The Pucking Wrong Number: Chapter 30


I wasn’t sure how I’d gotten here. Waiting in the airport to board an airplane for the very first time.

The farthest I’d ever traveled was from Houston to Dallas on that fateful Greyhound trip, and now…here I was…about to fly across the country to Boston.

Growing up, I’d dreamed about what it would be like to travel the world, to have an adventure.

And here I was.

Just another way Lincoln was blowing through all my defenses and making my dreams come true.

Now that I was here, I wasn’t sure why I’d been so against coming in the first place. Oh, right—it was because I used to have a job to worry about.

I pushed the thought away. It had just happened that morning, but Lincoln had bought a ticket for me a few days ago…just in case, he’d said.

I was ecstatic about it now.

I pulled up my ticket again in the app, checking it for the fiftieth time. Lincoln had to explain the whole process for me, because my anxiety had been through the roof thinking about traveling like this alone. Lincoln had to go on the team plane, and I felt like I’d lost my safety blanket.

I also felt like an idiot for how much I didn’t know about…everything. Compared to Lincoln, I’d done nothing. And he didn’t seem to mind at all. In fact…he seemed to…like it. He liked being the one to teach me things. He liked taking care of me. He’d texted me a million times from the team plane so far, making sure I was okay. He’d even ordered my Starbucks for me and had it waiting at pick up because I’d been nervous about stopping and possibly missing the flight because of a long line.

Lincoln seemed to revel in the fact that I’d started to depend on him for everything. It was like he was as addicted to the feeling of being needed as I was to having someone to need.

And I couldn’t deny that there was a certain thrill to it all.

But it also made me feel vulnerable. Like I was at his mercy.

I should be cautious, my brain whispered…but my heart didn’t seem to know better.

I glanced down at the ticket again, and I realized for the first time that he’d put me in first class.

I immediately texted him.

They’re going to kick me out. I don’t belong in first class.

Lincoln: Trust me, you’ll class up the place.

Lincoln: Are you happy?

Only thing that would be better would be if you were here.

Lincoln: I feel the same way, dream girl. I fucking miss you.

They called for first class then, and I immediately jumped from my seat, not because I was trying to beat people on the plane, but because, for some reason, I was afraid it was going to leave without me if I didn’t get on as soon as I was asked.

As I waited in line on the boarding bridge, my heart thudded against my ribcage like a trapped bird. Was the plane going to feel too small…too confining?

Suddenly, the thought of being so high in the air was making my palms sweat. I took a deep breath, trying to steady myself before I had a panic attack without even getting on the plane.

I was greeted with a warm smile from the flight attendant, and then I was walking to my seat through the first-class cabin.

My eyes widened as I took in the luxurious surroundings. Okay, this was nice. The seats were wider and more comfortable than I’d thought they would be, with plush pillows and blankets waiting for me.

As I settled into my seat, I took in the personal TV screen, noise-canceling headphones, and the cozy pair of slippers and an eye mask…just in case I wanted to make use of the fact that the seats actually laid all the way down.

I was feeling very spoiled. And significantly calmer. Especially as the flight attendant came by with freaking champagne.

I sipped at it and texted Lincoln.

I miss you too.

Lincoln: 💗💗💗

Lincoln: My wrinkly old balls also miss you.

I snorted and shook my head, smiling to myself as the flight attendants made an announcement that it was a completely booked flight and cargo space would be limited.

I’d expected someone to sit in the seat next to me after the five other announcements the crew made about how full the plane was…

But as they shut the doors, it was still empty…along with the row across from me. Glancing around, it seemed like all the other seats in the plane were full.

A ridiculous thought came to my head. But surely…no…

This sounds a bit crazy as I text this…but you only bought one ticket on this flight—right?

It was a full five minutes before he answered, even though the three little dots had been going the entire time.

Lincoln: I may have bought more.

How many did you buy?!

Lincoln: Your row and the next. They didn’t put anyone in those seats, right?

Um no…they’re empty. But why exactly did you do that?

Lincoln: When your girlfriend is the hottest woman on the planet, you don’t take chances. Meeting you on a plane—that’s fucking romance book shit. Not happening.

I’m swooning. But it’s also a little crazy, right?

Okay 🫠😍

I settled back in my seat and turned on Fixer Upper.

Wondering why crazy felt so good.

When we landed, it only got more surreal. I was picked up by a sleek limousine and driven through the winding streets of Boston. The streets were filled with an electric energy, and the city was alive with the hustle and bustle of people going about their day. The buildings towered above us, their brick and stone facades creating a stark contrast against the blue sky. The eclectic mix of old and new made me desperate to explore every corner of the city.

The car wound its way through the streets, taking us on a scenic tour of the city before finally pulling up in front of the hotel. The driver opened the door for me and I stepped out, immediately feeling…overwhelmed. This world that Lincoln had brought me into, it was such a far cry from the nothing I’d always known.

I wondered if it was possible to get used to this. To stop worrying about where your next meal would come from. Or whether you’d be able to keep a roof over your head.

I made my way through the hotel lobby, struck by the opulence and grandeur of the place. The marble floors of the lobby gleamed underfoot, and the large, modern lights overhead sparkled like diamonds, grand and opulent in every way. I was greeted by the hotel staff and treated like I was some kind of queen as they took me to the freaking suite Lincoln had decided to book for me.

Wandering around the rooms was a dizzying experience. The suite was massive, with three bedrooms, each containing a king-sized bed draped in soft, white linens, a plush couch, and a breathtaking view of the city skyline from the floor-to-ceiling windows.

I was staring out the window at the dazzling city below when the door clicked open behind me.

I didn’t turn around. I just watched him come straight to me in the reflection of the glass.

His arms wrapped around me and he buried his face in my neck, like we’d been apart for weeks instead of a few hours.

I felt the same relief.

The same terrifying, spinning relief that you could only feel if your soul was living in another person.

It was getting harder and harder to even be away from him for a second.

Mama’s limp body on the floor, tears streaking down her face, a needle in her arm she hadn’t even bothered to remove…

Stop it, I screamed. Because my brain just wouldn’t quit.

“I missed you,” he murmured, an ache in his voice like he’d been suffering.

And I only nodded and thought…

Me too.

As we got into the limo, I was instantly struck by the strong stench of perfume and the loud, high-pitched giggles of the five scantily clad women draped over Lincoln’s teammates—puck bunnies, I’d learned they were called. Women that were desperate for hockey dick, no matter what it cost them.

They were all over them, stroking their arms, their shoulders, their thighs. Desperate to keep their attention.

Lincoln was unfazed by it all, not even batting an eye as the girls fawned over him and his friends. He was chatting with Ari, completely ignoring everyone else except for me. It was amazing how he could seem so involved in his conversation with Ari, and yet I knew he was aware of every movement…every breath I took. He had me in his lap, one arm around my waist, the other hand softly slipping up and down my leg—sending goosebumps everywhere.

The other girls’ jealousy radiated off of them like heat from a raging fire. Lincoln and Ari were the trophies, after all; the two players they all desperately craved.

And they didn’t even have a clue how hot Lincoln really was…like he’d been just an hour ago.

His mouth closed hungrily over my nipple as he fucked my core with two fingers, his thumb toying with my ass…my back pressed against the glass…

The ride to the restaurant was relatively short, but it felt like an eternity with the inane noise of the girls giggling and actually cooing over the guys. I was honestly surprised they hadn’t mounted them right in front of us.

When we finally arrived, I lifted off Lincoln’s lap, and he patted my ass as I ducked to get out of the limo. One of the bunnies was already out, a wide grin on her face, like we were long lost best friends or something.

“This is the most expensive restaurant in the city,” she whispered in my ear, linking her arm through mine. Because of course she’d be keeping tabs on that.

I was saved by Lincoln suddenly pulling me away. Evidently, girls were also on the list of people who weren’t allowed to touch me.

So that list basically included everyone on the planet.

We were seated at a large table in a private room, Lincoln plastered against me in the bench seating.

An arm wrapped around my shoulders from the other side.

“So, how’s my girl?” a grinning Ari asked as he pulled me towards him and rubbed his face on my head like we were wolves and he was scent marking me.

“I seriously think you want to die, Lancaster,” drawled Lincoln, yanking me back towards him and smoothing down my hair like Ari had hurt it.

“You’re looking stunning, but you’d look even better in a jersey with my name on it.” His eyebrows rose and fell lecherously—referencing his little prank from that first game. Unlike the scraps of clothes the other girls were wearing, Lincoln had insisted I wear a jersey with his name on it tonight. He seemed to be obsessed with me wearing clothes with his last name.

Lincoln sighed, grabbed his water, and then tossed the contents right in Ari’s face. My mouth dropped as Ari sputtered and the whole group roared with laughter.

Ari shook his head, wiping the water off his face, a smug grin on his lips.

“Love you too, Linc,” he grinned as the waitress came by to get our orders.

The food was the best I’d ever had, and I had fun watching Lincoln interact with his teammates. It was clear they had a strong bond, and it was also clear they all thought he hung the moon. Lincoln was so relaxed, his walls down and the intense energy he usually had around me nowhere to be seen. The guys completely ignored their dates as they talked, but I guess the girls were at least getting a ridiculously expensive meal out of the night—so none of them seemed to mind.

Or at least they were too busy giving me dirty looks to realize no one had said a word to them.

I was completely relaxed as we got up from the table to leave—at least until we stepped outside the restaurant and were accosted by flashes of cameras so blinding I’d be seeing spots for weeks.

“Fuck, which one of you called them?” Ari spat, glaring at the girls who were all primping and trying to get the attention of the cameras. My eyes darted around in confusion and anxiety. Lincoln threw his arm around me, trying to shield me from the paparazzi.

‘Lincoln! Over here! Smile for the camera!’ one of them yelled.

“Is that Monroe?” another yelled, and I froze at the limo door. They’d found out my name.

“Get in, baby,” Lincoln murmured, and I finally slid inside.

Ari immediately started ripping into the girls as soon as the door closed, but I was lost in my head.

It was one thing for them to know my name, but what if they dug deeper? Found out about my past…where I came from.

My mother.

“You okay, baby?” Lincoln asked, seeming totally unfazed by what happened.

“Yeah,” I whispered, staring out the window. He played with my hair for the rest of the car ride, but left me alone with my thoughts as he talked to his teammates.

It was only back in the suite that he demanded my attention.

“What’s going on in that pretty head, Monroe?” he asked as he followed me into the bathroom.

“Can I have a minute?” I snapped petulantly, even though I was just going to wash my face.

“Mmh, that would be a no.” He was amused as he stared down at me, like I wasn’t having an inane hissy fit because some stranger took my picture. “Those assholes freaked you out.”

I practically growled. “Of course, they freaked me out. Who wouldn’t be freaked out by that? I don’t know how you ever get used to it!”

He shrugged, leaning against the doorway, his gorgeous masculinity filling the entire room.

“It’s just a picture, baby. They’ll never know anything about the real me.” He shrugged. “And if it gets the word out about us, then I’m all for it.”

I bit down on my lip, and my silence caught his attention. He stalked towards me, tipping up my chin with two fingers so I was forced to stare into his golden gaze. “Now I really want to know what you’re thinking.”

I jerked my chin away from him. “I just think…maybe we should keep things quieter. About us. We don’t have to tell everyone.”

His silence was a bit terrifying. Before I could say anything else though, he suddenly scooped me into his arms and stalked out into the bedroom we’d already thoroughly used that afternoon.


“We’re going to come to an understanding right now,” he growled as he threw me on the bed and stripped off his clothes while I stared at him wide-eyed.

And very turned on.

“I’m going to make something very clear right now, Monroe. Teach you something you won’t forget…”

‘You are mine.’

He ripped off my clothes, aggressively attacking my breasts, biting and sucking on my nipples until I was crying out, my moans filling the room.

‘These are mine. Your pussy is mine. Your lips are mine.” He made his way down my body, licking and sucking over every inch of me, eating into my core, his tongue passing lazily through my folds.

‘Say it,’ he ordered, sucking hard on my clit while he scissored his fingers inside me until I was about to come.

It was torture, because he knew exactly how to perfectly get me off.

And he was choosing to stop, every time, right before I fell off the edge.

His tongue slipped down until it was circling my asshole, pushing the tip of it inside while he worked my other hole with his fingers. I was thrashing and screaming on the bed.

But I also was not okay with him trying to teach me a lesson.

‘I’m not yours,’ I whispered, and he paused.

‘You want to say that again?’

‘I’m not yours. I don’t belong to anyone.’

‘We’ll see about that,’ he finally snarled as he withdrew his fingers and reached down for the belt he’d thrown on the floor while undressing. Before I could even blink, he’d tied my wrists to the headboard and laid himself down on me so I couldn’t move even an inch.

“Let me go right now! Have you lost your mind?” I growled as he pressed down on me further, a glint of madness in his gaze.

I writhed underneath him, desperate for some friction to help me come. But he stayed there, perfectly still, his big body not letting me move at all.

It was amazing as I stared up at him, that he could still look like an angel hovering above me, his golden hair falling in his face, those starlight eyes glaring down at me.

‘Say it,’ he ordered.

‘Please, baby. Make me come. Fuck me with that big cock,” I pleaded.

I was trying to rile him, push him over the edge so that he had no choice but to do what I wanted.

But nothing I said seemed to reach him. He slowly slid his dick through my folds, too slowly to give me what I wanted.

‘Going to stay just like this, Monroe. Just like this, until you tell me you’re mine.” Another slow slide had tears running down my face. “Who do you belong to, dream girl? Say it.’

I bucked underneath him, trying to slide his dick into me, because I couldn’t stand it.

I’d never felt this reckless, so out of control. I needed him more than I needed to breathe.

‘If I want to tell every fucking person on this planet about you and I, and what you mean to me, I’m going to do it. Nod your head that you understand.’

I glared up at him, but I was also a very, very desperate girl. So I nodded.

His smugness only fueled my fury. ‘Good girl,’ he murmured, finally slipping the tip of his dick into my core. He still didn’t press in though, refusing to give me his long, hard length.

‘Please,’ I whimpered.

He laughed almost evilly, before his voice turned soothing and patronizing. ‘Then say it, Monroe. I’ll make you come harder than you ever have before. Just say it.’

‘I’m yours, Lincoln,’ I finally murmured, staring up into his gaze.

‘And you’re going to let me tell everyone about us? You know that I’ll take care of you, keep you safe…Right?’

I tried to close my eyes and not answer that one, but suddenly he pushed all the way to the hilt, until I felt so full I was sure he was pushing into the entrance of my womb.

I shook my head. ‘Yes, I’m going to trust you,” I growled through gritted teeth.

‘I’m going to tell everyone,’ he pressed, rearing back and slamming forward again.

‘Yes,’ I whispered, not caring about anything anymore other than him letting me orgasm.

‘Such a good fucking girl,’ he growled as he thrust into me sharply, setting off an orgasm so intense, the world blacked out for a moment.

When I came back to consciousness, he was still fucking in and out of me, his face determined, his eyes hungry and obsessed.

‘I love you,’ he said as he pumped into me desperately. His hand came between us and pressed on my clit, and I immediately spiraled over the edge again as he spilled into me, filling me with so much cum, it seeped down my legs.

‘I love you, I love you, I love you,’ he panted as he fucked me through the pleasure.

He refused to pull out when we were done, gathering me close, letting our juices drip between us. He stared into my eyes, and not for the first time, I wondered if this madness between us was okay. If it was possible for either of us to survive it. Or would it take us over and destroy us both?

I wondered these things, filled with his cock and his cum, knowing with the very marrow of my bones that I did indeed belong to him.

But I didn’t tell him I loved him.


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