askew and it had finally righted itself. The envious glares he’d received when he’d announced he’d recognized Vanessa had been as sad as they’d been dangerous. He’d felt the tension building on Clecania the last time he’d visited.

What once had been a sad—but necessary—way of life was becoming more and more hated by the day. And though she hid it, he could tell the Queen was growing desperate to keep peace. Desperation was a dangerous thing, and he feared Clecania was on the brink of something brutal. Something that would drag Earth down with it.

Now, more than ever, Fejo needed to gain control of his ship. He could keep Vanessa safe there. Keep whatever malignancy was growing on Clecania at bay.

As they meandered through the streets of the Vulstrata Port, he continued to spot Capra’s eyes flashing toward him, and his fingers clenched more tightly around the artificial blade in his lined pocket—the atmosphere too hot to carry his normal metal blades.

Fejo didn’t want to have to kill the male. He didn’t particularly enjoy killing anyone, but he wouldn’t hesitate if he needed to. Still, although he didn’t trust Capra, it was far too easy to die on this port, and the more males he had with him, the better.

The fiery planet of Vulstrata was on the outer limits of the Intergalactic Alliance, and their port was often overrun with dodgers—citizens of unaffiliated planets who somehow managed to fly unregistered spacecrafts around the galaxy.

The ones who stole and murdered as a way of life were called dregs. Now those, those were the ones to worry about here. Capra was merely an annoyance in comparison.

Dregs had no protection, no allies, and often grew up in brutal conditions, knowing only survival. Disdain for the Alliance ran deep through certain dreg groups, especially the ones who’d at one time been Alliance members before being outlawed for one reason or another, and they took every opportunity they could to punish the citizens of Alliance planets.

He’d lost a few good males to dregs. One had even come close to killing him on a run three years ago, slicing his inner thigh and almost causing him to bleed out. If that happened on this planet, he’d burn before he had the chance to patch his suit.

Uja stomped next to him, looking just as on edge as Fejo felt, if not more. He’d had to stuff his massive wings into one of the small bioshifting suits that accommodated winged races. It was an uncomfortable fit. His wings scrunched together on his back, unable to flair and protect him. Uja always hated visiting ports where he had to wear a suit. Fejo couldn’t blame him. It would be like taping his gills shut and throwing him into the water.

They approached the data center, and Fejo spoke to the bright orange female lounging in one of the information booths. Flames licked off her skin and her yellow irises swirled into a vortex of red. The Vulstrata were dazzling but untouchable, though when he’d been younger and exploring the many wonderful female species of the universe, he’d wracked his brain for creative solutions.

Now the mere idea of touching anyone else turned his stomach. Not when he had Vanessa. The memory of her writhing under him played through his mind, and he was suddenly glad for the thick fabric of his bioshifting suit.

“We need our navigation charts updated on the Ylare, and I’d like to purchase a portable copy.” He wanted to make sure that if someone tried to attack their maps again, he wouldn’t have to waste time stopping at a port to get their guidance system back on track.

The female shifted in her seat and spoke into a hollow lava tube running behind her, relaying Fejo’s requests. Her skin flickered with electric blue and red as she moved, the heavy oxygen in the port feeding the flames on her skin. He paid her and turned to his crew, noticing Capra was staring around, his eyes darting from the slow-moving lava fields that young Vulstrata were playing in to the blackened rock sculptures adorning the entrances to the cave system restaurants.

Capra’s mouth was tight, but his eyes were round, his awe visible even through his shielded expression. Fejo thought through what he knew about Tetrans. Capra’s race was solitary and had cultures steeped in tradition. They lived in cave systems in the snowy mountains of the northwest continent. Fejo often made stops in Emlades, their capital city. Mostly for pickups, as the Tetrans were known for their exceptional mines.

Most of the precious stones in Clecania were mined from the caves surrounding Emlades. The horned, rugged race could dig through solid rock and had an eye for finding treasure.

Now that Fejo thought about it, he couldn’t remember seeing more than a handful of Tetrans outside of Emlades in his life. The ones he had seen had only been traveling before heading back to their home. What must Klinara have offered these males to get them to come on a mission like this?

Capra wiggled his head from side to side once again, clearly uncomfortable with the padded covering he’d had to wear over his horns before slipping on a bioshifting suit. The top of his suit shot up toward the sky, encasing his horns and making the top of his head look six times bigger than it was. The right side of the top of the suit was deflated, since his horns were no longer an equal length. It would’ve been comical if Fejo wasn’t so wary of the male.

Scurrying from the left had Fejo’s attention snapping forward in a moment. Four small, wispy Dooglies were racing from shadow to shadow, hiding and readying to attack. Fejo had only a moment to decide what he wanted to do.

With a grunt, he lunged forward, gripping Capra’s suit at his chest and wrenching him out of the way just as a small, fiery blade appeared where the male’s ankle had been seconds before. Fejo launched his knife at the small creature readying to pounce, and it sliced through the air, lodging in the Doogly’s throat. The others hissed and bounded away, keeping to the edges of the building where they could hide in shadow.

Capra, who’d been lifting his fist to fight off Fejo, stilled as he looked down to where the dead Doogly lay. His gaze swiveled to Fejo’s and his brows furrowed.

Uja muttered to himself, cursing under his breath, his wings twitching behind him.

Fejo held Capra’s stare. “Remember this,” he growled, releasing the male with a small shove.

Uja spoke to the female at the booth and gathered the copy of their navigation charts before looking over the information that had been downloaded to the Ylare to make sure there was nothing hidden in the data. Fejo kept his back to the group, now on the lookout for another attack.

When Uja was done, they made their way back to the Ylare more cautiously than they had before.

Fejo could’ve let Capra die. Maybe things would’ve been easier that way, but he doubted it. Though he didn’t trust the male, he recognized he’d made a harsh assumption that the male was loyal to Klinara. For all he knew, Capra might have been in the same type of situation as Fejo had been.

Klinara was a mistress of manipulation, and if she’d ever had a heart, it’d been stamped out decades ago. That was the excuse he’d made for her bad behavior for far too long, but a terrible past could only garner a person so much leniency before it was clear they didn’t want to be better.

Capra remained silent, and Fejo noticed the male’s swiped glances toward him had turned confused and thoughtful. There was a chance Capra’s soul had not been fully blackened yet. Now Fejo just had to hope that saving the male didn’t end up coming back to hurt him later.

After boarding the Ylare and making sure the entry doors were sealed, Capra all but tore off his bioshifting suit.

“When are we leaving?” Uja asked, still wearing his suit.

Fejo paused for a moment before realizing what Uja was really asking. The Vulstrata Port had a section with an atmosphere they could be in without a suit. They also were one of the few ports with an air dome. Massive vents and jets propelled streams of air through a large, open area, allowing those with wings to ride the currents and stretch their wings.

Uja eyed Capra, torn between racing to the dome to take flight and remaining on the Ylare to keep a watchful eye on the two Tetrans. Capra glared back at them both before stomping away.

“Go.” Fejo waved, already following Capra. He could sense Vanessa was near the front of the ship, and an invisible force tugged him toward her. “Be back in an hour,” he called over his shoulder.

Not in our room. That was all he could think as he dashed through the halls of his ship. If his instincts were to be believed, she was near the cafeteria. Though his stomach turned, he forced himself to stop off at the bridge before finding her. He needed to ensure their course was set and their departure scheduled.

But when he entered the room, he found the controls raised but no males milling about. No one running pre-checks on their system. No one on comms speaking with port authorities. No one lounging and secretly playing games when they thought he wasn’t looking. His body hardened, and he mentally tallied his hidden blades.

Bolting out of the room, his long strides ate up the ground under him until he burst through the door of the cafeteria, heart pounding in his ears. Deep laughter floated toward him, and he spotted a clustered group of males. Light, tinkling laughter reached his ears. On instinct, his hand flew to one of his concealed blades.

He slowly stalked forward, trying to take in the scene and understand what was going on before acting. In a corner, away from everyone else, sat Maladek.

“Why is no one manning the bridge?” he barked, sending an echo into the space.

The males all jerked upright and turned to stare at him. A few noticed the knife in his hand and parted. He spotted Vanessa seated at the long table, her brows raised. She grinned at him when she saw him.

Fejo remained still as a statue. Jealousy sparked fire in his bones and made him rigid and hollow. While he’d been seeing to his duties, these other males had had the privilege of sitting with Vanessa, talking and making her laugh. He noticed an empty tray placed in front of her and wondered if they’d even helped her get food, a job that should’ve been reserved for her mate. It was as if someone was drilling into his skull.

“Come here,” she called. “I was just telling them about Earth.”

He stalked over, glaring at the males as he did. He was just about to order them to leave and to do their damn jobs when Vanessa placed a soft palm on his forearm and tried to tug him down to sit next to her. He slammed his knife into the smooth surface of the table, embedding the tip of the blade up to the hilt and sending a clear message to everyone. If she wanted to talk to the crew, he wouldn’t send them away, but he’d make sure they knew their place.

“Hey,” Vanessa called from next to him, though it sounded as if she were far off. He turned to her, and she leaned up, pressing a soft kiss to his lips. He froze, stuck halfway between flinging her over his shoulder and carrying her out of the room and showing off the easy affection she offered to all the males who’d abandoned their duties just to speak to her. She pulled away, slipping her hand into his under the table. “Take care of everything you needed to?” she asked, eyeing the knife.

He nodded, then turned to his crew. “We’ll be leaving in an hour,” he grated.

Molu, the Ylare doctor who was always genial and rarely let Fejo’s moods affect him, continued to grin. “Vanessa was just telling us about human relationships. Did you know they often enjoy gifting dead plants to their partners?” Molu shook his head as if he’d never heard such a ridiculous thing.

Fejo hadn’t heard that either, but he couldn’t find the humor at the moment. Did Vanessa want him to give her dead plants? He racked his brain trying to figure out whether he had enough time to sneak back out onto the port. But there were very few plants to speak of in the scorching atmosphere.

“Flowers. I told you they’re flowers. And yeah, they die, but you put them in water and display them, and they look beautiful. It’s the thought that counts.”

Another male Fejo had rarely spoken to, Manx, chimed in. “So, if you think of doing it but don’t, a human will be attracted to you?” The male smiled, his gaze darting between Fejo and Vanessa. He slowly lowered himself back into his seat as though unsure if he were still welcome at the table but taking a chance. “How would they know if we’d thought of it?”

“No, you have to actually do it. I just mean sometimes, trying to put in effort is more important than what you actually end up doing.” Vanessa squeezed his hand under the table, her fingers twining between his as though sensing he was uncomfortable. “Honestly, though, I don’t think any of you will have trouble in that department. Clecanian men are the most eager-to-please guys I’ve ever met. Some folks on Earth only want dead plants every once in a while, and there are people who still won’t get off their asses to get a bouquet at the grocery store. And the ones who do are snatched up fast.” She snapped her fingers together to emphasize her point.

“Would live plants work? What about the jewelry I’ve collected in case I marry? Should I gather plants instead?” Manx pressed, his eyes wide and serious. Some of the males crowding around inched in closer, taking mental notes.

Vanessa shot a soft grin toward Fejo, and his heart skipped. “We also love other presents. Did you see the beautiful necklace Fejo gave me?” His chest bowed, and some of his tension melted away. “But, again,” she cautioned, “everyone is different. Keep that in mind. Some humans couldn’t care less about getting presents. They only care about spending quality time with their partner. Some like to be shown physical affection. You just have to get to know the person you’re interested in and see what they like. Mostly, they just need to know you care and think about what might make them happy, even when you’re not together.”

Fejo buried his snort in a cough. If that was true, he should reveal the inner workings of his mind. Vanessa might just combust if she knew how often he thought about her and what he might do to make her happy. She raised a brow and smirked at him, then took a sip of her drink, emptying the cup.

Before he had a chance to offer to retrieve another, she stood. “Can I get you anything?” she asked nonchalantly.

Fejo pulled a face. Get me something? That was his job. The rest of the males wore equally confused expressions.

When no one responded, she glanced around, her brows furrowing. “Okay… Does anyone else want anything while I’m up?”

Fejo shot to his feet and snatched the cup out of her hand. She flinched at the sudden movement. “What were you having?” he grunted, not wanting to appear like he wasn’t caring for his mate. He pressed a hand to her shoulder and forced her to lower back onto the bench.

Her face scrunched as though she wasn’t too happy, but when she was back in her seat, she shrugged and pointed Molu. “I don’t know. He picked it. It was good.”

Molu straightened, his sharp grin widening before growing uncomfortable under Fejo’s glare. “I gave her stadly from my home.”

Fejo wanted to crush the cup in his hand at the pride he heard in Molu’s voice. Changing his mind, he hooked a hand around Vanessa’s bicep and gently pulled her back up to her feet. She let out an irritated huff, rolling her eyes, but remained silent otherwise. “We’ll take this back to our room. Everybody, get to work. Make sure we’re ready to depart in one hour.”

Some of the males groaned, but their complaints were quickly silenced at the glower he directed toward them. Filing out of the cafeteria, they muttered to each other. In the corner of the room, Maladek remained, staring hard at the two of them.

Fejo lifted a hand, pointing to the exit. “Out,” he growled, his warning clear.

Maladek’s frown deepened, his gaze lingering on the marks covering Fejo’s pointed finger. A breath passed before he downed the drink he was holding, set the empty container back on the table, and rose, walking out of the room without a backward glance.

Now that the space was empty, Vanessa spoke. “What is your problem?” she asked, cocking her hip to the side. “You left me here. You told me these guys could talk to me, and now I finally get to know them and you throw a tantrum.” Her beautiful pink lips pursed. “Some of them are actually pretty nice.” She swiped the cup from his hand and crossed to the food synthesizer, expertly programming in something though he hadn’t shown her how to. It irked to know one of his crew must’ve taught her.

“I know…” he started, when she lifted a brow at him. He cleared his throat, trying to control his temper. “I know. I just didn’t realize how seeing you surrounded by other males, laughing, would affect me,” he said simply. It was the truth, after all. He hadn’t grasped that seeing her bond with his crew would’ve sent his brain into overdrive.

“Well, you should find a way to be okay with it because it’s not like I can never talk to any men again. Most of your planet is men. And if you plan on living on this ship with me, with these guys, you’re gonna need to learn to live with me having male friends.” She spun back toward the synthesizer and typed something else in.

Fejo forced his shoulders to relax, rolling them out. His current approach was getting him nowhere, so he changed tactics. He crossed to her and slid his hands around her waist, leaning down to inhale her scent. “I know,” he rumbled against her skin. “I think we just need a few more months alone in our bed, and then maybe I’ll be willing to let you out.”

Vanessa chuckled, sending warmth over his scalp. He let his hands roam over the front of her body. She sucked in a small breath when he palmed her breast, squeezing roughly as he pulled her back against his front. “Fejo, not in here. Anyone could walk in,” she somehow shouted in a whisper.

The scent of her arousal hit his nose and kick-started his brain. He realized that although he wanted to make her come in every room of his ship, he didn’t want the other males smelling her like this or accidentally walking in and seeing her body.

Silently, he wrapped a hand around her wrist and pulled her along behind him.

“My food,” she squeaked as he dragged her out of the room and down the hall.

“I’ll bring you mountains of it later.” He shot her a wide grin. Electricity zinged through his body at the flush that colored her cheeks.

Nothing felt more urgent in this moment than getting her alone and safe in his room. He’d never experienced jealousy quite like this before, and it was hard to pinpoint exactly what had made him so upset. He wondered if his black mood was perhaps not because she was smiling and laughing with the crew but because they seemed to know things about her he didn’t. It wasn’t right. He should know his mate better than anyone else.

He pulled her into his room and noticed her breathing had increased, the scent of her arousal deepening. She was enjoying the way he took control, and the knowledge sent blood rushing to his cock. When the door slid closed behind them, she sat down her cup and intertwined her hands behind his neck, but he gripped her wrists and stilled her.

He would not be outdone by anyone else. “Is it true you like gifts, lovely?” he asked, walking backward and pulling her along with him.

A small grin flashed over her face. She shook her head. “It was just an example. You don’t have to give me anything.” Her focus locked on his lips, and the soft fabric of his trousers chafed against his rigid shaft.

“I want to give you things.” He produced a metal box from a low cabinet under the stairs and handed it to her. “They aren’t dead flowers, but you said you also liked jewelry.”

She eyed the box, then grinned up at him. “Really, I don’t need anything. I can feel how much you care. You’re always doing nice things for me. I don’t want you to think you have to give me a bunch of gifts to keep me happy.” Her gaze grew distant, her brows furrowing. “As a matter of fact, I should probably clarify that with the guys too. I didn’t explain very well, did I?” She shrugged and focused on him again. “Later,” she whispered. She set the box aside and ran her hands up his chest, sliding his coat open at his shoulders and trying to slip it down his arms.

Fejo was at a loss. She’d said humans liked presents, and he had them to give in spades. It still confused him that the only thing she seemed to want from him was his company. Stories about his life. To laugh and smile with him.

Though, at this moment, it was clear she wanted something else, and he was all too happy to oblige. He held her hands still, pushing her a step away, and removed the knives hidden in his clothing. Watching her undress him was a dream, but he couldn’t risk her accidentally hurting herself.

Vanessa’s hungry gaze roved over him as he piled the blades onto a small table, not bothering to store them properly at the moment. Heat coiled in his groin at the sweet scent of arousal leaking from between her legs.

All of his concealed weapons gone, he smirked and raised his hands, lifting a brow at her. Any other female might get annoyed that he wasn’t rushing to satisfy her, but Vanessa grinned, realizing what he wanted. She sauntered toward him. His chest expanded, throat going dry, when her hands strayed to the fastenings at his pants and she licked her lips.

While she was grappling with the metal clasps pulled tight over his straining shaft, he helped her, slipping off his shirt.

Her fingers stilled for a moment, and her gaze ran appreciatively over his chest. She was slipping his pants down his hips when he stopped her. He retrieved the communicator from his pocket, intending to show her a few new things that he could do, but she lowered his hand, taking the communicator from him. Metal clinked on metal as she tossed the communicator onto the pile of knives.

She pressed her body into him, and his stomach somersaulted, his cock now throbbing underneath the loose fabric of his pants. She lifted to her tiptoes, and he wrapped an arm around her waist, the other sliding down to grip her ass. Gentle kisses feathered over his bobbing throat and sent heat licking over his skin. “I want to feel you this time. Just you.”

His purr exploded in his chest at her words, and he held her more tightly. Her words made his chest ache and his stomach tighten. No tricks? No presents? Just him?

He’d made sure all of his enhancements were perfectly cultivated to her anatomy. That everything he did was something she’d enjoy. Yet here she was, wanting to strip him bare.

She didn’t care about his ship or his belongings or his clothes. None of the flashiness he liked to shroud himself with mattered to her. She wanted him plain, unadorned, without gifts or enhancements. But those were the very things he clung to. When all of his smoke and mirrors were peeled away, would the male who remained be enough? Fejo wasn’t certain. But Vanessa seemed to be.

His purr rumbled violently through his chest, and he gripped her chin, bringing her mouth up to his. She tugged him forward, and he followed, letting her guide him to the couch. She slid his pants down his legs, then put a soft palm on his abs, pressing him back.

He sank onto the couch and watched her, rapt. With a beautiful grin, she began undressing. Her small, rounded breasts and dusky nipples came into view, and his cock twitched. His fingers itched to reach out and wrench her onto his lap, but he forced them to his sides and fisted the firm material of the couch instead.

She pulled down the short, embroidered skirt he’d hastily thrown at her this morning. He hadn’t made a big deal of it, but he’d picked out an entire closet of outfits for her, brooding over each item and whether she’d like them. When she’d offhandedly remarked about how “cute” the skirt was, pride had surged through him.

Completely bare, she sank to her knees before him and dragged off his boots, taking care not to tug too hard. His breaths were ragged now, his pulse pounding in his ears.

She slipped his pants off his ankles, then ran her hands up the sides of his legs, brushing his lines with her fingers the way he loved. As she leaned forward, her breasts rubbed against his inner thighs and he let out a strangled groan, realizing where her hands were headed. Her wicked grin rose to him, and he had to close his eyes to keep from coming right there.

His mate—kneeling between his legs, her dark hair falling over one shoulder and her hand gripping his shaft—was a sight he could’ve never imagined. Never in his life had he had to exert this much control over his body. But being with Vanessa was different.

He choked on his own tongue, eyes flashing open, when her warm, wet mouth covered the head of his cock. His mind was so gone, he seemed to forget how to breathe air and had inadvertently flipped his throat closed, his gills raising. A flush crept up his neck as he righted himself, letting his head fall back so he could remember how to breathe again. The view of her mouth on him was too much to take.

She chuckled, the sound rumbling through his cock and making his body jerk. “What are these?” she whispered against his skin, her warm breath brushing over the tip of his shaft now wet from her mouth. He shuddered and pre-cum beaded from the thick head. With one delicate finger, she traced the raised implants on his shaft. “Are they natural?”

Fejo had to swallow before he could choke out a response, his mind fuzzy. “No,” was all he breathed out.

She grinned up at him and gave the underside of his shaft a long lick, making him let out a hiss. “I gotta say, you have one beautiful dick.” She smiled as his body vibrated with his purr.

He couldn’t take much more of this. The appreciative, greedy way she stroked every inch of him was the most maddening thing he’d ever experienced. He reached for her. “Come here, lovely,” he rumbled.

She obliged, crawling on top of him and settling on his lap. The wetness dampening her thighs and her core slicked onto his shaft, making him hot and slippery. He sat up straighter, snaking his arms around her waist, then lifted her slightly before lowering her onto his aching cock. She clawed at his shoulders, letting out a low moan as she slid all the way down until he was fully seated inside her.

He ran his hands up and down the sides of her body reverently and took her hard nipple into his mouth, teasing her with his teeth. Her moan trembled out of her and her hips rocked against him. His muscles burned from holding himself still, but he remained in place.

The feeling of sliding in and out of her tight, hot cunt without using any of his enhancements was incredible. Raw and natural and somehow more carnal. Her hands flew over his shoulders and chest as her hips picked up speed. Her breathing matching his, and her heartbeat pulsing through her in time with his own. This was how it was supposed to be. Intimate. Connected. Erotic.

Vanessa’s fingers stabbed into his hair and she pulled his mouth away from her breasts so she could crane her neck forward and kiss him. Fejo held her upper body tight against him as he explored her mouth with his tongue.

Sweat slicked down both of their bodies, making her glide across him. The moans she was releasing on each breath faded and became choked. Her body was tensing, and she was holding her breath, tying herself into a knot the way she did before falling apart with her orgasm.

It was as if his senses hadn’t truly worked until now. Before Vanessa, he hadn’t known he’d been living a muted existence. Now he wanted to feel everything, hear everything. Pulling away from her mouth, he lifted his arm around her waist and hooked his hand over her shoulder, pulling her forward until her mewled pants of pleasure were loud at his ear. She wrapped her arms around his neck, holding his head close, and pressed her cheek to his.

She let out a cry as he rocked his hips up into her, matching her rhythm.

“Into my ear, female,” he growled.

It took her a second, but then she pressed her mouth against his ear, nipping at his lobe and sending electric pulses through his body, straight to his cock.

Her body stilled, tensing against him, and he kept rocking into her. Her nails curled into his skin, one hand on his scalp, the other scratching down his back. He felt her channel squeezing him as she came. The sensation had been duller when he’d had the vibration on, but now he felt every inch of her core gripping his cock. She cried out, yelling his name straight into his ear, and his whole body went up in flame.

Her body twitched and trembled as her orgasm rolled through her, but he couldn’t hold back anymore. With a lurch, he flipped them so she was on her back, then took control, pumping into her with firm, even thrusts.

Fejo moved the way he wanted, the way that felt best for him, and somehow, he knew that was what she wanted too. She wrapped her legs around his waist, choking out a strangled “Yes” and clutching his back. Her heels dug into his ass, urging him on, and he selfishly continued. Sweat poured off him, coating her with his scent.


She wrenched him down and captured his mouth with hers. Diving his tongue between her lips, he explored her without holding back. He moaned, muscles growing rigid and balls tightening. He pushed her away, shoving her shoulder into the mattress so he could look at her face.

Her cheeks were flushed. Her hair haloed around her beautiful, pale, oval face, lips rosy from his kiss. Dark lashes fluttering open, she looked up at him with drawn brows in a brilliant expression of pleasure.

He groaned, his thrusts rough and erratic now. “You’re so fucking beautiful,” Fejo said while sucking in deep breaths, his muscles burning. A dazzling smile aimed at him transformed her features, and it was his undoing. He roared to the sky, slamming into her twice more before stilling and bathing her insides with his seed.

She let out a low sigh and stroked up and down his spine as his cock twitched and emptied inside her. He lowered, bracing himself so he didn’t crush her with his weight; then, realizing it would be a long while before he’d want to slip out of her, he gripped her hips and shoulders and turned their bodies until she was sprawled on top of him, his shaft still buried.

Instead of walking away to clean herself up or retire to a separate room as most females did, Vanessa sighed and melted against his chest, her head tucking perfectly into the space under his chin.

There was no shutting off his purr. His soul was content. Their scents mingled together and the curves of her body perfectly settled into the dips and valleys of his. Her strong heartbeat thrummed against his chest, matching his own, and lulled him.

He didn’t know when it happened, but at some point, he drifted to sleep. When he woke, it took him a moment to realize where he was. Still on the couch. Rather than going to sleep in the comfortable bed by herself, Vanessa had retrieved a blanket and returned, curling into his side and covering them both. She’d flung her arm over his waist, holding him tightly, and her body twitched as though she were dreaming. His heart felt too big for his chest, his throat clogged.

“Dazzling, glorious Vanessa,” he breathed against her hair as she slept, grinning while imagining her lips pursed in annoyance at his excessive compliment. “I love you, and I’m never letting you go.”


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