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Using Fejo: Chapter 19

Fejo gazed at Vanessa’s flushed cheeks and reddened lips. Her pupils dilated a fraction at his words, and his body felt like it was being caressed all over with velvet. His purr broke from his chest again. He wasn’t surprised.

It didn’t matter how she reacted to his request. No matter what she said, he’d be happy. He found he couldn’t wait to hear her speak. To witness more of how her mind worked. He wanted to know her in every way. Know how she thought, how she reasoned, how she fucked.

The smell of salt from the water clung to her skin and mingled with her natural sweet, tart scent. An ache tightened his throat. Her smell reminded him of the beaches of Huvuita. Except now he felt the way he’d always wanted to feel while sitting on the shore alone, wishing he had someone to enjoy the summer day with.

She grinned down at him, and the throbbing of his cock increased. When she’d attempted to pull him from the bottom of the pool, his soul had come alive. Suddenly, his path had become clear to him: Vanessa.

Fejo’s heart rammed against his ribcage when her smile turned devious. She ran her palm over his chest, then traced the sensitive birth line on his right side. “Do I really need to ask?” she purred, reaching down to stroke his cock with her other hand. Her eyes shot to his shaft when her fingers brushed against the specialty piercing running through the thick head. He couldn’t wait to show her the update he’d installed in the gold flat-topped tip of the metal bar.

Her palm was like heaven on him, but he had to keep his head clear. He’d spent years learning to hold back his own needs, so why in the name of the Goddess was he a few pumps away from spilling into her hand?

She let out a delightful squeal as he flipped her onto the pile of towels he’d spread over the floor. Hooking his fingers under the waist of her pants, he pressed controlled, decisive kisses to her stomach, trailing downward while he slipped her pants and underwear off her hips. He then sat up, peeling the wet fabric off her legs, and tossed it to the side.

He about choked on his own tongue when she spread her knees for him and rested her arms over her head, a defiant grin curling her lips. Sitting back on his haunches, he scrubbed a hand over his jaw, calming himself and breathing through clenched teeth to avoid inhaling her intoxicating scent. The folds of her sex glistened with her arousal. Her cunt was the prettiest shade of pink he’d ever seen and was a contrast to the tuft of dark hair on her mound.

She extended her leg, letting her delicate foot run down the length of the birth line on his outer thigh. Electricity shot straight to his cock, making it twitch and causing sparks to flare all over his body.

With a growl, he caught hold of her leg and tugged her toward him. Starting at the small bone just above her ankle, he pressed firm, wet kisses along the inside of her leg. The purr in his chest built. The higher up he went, the more intense the scent of her arousal grew, until he was licking the inside of her thigh just below her dripping cunt.

He peered up her body to see her lust-filled gaze riveted to his progress, her breaths coming in short pants. He kissed her inner thigh again, and she let out a strangled whimper. Her pink tongue shot out to wet her lips.

Fejo hovered over her sex, letting his hot breath tease her sensitive flesh before moving to her other thigh and working his way down her leg.

He chuckled against her skin as she threw her head back with a frustrated cry, then she laughed. “Oh, fuck you.”

“That can be arranged. You know what to do,” he whispered just above the small pleasure center at the apex of her sex. He blew a puff of cool air toward it and grinned back up at her. She worried her lip, her beautiful, dark brows drawn in concentration.

Then, with a defeated sigh, she grated, “Fine. You win.”

“There’s my good female.” He backed up a fraction and raised a brow at her, forcing his body to remain immobile despite every cell urging him to take his prize before she’d actually followed through.

“I want…I want you to lick me.” The words were barely more than a breathy exhalation, but Fejo didn’t care. Satisfied, he descended on her, but she stopped him with a firm “Hold on” before he’d reached his target.

“What,” he barked a bit too aggressively.

She half grinned and chewed on her lip. “I want to try something.”

Fejo couldn’t imagine what this mystery of a female would want to try, but he also couldn’t imagine a single thing he’d say no to at the moment.

She scooted away, and he had to use a death grip on the towels beneath him to keep from pulling her back. “You’re pretty tall, but I think we can make this work,” she said, scanning him up and down. What did his height have to do with anything?

“Lie right here.” She motioned to the soft area in which she’d been lying, and he eyed it suspiciously. She chuckled and crawled to him on her knees.

His stomach knotted at the lovely sight.

She drew herself up and ran her hand over his arm, making his birth line ripple with pleasure. “I promise you’ll like it,” she whispered, pressing a warm kiss to his ear. The tension in his shoulders melted away, and his purr rumbled through him. Laughing, she gently pushed him toward the spot she’d indicated.

He laid down, squashing the urge to simply pull her underneath him. But then she shuffled on her knees toward him and knelt near the top of his head.

A dark blush appearing on her cheeks, she crawled over him and settled her soft thighs on either side of his face, resting her palms on his stomach. His heart stopped.

Fejo stared up at the beautiful lips of her sex, his eyes surely as wide as saucers. “I do like this,” he rasped, letting his purr vibrate through him as he wrapped his hands around her hips and pulled her down to his mouth. She let out a cry and then a low moan.

He thought he heard her say, “Just you wait,” but was too concerned with the feast above him to care. She angled forward, dropping her body so her soft lower stomach rested on his chest. He was about to test out all the methods he’d devised while researching human anatomy, when he felt her warm palm wrap around his shaft.

His grip on her hips tightened, and he lifted her lower body up. She squeaked and scrambled to plant her palms on the ground and support her upper body. Fejo peered down between the space of their separated bodies to her face.

Vanessa just grinned, then dipped her head to his cock and wrapped her lips around him. Fejo let out a hiss and lowered her pussy back to his tongue.

Her wet, velvety mouth encased him, her tongue swirling around the head of his cock, and Fejo thought his vision might go out. He buried his face in her inner thigh and tried to keep his body from quaking. No female had ever done this before.

Her breasts pressed into his lower abdomen, and she gave her hips a little shake. His eyes rolled back, and he wrapped his arms around her waist, crushing her to him as his mouth latched onto the small nub humans called a clit. She let out a cry that vibrated through this shaft, and his answering purr made her cunt grind and shiver against his tongue.

He swirled and flicked and lapped with his tongue, experimenting until he found the motion that made her moan and had her body stiffening. Then he repeated the same swirling movement, over and over, until she was trembling above him.

The pressure in his lower stomach built, his cock throbbing with the need for release. Her hand came down to cup his sac, while the other stroked the portion of his shaft that didn’t fit in her mouth. The onslaught of her hands and mouth all caressing him together brought his orgasm thundering down around him.

He threw his head back, roaring into the dark room while she drank him in. His body continued to tremble after his mind had returned, but he didn’t give himself any longer to recover before setting back to work on her delicious core. She moaned and squirmed in his firm hold, still gently running her hands up and down his shaft.

He swirled his tongue around her clit faster and felt her body tense above him; her thighs, cushioning his ears, began to shake. Triumphantly, he growled, knowing he’d mastered his female’s unique anatomy. He ran his nails down her back and the soft skin of her ass, licking and purring against the swollen nub until her body convulsed above him.

On a long, breathless cry, she came, sucking in deep breaths and letting out strangled moans. Finally, her body grew limp and relaxed against his front, her head on his thigh. He gently shifted her until she was lying on her back, her head by his knees, then crawled to her and collapsed onto his stomach at her side. His arm draped over her waist just below her breasts and he turned his head toward her flushed face.

She lay with her eyes closed, catching her breath, and he wondered if she’d push him away like many females did after being satisfied. She didn’t. Instead, she grinned and let her head fall to the side until she faced him. “Told you you’d like it,” she breathed.

Fejo laughed, a full-bellied genuine laugh, and his heart grew lighter. Vanessa smiled at him and moved his arm off her waist. He was about to argue, the spike of hurt knowing she’d now want space cutting through his throat. But rather than move away, she rolled to her side and plopped her body on top of his. “I’m hot,” she murmured in lieu of an explanation.

He chuckled. “And how does lying on me help?”

While tracing her fingers over his shoulder, she shrugged. “Just does.”

Fejo let out a sigh, lids sliding closed at the feel of her soft fingertips running down his spine. She paused at a spot on his shoulder blade and pressed down right into one of the knots throbbing in his back. He hissed, his shoulder bunching.

“Oh, man. This is a bad one.”

Warmth suffused his body, his chest tightening and expanding all at once, as she straddled his back and began rubbing the heel of her palm over the sore spots in his muscles. No one had ever massaged him before.

“Sorry if I’m not good at this. I haven’t really done it much.” She kneaded a particularly painful spot near the base of his neck, and he felt the tension release and melt away.

He spoke through the tightness in his throat. “You are beyond wonderful.”

She let out a gentle chuckle and leaned down to press a kiss to the juncture of his shoulder while continuing to work her hands over his back. His skin tingled all over, and Vanessa’s sweet scent built in the air, drugging him. His purr rumbled in his chest more loudly than it ever had. He stretched his arms in front of him, letting all the tension in his body sink into the floor.

Was this what true happiness felt like?

Vanessa pressed another kiss to the nape of his neck, then her hands stilled on his back, and she released a gasp against his skin. He twisted his head to look over his shoulder at her with one eye. She angled her body forward, running her hands along his biceps until she reached his forearms, then guided him to bend his elbows and pulled his forearms back toward him.

He thought she might’ve been trying to get to a difficult spot on his shoulder, when he glanced down at his hands now crossed in front of his face and saw bright blue markings winding their way along his fingers.


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