Unraveled: Chapter 23


“Where are we going?” I ask Alexius, who looks dapper all dressed in black. Black suit, black shirt, black tie. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to what a beautiful creature my husband is.

“You’ll see soon enough,” he replies, his voice all low and mysterious.

“We’ll be home before midnight, right?”

“Of course, we won’t.” He arches his brow as if I had just asked the world’s dumbest question.

I shift in the passenger seat of Alexius’ car. “It’s my first time out since having the twins. You have to ease me into it. I’m already choking on anxiety here.”

“They’re safe with Mirabella. Plus, Isaia is around if she needs any help. There’s nothing to worry about.”

“I know. But I can’t help it. I don’t like leaving them. What if Aria gets hungry? You know she’s a fussy eater and hates the bottle.”

“She’ll be fine.”

“What if Alessio’s colic acts up again?”

“He’ll be fine, too. Stop worrying.”

I scoff. “It feels like I haven’t stopped worrying since they were born.”

“Which is why you need tonight. For the last ten weeks, you’ve been nothing short of amazing, being the best mother our babies can ask for.” He takes my hand while keeping his eyes on the road, lifts it to his lips, and kisses it tenderly. “But tonight, I want you to remember that you’re not just a mother and a wife. You’re a woman with needs and desires too.” A wicked glint in his blue eyes sends a shiver of excitement down my spine.

“What are you up to, Mr. Del Rossa?”

He places his hand on my thigh, his fingers slipping the red fabric upward and igniting a flush of goosebumps on my skin. “Reminding you that you and I, we’re meant to unravel.”

It’s like he flicked a switch, my body going from nervous tremors to fervent quivers within a split second.

It’s been a long time—too long—since Alexius and I indulged. We played it safe during the pregnancy, but while vanilla sex was satisfying, it didn’t quite satiate us fully. I’ve only recently recovered from a hard labor with the twins, who were born four weeks early. And I now finally got a green light from the doctor saying Alexius and I can return to our ‘normal’ sexual lifestyle. Normal. Alexius and I’ve never had a normal sex life. At least not according to society’s tight-laced tastes.

I glance out the windows as we take a turn down a long path, large oak trees skirting the sides of the road. It’s a full moon tonight, casting its glow on the world and making the tree branches seem alive as it reaches through the light. There’s a thrilling energy in the car with us, excitement popping in my belly like bubbles of champagne as we pull up to a brass-plated gate that creaks open. A double-story, Victorian-style mansion comes into view, and Alexius circles around past the driveway, pulling up at the back of the building.

“What is this place?”

“Here.” He hands me a box wrapped in gold foil and gets out of the car. I smile as I open the box, revealing the same black lace masquerade mask he gave me the night at Mito in Italy. My heart stutters thinking about that night, about the ecstasy that lingered in my veins for long after we left that club. It was one of the best nights of my life.

Wait…is this…

My door opens, and Alexius gives me his hand, helping me out of the car. I find my footing and stare at the large building, my heart about to leap out of my chest. “Is this—”

“Welcome to Club Myth.”

“Oh, my God, are you serious?” I’m nothing but molecules of excitement, my gaze darting around every inch of the estate lit up by so many lights.

Alexius shoots me a roguish grin. “I am.”

“But you said you’d never bring me here.”

“I know what I said.” He removes my mask from the box, eases it over my eyes, and moves in behind me, gently tying it before clipping it into my hair. All the memories of that night in Italy come crashing back, and my body is set alight with anticipation trying to imagine what it is Alexius has in store for us tonight.

He snakes his arm around my waist, pulling me close, breathing along the shell of my ear. “There are rules.”

“Of course there are.” I bite my lip, my insides stirring with simmering heat.

“The club is closed tonight to anyone who did not receive an exclusive invitation.”

“Ooh. Well, that sure sounds interesting.”

“It’s a private…event, if you will, hosted by one of our most important clients.”

I lean back into him. “What type of party is it?”

“You’ll see.” He grinds his hips, and my lips part when I feel his cock is already hard. “Now, you don’t speak. At all. Not even when spoken to. The only person who knows who we are is Gabriel King.”

“Your client?”

“Yes.” He places a kiss on the nape of my neck, and I close my eyes. “He’s the most discreet person I know, and I fully trust that our presence here tonight is something he’ll take to the grave.”

“Any other rules, Mr. Del Rossa?” I purr, swaying my ass against his crotch.

He hisses in my ear and jerks me tighter against him, touching his lips below my ear. “As always, no one touches you, and you don’t touch another man.”

“Can I touch another woman?” I challenge with a sultry twist in my voice.

“Oh, now, that is something I think I’ll be able to live with.” His voice is low, a seductive tenor that sends tremors down my legs, my core already needing to be filled.

His hand travels up my middle and slips inside the low neckline, cupping my breast with gentle fingers. “You look ravishing in red, stray.”

“Thank you, husband, but you forgot to make an essential request.”

“And what is that?’

I lean my face to the side and glance up at him through thick lashes, his sapphire-blue eyes penetrating mine. “I’m wearing panties.”

His lush lips curl in a sexy as fuck grin. “I can take care of that.” Dropping down and crouching right there behind me in the parking lot, he slips his hands underneath my knee-length dress, pulling my panties down my legs. I gasp, and I’m already wet even though he’s barely touched me. Will I ever become immune to his touch?

I hope not.

Straightening, he tucks my panties in his jacket pocket. “Better?”


“For God’s sake, don’t drop anything. I’d hate to have to kill someone in my own damn club.”

I let out a laugh, and he pulls me close, staring into my eyes hungrily as he touches my chin with his thumb and forefinger. “Are you ready to unravel with me, stray?”


My heels click across the paved walkway, and I’m both excited and nervous as Alexius clutches my hand tightly. The double doors open, and we enter the building, chills zapping up and down my skin.

There’s no way I can stop myself from gasping as I take it all in. High, coffered ceilings with crown moldings create the illusion of endless space, and the double-story chandelier lights scatter off the rows of crystals, reflecting on the stark white walls and marbled floors like drops of gold.

“This place is exquisite, Alexius,” I remark in awe.

“We like to hide our sins with wealth.” He smirks, and I nudge him lightly. A man wearing the same full-black attire as Alexius waits for us at the edge of the stairs.

“Gabriel,” Alexius greets, and they shake hands.

Gabriel simply looks my way and nods, and I remember Alexius’ rule. Do not speak to anyone. My guess is our host is aware of this rule, which is why he chooses silence when greeting me. For a moment, I’m stunned by Gabriel’s cobalt blue eyes illuminated by the chandelier’s light. Not even his mask can suppress their brilliance. There’s a force around this man that makes it hard to look away; a powerful authority that reaches for you, demanding all your attention.

“We’re about to start. Please follow me.”

I glance at Alexius as we walk down the flight of stairs, the gold rails decorated with intricate filigree. There’s a door to our right that we enter, walking into an area that’s dimly lit, the paneled walls a bold velvet red. We’re at a top level, standing by the railing and gazing down at a group of women listening intently to the hostess, and by the sound of it, she’s telling them the rules.

“As I said before, you do not choose your Dom. The Dom chooses his submissive.” I’m sure if melted chocolate had a sound, it would be this woman’s voice. “There are six Doms here tonight, and as there are so many of you, some of you will not get to go up those stairs tonight, depending if you get chosen or not. I feel it necessary to stress the fact that if you are unhappy with the one who chose you, you are free to leave. But if you do, you will never be allowed to attend again, and once you walk out of here tonight, you will live like this place does not exist.”

The small crowd of women nod their understanding. Everyone is dressed in black and shades of red, except for one wearing a crisp, ivory-colored dress, the rhinestones in her white lace mask shimmering under the soft lights.

I sneak a glance at Gabriel standing on the other side of Alexius. His gaze is transfixed on the girl in white, and I can practically feel the pulse of his desire for her.

Six men dressed in black suits and wearing masks line up by a round, pristinely polished mahogany table set underneath an exquisite black crystal chandelier. This room is charged with so much sexual energy it’s hard for me to stand still and not clench my thighs every two minutes.

The woman standing next to the one in white separates from the crowd, her dark burgundy dress swooshing around her ankles as she makes her way to the middle.

I’m holding my breath in anticipation, watching her get on the table, gracefully lying back and spreading her legs. She’s not wearing any underwear, and from up here, we can see her pussy glistening underneath the chandelier.

I swallow, my core starting to tingle with need, and I tighten my grip on Alexius’ hand. He squeezes back, a silent acknowledgment that he feels my energy, my sexual tension climbing with every passing second. God, I love how he knows me.

Once the woman on the table is comfortable, the first masked man steps up, and my breathing turns rapid, watching as he looks down between her legs, his hands resting comfortably on her inner thighs. She’s already panting, writhing on the mahogany, her gentle moans growing louder as he leans down, gently blowing on her naked folds.

My wetness spreads along my crease, and I gasp, my insides turning into a thousand tingling knots the moment he starts eating her cunt. He takes his time sampling her, his head bobbing between her thighs. The woman cries out, bucking off the table when the first man straightens and walks away.

“Why is he walking away?” I whisper.

“I told you to keep quiet,” Alexius scolds me. “This is how the Doms choose their submissives. Every man gets a chance, and the one who feels the most connected to her takes her for the evening.”

Oh, God. I think my blood just turned to fucking fire.

A second man moves into place, his hands starting at her ankles, gently easing up her legs, straightening his arms as he reaches for her pussy, spreading her folds wide. He’s biting his bottom lip, and I’m squirming where I stand, trying to press my thighs together, the ache growing stronger.

This man is going down on her like her pussy is the last fucking meal, reaching up and cupping her breast as he roughs his lips and tongue between her legs. He’s not gentle. Doesn’t take it slow. He’s like a savage, and before long, she’s coming, her cries reaching the ceiling.

Holy fuck.

I touch the scar behind my ear, my entire body burning with need. It’s as if liquid spreads through my chest, my legs growing weaker as my arousal grows stronger.

I’m convinced this man will choose her, judging by the way he just made her come. But he doesn’t. It’s the fifth man who tastes her pussy who ends up extending his hand, choosing her as his partner for the evening.

Alexius looks at me, his lips curved seductively. I’m so damn wet and needy, ready for him to fuck me right here, right now, not giving a shit about the erotic ritual of Dominants and submissives taking place on the lower level.

The woman in white is chosen for the table next, and I smile when I see Gabriel descending the stairs.

I lean close to Alexius. “If you’d rather not fuck me against this banister, I’d suggest you take me somewhere else right now.”

“You don’t want to watch the rest of the girls get their pussies licked?”

I turn and trace a finger down his black silk tie. “I’d rather get my own pussy licked.”

My breath lashes from my lungs as Alexius pushes my back against the iron banister. He’s on his knees in front of me, lifts the front of my skirt, and my eyes roll closed, the girl on the table below moaning at the same time Alexius covers my pussy with his mouth.

I stretch my arms across the railing, wrapping my fingers around the iron. With his expert fingers, he spreads my folds open for him, his tongue darting out and flicking against my clit.

“Oh, God.” I forget to breathe, his tongue swirling around the outline of my pussy before diving inside, licking up my slit, sending sparks through my bones. Again, I have to remind myself to breathe, lolling my head back and side to side, my body climbing as Alexius’ velvet tongue licks, his lips enclosing my sensitive nub, sucking, sending sparks of electricity up my core.

I glance down at him, biting my lip as I watch him. I want to see his mouth fuck my pussy. I want to see my cum slick on his lips and around his mouth. “Fuck,” I curse breathlessly.

Mesmerized, I keep my eyes on him, his tongue teasing at my entrance, then licking up my soaked sex. He pulls away and stares up at me, the darkness and shadows dancing across his blue eyes. “Look down. Look at them.”

I do as he says, glancing around the room. So many masked faces, some staring up at us, the others staring at the couple on the table. Lust and twisted desires fill the space like thick smoke. Everyone here has come with a need to have a fantasy fulfilled, and watching us is part of that fantasy. Watching the woman on the table getting tongued is part of that fantasy. Pussies are wet, and cocks are hard because everyone in this room loves watching.

“Mmm,” he groans against my sensitive flesh, working his tongue faster. “My pretty little slut.”

It’s like four magic words, catapulting me toward a pleasure meant only for sinners.

My hips start to move as he eats my pussy with greedy licks, and I throw my head back, my hair hanging down and over the railing. I can’t hold it back. I can’t stop it. The sensation is too much. The tension in the room is too much. It’s everywhere, coating my skin and filling my lungs with every breath.

“Alexius,” I breathe out. “I need to—”

He jerks away and drops the skirt of my dress, my climax gone and my body in sheer agony. “What the hell?”

He wipes my arousal from his mouth with the back of his hand, his tongue swiping along his lips. “You don’t get to come yet.”

“Are you trying to kill me?”

There’s a sly grin on his face, and I’m inclined to think that right now, my husband is an asshole for not letting me come.

My thighs are wet. My pussy is throbbing. And every muscle in my body is complaining as Alexius leads me out of the large room and down a dark hallway. Light strips are attached to the floor like a thousand fireflies are flanking the hall, soft music playing through the ceiling speakers. For so long, I only imagined what this place looked like, what it was like on the inside of the sex club run by my husband and his brothers. But just like Mito, everything is tasteful, elegant, and sophisticated. It’s not some back-alley sex joint where everything smells like cum, and the filth of others clings to your skin while dirty sheets creep up your ass, and the clang of chains accentuates women’s screams of pain.

We stop at a black door with a gold knob, and Alexius doesn’t even hesitate before opening it and walking inside like he owns the place. Oh, right…he does.

The first thing I notice is the smell. It’s a subtle fusion of vanilla and rose, the air warm and clean. But I can feel and smell the sex in the air. It’s seeping through my pores and infecting me.

There’s a four-poster bed with white chiffon curtains draped down the sides placed in the middle of the room, and tied to it is the masked girl who left with her Dom earlier. He’s there, too, his shirt gone and only wearing his black pants, the zipper pulled down halfway, teasing a glimpse of a defined V and the outline of his straining cock pressing hard against the fabric.

I suck in a breath when I spot the pink vibrator in his hands, slowly dragging it against her skin and up the inside of her thigh. Her ankles are fastened to a spreader bar, her legs wide. From this angle, I can see every part of her sex, and how she’s squirming on the sheets tells me her body is in agony and in desperate need of release.

“What do you see, stray?” Alexius slips in behind me and wraps an arm around my waist, grinding his cock against my ass.

“I see a woman who wants to come.”

“Remind you of anything?”

The man gently eases the vibrator against her pussy lips, brushing it up and down with delicate strokes. The woman’s moan is loud, desperate, and a fucking aphrodisiac, sending my pulse racing.

“Mito,” I whisper, my eyes transfixed on the couple in front of me. He’s teasing her with the vibrator, dragging it upward across her pelvis, circling the tip around her hardened nipple. Her entire body is quivering, her pussy glistening with a need to come.

“Remember what you asked of me that night?”

I nod, an image of his hand between that woman’s legs flashing in my head.

“Tonight,” he rasps against my ear, “it’s your turn.”

“What?” I cut my gaze over my shoulder. “You want me to—”

“Make her come. Yes.” Abruptly, his fingers dig into the flesh of my waist, and I can hear the hard tenor of his voice laced with lust and desire. “You are going to take that vibrator and fuck her with it until she comes while I sit in that chair and watch, stroking my own cock.”

The idea is dirty, hot, filthy, and erotic as fuck. “And you don’t mind me playing with her? Touching her?”

“As long as you don’t come without my cock in your cunt, I’m more than okay with it. Just remember our rule. No talking.” He lets go of me and retreats to the back, taking a seat on the single chair across from the bed. “Now, go on. Make her scream just like you scream for me, stray.”

He nods in the man’s direction, and the man drops the vibrator on the bed, stepping away. I look at Alexius, his eyes hooded with lust and raking down my body. I’m not the shy, naive woman he married. I’m confident in my own skin, confident in what I want and what I’ll do to get it. Alexius taught me to accept who I am and not feel shame or uncertainty when it comes to my desires and needs. My fantasies. This is who I am, part predator, part prey.

Licking my lips, I pick up the vibrator and switch it on. The buzzing toy sends shivers down my spine, and I trail it up her thigh, watching her writhe. I already know what she needs. She needs it between her legs. She needs it inside her. She needs to be fucked by the pink toy in my hand.

I sit down on the side of the bed, glancing at Alexius. He’s watching me intently, pulling out his cock and folding his fingers around his shaft, gently stroking it. The sight of him is enough to push me over the edge. He already had me teetering there earlier, ready to erupt. My body is still high and sensitive. Even the way my thighs rub together threatens to let me erupt.

“Make her come, stray,” Alexius demands, his voice low and tone stern.

Her hips buck in search of the toy, but I slip my finger through her slit instead, air rushing my lungs as I feel her hot, swollen flesh beneath my fingertips.

“That’s it, baby girl. Play with her pussy,” Alexius growls, and I gently ease along the edges of her pussy lips, spreading her arousal, watching it coat my fingers.

“Hmm,” she moans, and I continue to stroke her, appreciating the way her hips move, her cunt growing wetter because of the way I’m touching her. My finger prods her entrance, and I glance at her face, her eyes rolled closed, her pert nipples hard and tits gorgeously round.

I push my finger into her hole, and a whimper breezes past my lips. It’s warm, soft, and so fucking wet I easily add another finger, slipping in two and working her pussy slowly and gently. Touching her, feeling her, working her cunt is far more arousing than I thought it would be.

“Please,” she pleads. “I need to come.”

I ease my fingers out of her; she’s fucking drenched. I guide the tip of the vibrator through her slit, leaning my head to the side, staring at her swollen lips, drenched and glistening. Is this what I look like every time Alexius insists on staring at my pussy while he finger fucks me? Is this what he sees, a woman desperately searching for pleasure, her body willing to break to find it?

Her sensitive flesh is blush pink, wet, and so fucking enticing. I nudge the tip at her entrance, the vibrations buzzing against her sensitive flesh, and she squirms some more, moaning, pleading for me to put it inside her.

Holy fuck. It’s exhilarating to have this kind of power, knowing I can drag this out for as long as I want, watch her for as long as I want. I decide when and how she comes. She has no control here and is completely at my mercy. Her pleasure is mine to give.

Gently, I ease the toy in, little by little. I watch the length of it disappear inside her greedy cunt, and it’s one of the most erotic things I’ve ever seen, witnessing her body suck it in, taking it all.

My nipples are hard, and the fabric of my dress feels like sandpaper against the tight buds. It’s like someone lit a match inside me, and I can combust at any second.

My lips part as I pull the vibrator out of her, the length coated in her arousal.

“Please, I need it inside me,” she begs, the flush on her cheeks spreading down her neck, kissing the skin across her chest.

Oh, I could do this all fucking night. Tease her and deny her an orgasm until she sobs, her tears the payment I demand in exchange for her body’s release.

Pushing the vibrator back in, I press one of the buttons and the vibrations pick up speed. Her back arches off the bed, and I can’t stop staring at her beautiful pussy taking every last inch, her clit unhooded and swollen. Pulling it out again, I drag the tip over her center, and I swear she fucking convulses, screaming out.

I’m looking at Alexius still pumping his cock with slow, rhythmic strokes, my own sex throbbing, aching, and it’s so damn sensitive. If Alexius had to touch me with a single finger, I won’t have time to ask for permission before I come.

“More,” the woman pleads, and I start pumping the vibrator in and out of her. Soon I don’t even have to move it anymore, her hips slamming down, riding it as she chases her release. The sight of her getting off is wild and driving me insane with a lust consuming me, my control hanging by a goddamn thread.

I sink the toy all the way inside her, and she cries out. “Fuck me,” she whimpers. “Please fuck me.”

I pick up the pace, thrusting the vibrator harder and faster into her, the vibration on its highest setting, the buzzing sound filling the room.

I’m turned on, and high on power, slipping the toy out of her, leaving her empty and needy, her body writhing and agonizing, desperate for any sort of touch so she can just find relief from the ache that has her every muscle tied and twisted. “Please. Fuck. What are you doing? I can’t take it anymore.”

Tracing my fingers along her inner thigh, her skin smooth and milky white, I rake my gaze down her naked and tense body. It’s torture, I know. Alexius loves to watch me squirm under his touch, and now I know why. The control sends a buzz through your veins that turns every second in pure fucking bliss.

Leaning down, I brush my cheek against hers—her skin fiery hot—and rasp against her ear in a whisper no one else can hear, “Come for me.”

Plunging the vibrator back inside her, she throws her head back on the pillow, arching her neck. “God, yes. I’m coming. I’m coming.” Her legs pull taut, her hands jerking at their restraints as she comes with the toy inside her, and the second I pull it out of her, fluid expels from her pussy, soaking the sheets.

“Jesus, look at that, stray. You made her fucking squirt,” Alexius growls, his voice strained and tone dark.

I’m on my feet and rush toward him, my dress already bunched up around my thighs as I get on top of him, grabbing his length in my palm, and the second the tip is at my entrance, I sink down, impaling myself on his cock, both of us groaning out loud.

My arms are tight around his neck, grinding myself hard and fast on his lap, the euphoria taking complete control. Reality doesn’t exist here. It’s just us and the fantasies we share. It’s in these moments of ecstasy that I wish we could stay in our secret little world forever. Here, we’re untouchable. Here, our desires are in control.

His palms are on my ass, and I’m riding him as hard and as fast as I can, bouncing up and down on his lap, taking his cock inside me over and over again.

“Jesus Christ, woman. You feel so good, stray. So fucking good.”

“Alexius,” I whimper, the tip of his dick hitting my core, and I’m sure I’m seconds away from burning into ash.

“Come, baby girl. Come on my cock.” I arch my back, and my pussy clenches around him, sucking him in deeper as my mind shatters and my core explodes with the kind of intense pleasure I haven’t felt in so long. He’s hitting all the right spots, moving his hips and meeting my thrusts, sending me hurtling toward an orgasm that ripples through my bones, from my neck down my spine, crashing against my heated clit.

His arms snake up my back, hands clamping on my shoulders, forcing me down as he moves upward, and his low growl vibrates next to my ear as he comes, his cock pulsing hard and jerking, shooting his seed inside me. Sheer rapture singes my veins, my chest rapidly rising and falling as I struggle to catch my breath.

We both collapse against each other, gasping and shaking, the intensity of such profound pleasure still washing through us.

I weave my fingers through his hair, clutching him close, inhaling deep and loving his familiar scent. “We need to do this more often.”

“Oh, we will.” He looks at me, brushing my hair away from the side of my face, his eyes filled with promise. “You and I are only getting started.”


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