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Unveiled: Epilogue


Nicoli helps me out of the limo, his hands tracing down my bare arms, sending feather-light shivers across my skin. He leans his head to the side as his gaze drops to my plunging neckline, gently brushing his thumb along the exposed curve of my breast.

“You look stunning, Hummingbird.” His voice is warm and deep, his hooded gaze sweeping over me. “I have a feeling I’ll be walking out of here with blood on my hands.” A shiver runs down my spine at the possessive gleam in his eyes.

I can’t help but smile, feeling my cheeks flush under his heated gaze. I’ve been in love with Nicoli for as long as I can remember. How could I not? He’s a force of nature, all sharp edges and dangerous charisma. By simply looking at me the way he does now, he makes me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world.

The outside lights scattered around the building bathe his features in alluring shadows, his blue irises glittering with sensual mischief under the yellow glow.

I take a deep breath, and the distinctive aroma of his cologne mixed with his own unique scent fills my lungs. A wave of desire rushes over me, excitement bubbling inside me, thinking of the night ahead.

He leans closer, his breath warm against my neck. “Are you wearing panties?”

I bite my bottom lip and nod, feeling the heat flush to my cheeks.

He drops to his knees and carefully slides the skirt of my dress up with his fingers, allowing the fabric to float over my legs before resting on my waist, exposing my red lace thong.

“What if someone sees us?”

He peppers kisses along my thigh. “Let them see. As long as every person here knows you’re mine.”

His fingers tease me through the thin material, making me moan with pleasure. “If you keep on like this, you’ll make me come before we’ve even set foot inside.”

“Oh, baby girl, it’ll be the first of many.” As he hooks his fingers into the sides of my panties, he eases the lace down, and I gasp when he gently kisses my bare sex, sending shockwaves of desire through my core.

“Now you’re not playing fair.”

“I don’t remember fair being part of our plans for tonight.” He reaches around my waist, both palms cupping my ass, squeezing as he presses his nose against the slit of my pussy, inhaling deep before growling his delight. Without saying a word, he slides the skirt of my dress back down and straightens while I’m two seconds away from demanding he fuck me against the goddamn limo.

His lips part in a knowing smirk, and he looks at me with those blue eyes shining brighter than ever. “You ready to enter the castle of sin?”

“You know I am.”

We step into Myth, and my heart is racing with excitement. I never thought this day would come when Nicoli would finally bring me here. I’ve wondered and dreamed about this place ever since I learned of its existence. A place where desires are embraced and pleasure is the ultimate goal.

The scent of exotic vanilla and jasmine fills my senses as we enter through the large double doors. And the erotic energy in the air immediately wraps around me like a blanket of pleasure, smothering me in hot anticipation.

A large chandelier drips with crystals, casting a seductive glow over the entire area, my eyes adjusting to the low lighting as I take in the scene before me. People of all shapes and sizes mingle, laughing and chatting while sipping their drinks. The air is thick with expectation, and I feel my body responding to the charged atmosphere.

It’s elegant pristine, with an underlying edge of decadence. It’s like an entirely different world we’re stepping into, a world of freedom and indulgence without the chains of society’s limitations.

I can feel myself getting more and more aroused as I take it all in. The scent of sex is thick in the air, and I can’t help but wonder what kind of pleasure awaits me.

I hook my hand into the crook of Nicoli’s elbow. Everyone’s eyes are on us as we descend the staircase. I can feel their gazes like a physical touch, sending a thrill up my spine. But rather than feel shy or self-conscious, I feel empowered by their attention, knowing that Nicoli is one of the Dark Sovereign Kings and I’m the woman he chooses to have at his side. His wife. His queen.

“You see all the men looking at you?” Nicoli tightens his elbow as if to lock my hand between his arm and body. “They’re wondering what’s beneath your dress.”

“Thanks to you, nothing,” I reply, hyperaware that I’m naked underneath and how my thighs brush together.

As we walk, the palpable desire in the room spins around me like a web. I’m caught in it, and I’m not sure I want to escape. My heart is pounding so hard that I can hear it in my ears. The people around us part like the Red Sea, giving way as we pass. It’s as if there’s a force field around us, like we’re two bodies orbiting each other, completely separate from the rest of the room.

Nicoli leads me through the throng of people, his touch reassuring in a way I can’t quite explain. The excitement and thrill of what’s to come wash over me in waves.

As Nicoli guides me down a dimly lit hallway to one of the private rooms, my pulse thrums with eager anticipation. He pushes the heavy wooden door open, allowing me to enter first.

No one is in the room except for a naked woman kneeling in the center, her wrists bound behind her back and a black blindfold covering her eyes.

Anticipation slides into arousal, heat pooling between my thighs as I take in the room. A queen bed with red silk sheets is on the opposite wall, and a large, ornate mirror stands in the corner next to a table with an array of whips, paddles, crops, and chains. The shelves are bursting with a variety of different toys—whatever your imagination can conjure, you’ll find it here. This room lays out all the possibilities to make your dreams a reality.

Nicoli shuts the door behind us, the sound of the lock clicking into place, sealing us in our own little world.

“First, the rules,” he starts, sliding his suit jacket off his shoulders and tossing it over the black velvet chaise. “Rule number one. Your pussy is mine. The only cock fucking you is mine or those unattached to a male body.”

I snicker. “I’m more than okay with that.”

Nicoli removes his tie and unbuttons his collar. “Rule number two. My cock is yours and no one else’s. I’m not fucking pussy unless it’s yours.”

I lick my lips, my heart swelling in my chest, loving the fact that he’s mine and mine alone. I glance at our friend sitting as quietly as a mouse on her knees. “She knows the rules?”

Nicoli nods. “She knows not to say a word and to do exactly as she’s told. Nothing more, nothing less.”

I circle the woman, trailing a fingertip along her shoulder. She shivers but remains silent and unmoving, the perfect submissive waiting to be used for our pleasure. As I still in front of her, I lift her face upward with a single finger under her chin. She’s beautiful. A redhead, her skin flawless and pale. I wonder what color eyes she has. Blue? Green? Amber?

“What is her name?”

Nicoli goes to stand behind her. “Celia.”

“She can nod when answering a question?”


I drag my thumb along her bottom lip. “Are you eager to play with us, Celia?”

A red curl slides down her shoulder as she nods.


Nicoli stalks toward me, forcing me away from her and backing me up against the wall. He cages me in, one hand on either side of my head, and claims my mouth, his lips devouring mine in a passionate kiss that blazes through me like a volcanic eruption, branding my mouth with its heat. Nicoli nips at my bottom lip before whispering against my mouth, “You are my wife, and I love you more than anything in this world. Nothing will ever change that. What happens here tonight is for our enjoyment together.” He slips a hand between my thighs, brushing his fingertips upward until he touches my bare pussy, causing me to gasp. “In our bedroom, I control you. I control your body, your moans when you come. I control everything. But in here, tonight, nothing happens unless you demand it. Understood?”

A thrill shoots through me at the command in his tone.

“Yes,” I whisper, and he slips a finger inside me, the sensation taking me by surprise.

“Your cunt is drenched,” he rasps, his thumb finding my clit. “Does the idea of controlling Celia turn you on, Hummingbird?”

There’s no use in denying it. “Yes.”

Nicoli studies me for a moment before stepping back, and I drop my dress to pool around my red heels. Desire darkens Nicoli’s gaze as he takes me in, admiring every curve of my body as if it’s the first time he’s lain eyes on me.

“How about you take a seat over there,” I murmur, pointing to the black chaise. “But take your pants off first.”

Tonight, we’ll remind each other of who we belong to, Nicoli and I. And this woman, she’ll be our conduit, the instrument of our pleasure.

I saunter over to the woman, acutely aware of Nicoli’s gaze on my naked body. His desire for me is a heady aphrodisiac, fueling my own need to dominate and control.

I trail my fingers down the woman’s cheek, enjoying the way she leans into my touch. “Do you want me?” I purr, circling one taut nipple.

She nods, and I pinch the nipple and twist sharply. Her back arches, hips jerking. I smirk, glancing at Nicoli. His eyes are hooded, hand wrapped around his cock as he strokes himself lazily.

The thought of this turning him on sends another rush of heat between my thighs.

“Get on the bed, Celia.”

She’s on her feet, and I place my hands on her shoulders, guiding her to sit on the edge of the bed. She truly is beautiful, her skin flawless, her breasts just the right size, her hourglass curves enough to entice any man…or woman.

I lean closer to her ear, purposely showing my ass in Nicoli’s direction. “You’re a beautiful woman, Celia,” I whisper, gliding a finger along her collarbone and down to her tits. “Are you wet for us?”

She nods, and I smirk, glancing at Nicoli as I allow my fingers to dip down and delve between her legs, parting them so he can have a good look. He bites his bottom lip as he watches, and desire flares inside me when I touch her pussy lips, sliding a finger through her wet sex. She’s soaked, her inner thighs coated with her arousal.

I thrust two fingers into her dripping cunt, reveling in the way she clenches around them. I can’t resist the urge to look at Nicoli, his lips parted slightly in appreciation for what he’s seeing.

Curling my fingers, I stroke that sweet spot deep inside until she’s writhing on the edge of the bed, leaning her head to the side, her cheeks a seductive pink.

Only when she’s teetering on the edge do I withdraw and place my glistening fingers to my lips. I straighten and face Nicoli, sucking one finger clean of Celia as he watches me, moaning at her taste.

Nicoli’s hand is moving faster now, grip tight around his cock as I saunter to him. “Taste,” I say, dragging my finger, still wet with Celia’s juices, across Nicoli’s lips, then slipping it in his mouth. He sucks on my finger hungrily, eyes bright with desire, and then releases it slowly before he grabs my arm and yanks me forward, slamming his lips onto mine in a fiery kiss. His tongue delves into me like he’s searching for something deep inside while he continues to stroke his cock, moaning into my mouth.

We break apart, breathless and panting, my thighs wet and body humming.

“You’re going to drive me insane tonight, aren’t you, Hummingbird?”

“Madness is the goal, my love,” I murmur, smiling as I walk back to Celia, anticipation thrumming through my veins.

“On your back, legs spread,” I order, voice husky with desire.

She scrambles to obey, movements jerky in her haste. I follow leisurely, hips swaying, and climb onto the mattress to kneel between her thighs.

“You’re going to be a good girl tonight, aren’t you, Celia?” I trail a single fingertip down her torso, circling her navel before sliding lower. She arches into my touch with a strangled moan.

I dip my head and blow a stream of cool air over her swollen clit. Her hips jerk off the bed, a muffled shriek escaping her lips. I do it again. And again. Each burst of air ratchets the tension in her body higher until she’s writhing uncontrollably, desperate for release.

“Baby girl,” Nicoli starts as he stands from the chaise, walking toward the bed, his hard cock still in his palm. “You’re going to drive the poor woman crazy.”

I flick my hair over my shoulder and look at him. “You want me to lick her cunt?”

He reaches for the bar above the bed, grasping it, his arms outstretched, every muscle defined on his torso while his cock remains stiff and throbbing. “I want you to eat it.”

Leaning down, my ass in the air, giving Nicoli the perfect view of my wet cunt, I lap at Celia’s clit, slow and languid, savoring each jerk of her hips and every whimper that slips free. My tongue traces circles around her swollen bud, tasting her arousal as she shivers. Nicoli’s deep groans of pleasure only make me hungrier for her, my breath hot on her delicate skin. I thrust two fingers into her dripping cunt, curling them and sealing my lips around her clit. Her hips writhe beneath me as I drive her closer to the brink of ecstasy with each stroke, my tongue exploring every inch of her.

The sounds of Nicoli’s moans as he strokes himself fade into the background, my entire focus on the woman spread out before me.

Sucking hard, I drive her over the edge. Her back arches off the bed, thighs clamping around my head, as she comes with a muffled scream. I work her through the aftershocks, only withdrawing when she collapses limply against the mattress.

I raise my head and lick Celia’s taste off my lips. Nicoli’s gaze is hard, his pupils blown wide with lust, fist pumping furiously over his cock.

“My turn,” I pant, relishing the sweet taste of this woman on my tongue. “On your knees, Celia,” I order as I get off the bed. She obeys, and with her hands tied behind her back, her cheek and shoulders are pressed against the mattress, her ass high in the air with her pussy blooming for us.

I walk over to the table with an array of toys on display. Choosing a pretty pink dildo, I lube it up and hand it to Nicoli. “This is how you’ll fuck her tonight.”

“You’re going to make me lose control.”

“I like the sound of that.”

He reaches out abruptly, gripping his fist in my hair and yanking my head back as he pulls me close. “If I come before you do, there will be hell to pay,” he warns darkly, and my pussy instantly throbs.

He lets go, positioning the toy at Celia’s entrance.

I wrap my hand around his wrist. “Not there.”

He pauses, gaze flickering to mine in question. I shake my head slightly and tap the dildo against her ass instead. Understanding dawns, followed quickly by heat.

Nicoli presses the toy into her hole in one smooth thrust, burying it to the hilt. A strangled cry escapes her, muscles clenching around the intrusion.

I release his wrist to trail my nails down his back. “Slowly. Let her feel every inch.”

He draws the dildo out in increments, watching avidly as her ass stretches to accommodate it. When only the tip remains inside, he pushes back in just as slowly. The woman whimpers, trembling under the onslaught of sensation.

“Again,” I order. Nicoli obeys, establishing a brutal pace of deep, penetrating strokes. The wet sounds of her ass being fucked fill the air together with her muffled cries.

I wrap my hand around Nicoli’s cock, stroking him in time with each thrust. Pre-cum slicks my movements, his entire body trembling with the effort to hold back. With Celia’s next moan, I slide in front of Nicoli, sitting on the edge of the bed as I take his cock in my mouth, causing him to groan.

“Jesus, fuck. Mira.” He stops moving the dildo in and out of Celia as he struggles to keep control, shutting his eyes, his cheeks flushed and body taut. I swallow him down to the hilt, my tongue playing over his hard length while I suck him with deep pulls. I’m high on power and lust, relishing the control I have over Nicoli. Celia is just an added bonus. I’m more focused on Nicoli and the bond we’ve shared for as long as I can remember.

A vise grip tightens in my hair, and he yanks me off his cock, slamming his hot mouth onto mine, kissing me like he’s starved. Our teeth clash, our tongues duel, our kiss so out of control and wild, it feels like the world is ending.

I break away and lean back, giving him a sultry smile. “Keep fucking her ass,” I murmur, giving him a vibrator to play with next before I slide onto the bed, perched up on the headboard, moving to sit with my legs spread in front of Celia. A part of me wishes I could remove her blindfold. I want to see her eyes when she sees me like this. I want to see desire swirl in their depths when she tongue fucks me. But this is one rule Nicoli has implemented that will be in place during every one of our visits here at Myth. No one sees. No one watches. Just us.

Nicoli shifts up, wrapping his hand in Celia’s red curls, lifting her head off the mattress and guiding her down until her face is buried in my pussy. A bolt of electricity slams against every bone in my body.

“Make my wife come,” he demands, his command clear. Her tongue delves between my folds, lapping at my clit with urgency. A bolt of electricity slams against every bone in my body, and I gasp at the sensation, watching her red curls brush against my thighs, her head bobbing as she licks me. I’m lost in the feeling of Celia’s tongue racing across my opening, plunging inside, causing me to tremble with the need for release.

Nicoli leans in to capture my nipple between his teeth, biting down just hard enough to make me moan. His hand grips my hip, controlling me as I rock against Celia’s mouth, pleasure coursing through my veins as I edge closer to the cusp of climax. I’m overwhelmed with the sensations of dual pleasure, my muscles gripped tight. God, and the sounds we’re making—it’s fucking beautiful.

Nicoli releases my nipple, his tongue licking up my chest, along my throat until he reaches my ear. “Come for us, Hummingbird,” he rasps. “Give Celia a taste of your sweet cum.”

“Oh, God,” I cry as I start to come, my body shuddering beneath their combined attention, heat and electricity bubbling off them both as they continue to wreak havoc all over my body. Nicoli slams his mouth on mine again, swallowing my moans. The dual sensations of her tongue and his kiss heighten the ecstasy, and I’m sure it will never stop as it grips tight around my every limb, my mind flooded with an all-consuming pleasure.

Nicoli holds me steady through the tremors, and by the time he releases me, Celia has slowed her rhythm on my pussy, clearly waiting for further instruction.

Breathless, I meet Nicoli’s gaze, and a smug satisfaction lingers in his eyes, a reminder that my control here is nothing but a smokescreen. He’s in control when it comes to me. He always has been and always will be, and I don’t want it any other way.

“On your knees, baby girl,” Nicoli demands, and I’m shivering with anticipation, new desire simmering in my veins.

Nicoli guides Celia on her back again and hands me the vibrator. “You’re going to make her come with that while I fuck your cunt from behind.”

Oh, my God. “I don’t know if I can take much more.”

“Baby.” He touches my chin, a malicious, dark glint in his eyes. “You just have to.” His hands are on my waist. “Move over her, baby girl.”

I do as he says, my knees now next to hers as I loom over her. “Put that toy in her pussy,” he demands, and I balance myself on my knees and one arm, using the other to slide the vibrator into her, and I’m holding my breath as I watch her eager pussy take every inch.

Nicoli gets in behind me, and I cry out when I feel his tongue glide through my wet slit, from my entrance to my ass and back down.

Abruptly, his tongue is gone, replaced by the head of his cock, and I curse when he slams into me. “Fuck!”

“That’s it, baby girl. Take all of me.”

I gasp at the sudden impact, and he moves inside me with ease, making my eyes roll back in pleasure. With both his hands on my waist, Nicoli drives me back against him each time he rocks forward. I’m so swept away by his cock moving inside me with relentless thrusts.

“Don’t stop fucking her,” Nicoli commands behind me, and only then do I realize I’m so swept up by feeling him inside me I find it hard to focus on Celia.

With my elbow, I force Celia’s legs wider, working the toy in and out of her pussy to the rhythm of Nicoli fucking me. Our moans and cries mix in the air, Nicoli’s cock feeling exquisite as it slides against my swollen walls. I’m panting now, trying to match his pace and controlling Celia’s pleasure at the same time.

I watch as the pink toy disappears into her greedy cunt, then slide it back out, and I position myself over her, leaning on my elbow to play with her clit. The three of us are all heavy pants, and sweaty bodies, writhing and shaking, fucking and indulging in some of the most intense fuckery I’ve ever experienced.

Nicoli is pounding into me.

Celia is writhing as I fuck her with the vibrator.

The three of us…we’re fucking madness. We’re chaos, about to set the world on fire around us.

Celia’s moans turn into euphoric cries, her body writhing, arching her back.

“She’s waiting for permission,” Nicoli pants behind me. “Tell her to come.”

“Not yet,” I grit out, working her pussy hard and fast, her juices coating my fingers and palm, the toy soaked. The sound of our bodies slapping, Celia’s wet pussy being worked, and our heavy breaths and moans—it’s a filthy symphony, and I don’t want it to end.

“Baby girl,” Nicoli growls behind me, slamming into me deeper each time. “You better come before I do, or I swear to God I won’t make you come tonight. You’ll walk out of here with a throbbing pussy.”

He snakes his arm around my waist, his fingers finding my clit, and my legs start to quiver uncontrollably. “Come, woman. Make a mess on my cock.”

“Ah,” I moan. “Celia, come.”

As Nicoli plunges hard into me, Celia moves her hips faster to the vibrations of her toy—and then she’s screaming out, my cries following suit, and Nicoli’s growls thunder through our moans as we reach our climax together in a moment of sheer fucking ecstasy. The intensity is overwhelming, and the second my pleasure wanes, exhaustion crashes into me.

Nicoli grunts, his thrusts erratic, hitting so fucking deep it hurts as his cock jerks inside me, creaming me with his cum.

I collapse onto the bed, and Nicoli presses his front against my back. He yanks the blindfold off Celia’s eyes. “Out,” he orders, and without looking at us, she hurries off the bed and out of the room, shutting the door behind her.

“That was…in-fucking-sane,” I say breathlessly as Nicoli slips in behind me, snaking an arm around me tightly.

“Don’t get used to it,” he murmurs against the shell of my ear. “Sharing you isn’t my favorite thing in the world.” He presses a tender kiss to the back of my neck.

“You didn’t enjoy it?”

“Like fuck, I didn’t. It was amazing.” His lips are on my shoulder. “But if someone held a gun to my head, asking me to pick, I’d much rather have you all to myself.”

“Ooh. That’s an idea. A gun to your head. I should remember that for next time.”

“Okay, babe. As much as I love you and all this kinky fuckery, that’s where I’ll draw the line.”

“Ugh,” I groan out teasingly. “You’re no fun.”



“You’re scaring me.”

I snicker, sliding my arm over his as he holds me. “Promise me it will always be this way.”

“Why would it ever change?”

“I dunno. We’ll have kids. Get old.”


I turn to face him. “You want kids, don’t you?”

“You know I do. But the last time we had this conversation, you said you weren’t ready.”

“Not now. But maybe one day.”

Nicoli’s eyes sparkle with emotion, and he pulls me closer. “Well, kids or no kids. We will always engage in some epic, kinky fuckery. Guaranteed.”

I laugh, and he smiles as he stares down at me. “Promise me something.”


“Promise me you’ll always love me and never get tired of my bullshit.”

I smile and kiss him gently as forever sings in my blood, tasting our happy ending on his lips. “I have always loved you, Li. And I always will.”

“Me too, Hummingbird. Me too.”

The end


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