The Pucking Wrong Number: Chapter 25


I was going to die. It was official.

Lincoln had picked me up, appearing in the lobby at 4:55 like he really had been counting down the minutes. I’d thought he would rush home, throw me on the bed, and fuck my brains out.

But the hot asshole must not have been on the same wavelength, because we were at the longest dinner of my life, and Lincoln didn’t seem to be in any hurry to leave. We were at some fancy place where there were seven courses. And while I’d never even dreamed of eating at a place so nice…I was ready for dessert.

The kind that came from Lincoln’s dick.

I’d been pumping myself up all day about it. Pushing aside all the “what the fuck are you doing” comments my brain was sending me…and just concentrating on the good stuff. The part of me that knew losing my virginity to Lincoln would be a life-altering experience.

I fidgeted in my seat. I couldn’t stop looking at his lips, imagining them on me. He was cutting into some prime rib, and every time he opened his mouth…I got wet.

It was a little ridiculous at this point.

But honestly, did he usually savor every bite of his food? I couldn’t even taste what we’d eaten so far. I was too anxious.

I finally couldn’t stand it any longer. I leaned in close and brushed my lips against his ear. ‘Please fuck me,’ I whispered.

He glanced over at me with a sly smile and leaned back in his seat. ‘Is my baby feeling impatient? Are you getting wet over there in your hot as fuck dress? Are you soaking the leather seat?’

I whimpered softly. The bastard was messing with me!

He chuckled and leaned in closer to me. ‘Do you need a little something to tide you over?’ His voice was low and seductive, making me even wetter. “If you think this isn’t all I’ve thought about since the moment I knew you were real. Your body against mine. Your hands on me. Your greedy pussy choking my big dick…you’re out of your mind. I’m going to ruin you tonight. Fuck you until you pass out from orgasms.” He chose that moment to slide another piece of prime rib into his mouth, and seriously…even his chewing was turning me on. He swallowed and leaned in closer. “So we can wait a little bit longer.”

I was dead. I literally flopped back into my seat, like a sulking brat, while he laughed at me.

All the attention we got–or should I say Lincoln got–didn’t help. Throughout the meal, women and men kept coming up to our table, interrupting our conversation, all of them trying to get Lincoln’s attention. Some of them were bold enough to flirt with him shamelessly, even though I was sitting right there.

I could feel my jaw clenching every time another one approached us, but Lincoln remained unfazed. He barely took his eyes off me, even as they batted their eyelashes and left their phone numbers on our table.

I tried to make light of it. ‘Do they do this every time you go out?’ I asked, attempting to sound casual.

He nodded, his eyes never leaving mine. ‘It comes with the territory.’

Would I ever get used to that, everyone wanting him?

I just needed to remind myself of his cock tattoo.

None of them had that.

‘I don’t want them. I’ll never want them. All I want is you,’ he murmured at one point when a pretty blonde with boobs the size of her head literally came to the table and tried to buy him a drink despite the fact I was practically sitting on his lap.

After what seemed like twenty hours, we finished our meal and finally got up from the table. The moment we stepped out of the restaurant though, a few flashes went off, blinding us momentarily. My heart raced as I realized we’d been ambushed by paparazzi.

“Lincoln, who’s the girl?” one shouted.

“Lincoln, is she your girlfriend?”

Lincoln didn’t miss a beat. He pulled me closer, his arm tight around my waist. His lips brushed against that spot on my neck he couldn’t seem to stay away from in public.

I shifted uncomfortably, not sure what to do. “Should you be doing that?” I whispered as we waited for the valet to bring the car around.

‘Good way to make sure people know you’re mine,’ he growled in my ear.

His possessiveness was like a drug, sending a little thrill racing through me.

But at the same time, I couldn’t help feeling a little uneasy about the attention.

When the car came, I practically jumped in, eager to get away from the cameras.

As soon as we settled inside, the atmosphere transformed into a charged and electric energy that could have set the entire city ablaze. It was like a coiled spring, ready to release at any moment.

My skin prickled with nervous expectancy, my every nerve ending alight with desire. I couldn’t help but steal glances at him, watching the flex of his muscles as he gripped the wheel, his gaze unwaveringly fixed on the road ahead.

The city lights were nothing but a blur as we zoomed past, the engine’s low hum the only sound between us. The sexual tension built with each passing second, the anticipation almost palpable. It was like time had stopped, and nothing else existed except for us.

At a stoplight, I turned to him, capturing his lips in a fierce kiss. The heat between us was explosive, our bodies aching for release. His hand crept up my thigh, and it felt like a wild animal was clawing at my insides, desperate to break free.

As the car finally pulled into his underground garage, we were both lost in the unspoken words that floated between us. We stayed frozen in the moment, reluctant to break the spell.

But Lincoln finally spoke, his voice low and husky. ‘Let’s go inside.’

We stood in his shadow strewn room, my heart beating violently in my chest, erratic beats that seemed to be pushing against my ribcage.

“Don’t be scared, dream girl,” Lincoln whispered as he erased the distance between us and lowered me onto his bed, his towering frame crouching over me as his muscular arms held his weight. I felt like I was fumbling around, my inexperience betraying me with every move.

‘I’ve never—’ I began, staring into his golden gaze. Not that I really needed to say that. He’d had to instruct me how to give him a blow job, for fuck’s sake.

He nuzzled into my cheek, a shiver passing over his skin. “That makes me so fucking happy, baby. Because it means you’re only ever going to belong to me.”

I sighed as his tongue traced the edge of my ear. “And just so you know,” he whispered. “You’re already the best I’ve ever had, and I haven’t even been inside of you.”


‘I want to taste you,’ she breathed, her mouth hovering a breath away. I waited patiently, wanting her to come to me. I’d pushed her all the way to this point.

Her lust filled emerald eyes and swollen lips…

A deadly combination that could make any man lose his mind.

Break his heart.

Take his soul.

And she was all mine.

Her lips brushed against mine hesitantly, and I coaxed her to continue. ‘That’s it, baby. Give me your mouth,’ I growled, my voice almost unrecognizable…it was so thick with lust. She obliged, and I tangled my fingers in her hair, keeping her in place. I furthered the kiss, my tongue lazily moving against hers.

She was driving me crazy.

My cock surged against her stomach, gushing pre-cum, and I knew I was already about to explode.

She tentatively ran a finger over the head, swirling my pre-cum over the crown. I grabbed her hand and thrust my cock into it, about to go insane without her touch.

She smirked, like she loved what she was doing to me.

“Feels so fucking good. You’re so fucking beautiful,” I told her, as I almost died with lust.

Her smirk turned shy and she bit down on that plush bottom lip, straight out of every man’s wet dream.

‘There’s no one else?’ she suddenly whispered, her gaze darting away.

I grabbed her chin, forcing Monroe to look at me.

‘How can there be anyone else when you exist in the world?’ I told her. I didn’t care that it was cheesy as fuck. This girl made me want to dig my heart out of my chest and give it to her on a silver platter. Beg her to love me.

She was mine. And I was hers. And before the night was over…she would believe it.


His hold on my thighs was firm and unyielding as he pushed them apart to get closer. I gripped his broad shoulders to steady myself. My eyes were glued to his hand as he gripped his erect length, slick and glistening…and huge.

I’d thought that before, but when it was actually going inside of me…it was a whole different story.

“I’m going to take such good care of you,” he soothed, as he pressed the tip against my drenched entrance, a moan escaping my lips.

“Tell me you want this. Tell me you want this more than anything,” he murmured, his voice gravelly, as if he wasn’t sure whether he was asking or telling me.

“Yes,” I breathed, too lost in the moment to say anything else.

Slowly, he pushed his head in, the sensation of his thickness spreading me wide. I gasped, the stretch too much. I couldn’t breathe. I was so full.

And he was barely in.

He paused for a second, giving me time to adjust, his teeth gritted as if he were in pain.

“You’re so fucking tight. So fucking perfect,” he groaned, his lips trailing down my neck. He pushed in further and I shuddered, wanting more.

“I’m going to make you feel so good, dream girl. I promise.”

I squeezed my thighs around him, trying to bring him in deeper.

Slowly, he pushed in, his fingers finding my clit and rubbing until I was squirming under his touch. My walls spasmed around him, and he drove himself deeper. I cried out as he pushed through my innocence, his lips catching my cries.

“You’ve ruined me. Fuck—” he growled, a fierce, desperate hunger in his voice. “You’re mine. You’ll never want anyone else.” His voice was a chant, a coaxing soundtrack…like he was speaking to my soul.

I clung to him, my breaths coming in short pants. He was filling me so completely, so perfectly. I was lost in the sensations, the pleasure and pain of him inside me. He shifted, pushing me into the bed, his thrusts becoming harder, more forceful.

“Come on my cock, pretty girl,” he demanded, his words echoing in my ear. “Come all over me.”

I couldn’t resist. I didn’t want to. I was on the edge, my body on fire, and as he continued to pound into me, I let myself go, the ecstasy of my release overwhelming me.

He was groaning now, too, lost chasing his own pleasure. He pulsed inside me, filling me with his heat…his essence. He was inside me now. A part of me that would never go away.

“Every day,” he muttered, his lips pressed to my neck. “Every day I’m going to be inside this perfect pussy.”

His words lingered in the air, a dirty promise I was desperate for him to keep…along with all the others he’d given me.

I wanted him every day, every moment, every breath.

He somehow rolled us, gripping on to me so he stayed inside me. I rested on his chest, his heartbeat my new soundtrack, his cock still hard. My cheeks were wet with tears because what just happened felt like a religious experience.

I felt a bittersweet ache in my soul, knowing that this moment would be etched into my memory forever. The sensation was like a brand, searing and unforgettable.

He’d achieved his goal.

He’d ruined me.

If he broke my heart after this, I didn’t know if I’d survive.


“Have you ever been in love?” she murmured, those green eyes staring at me like I was fucking everything.

I was still inside her. It was where I wanted to live.

“Not until I saw you.”

It was the most honest thing I’d ever told her.


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