Trapped with Mr. Walker: Chapter 43


Extra Epilogue – Two weeks later

fucking wet.”

I moan, arching my ass up into the air and pushing backward as Reed’s fingers slip inside me again.

“I missed you,” I moan again as he circles them, pressing against my G-spot.

“I’ll have to go away more often,” he groans as I shudder and clench down onto him.

I pant, ridiculously turned on by what he’s doing to me. He’s been away for one night for some big political meeting that was held in Washington. I would have gone with him, but I had promised Brett I would go home for the evening after work yesterday and stay over to help him move his things into the guesthouse now that it’s finished. Rose even helped. She’s still as withdrawn as ever. But Brett and I did manage to get a laugh out of her when the box I was carrying bottomed out and the contents went rolling down the driveway. So there’s hope yet. My beautiful baby sister is still in there.

“No… you can’t… I…” My breath takes over in one long moan as Reed replaces his fingers with his cock, sliding into me in one slow, deep thrust.

“Fuck… I will never get enough of you taking my cock like this, Angel. You take it so fucking well.” He pulls back and slides home again, setting my thighs trembling.

“I want to take it there,” I pant as he fucks me slowly, the rim of his cock massaging my G-spot with each drive forward.

The fingers kneading my ass cheeks pause and his breath stalls.


“Yes,” I moan again as his cock twitches inside me, threatening to tip me over the edge. “I’m going to come if you keep doing this. And I want the first time to be when you’re there.”

I clench around him again, fighting to hold my release in.

Reed always makes me come multiple times. But it’s the first one that hits the hardest. That’s the most exciting. The others are still powerful. They roll into one another like one long assault of pleasure on my body. But the first one has the element of complete unbridled release, where I feel like I no longer inhabit my body. That’s the one that makes me see stars. The one that sets me up for the next, and the next. The one where I want to scream the loudest and merge my body with Reed’s for all eternity.

It’s the one that takes me to the edge of insanity.

Then pushes me over.

Reed pulls all the way out, replacing his cock with his fingers again, and swirling them deep inside me.

“I said, don’t make me come yet,” I whimper as the pads of them brush my G-spot again.

He hisses as he sinks his cock back inside me. “I’m just making my fingers wetter. You’re dripping. Feel.”

With that, he eases two fingers between my ass cheeks and pushes them inside me. The extra fullness has sweat pricking at my hairline as I fight not to come.

“Stop moving.” I dig my fingers into the sheets, scrunching them up. “I swear, I’m going to come if your cock so much as quivers inside me,” I plead, my voice shaking.

“Okay. Okay. Breathe.”

Reed’s calm voice and a couple of deep breaths have me in more control.

“Okay. Okay. You can move.” I suck in a breath as he pulls out and removes his fingers, leaving me aching for him.

The bed dips.

“Stay right there.”

The sound of water running in the bathroom reaches my ears as I stay on all fours on the bed, my heart pounding in my chest.

“Okay, Angel,” Reed whispers in my ear, leaning over me from behind. “I’ll be gentle. I promise.”

“Okay,” I murmur, leaning my head to one side as his warm lips kiss my neck.

“You’re so beautiful.”

His voice gets further away as he moves into position behind me, before the sound of a lube cap being flicked open makes me shiver in anticipation.

“I love you so much, Angel,” he says as the broad, smooth head of him presses against me.

He clasps my hip with one hand as he pushes forward, meeting resistance. He pushes harder and my body opens to him, the tip of him sliding inside me, covered with a mix of lube and my own arousal.

“Oh, that’s kind of… Fuck!” I cry as he pushes further and I stretch around him.

I swallow, my stomach clenching as he pauses, then begins to push again.

It’s not hurting exactly. I think I’ve gotten used to having his fingers there. He’s been getting me ready for this. But still, his cock is so much bigger.

“Relax, Angel. I’ve got you.”

Reed slides his other hand around me and sinks his fingers inside my pussy at the same time as he pushes forward again. My body clamps down on to them greedily, a rush of arousal coating them.

He groans and swirls them. And suddenly, I can feel him everywhere. Filling me. Owning me. Claiming me as his. In every way he can, just as he once said he would.

“Reed,” I moan, rotating my hips to take him further until I feel his balls against my skin.

“Jesus,” he hisses, flexing the fingers gripping my hip.

“Fuck me,” I whimper, scrunching the bedding again as his fingers inside me curl against my G-spot.

He groans and begins to move, slowly at first, just moving a little way back and then pushing back in, building up a steady pace as he fills me with his fingers at the same time.

“More.” I drop to my elbows, opening my legs wider.

Reed slides his hand from my hip and digs his fingers into my ass cheek, opening it up.

“Fuck, Angel, you look… The way my cock is… Fuck…”

His speed increases and he pulls back further before driving back in. He presses his palm against my clit and rubs in circles as his fingers continue to curl inside me. My arousal is running out of me, the sound of it mixing in the air along with Reed’s skin hitting mine.

“Reed!” I screw my eyes up as pressure builds low in my core.

“That’s it, Angel. Scream my name when you come. Scream it and let everyone hear whose cock is filling your gorgeous ass right now.”

I moan, my arms trembling as I struggle to focus on just one area of pleasure. It’s like my entire body belongs to him.

I’m stretched and swollen, and wet and sensitive, and…

“Reed!” I cry again as my lungs start sucking in air, storing it in preparation. “Reed!”

“Do it, Angel,” he grunts.

I hold my breath as I shake, my entire body tensing. Then my breath leaves my lungs in the first gasped pant as my body releases and my orgasm erupts, popping my eyes open as I cry out his name again.

I shudder and shake, spasming around him, coming harder than I ever have before.

“Fuck, you’re such a good girl, Angel. Coming with Daddy’s cock in your ass like that. You’re such a fucking good girl.” His voice is strained, as though he’s gritting his teeth and trying his hardest not to lose control.

“Daddy?” I cry, loving how we revert back to it when we’re really turned on and we’re going at it hard and dirty.

“Angel,” Reed replies with a groan as I continue coming in waves around his fingers.

“Fill me… Please.”

“Fuck.” The growl that comes from Reed’s chest is the lowest I’ve ever heard as he digs his fingers into my ass cheek and pushes his other fingers deeper inside me. His whole body pauses behind me, and then he breathes out, filling the air with the vibration from his chest as he drives forward again and spills himself inside me.

“God, Harls. I love you. I fucking love you,” he groans as he pumps me from behind, filling me. “You’re incredible… You’re…” He sucks in a breath. “You’re incredible.”

Then he falls forward, wrapping both of his arms around me, and pulls us down onto the mattress to lie on our sides, him still inside me and spooning me from behind.

“Are you okay?” he pants.

Sweat runs between my breasts as I nod and catch my breath. “I am.”

He rises onto an elbow and hooks two fingers underneath my chin, turning my head and bringing my eyes to meet his.

It reminds me of the first night we spent together in the hotel at the retreat. The first night he kissed me. The first night he buried his body inside mine like this while he held me by the throat and fucked me.

It seems kind of fitting that we should lie like this now, after all we’ve been through together since that first night.

“I love you.” He catches the corner of my mouth in a kiss as I sigh against his lips.

“I love you too.”

His hot chest presses against my back as we hold each other.


I freeze.

“Reed? I thought you said you gave her the chewy bone toy?”

“I did.” He sinks his nose into my hair and inhales.

“But that usually keeps her occupied for ages.”

Yip, Yip.

“She’ll go back to it. Just leave her.” He kisses the dip of my neck beneath my ear. “I’ve still got plans for us this afternoon. And they include not leaving this bed.”

Yip. Yip.

“Maybe she needs a pee.” I chew my bottom lip.

“I took her before we came upstairs.”

“Maybe she needs another.” I turn my face to where Reed is kissing my shoulder, his hands cupping my breasts as he plays with my nipples.

“You’re going to make me leave paradise to go check, aren’t you?”

When I don’t answer, he groans and presses another kiss to my skin.

“Okay. I’ll go check on her.”


“Go on, then. Take a piss.”

I stand out in the middle of the lawn, dressed in hastily thrown on sweatpants and a t-shirt as Red stares up at me with puppy eyes.

“Don’t look at me like that. Do you know what you interrupted?”

She tips her head to one side as she sits on the grass and stares at me.

“No.” I reach down and lift her up onto all fours again. “It’s piss time. Do it so I can go back inside and get back into bed with Mommy.”

Her furry bottom drops back down to the grass and she stares at me.

“All that fucking yipping inside, you’d think your bladder was about to explode. Now stop jerking about and take a damn piss.” I huff, crossing my arms.

Red gets up and starts sniffing the grass.

About fucking time.

Then she starts circling.

“Oh no! No, no, no. Pisses only.” I point at her, but she just stares at me as she arches her back and deposits a steaming shit onto the manicured back lawn of Gracie Mansion.

“Fucking hell.”

I look around, wondering if I can leave it for the groundskeeper to pick up. But Harley will kill me. Plus, I’m not an ass. Picking up your own dog’s shit is bad enough. Picking up after someone else’s is just gross.

“Fine. You wait here while I get a bag.” I turn to head to the back door, but Red whips around the front of me in a flash of orange curls and blocks my path.

“What?” I stare down at her, sitting at my feet. “I need to get a bag for your shit. Can’t you learn to bury it or something?”

She stares back at me and then stands on her back legs, placing both paws on my shins.

“You want me to carry you now? Is that it? Pick up your shit and carry you?”

She wags her tail, and I curse under my breath as I lean down and scoop her up.

“You’re such a fucking princess.”

She licks me in response, her butt wiggling in my arms.

“Yeah, all right. I love you too,” I grumble as I stroke her soft ears and press a kiss to the top of her head. “You’re lucky I do. Otherwise, you’d be in a kennel outside when I want Mommy to myself. None of this interrupting me by yipping like an idiot.”

I place her inside the back door and she runs over to her bed, picking up the bone toy I gave her earlier and lying down happily as she starts chewing it.

“That’s exactly what you were supposed to be doing.” She stares at me as I shake my head and grab a bag.

I deal with her little gift and then give her some fuss before closing her in the kitchen and running up the stairs two at a time. I hope Harley is still naked. Either in bed or in the shower. I don’t care. I just know I want her again. She said she missed me last night. But I haven’t told her that I barely slept a wink without her. I watched the clock all night instead. Just wanting to be with her in our bed.

The shower is running when I get back to the bedroom, and I strip my clothes off, throwing them across the room as I sprint into the bathroom.

It’s empty.

Harley isn’t here.


“Get in the shower. I’ll meet you in the bedroom after,” she calls from behind the closed door of the walk-in closet.

“Okay.” I frown, stepping under the hot spray. She must have been in here already because her towel is missing.

I squirt a blob of her coconut shampoo in my palm and foam it up, washing all over and soaping up my dick and balls as the scent reaches my nostrils.

I can’t believe she actually let me fuck her ass.

And judging by how loud she screamed and how tight she clamped down on my fingers, I would say she enjoyed it more than she was expecting to.

I enjoyed it more than I was expecting to as well. I thought she was going to be thrown across the room with the force I came inside her.

Fucking incredible.

I finish washing and towel off as fast as possible, striding into the bedroom buck naked with all the swagger of a guy who has just been gifted with the most perfect sexual release from his girlfriend.

I stop dead.


She’s kneeling in front of the armchair by the bedroom window.

She turns and looks at me over her shoulder, then tips her head, gesturing to the chair.

I walk over, my eyes dropping over her deformed cat pajamas she’s put on.

“Angel, you just gave me something amazing. What’s all this?”

“This?” She bites her lip, her eyes sparkling. “This is all for me.”

She smiles and looks at me from beneath her lashes as she ties her hair up into a ponytail.

“Now take a seat, Mr. Walker.”

The End


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